I've worked with exotic animals for over 25 years. I run one of the worlds largest privately owned reptile collections with over 30,000 animals. I have been on a quest to educate people about wildlife my whole life, but most recently over the last seven years I have produced a weekly web show named "SnakeBytesTV' that has received almost 100 million views in that time. I also launched the first ever independently owned animal network named "AnimalBytesTV". I'm now gearing up to shoot a privately funded wildlife documentary in Africa with a seasoned crew of wildlife producers to help bring back wildlife programming we all grew up with and now has been replaced by fake and sensational reality programs like "eaten alive" and "man eating super snake". I would love to answer any questions about any of my adventures in wildlife and hear what you guys think about the state of animal programming now. I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have about my experience with animals.

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nicknack300010 karma

Hey Brian, big fan! What's your thoughts on a total ban on reptiles and amphibians in a country? I live in Norway where there this ban is active since the 70s. People have tried to get it removed for a long time, but the politician who decides that basically says "they're un-natural and I don't like them". Although, a LOT of people still keep reptiles here. I myself just had a beautiful BP girl, but she sadly died from what must've been IBD-virus. I do plan on getting a new one soon though! The law isn't enforced that bad, and it's easy to keep since pet stores still sell the stuff you need, even though it's illegal to keep the animals. Only hard part is getting an apartment or if they get sick, who's going to treat them? Sorry this question got kind of long, but I'd like to hear your opinion :D


SnakeBytesTV8 karma

I think that federal or national bans are a travesty. We need to be able to appreciate these amazing animals and educate future generations about them. Banning them only causes the lack of knowledge for the wildlife around the world. Keep trying and I hope something eventually changes there!

tdgonex10 karma

So, who's your favorite employee? ;)

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

I love them all... Right now we have a great crew and I am lucky to have them!

shaneswife8287 karma

Have you ever considered coming to the Greater Oaks Expo Centers Reptile Convention in Pennsylvania?

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

I have not really considered it. But you never know. Maybe one day? Is it a fun show? Thanks

tommychains7 karma

Hey brian, i'm an aspiring breeder and big fan! I give you so much credit for keeping your dignity, these "animal shows" have really gone downhill in the last decade. I wish you nothing but success.

I have 2 questions.

1) When you first began your career in reptiles, did you ever see it getting as big as it has become?

2) Are there any reptiles you outright refuse to work with? If so, why?

SnakeBytesTV6 karma

Thanks so much for your support! 1) I really never could have imagined how large the reptile hobby would become. It's been an awesome adventure to be a part of it's growth from the early days! 2) I don't work with venomous privately. I film with them and love them. But I know I would get bitten because I get too excited about things. And that would be bad for the perception of the animals. So I choose not to take the chance and hurt others.

tommychains1 karma

Thanks for answering! One last question i forgot to ask, if there's one thing any aspiring breeder should know/learn, what do you think it should be?

SnakeBytesTV6 karma

Just be uber passionate! That's what will make you successful!

Noxlupa6 karma

I have been watching your show for quite sometime now and you have inspired me to become a wildlife biologist and pursue my passion for reptiles. On top of inspiring myself, you have fascinated my siblings (3 and 6 year olds) whom expect me to show them your latest episode every time I visit. I grew up with Steve Irwin and was so happy to hear about your ambitions at a new educational show (instead of all the nonsense on the ' learning ' channels today) Thank you so much, I hope that one of these days I will be able to meet you face to face! Let us know when you come down to TX!

My question for you is, out of all of your 30,000 snakes is there a certain one that is very special to you? Do you have any reptile pets at home?

SnakeBytesTV7 karma

Thanks for the kind words and the support! It means a lot to me! And I have so many that are so special to me. Not one or two, but many. I do not keep reptiles at home because when I am in town I am at my shop all the time. I am home mainly to sleep:) Thanks again!

DragonessLysanth6 karma

Love your show! Any chance you might make it out to an east coast reptile show in the near future? Would love to see some of your animals in person too.

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

Thank you! I'll be in NYC in April for the White Plains show. Would love to meet you! Thanks, Brian

[deleted]4 karma


SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Thanks so much for all your support! And yes I would love to redo a lot of topics. I think we are better at production now and can explain things so much better than our early days. A lot of this is in the works! Stay tuned and thanks again!

LoganZone3 karma

Brian - It seems like a lot of people are nervous about getting snakes from larger breeders because they're afraid they will have mites. Are there special procedures/protocols that you use to decrease the chances of mite problems and what would you typically do if you did find an animal with mites at BHB?

Keep up the good work on the YouTube channel - your videos are awesome. Glad to see your hard work is continuing to pay off. Good luck in Africa.

