UPDATE - Thanks all for joining, but I've gotta call it a night. Thank you for all the years of listening and the encouragement to keep on. See ya on the road.

Hey Reddit, this is my first time on the site (newb), but I'm looking forward to answering all of your questions, whether they be about my music, activism, pond hockey, etc.

My new solo album 'The Horse Comanche is out now. Stream it for free at: http://www.chadwickstokes.com/horsecomanche

Also, going on tour later this month: http://www.chadwickstokes.com/tour

Bring it on.

Proof: https://twitter.com/chadwickstokes/status/564473529576353792

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Mythranite8631 karma

Hi Chad! Big fan and congratulations on 'The Horse Comanche' the album flow is great and I love that you collaborated with Sam Beam on it.

Is there any timeline in the works for State Radio? 2015? 2016?

RLT represent

chadwickstokes14 karma

sup RLT?!! represent sent.. what year is it now? def not 2015 for SR..(

busch_commanderT218 karma

Riddle In London Town is one of those songs that I have never stopped listening to since it was released. What is the inspiration behind that song?

chadwickstokes25 karma

women who dressed up as men to fight in battle

iBrews18 karma

Hey Chad! I think I know the 'story' of Benjamin Darling Part 2, but will it ever make it into a song?

chadwickstokes37 karma

waiting for next SR album - cuz shit gets heavy..

FistingFestival16 karma

Hey chad! I'm really digging the new album and would love to know the story behind "I want you like a seatbelt"?

chadwickstokes67 karma

i think it came from being horny on an airplane.

NewMotherNature2715 karma

Hey Chad! I'm a huge fan of everything you do. I've seen Dispatch once, State Radio twice and I've got my tickets to see you in Atl on March 6! Can't wait! I think you are such a talented song writer, and I respect you so much for the charity work you've been involved with over the years. I just can't even express how much I love your music and what you represent. Side note: I got married in 2013, and we walked down the aisle to Indian Moon. It was beautiful and perfect. Sorry this is so long, I just have so much to say. I have your new cd. I've listened to nothing else since the day it came out. I love New Haven, Dead Badger, and Our Lives Our Time especially, but all around it's a fantastic cd with brilliant lyrics as always. I mainly wanted to come here to say thanks for changing my life with the music you make. You've helped me through the best and worst of times, and I appreciate you so much. 1 question: what music are you listening to a lot lately? See you March 6th!

Edited so as to not repeat the same question everyone else is asking.

chadwickstokes12 karma

aw thanks,, SR will return but prob not til after a dispatch record,, been listening to joni mitchell

chadwickstokes19 karma

arguably dispatches best show was at tabernacle.. love atlanta..

ThrownAwayFromTheBay11 karma

I saw Dispatch back in 2010? (I think) at the Greek Theater in LA. At the very end of the show you ran through the crowd and high fived anyone who stuck their hand out...myself included. I just want to let you know it meant the world to me. As someone who's suffered from depression for the majority of my life, Dispatch's music was one of the things that was always there for me. It's tied to some of my most personal experiences and memories, and I just wanted to say thank you. Keep doing what you do.

chadwickstokes11 karma

thankyou so much.. that means the world to us.

googly000510 karma

Hi Chad! First I want to thank you for doing this AMA, this is the first time I’ve ever posted in one but you’re one of my all time favorite musicians so I thought I would.

I saw you live when Dispatch performed at the Orpheum in Minneapolis in October about two years ago. It was honestly the best concert I have ever been to. I really would like to see Dispatch perform in New York this summer but I am a poor college student and this would not be a good financial decision on my part.

I have a few questions, feel free to answer as many or few as you see fit.

Which concert that you performed do you believe had the biggest impact on a cause that you feel passionate about, and why?

As a college student studying engineering with very little disposable income, what do you recommend I do to make the world a better place?

Do you, Pete and Brad talk/interact or collaborate on a regular basis or do you mostly only come together when you’re touring and or getting ready to tour?

I’ve heard it said that you believe a huge part of your/dispatch’s early success was due to early file sharing systems. Seeing as this was almost ten years ago and streaming services like Spotify seem to dominate the music industry now. Do you believe its easier for independent bands like yours to become more well known? Is this a positive change for the music industry or negative and how do you think it will evolve in the next ten years?

chadwickstokes6 karma

dispatch : zimbabwe -- Elias is like the pope to me and to see him up on the big screen was incredible.

we chit chat pretty regularly

yes, it's easier now to be independent - i think radio and major labels will lose more and more of their power.

DaBerksMusic9 karma

Hey Chad! My band had the opportunity to open for you last year for the Northampton Halloween weekend and we're all in agreement that it was probably the best day of our lives. Personally I wanted to thank both you and Calling All Crows for that amazing opportunity and we can't put into words how great it is to be involved with the organization. As for a question, I'd love to know if there are any other bands/musicians that you really enjoy sharing the stage with? The benefit shows are always awesome to see you collaborate with many other talented artists. Thanks!

chadwickstokes15 karma

hey man! that was a good day/night -- thankyou for your helping -- i still think RX bandits are one of the best bands in the land.

iBrews9 karma

I heard you're doing a rock opera!! What can you tell us about it?

I don't care if it's about a baked potato that dreams of being a dog- I'll be first in line to see it.

chadwickstokes11 karma

thanks,, i like the baked potato idea --

chadwickstokes9 karma

i'm working on it with my friend/author/howsyournews director Arthur Bradford -- it may take place on the trains

TheTownHunk8 karma

Have you kept in touch with Elias? By far my favorite song. Can't wait to see you at MSG this summer!

Rock on

chadwickstokes13 karma

thanks man, i last talked elias a few years ago -- his oldest son Manuel just died of tuberculosis -- heart breaking.

jnolan1238 karma

Hey Chad, how about them Pats!!?

chadwickstokes14 karma

fucken unbelievable -- when kearse caught that pass at the 7 yard line i was broken..

brotha_nature7 karma

Would you rather be able to fly 5mph or run 50mph?

chadwickstokes9 karma


busch_commanderT26 karma

Chad, thanks for doing this AMA. I've seen you play shows with Dispatch in front of 18,000 people and also with State Radio in front of 100 people. What is it like going back and forth from those shows?

chadwickstokes19 karma

the small shows are much more real,, the big shows are hard to process.

djanggit6 karma

What is the song Hazy Maze about?

chadwickstokes9 karma

my friends amazing little fairy child Hazel from SF.

chadwickstokes9 karma

but in the scheme of the album, its the song where the main character has lost his lady and he goes on a drug binge to ease the pain..

Xavdidtheshadow6 karma

Hey dude! Big fan.

My housemates and I were lucky enough to host the Ann Arbor stop for the first set of living room tour dates. Friends (and total strangers!) still rave about how amazing that show was. You stuck around afterwards too and were nothing but friendly and patient.

My question is this- what was the hardest part of the living room tours?

Also, do you still have the Michigan Quidditch poster we gave you? (It's cool if you don't, we're just curious).

Thanks again for continuing to make great music!

chadwickstokes11 karma

ofcourse i have the poster! it's hung up in my man cave below middle earth. hardest part was leaving the houses..

ryantyrant6 karma

Is there a chance you can convince Mad Dog to come back for the next SR album? If not, do you have someone in mind that could be a good fit?

chadwickstokes16 karma

i'm not sure,, i've never met anyone who i felt could replace him.. dave grohl seems very busy and bonham died.

Aero1216 karma

Chad, my brothers and I have been listening to you in Dispatch and State Radio since I was ten. I've seen you in Artpark in Lewiston with Dispatch, and at the Water Street in Rochester and I can't wait to see you there on the 27th. I cried in the sixth grade when I couldn't get to attend the Dispatch:Zimbabwe concert in Madison Square Garden with my brothers. And I'm pretty sure you have something to do with the fact that my eldest brother now organizes labor unions in NYC, and for the fact I'm thinking of joining him.

My question is about the Artpark concert: Why the hell did you climb the scaffolding of the stage?

But, seriously, what's the craziest thing that's ever happened on tour? And do you have any fond memories of your time in Zimbabwe?