SnakeBytesTV9 karma

Thanks for your support.. As you are aware I have traveled all over the world to collections and I can assure you that I have been to far more very small collections with mites than large collations. Do they pop up, of course! It's all part of keeping snakes. We bring them in from buying new snakes, we get them at shows from other vendors. It's just about getting rid of them once you see them. Honestly I think that people that think bigger collections are more apt to have mites are either just wrong or they have heard it from someone that is trying to make the bigger collections look bad. Happens all the time in the reptile hobby... Drama drama drama...:)

DerHund573 karma

I think you're great, even though the king snake I got from you guys still hates me. :) Anyway, are you worried about the survival of this "hobby?" I see so much vitriol and infighting, at least in the online community, that I worry efforts to push back against damaging legislation will be much less difficult than they could be. Also, don't answer this if you don't want to but how do you feel about animal rights groups? A lot of people within the community seem to hate them, but I don't recall hearing your feelings about them.

SnakeBytesTV6 karma

I am very concerned over the "mood" of the hobby. People seem to be way more interested in tearing someone down rather than sticking together and helping each other out. I have hope for the future, but we do need to change our course or we'll be in trouble. I am probably not as far off as people would think from the AR movement. We both want what is best for the animal. But we go about it in different ways. So although I do not support any AR group. I think I would be happy to sit down at a meal and share each others love of wildlife. I think they are made up mainly of good people that are just a little off the path and extreme. But in the end we all want whats best for the animals.

C-Horridus3 karma

Hi Brian, I have a few questions.

First, with this new venture do wish to attract the interest of broadcasting giants like Discovery, National Geographic, or BBC in hopes to have a time slot on there networks or keep it like SnakeBytes?

Second, What is your view on privately owned venomous snakes and unmanageable reptiles like gators?

Third, how do you view fellow youtubers like Viperkeeper?

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

Yes, we hope to market the doc to the networks. But we are more than prepared to go it alone and distribute via Blu-Ray and the web. Hopefully a network will see the potential once its finished, but if not we will do it on our own! I think that only experienced people should keep hots. I love them, but I also realize the potential for danger and I think it should be something we are very careful about. As for other YouTubers, as long as their message is a positive one, I am in full support! I want to feature a lot of them in up and coming shows.

drightpythons3 karma

Tom Crutchfield is a proponent of conservation through commercialization. Are you also?

Also, have you considered possible solutions to the non-native Burmese living in Florida?

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

I think there has been a proven track record that when you make an animal have value alive they rebound from being endangered. Look at Salt Water Crocs, Alligators and Great White Sharks in South Africa! So yes commercialization can be a huge part of conservation. But we have to be careful with that as well. We do not want to exploit the animals without having the best interest of those animals in mind. As for the Burmese, they are there forever. No putting the cork back in the bottle. We just have to hope to control the population. It's a shame for many reasons, none more than peoples perception of large constrictors.

200kFierro3 karma

Hi Brian! Do you plan on filming some BPs in the wild?

Will you be focusing on reptiles or animals in general?

Also, do you plan to have other AnimalBytesTv hosts make an appearance? Would love to see a cameo from Peter or Corey, or even Chewy lol!

SnakeBytesTV7 karma

I am and will always be a reptile guy, but I also love all animals. We will absolutely be highlighting a lot of non-reptile animals. But also plan a lot of time on my cold blooded love. Online we will continue to colb with other hosts. But for this doc we will be meeting new wildlife warriors. You will be super happy with the people we'll be getting to know and what they do for all wildlife! Thanks

richardwrinkle3 karma

Have you ever been bitten by a poisinous snake? If so, what is the deadliest snake you have been bitten by?

What is the largest trouser snake you have ever seen?

SnakeBytesTV8 karma

I have thankfully never been bitten by a venomous snake. I have handled most of the top 10 deadliest snakes in my career, but have to been bitten. And mine of course!

Tigger_tigrou3 karma

Hi Brian! First I'd like to say thank you for your work. I used to be crazy scared of snakes and when I started therapy I'd watch shows like yours to learn everything I could on snakes. (It worked, phobia cured, and I even own a bp now).

I have a question unrelated to your next project: Have you bred Mr Smooth yet? If not, are you planning on doing it? With what?

About your next project: what country / region would you like to highlight after South Africa?

Thanks a lot for doing this AMA!!

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

Thanks for the kind words and support! I will be all over SA. We want to hit as many regions as we can to really bring our viewers along for the journey. As out funding gets closer we'll start to announce all our plans! And yes Mr. Smooth is going to a few nice combos this year! I am so excited! Thanks

firesalts3 karma

Hi Brian! Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is contagious to your viewers and I am so excited to see what else you have in store for us! I too grew up with wildlife educators being my heroes and it's time someone picked up that torch again. My question is: what are some animals that you want to work with or do a segment on but haven't yet had the opportunities to do so?

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

Thank you for your support and kind words! I want to really try to bring those days of wildlife presenters back! As for what I would want to work with.. Honestly I want to encounter every type of animal on the planet. Trust me my list is very long! I could shoot wildlife docs the rest of my life and never scratch the surface! What would you like to see me highlight?

a1pha3 karma

Do you feel reptile/exotic pet ownership helps or hurts conservation efforts?

SnakeBytesTV6 karma

I think it depends. There is an argument for both sides. No doubt the ownership can help with awareness and captive breeding can take the pressure off wild capture. But the demand can also be bad for wild caught species that should be left alone. I tend to think the positives outweigh the negatives, but I am very aware of both sides of this topic. Thanks

Girlpirate3 karma

What inspired you to do this documentary?