And if you, Brad, and Pete were to ever be in a horror movie, who would die first?

chadwickstokes7 karma

if there's something that looks climbable, i'm psyched to climb it..)

skating against the ice girls in boston garden in-between periods.

zimbabwe was sad and wonderful - much sickness and death but people were incredibly gracious.

prob brad or me.

Limjucas3286 karma

Thanks for taking the time to do this. I was wondering when you were planning on rescheduling the show at rough trade, and will there be a Benjamin darling part 1 released? You killed it at boot and saddle, btw. Such a great show, thanks for hanging afterwards for a while.

Also, my girlfriend wanted to let you know that you are invited to our wedding.

chadwickstokes5 karma

thank you very much. i'll wear my finest. i don't know if they will reschedule .. no plans i reckon.. bender part 2 poss on next SR record - 2017

ryantyrant6 karma

What's something that we should expect from the July shows at MSG?

chadwickstokes19 karma

i betcha pete is gonna rap.

aaronheck6 karma

Can you explain more about Black Welsh Mountain and the guy who had a relationship with a sheep in your town?

chadwickstokes17 karma

not really, except to say, you can't keep true love down

sweensnaps6 karma

Hi Chad! I was looking forward to this amazing song on your new album after hearing it at living room tour show, I heard it's called "In the End of Fall"...


What ever happened to it? Any chance of a separate recording in the future?

chadwickstokes8 karma

for some reason, it didn't fit with the others -- but it fits well with the other B sides ..

BarleyandHopscotch6 karma

Were the badger and one eyed toad in Flying Horses inspired by Wind in the Willows? It's been one of my favorite songs because of that line (also it's just awesome) and I've always wondered that. I even ended up getting them tattooed on my forearms.

chadwickstokes7 karma

that's awesome... Wind in the Willows was my favorite book as a kid..

imagineALLthePeople5 karma


Lifetime fan here writing this from Southie, I've seen Dispatch at Comcast, State Radio all over the place, Pete Francis and Barefoot Truth played at my school and I've met all you a few times for State Radio signings (Newbury Comic tour!). First off your music is amazing and so influential to who I am today. Youve told so many beautiful stories and i still get goosebumps listening to so many of your songs. Thank you for your dedication and inspiration!

Some questions!

How's the relationship between the Dispatch crew going into Hunger? I know from ' the Last Dispatch ' that you guys have had your stress so I'm wondering how that's feeling these days.

What do you guys do after such high energy shows? Crash or rally?

Would you sing Indian Moon at my wedding someday?

ONE LOVE - I'll see you at MSG with JBT!

chadwickstokes8 karma

relationship is much better than those days.. love those guys. crash you got it..)

jacqiw5 karma

Hi Chad- I was lucky enough to be a part of a living room tour and it will always be a highlight in my music loving life. I've listened to THC non-stop and was wondering. "Who was big Maude- dead but not forgotten?" Thanks for taking the time to sate our inquiring minds.....

chadwickstokes4 karma

my hard drinking foul mouthed grandmother

anymaninamerica5 karma


chadwickstokes14 karma

cool song! i might do the beginning of that chorus twice -

chadwickstokes7 karma

suicide or.. a friend preventing you from suicide

i write plenty that are mediocre and forgettable - 1 out of 20 make it through to where i want to back and finish it..

no.. i'd like to.. but days are busy -- every other maybe?

i love minnesota! good hockey too -- i'll take a listen --

mayor_mammoth5 karma

Mr Stokes! Huge fan! I came to the CAC benefit (awesome performance, the drummer could be State Radio material--hint hint) and went to the First Annual Farm Jam in September, which I'll never forget. My main question: when you write songs, do you come up with the lyrics or the tune/chords/riffs first, and either way, do you consciously match the lyrics to the tone of the music? Also, any chance there would be any more music videos for the Horse Comanche songs? I'd love to see ones for Pine Needle Tea and Dead Badger, in particular. Anyway, thanks for doing this, and have fun on your tour!

chadwickstokes6 karma

farm jam!! working on videos but might take a while -- looking for a shadow puppet master! songs come sometimes with a melody and words but lots of times, the chords and then just jamming over the chords with whatever comes out .. don't always match lyrics to tone ..

ovary_act5 karma

Hey Chad, huge fan of your work! As someone who's been to a countless amount of your shows, I've noticed that you're more passionate about some songs than others. What are a few of your favorite songs to play for an audience?