What was your first snake, and what got you into snakes in the first place?

What was the last snoot you booped?

Hades wants to know if you think he looks pretty in his hat? http://i.imgur.com/8T4PMzD.jpg

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

I have been inspired by the lack of this type of programming. I grew up watching and I want to see future generations enjoy wildlife as much as I have my whole life! My first snake was a Burmese Python (not a good choice for a first snake) and I have been obsessed with all animal since a was young. With reptiles being my favorite! Love the hat!

TanyaWig3 karma

So...when are you coming to visit us over in England??

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

I would hope to be back this summer. I have so much traveling lined up this year, but I must get back to the UK! Thanks

RedTerabyte3 karma

I love snakes, but I'd never want to own 30,000 haha. What's your favorite type of snake?

SnakeBytesTV8 karma

It's like asking a parent what their favorite child is...lol I honestly have not met a snake yet that I haven't loved!

Interrogator_112 karma

how do I convince my dad to let me have a snek? he is so afraid of them, I think because as a child he had to kill a lot of rattlesnakes that were near his house, the thing is I dont want a rattlesnake.

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

All you can do is educate him and show him how responsible you can be when caring for one.. Also begging a lot helps!

Vinzilla2 karma

Hey Brian. I live in South Africa (Johannesburg) - Where abouts in SA will you be filming? Would love to meet you if possible? Also, you need to visit Monte Casino Bird Park! They have some amazing Reptiles and animals there that you could do an awesome video on!

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

We are sourcing out all the places, but we'll be all over the country. I'll make sure to take some time to do a few meet ups when I'm out there!

HypnoticHaylee2 karma

Hi Brian, huge fan for several years. If you could get just one message out to the world, regarding your cause, what would it be?

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

No doubt it would be "to love all wildlife". It's such a precious gift we have and sadly mankind is abusing it beyond belief. Thanks for all your support! Brian

thosecommies2 karma

My 5 year old daughter and I watch your videos all the time. I think you might be her first "celebrity crush"!

She wanted to ask: are there any animals you don't like?

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

Tell your daughter I said hi and to keep that passion for animals! And honestly there are really no animals I dislike. I love some more than others, but I find every animal on the planet amazing! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your viewing...

moaningpilot2 karma

If someone came around to your house and told you that there is a sudden need for 29,999 snakes and they're going to come from you, which one would you keep and why?

SnakeBytesTV7 karma

Haha.. That would be very hard.. Like choosing which child you want to keep...lol Short list would be: Sunshine Satan Mia Mr. Smooth RJ

Xaila1 karma

Which one is Mia? I think I know who the rest are.

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

My Black tailed Cribo

RSSA2 karma

Hey Brian! Love the show.

My question is simple....how do you go about shipping snakes? What packaging? What about its feeding schedule in regards to traveling? What do you do about extreme temperatures and changing humidity during transit?

Also....do you guys have any opal blood reds in stock?

Thanks. Keep up the great work!

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

Thanks for your support! We have been shipping for almost 20 years. So we learn the best way to package and ship animals safely. You have to always be aware of the weather in all places that you are shipping too. Sorry out of Opal Diffused until the summer time! Thanks again

Brighstar892 karma

Hey Brian. I really would like to know your experience with retics. And especially with the dwarfs. Are they easy to handle? I heard that dwarf and super dwarf retics are a bit more feisty than the mainland. What's your opinion about that? I love the shows you're making. And really hope you will get your adventure on tv!

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

Thank so much! Yes the smaller the retic the more sketchy they seem to be. Perhaps in time that will get bred out of them, but almost every dwarf and especially super dwarf I have handled has been very flighty! Great animals though! Thanks again

a1pha2 karma

Which snakes do you feel best help first time herp owners develop a deeper understanding and passion for the hobby?

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

I think simple and hardy animals like Ball Pythos and Cornsnakes are the best way to start to get to understand and appreciate snakes.

a1pha2 karma

Which upcoming projects are you working on that you are most excited about? Why?

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

I am always excited about everything to be honest. I always say that when I'm not excited about hatching the cheapest and easiest snake I will get out of the hobby. But for now I am excited about filming this doc on South Africa and helping educate the world on wildlife. Thanks

XdinosXgoXrawrX2 karma

Are you planning to go to the pet expo in toronto this April?

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

Sorry I will not be there... I will be at the Toronto show in September though. Hope to see you there!

BG19862 karma

Hi Brian huge fan I've been watching your show for years. I always here you say how much you love each and every bread. My question is, is there a particular breed or even snake that has left a mental mark on you, weather negative or posative?