Also, is there going to be a farm jam 2015? The one in 2014 was incredible!

chadwickstokes10 karma

i don't know - have to ask the mccoy brothers ))

depends what band i'm playing with - but i like camilo ..

rimmyrim5 karma

Chad! Dispatch has been my favorite band since I was like 11 years old. Remember seeing you play in State Radio at the Tabernacle with Rebelution back in 08 or 09 and that may have been my favorite show ever.

My question to you: So far, what has been your favorite band you have had open or play alongside you over the years?

chadwickstokes9 karma

rage against the machine and Rx bandits

halbesushi5 karma

Hi Chad, huge fan of all of your music. Want to ask a question more personal to me.

I was wondering if you happen to remember playing with State Radio in Asbury Park in early (Feb or March) 2008. If so, do you happen to remember a few gentlemen nervously asking to borrow a lighter before stripping down into our skivvys and running into the Atlantic Ocean? You and the band were filming a video on the beach before the show and laughed at us. Made our day.

chadwickstokes5 karma

i don't remember the video but how can i forget that act of courage?

Epiphone025 karma

Hey Chad! First off, huge fan of everything dispatch,SR, and of course your new solo records. What inspires you to continue to write songs and in completely different stylings? In many of your songs such as Benjamin darling, riddle in London, and question the apocalypse. Are these tunes based off of anything in particular or is it all just stories you've come up with yourself?

chadwickstokes10 karma

BenDAR is true story i found in a maine bookstore -- riddle in londotown is a riddle based on woman who dress up as men and go to war q and A is about my friend who died when he was 18

IslandDrummer5 karma

Hey, Chad. Been a huge fan since 2010 when a buddy showed me "Doctor Ron the Actor". Had the great pleasure of seeing you and the 'Spatch in Vancouver in 2012. I have three questions, two of which tied to anecdotes:

1) State Radio material pre-Rabbit Inn and Dispatch material pre-Circles had a very heavy ska and reggae influence, which is what initially attracted me to your music. However, on the aformentioned albums, that element of your music disappeared. I remember hearing that with Rabbit Inn, this was a conscious decision, but with Circles, Braddigan said that it was sort of just how it ended up. Can we expect these styles to return on subsequent releases from both projects?

2) My buddy Dave plays trombone in Current Swell. He said that you guys made a very concerted effort to make them feel comfortable and cared-for when you toured together. Is this gesture based on an etiquette that you noticed when you guys were just starting out and touring with other bands?

3) This past fall my band had the chance to open for Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars. We mentioned to them that we were big fans of yours and they spoke very highly of you. How did you first discover them, and what was it like working with them on Simmerkane II?

Thanks so much, and keep up the great music.

chadwickstokes7 karma

yeah - expect a return to both reggae and ska i'm glad he felt that way -- I've always been against the hierarchy.. my friends from vermont first "found" them in SL. they were amazing. it was hard to get them to learn all the words (too many) in coffee and wine. cheers.


Hey Chad local Boston guy here and big fan of your accomplishments as a musician and a humanitarian. MY girlfriend and I have seen you play countless (20+?) times (w/ Dispatch, State Radio, and solo) in front of crowds of a few hundred or a couple thousand and you always bring the same passion and energy to the stage and it’s amazing. Your music always has a special place for me and my girlfriend.

My Questions:

  1. Who or what was your biggest musical influence?

  2. What inspired you to be so involved in humanitarian/charity efforts?

  3. Also would (or have) you ever consider or been asked to play at a private event either a whole performance or a brief cameo? (E.g. wedding?)

Hope everything is going well for you, and if you’re around Boston hope you’re surviving the snow! (also if you plan on doing more living room concert tours let me know...just saying)

chadwickstokes7 karma

cat stevens, rage.. bob dylan and my friend lewis i've done that a couple times - but it's been rare circumstances..


butch813854 karma

Hey Chad! Been a fan of Dispatch for years, and became a fan of SR and your solo stuff as a result. Saw Dispatch at Red Bull Arena (and helped out with the charity work before hand, so I got the 5 second photo op Meet and Greet after). Also saw Dispatch in State College (the opening act got caught in bad weather, but you guys still put on a great show). Most recently saw you in Pittsburgh at Mr. Smalls (my friends bailed on me, so I went solo to the show and had a great time just getting lost in the music).

Anyway, some questions for you:

  1. How much fun was ziplining at RBA? It seemed to take longer than expected, but looked like you guys were having a blast.
  2. While we all know how active you are in raising awareness and money for charities, do you still make time to get involved personally?
  3. Any plans for coming back to Pittsburgh?
  4. Any chance of Dispatch offering a contest where the winner gets to jam with you guys for an hour or two anytime in the future? (It's on my bucket list...)

P. S. Thanks for signing the Horse Comanche CD and for printing my name on the poster!

chadwickstokes6 karma

ziplining - kindof frightening.. yeah usually at calling all crows projects before shows.. not that i know of -- going to ohio? hmm.. good idea .. yeah man ~

iWag4 karma

CHAD! I've been waiting for this AMA to happen! Your music has been an inspiration to my life. Saw you at Firefly and will be seeing you at the 20th Century in Cincinnati March 4th. Hoping to get a chance to have a chat with you when you come to Cincy!

1) What was life on the road like with Pete and Braddigan?
2) Any chance we'll see more touring in the next few years with Dispatch?

chadwickstokes8 karma

hello! thanks -- pete is the poetic pirate and brad is the captain/dude who is climbing the ropes looking for land -- not in north america - but maybe some over seas

Dr_Library4 karma

Between State Radio, Dispatch, solo shows, Calling All Crows benefit shows, and sets with the Pintos, I've seen you around 50 times, including Red Rocks, MSG 2007, Firefly, Bonnaroo, and a bunch of places around Boston, Providence, and Northampton. You're epic, keep doing the things you do.

Have you ever thought of doing an album just of your awesome covers?

And if you could do a collaboration with anyone, who would it be?

Lastly: Chuck Fay smokes ill blunts.

chadwickstokes6 karma

yeah he does!!! SR cover ep coming out in a couple months


chris569x4 karma

Is anything happening with the song We're All Here Now? One of my favorites from the living room tour!

chadwickstokes5 karma

ah, i think i only played that once?? i didn't think it went over that well -- but it might be salvageable ..

SquidNutz3 karma

Hiiiii! I've been a fan of yours for years! I saw Dispatch at Artpark two summers ago and will be seeing you on Feb 27th in Rochester! Have you ever been to Rochester before? Also will you be playing mostly stuff for your new album or any old stuff too?

chadwickstokes8 karma

rochester -- yes, been there a bunch - always go to that dinosaur bbq place and eat vegetables -- old stuff too --but a lot of THC

SpliffDr3 karma

Hey Chad! long time fan here, from Dispatch through State Radio all the way up to the solo work. Keep it up, you're an inspiration to us all!

I read your recent interview with DMNDR, and you discussed the creative process behind "Hubs" (legendary track in my eyes). So, I guess my question is, how does that creative process change when working on a solo album as opposed to with a full band?

Thanks for being awesome!

chadwickstokes4 karma

that's why the living room shows were good cuz i got to workshop the songs a bit and ask the people there questions i might've asked chuck, maddog, brad and pete.

HighPitchErik3 karma

Hey Chad! Firstly, I saw you play at a little dive bar "Valentine's" in Albany, NY a few years ago and it was absolutely phenomenal..I met you outside and said "Chad, I love you" to which you replied "Cool, man", great stuff.

1) Do you hang out socially with the guys from DISPATCH/State Radio, or do you all sort of live your own lives and then get together when it's time to make music?

2) The acoustic guitar I've seen you play with is, to say the least, not in the greatest condition-- is there some sort of backstory behind that guitar?