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

Thanks so much for all your support! Most emotional attachments have been positive for me. I love so many of them in so many different ways. I think that Blood Pythons are the one animal that I have always gone back and forth with. Amazing snakes, but just as I start to love them they always end up biting the crap out of me...lol

CrunkvilleTX2 karma

Hey Brian! It was nice meeting you at the Arlington narbc show. I'm looking at getting a scaleless rat snake from you at the next show. Now that you have the scaleless ball python and rat snakes are you going to be working with anything else like scaleless corn snakes?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Nice meeting you too! I already work with the scaleless corns. I was the first guy to have them in the States. As for what else? I love scaleless stuff, so basically anything I find I'll probably work with! Such amazing animals! Thanks for all your support!

thatishcray2 karma

Hey Brian, I love your channel! I'm a huge fan of what you're doing to educate and share your passion. The ball python morphs you show are stunning and beautiful, why is the variety of ball python morphs so much more wide relative to other snakes? Thanks, keep up the awesome work!

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

And thank you for your support!

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

I think every reptile has the ability to be as polymorphic as the Ball Pythons, but they just need to continue to be bred. It was a unique situation with Ball Pythons, because we were breeding them for combos and the West africans were hatching 100,000 a year. So they were always on the look out for something strange. If other animals had the same attention paid to them they would be just as diverse

Senor_Tucan2 karma

Do you see any hope for Discovery or Animal Planet? I miss the adventure and excitement from legitimate wildlife programs and really do despise how terrible they've become.

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

I always have hope. I think Discovery is changing as we speak. They are trying to go back to the style we all love. Will it work? We shall see.. You have to remember that networks will air what people will watch. If the old style shows don't get ratings we'll see them go back to garbage again. As for animal planet, they are not interested in animal programming anymore. So their change may be a bit longer.. But we have to prove to them that these shows will sell and people will watch! That's why I need this to be a success to help pave the way to the next wave of programming in the future.

brandonburns19972 karma

Hey Brian Have you ever thought of coming to WV if so the high school I attend is the only high school in the state to have a herpetology class in witch I am in the class do you think you would be interested in doing a snakebytes episode in our lab? Or even having a video chat interview?

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

It might be a cool idea actually! Email or message me and I will look into this! Thanks, Brian

trtindol2 karma

Hi Brian. I often show people pics of my snakes and they tell me they're beautiful and would make a nice pair of boots. I personally like the idea and believe that the hobby would benefit from being viewed as an agricultural endeavor as opposed to just some freaks keeping snakes. What's your opinion on this?

SnakeBytesTV1 karma

Well I would love for people that keep snakes to not be looked at as freaks for sure! Not sure if being viewed as agriculture would help or not? I suppose it would depend on what exactly that means?

yete232 karma

hi brain , first of all i would like to say thank you, i learnt many things from your shows that made me a better reptile keeper. i hope i will meet you one day in person. i heard in your show that you started small , when did you understood that you want to grow to be what you are today?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Thanks for all your support! I hope to meet one day too! I don't think there was ever that "moment" when I decided this was what I was going to do or how large I was going to grow. It just kind of happened. I alway say that when an opportunity comes you have to be ready for it and jump on it. That's what I did with reptile and that's hopefully what I am going to do with these wildlife docs I'll be filming!

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Okay guys.. thanks for all the questions.. I'm going to take a break, but I'll come back and try to answer questions as they come in! Thanks as always for all your support! Brian

SwimminAss2 karma

Brain I love the show I watch your YouTube channel to replace the hole that was once filled by wild kingdom and crocodile hunter. My question is what would you say is the best way to help people over their fear of snakes? I'm asking since I take any chance I get to educate the public on snakes and that often means classroom presentations like I have this term where i'm talking about the fear of snakes. Thank you for all that you've done

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

Thanks so much for all your support! Honestly educate people and take it slow. Show them your passion and they will be more opened to why you love them. Never push anyone, let them overcome their fears on their own time. But show them the wonder of these amazing animals and slowly help them conquer the irrational fear... Thanks again

Rhaco1 karma

Hey Brian,

I have watched your videos a lot, and they are very entertaining. I love your enthusiasm.

I keep a fair amount of reptiles myself, but because I am very interested in conservation, I don't really do morphs.

My questions are:

1) Would you consider taking in some unknown/unpopular species up just for the sake of conservation?

I am a little disappointed when I go to Hamm (germany) only to see ridiculous amounts of Python regius and Python bivittatus. While I am happy that these animals are so popular, and definitely saved from extinction (at least in captivity) it makes me sad to see very little diversity, knowing that captive breeding is a good way to conserve species.

2) Do you work with Antaresia perthensis? I see a lot of potential in these guys being small, hardy and pretty.

3) I am not a big fan of racking systems, but so far we don't know enough about reptile psychology to tell if it really is bad or perfectly fine. What do you do to keep up with the science out there, and would you change your production methods if it was proven that racks/minimalistic enclosures are a stressful?

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

Thanks so much for watching the show! I appreciate it! 1) yes, I actually already work with a lot of them and am always working on more. I am very into conservation! Hence this latest project! 2) I love Anthills, and have messed with them a lot in Australia. I hope to work with them in the future! 3) and yes of course I would change! If I felt the animals needed something else I would immediately change! I am all for what is best for them! Thanks again!

Ithawashala1 karma

Have you ever been on a plane and ran into Samuel Jackson?