Thanks for helping create the soundtrack to my life, Mr. 'Stokes'!

chadwickstokes3 karma

i hang with patch guys more as chuck is in nevada.. i love all those guys tho - wish life wasn't so busy so we could have more pints together. i think you're talking about the blue ridge -- i just like the sound.. she's called rabbit,, got it in winchester, i think it's from 1965.

thankyou man..

allisonpaludi3 karma

Hey Chad! Met you awhile back in northern New York, St. Lawrence University. Congrats on the newest album. Got any plans of trekking over to the African continent? West Africa has a solid music scene!

chadwickstokes5 karma

allson!!! how are you? are you there now? i would love to .. been trying to write with some of that african blues mash up. south africa is more of a possibility but even that one is down the line i'm afraid.
be well~

bgzlvsdmb3 karma

Chad! Huge fan of yours, as well as Dispatch. No question, I just wanted to let you know that I admire you, your work, as well as your human rights activism. Keep fighting the good fight!

Wait, I do have a question. Who wins in a fight, you, Pete, or Braddigan?

chadwickstokes6 karma

pete.) we all used to wrestle pretty hard - had a game called First one Down - or FOD --- but shit got too real - so we don't do it anymore.

Coppatop3 karma

Hi Chad. I used to be a performing arts photographer in Boston, but injured myself and was unable to shoot for a couple of years. Any chance I could photograph your band next time you play in Boston? Also, 'the last dispatch' was one of the greatest shows I ever went to. Thanks for the memories and good music.

chadwickstokes3 karma

hope you're healed up.. email [email protected]

Chunkotron933 karma

Hey Chad,

Saw you in Chicago last year. Was super glad to hear a few of the songs off of your new album before it came out. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to learn to play it all. Owen Sakovics from tabsinonefellswoop.com told me that he would probably get some time to work on that over the holidays. I was wondering if you had any tips for playing the songs on the album?

Also, Horse Comanche as a whole seems to be a lot more romantic for the most part. Is there a reason for that, or was it all just what you were feelin at the time? It's great, by the way. All I've been listening to since it came out.

chadwickstokes4 karma

our lives is in D tuning - full step down from standard E seat belt in D flat horse comanche - the high E string is tuned down to a D there's a lot of love in the record - an optimism for a kinder land. with patch and SR i'm hesitant to get into to the romance - i feel more comfortable getting into it w solo stuff

iBrews3 karma

Mr. Larkin is one of the all-time great love songs and I still get tears in my eyes when you play it live. Growing up in New England, I always wondered which Route 27 the song references?

chadwickstokes3 karma

near wayland

Jscotto3203 karma

Chad, what inspired you guys to write "The Diner Song"?

chadwickstokes24 karma

the desire for unexpected blow jobs.

stanleypup3 karma

I've been a big fan for a long time, seen you in Boston, NY, Toronto and in Chicago about a half dozen times.

Since no one else seems interested, I'll bite on the pond hockey. How often do you play? Ever play when you're on the road (Chicago perhaps?) Do the rest of the Violets come out when you play?

chadwickstokes3 karma

i haven't seen the violets in so many years- we were like the bad news bears - playing hockey's my favorite thing to do ,, esp out on the ponds -- never played on the road - but we fantasize about it

_Weesnaw_3 karma

Is there a story behind Indian Moon?

chadwickstokes6 karma

my sister in law asked me to write a song for her wedding so i sang about her sister sybil..

foley233 karma

Yo Chetro, Madusa? Please? ever? I'll never stop asking!

But really, knowing how the story was with SKII and the train trip, what was the main inspiration for this album? Also, how'd you hook up with Dr. Dog? With how your work with SR & Solo and Dr. Dog's work has been so influential in my life it's amazing to see that. You guys need to do a show here in Philly together.

Great work as always. Thank you for everything you do for the World. You and what you do are such an inspiration and I will feel forever grateful I found State Radio 10 years ago tomorrow opening for Donavon Frankenreiter at the TLA.

RLT reppin' here as well!

chadwickstokes6 karma

my wife and kids

known them for years - great guys.. RLT4eva!

Fellatio_delToro3 karma

Hey Chad...super cool of you for doing this!

I've gotten to experience Dispatch and State Radio (not to mention you with JBT) live and now I'll finally get to see your solo stuff in a couple weeks at the MET. I'm super excited and you've had an incredible impact on me and everyone that I share your music, words, and efforts with. You've enlightened and sparked new passionate interests for your fans with things like raising awareness of the injustice of Troy Davis and Calling All Crows, created fucking incredible music, and given me some of my best memories to date. (My brother still talks about the time you brought Manny on stage in the BofA Pavillion.)

So how does it feel affecting, inspiring, and changing the lives of people you've never even met? I know I'm not the only one.

Thanks for all you do; it's incredible the effort you seem to put into everyday.

Thanks, Chad. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

chadwickstokes4 karma

it's a beautiful thing really - means a lot to hear back from folks and i'm just glad to be in music.

nutellasloth3 karma

Hey Chad, I am an incredibly huge fan of all of your projects (I even have a music playlist called 'stokes' where I keep them all together). Some of my all time favorite songs for years have been yours, Keepsake and Camilo especially. I have questions relating to each of these:
1. Keepsake is beyond beautiful, haunting even. Where did the emotions for this song come from? Who is the female singer, and do you plan to sing with her ever again? Have you ever performed live with her?
2. Back in college I created a music video project based on Camilo. I became increasingly interested in the story behind it, even researching Camilo himself and reading a related collection of firsthand accounts called Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan. Did you ever meet Camilo? What do you think we can do to better help our veterans like he and the many others who found themselves opposing our actions overseas?
3. And while unlikely as they are State Radio songs, could either of these make the July 11th Dispatch at MSG setlist? My heart might explode if they did :) Can't wait for the show anyway, counting down the days!

chadwickstokes2 karma

inspired by a friend of mine who was going through a tough time.. singer is Erin Coughlin -- she's amazing! i have a couple times - she lives in SF so maybe more.. yeah - camilo was hiding out in my home town. give them love, try to get them better health care, so many veteran suicides -- camilo is the one SR song that dispatch has played .. i know brad likes keepsake.

NicholasBerg3 karma

Chad, New CD is great, I love it. Dissappointed you had to cancel your appearance in Brooklyn yesterday. The last show you had in NYC was a really good time. I have all sorts of questions i'd love to ask you, but for the sake of time i'll narrow them down.

  1. Are you still working on State Radio? It seems as though your solo project has taken on greater proportions recently and state radio kind of dissappeared?

  2. Can you say a little about your relationship with Matt Embree? Do you guys work together often? Any plans for the future? I would love to hear a split acoustic album from you too.

  3. Any chance of coming back to Asbury Park for another living room show?

See you at the garden in July!

Thanks man, you are certainly a positive influence in my life.


chadwickstokes13 karma

i really miss SR but i'm just in a different cycle right now -- looking forward to the return.. i love matt - i'm working on a rock opera and writing a part for him.. we work together as much as we can -- he sang on first solo album and last SR record and he's a big part of the SR covers ep that comes out in a few months

handsome_mcstabby3 karma

Chad! Such a big fan of Dispatch throughout my life. Got into you guys from my older brother but you were already broken up. After almost a decade of being my favourite band you came to the Gorge for the DMB caravan and I got to see Elias live. I told my friends I could now die happy. Couldn't believe that I saw you guys again in Vancouver several months later.

My questions are: What influences your songwriting? With songs like Elias and Camillo I never would have guessed you guys were from America.

and how do you keep your hair looking SO FRESH all the time?

chadwickstokes5 karma

song writers .. i love 70s jamaican roots reggae, the clash, the kinks, credence. haha,, i don't shampoo it very often - maybe i got out of the habit when i had dreads but.. i got to thank my mom for my hair) we're basically twins...