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

I wish! I am a big fan of that guy! Mother [email protected]&%cking plane!

werealldeadramones1 karma

Hey Brian, one more for you!

Do you have any special, top secret, breakthrough projects you've been cooking up at BHB? The last big one I can recall you presenting was the birthing of your scaleless BPs. I know you've got some cool stuff cooking so don't hold out!

thanks again!

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

I'm always working on things. Will anything pan out? Hard to say, but I always have a lot of stuff in the works. With that said a lot of my passion is in film at the moment. I want this project to really take off! Thanks, Brian

Bobbibill1 karma

Hello Brian, huge fan! What is your general response to someone who feels uneasy after they learn of your hobby?

SnakeBytesTV5 karma

Thanks so much! It's all about educating them. I have to deal with that all the time seeing as people find out what I do for a living and they are shocked. But the good news is people almost always want to know more. Even if they hate reptiles, they are curious how someone can make a living from them. It's a great opportunity to teach them. Thanks again!

[deleted]1 karma


SnakeBytesTV5 karma

We will be featuring: Nile Crocs Black Mambas Lions Rhinos Gaboon Vipers hippos and giraffes and hopefully great white sharks. And course some smaller thing along the way. Not to mention a lot of travel adventure and culture.

Xaila1 karma

Do you ever plan to get over to East Africa? There's some amazing wildlife and I always regret not going on that exchange trip in college to Tanzania.

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

Yes of course! My plans are to just keep filming! There are endless amounts of places to film around the world and I want to go to as many of them as I possibly can! I just hope I'll be able to continue doing this!

babyminttingalings1 karma

hi Brian, what would be the best course of action for someone just getting into snake breeding? best way to invest etc.

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

Never look at it as a money thing. Start with something you love and are passionate about working with. Remember these are lives not investments really. If you're passionate about it the money always comes second!

AveLucifer1 karma

Do you get/have you made many trouser snake jokes?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Yeah, they are pretty common...lol I really don't mind to be honest. Most are stupid and not funny at all. I wish someone would come up with one that makes me laugh:)

AveLucifer2 karma

It would have to be a small one then.
Also yay for first ever AmA reply!

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

So glad I was able to reply!

KieranGallacher1 karma

Hi Brian I am a massive fan of yours and I was wondering if you had any advice on starting to breed reptiles, I have kept reptiles for over 5 years and I am interested in breeding new calidonian gecko's was just wondering of you had any inside tips?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Thanks so much for your support! They're pretty easy to breed to be honest. They do prefer it a little cooler, but all you need is a male and a female and you usually will get eggs! Let me know if I can ever help in anyway...

TigerMar1 karma

Hey Brian, I like your passion in wanting to educate the world about how great reptiles/all animals are. I was wondering do you have any advice for someone who would love to do what you do and go around educating people about animals? That has always been a dream job for me. :)

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Just step out and do it! I'm a big believer in trying to live your dream and just being a doer! So if you're passionate about it go after it and it'll work! Best of luck!

Vinzilla1 karma

Brian - You have so many people that look up to you and some that aspire to be like you. Who do you look up to relating to your career? Personally, Steve Irwin was my top.

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

Yes, Steve is on the top of the list for sure. I also have a lot of admiration for any prior wildlife presenters. But Attenborough and Steve Irwin have always been my heroes. I hope to one day walk in their footsteps! Thanks

dananapants1 karma

Thank you for producing such a great show, it's fantastic to see people who have an incredible passion for wildlife! 3 questions: 1. Do you plan to have more than reptiles in your new doc? 2. Do you think there should be a limit on what kind of animals can be kept in captivity in the U.S? Are Tigers, Bears, and threatened species OK with you? 3. Are there any conservation groups you support or endorse? Thanks for your time, keep up the great work!

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

thanks so much for all your support! 1) yes there will be other animals other than reptiles, but I will certainly highlight reptiles a lot! 2) I think that everyone should have the right to keep animals, but do not think everything should be kept by anyone. We all should have the "right" but it should be regulated to what's best for the animals. By people that understand animals, not law makers that are pushed by special interest groups. 3) I support any group that is doing big things for wildlife and do not support the groups that are taking donations and using that money to pay huge wages and bonuses to their executives.

sangai1 karma

Are there any species you desire to work with and breed (other thing blue tongues wink) snake, lizard, turtle/tortoise and amphimbian?

mine is the emerald tree boa Gila monster Aldabra tortoise bullet dart frog.

Well, this is filling up quickly!.

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

I think that almost anything I have not already worked with is on that list! I have that obsession that makes me want to work with everything I possibly can! I really want to get some beolens pythons though! And of course BTS!

CKSandBoas1 karma

Hi Brian! I know with the amount of animals you sell it's really hard to do, but do you ever stop to think how they might be doing in their new homes? And do you ever get regular updates from certain customers about animals they have gotten from you?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

I think about this all the time. And yes I get updates constantly from people, but that being said it's on my mind a lot.

Drunarawr1 karma

Hello again :P This is a question from my daughter who is also a HUGE fan. She would like to know: What are your future plans with Mr. Smooth? Any scaleless bananas in your future? (She has a thing for bananas)

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

Yes! My plans would be to get the "smooth" gene into every mutation out there. It'll take some time but I think that we might see Smooth Bananas as early as next year!

hvonn1 karma

God! this is so great, I grew up with Wild Discovery and mutual of Omaha's wild kingdom. Thanks so much for recognizing the need for this sort of programing. It really goes so far in getting people of all ages engaged in the natural world and thats the first step to protecting it!

Now for your question. I've always been partial to Blood Pythons, what's your all time favorite snake and why?

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

Thanks so much for all your support! I am super excited about this project and hope we can keep making them over the next several years. I can never pick a favorite. I love them all really:) Thanks again!

OrgyPanda1 karma

Scariest snake you own?

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

I do not fear any animal, but I respect a lot of them. Satan is certainly my most defensive snake, but she is very predictable. So she's easy to handle. I would say a few of my Retics, because you just never really know what you're going to get with them on a day to day basis.

yete231 karma

have you ever got your back strain from lifting a large snake?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Haha... surprisingly enough I have not. Some of these things are huge and can be a handful. But I have yet to be hurt by any of them! Good question though!

grammostola1 karma

Hey Brian, I want to say keep up the good work and I have one question for you.

How do you feel about the constantly changing market with ball pythons? Monetarily speaking theres been a lot of drastic value changes over the years. One of the biggest examples I can think is probably when Kolwitz (a name not spoken too often these days) bought that first banana clown for 125k. When I was at NARBC Tinley in October I saw bananas going for a considerably less price. Thanks.

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

Markets will change with supply and demand. Sure would I love to see pricing stay stable, yes! But I have been doing it long enough to know that's just not possible. For the record Kolwitz paid $35,000 for that snake and just bragged he paid a lot more. But your point is eel taken. We all have to realize that although we can make money on these animals, they are not a dollar bill. They are little lives and those that think Ball Pythons are worthless now should not be keeping animals as pets! :)

ExplodingReality1 karma

Hey man we are huge fans. Your show is light years ahead of other reptile breeders. Do you think some of the other famous breeders are doing it wrong? I would t list names but one group always puts up videos where they are yelling near the snakes and stressing them out. This group in particular you've featured. Any time they put a video out a snake is snapping at them and stressed out clearly. I know it gets them views but. Any time you get struck at it isn't due to the snake stressed out, with these people you can tell the snake is stressed. Thanks for your time.

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

I think everyone goes about things differently. We wanted to produce a show that was educational and entertaining that shows people the passion for animals. for the most part we have tried to keep the "financial" side out of things. And of course we work hard to edit and make as a professional show as possible. Most others just turn on the camcorder and hit record and then upload it. As for stressing the animals. Of course I have seen many vids that make me cringe. I'm sure I have highlighted people and collections that I have not agreed on their position at all, but I felt they brought something of value to my viewers. I would love to see others step their game up. But it's about 100 times more work than anyone ever thinks! Thanks so much for your support!

akaLokii1 karma

In the case that you do not reach your goal on kickstarter, will you still go out to film? Who edits snakebytes episodes? How long does a typical episode take to film edit and publish?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

I think we will most film either way. But I feel like we'll hit our goal. I hope anyway. I have an editor that I work with closely on the show. I always tell everyone that between filming, editing, uploading and promoting we probably spend 40 plus hours each week on Sbtv. Not to mention now Abtv! It's a lot of work, but I love it!

pandaking66661 karma

Hello Brian, what would you say to somebody that wants to get into the industry as a accessory/ cage builder?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

It's a competitive market for caging. So I would try to come out with something that is "better" or more economic that what is already available. Might be hard to compete if not. Years ago there was a lot of potential, but not it's a lot harder. With that said I always think you should follow your dreams!

paraherpetology1 karma

Hey Brian! Love your work and enjoyed meeting you at NARBC Arlington. I can't wait to see how this project turns out.

My first question for you is, based on your experience in the reptile community and talking with other exotic animal enthusiasts, do you see a need for more veterinarians and other professionals that focus on reptiles and other exotics? Should we encourage more veterinarians to go into exotics private practice and/or work with zoos or is the market good where it is? And, is there any advice you would give to a veterinarian or other animal care professional looking to go into exotics private practice and who wants to work with snake breeders and other exotic animal enthusiasts?

SnakeBytesTV4 karma

Thanks so much for all your support! Great meeting you too! And yes we need a lot more trained exotic animal vets! A good friend of mine that is a vet once told me "the only thing that is worst than a vet that knows nothing about reptiles is one that know a little" the point is the ones that know a little act like experts because they're a vet and often do terribly wrong things when treating reptiles. Exotic vet training is really hardly a part of vet school. As a vet you have to take it upon yourself to learn any way possible. I hope in the future there are more available options for them to train so reptiles are getting proper vet care!

pandaking66661 karma

is it common for a young snake (hatchling) to go off food and pass?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Not common at all...

danimal821 karma

I miss chewie and sam and george. Are you going to bring them back on the show? Is there something going on between sam and chewie? They remind me of the kids on the playground who pick on each other because they like each other

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Sadly my crew changes a lot. People come and people go. It was fun while it lasted, but we have moved away from that type of filming. Sure some crew will be in the show from time to time, but not like we used too. Thanks

Hangyor1 karma

Hey do you need any help with taking care of or educating people about animals? Haha I'd love to work with someone like you.

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

We all need to work together to spread the awareness of wildlife! I welcome you to help with me!

sunshinenorcas1 karma

Any stories about animals who subverted your expecations? (Ie, a calm green tree python or a evil ball python). I knew at my volunteer job I'd get bit... yeah my first chomp was a satan ball python baby. We got to name snakes who drew blood, so his name was Joffery because he was a dick.

How many of your animals are permanent residents/breeders/educational vs for sale? What do you do with the retiring breeders, do they get rehomed to the public? Do you have any pet reptiles at home, or are your personal animals at BHB as well?

I love the show, thanks for putting it on :) I've tweeted at you before with my ball python and always gotten a response- it makes me feel special! :)

One last question- I have a ball python. I've heard differing opinions on whether she's a pastel or just a very pretty normal or something weird. Think you could give it a shot?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Send me a pic and I'll tell you what I think it is for sure! I do rehome or give away retired breeders all the time. Some are special to me and I keep them as pets for many years after they stop breeding. No reptiles at home. I am actually rarely there to be honest. Thanks again!

KARMAN0121 karma

Which snake has the most painful bite?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

So hard to say? I took a Black Headed Python to the inner bicep once that might have been my most painful bite?

ecownomyclass1 karma

How do you feed 30000 snakes? What do you feed them? How often are they fed?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Everything is fed at least once a week. We have a great crew and everyone has their own tasks each week. It's all about efficient systems!

collypin1 karma

Just wanted to say keep doing what you're doing! And also, what gave you the inspiration to start SnakeBytes?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Thank you.. I just wanted to make a difference.. I wanted people to love all animals as much as I do! All I want is for people to care about wildlife.

paraherpetology1 karma

Second question for you Brian...When your wildlife program has been funded and you move forward with this project, will you be looking for anyone to partner with on it? In other words, what type of support and connections are you looking for from the reptile and wildlife communities to make this a success?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Yes, we will be partnering up with a lot of different places. I have a lot of things in place and certainly will talk more about all of them as we get closer and funded! Thanks so much

paraherpetology1 karma

A question that I don't think anyone has asked yet...What type of reptiles and amphibians do you hope to feature in the wildlife program? And, will you be discussing the various factors contributing to global declines in amphibian populations?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

This one will probably not focus on amphibians a lot, but if the opportunity arises we will film! We'll be doing: Nile Crocs Monitors Black Mambas Gaboon Vipers Lions Rhinos and Girrafes And White Sharks to name a few

nucklehead971 karma

What got you started in the reptile industry? What were the first things you bred? Who inspired you most when you were first starting out? BTW I love how passionate you are about your animals and wildlife I general. I wish you luck on your documentary and hope you become a household name like Steve Irwin.

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

Thanks so much for all your support! I am super excited to get going on this latest project! I really can't say anyone influenced me to get started. I had a passion for these animals for as long as I can remember. There were no full time reptile breeders when I started out so I just went for something I wanted and it worked! Thanks again!

Tic-tac881 karma

Hey Brian thanks so much for the show I got my first ball python about 2 months ago, and before that had a sand boa and I've learnred so much from the show, and my question is Im thinking about getting into breeding bps I've falling in love with the spider gene wich is what my boy is and would love to create Awsome spider morphs, what's the best way to be successful since there's so many breeders out there? Is it breeding rare beautiful morphs that people want? Or what? Cuz it is expensive to do and want to donit Cuz I love snakes and want to produce Awsome spider morphs thanks your the best

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Just do it for the passion of the animals. Your success will be a direct relation to the amount of time and effort you put in! Just love the animals and your success will follow!

Phoenix_Ember1 karma

Hi Brian, I really love your show. When I first got a snake some years ago, I ended up watching a lot of Snakebytes TV and learning a lot of things I didn't know. Thank you for making these wonderful shows! I watched your recent show where you visited NERD - I was fixated through the episode because all of those snakes he bred are gorgeous, but crazy gene lists.

What do you think everyone can do to improve the general perception of snakes and dispel fears in people? There are more than enough people I know who will not visit my house just because I have a snake, and a lot of them have been programmed into snake haters by parents or relatives with no real experience and a lot of preconceptions (like "slimy skin").

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Thanks for all your support! I think we have to keep educating people one person at a time! Things are changing, but we have a long way to go too! Keep up the good work and together we'll change peoples minds about these amazing animals!

abrown151 karma

Hi Brian, I've been a fan for a while now. Fun fact, I saw you at the CRBE a couple years ago and then that evening I ended up seeing you in a restaurant. Then, the next year, I saw you at the CRBE and saw you in a restaurant again!

As for my questions, I know you frequently mention that animals are "one of my favorites". Do you have an actual favorite animal in your collection? Top 5?

Also, I was wondering what happened to Chewy. It might have been explained in a video that I didn't see, but I haven't seen him in a video for the last couple years. Is he still around?

Edit: as a veterinary student, what would be the most important thing you would look for in a veterinarian looking at an exotic animal that you care for?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Haha.. that's funny actually! I'll see you again next time! And I really don't have a favorite to be honest. I love them all so much! I let Chewy go, but I'm sure you're aware that by law I can not say anymore than that. And I look for someone that is passionate and educated about exotics with the vets I work with. Best of luck!

dnames1 karma

Brian, how can one get a job at BHB? I'd love to even tour your place one day!

paraherpetology2 karma

I second this one! I'd love to visit BHB next time I visit my family in MI. Heck, put me to work there for a few days. I'd love it!

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Get in touch for sure!

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

As long as I'm in town I am happy show you around! I'm always looking for good help:)

yesoom1 karma

Hi Brian,

What's your favorite color and your favorite food?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Blue ( I know boring) and pizza!

werealldeadramones1 karma

Hey Brian, I am a huge fan of your work both program wise and herp wise. I have a couple questions if you're game.

1) Having spent the majority of your career working primarily with reptiles and some invertebrates (spiders sleeve me out too man. 4, 2, or no legs only!), how much experience do you have with mammals, avians, etc?

2) Do you primarily rely on your learned knowledge of herp health and veterinary science, or do you have an exotic vet on staff or contract?

3) With the amount of traveling, promoting, and overall broadening of your career, how hands on are you still at BHB?

I truly have missed Steve Irwin for a very long time. Jack Hanna never really did it for me. Finding your youtube series several years ago was a true gem for me. I don't believe you have big shoes to fill, I think you've made your own quite well. Best of luck with the new series. I want you to succeed!

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

First off thanks for your support and your kind words. I have actually worked with mammals for many years as well. I just am more of a reptile guy, but I'm an animal guy more and more. I love all animals and jump at the chance to spend anytime with any animal I come across! I work with a few vets around the country actually. I know the majority of issues and can deal with them by myself, but when needed I call the services of the best in the business! Over the last year my day to day with BHB is not what it used to be. I still love working with the animals, but I really love educating people about wildlife and that means more of my time has to be put into that area of my life. Thanks again!

ScrubbyPCMasterRace1 karma

I don't know much about snakes, but if I had to ask a snake expert, I'd have to ask this: In a snake brawl, which snake would win all the battles?

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

The most dominant one always wins! Not the largest or strongest, but the most dominant! Thanks for the questions! I'm happy to teach you about snakes!

fisch091 karma

How many snakes did you have before you thought "well shit I guess I'm the snake guy."?

Love your work.

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

Haha.. I never really looked at myself that way to be honest:) But I suppose I am that snake guy!


Hello there. Even though i could probably answer my own question, or do my own research... Why is it [in your opinion of course] that in the Lacey act the burmese and anaconda are restricted but the reticulated is not??

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Well, they wanted to add the Reticulated and Boas along with several other species. But there was a financial barrier that they would have got passed in order to add them to Lacey. So they pulled back and only added the ones they did. There is now a new "rule" that they want to add the rest of the 9 species that was on the NOI. The ruling will be announced at some point in the future. We just do not know when? I do not have a good feeling about it though. That's why supporting USARK is so important for all reptile lovers! Thanks


I 100% agree in the support of USARK. But not everyone knows who they are or what they do... How would you suggest the word be spread outside of the reptile community??

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Great question! I think that social media is key! We all have loads of reptile friends and loads of their friends have no clue about our hobby, but might enjoy animals. We need to reach out beyond our immediate hobby and reach the very casual animal and reptile lover!

arcenth1 karma

Hey Brian! Huge fan of your work and of everything you believe in!

My Question is what advice do you have for someone who wants a reptile but their family or roommates are outright against it? Any tips on how to help persuade someone or how to convince someone these animals are friendly and lovable and not just monstrous man eaters?

Thanks and can't wait to see your new videos!

SnakeBytesTV3 karma

Thanks for all your support! All you can do is slowly educate them and introduce them to the idea of having a reptile as a pet. It might take time, but keep trying. If there's a cool reptile shop or a reptile show, try to get them to go. Start slow and keep working! Never give up! Thanks again!

zdravkopvp1 karma

It's so awesome that you're doing all this, interacting with fans and trying to bring back real wildlife television . I wish you the best of luck with everything and I'm a long time fan. I've just started breeding myself, I'm planning to work with garter snakes as they have always been my favorite snake thanks to the role they played on me as a kid, going out in the field with friends every chance I got to find them. Do you have any plans to work with garters? They've got so many awesome "paint jobs" and species to work with!

SnakeBytesTV2 karma

Thanks so much for all your support and trust me I get that I am only able to love my dreams if I have people that support me! So interacting is the least I can do to say thank you! And I already work with a lot of garters! I love them to death! Super cool animals and I hope to work with more in the future! Thanks again