Petesheeah3 karma

Hey Chad! Big fan of yours. Thank you for being such an inspiration. My question is about working with Sam Beam and the experimental sound of songs such as Mother Maple on the new album. Sam Beam definitely experimented with his sound using cool sound effects and electronicness on "Kiss Eachother Clean" back in 2011 and It was amazing but very different than te normal Iron and Wine sound. I couldn't help but notice a similar experimental sound on songs such as "Mother Maple", and I love it. Would you say Sam Beam had a direct influence to some of the new sounds on te record? Thank you! - Jeff Petescia of Cold Weather Company (shameless band plug)

chadwickstokes3 karma

hey man,,)
yeah, sam and brian were all over getting those sounds

ckoerwer3 karma

Hey Chad, any chance you'll be doing a European tour for "The Horse Comanche?"

chadwickstokes4 karma

yes -- mid april to mid may !

rramey183 karma

Hi Chad! What is your favorite song to play out of all Dispatch/State Radio/Chadwick Stokes songs?

chadwickstokes21 karma

i like playing Arsenic and clover

aaronheck3 karma

Your songs have so many historical, literature, and cultural references (especially Our Lives Our Time). How do you know so much shit to be able to reference them?

chadwickstokes5 karma

you don't have to know shit to reference :)

tweeks153 karma

hey chado tommy from the DAWGZ here, whadduppp!! have you been practicing trombone?

chadwickstokes5 karma

sup tommy?!! i played it a little on last tour -- i just got elbowed in the mouth at a hockey tournament in New Hampshire so my hours have been low recently...

rds0x3 karma

Chadwick. Thanks for doing the AMA. Had the pleasure of meeting you and the crew at CaC events over the years with Matt, Jeb and others. Great work! Don't forget to always do your calisthenics!

1) When will Dispatch vary the set list more from show to show?. And do you see the band including covers or deep cuts? For example - railway with Here We Go, the Here We go outro, or songs like Whaddya Wanna Be or Hubs? Don't worry. Not asking for East the Police or outloud .

2) What happened to the green Modulus? Any plans to dust it off?

3) What's your favorite song off the new album for the lyrics? And what's your favorite based on the chord progression and overall sound? I know some songs are a struggle to fit all the lyrics in that you'd like.

4) any chance Brian Sayers returns to SR, even temporarily, in mad dogs absence?

Also, saw you and SR at Bank of America Pav. Years ago. thanks so much for having JBT as part of Dispatch Hunger. Two of my favorite bands under one roof for a great cause!

chadwickstokes3 karma

yeah i see some of those deep cuts -- modulus - i got demystified with the pick ups. our lives horse comanche

possibility.. but SR sound changed so much from UATC to RIR

cool man - cheers~

z3br452 karma

Hey Chad, great to see you doing this. Last time I saw you was on the "Hurricane" festival in Germany. Will you do any other shows in Germany this year? I would love to see you on the hurricane again. Mostly because we had the chance to be first row. I can imagine that being nearly impossible in America :) Anyway, keep on playing. I love you in Dispatch, State Radio and just by yourself.

chadwickstokes3 karma

i'm coming over with brother willy in april -- can't wait!

mastershake999992 karma

Hey Chad! I am a huge fan of Dispatch. I play Josaphine a ton in my dorm room and my friends are getting sick of it. My question is something that we have always wondered...what is Josaphine even about? Thanks Chad!

chadwickstokes6 karma

a girl i met on the tracks under a bridge in white river junction that i made up a story about. i always thought it'd be a good drinking game to drink when we say her name...

eeisner2 karma

Chad! Huge fan of all your music... Gotta say The Horse Comanche has blown me away even with high expectations and knowing most of the songs!

A few questions...

1) What I ask every musician I know that does an AMA: Any advice for someone diving into the world of song/lyric writing?

2) What currently active musician would you most like to tour with in the style of Chadwick Stokes and Friends?

3) Any info on the B-Sides? Still angry that Indiana Fall didn't make the final cut for The Horse Comanche.

Thanks so much, and thanks for hanging out and talking with my brother and I after your show in LA last November. That concert was absolutely amazing, especially in that tiny venue and with the great Matt Embree showing up.

chadwickstokes7 karma

sometimes you got to write some bad songs to get to the good ones.. be patient with your self


indiana fall and few others -- prob a couple months away from releasing (might try to add a new one in there)

right on man, my pleasure.

The_Caring_Banker2 karma

Hi Chad! big fan from Chile here. Could you just say HI so i can brag about this with my friends?

chadwickstokes6 karma


myhatmahcoat2 karma


Just saw you in Minneapolis at the Cedar a few weeks back and you all straight killed it, as usual, especially your piano player I mean god damn. I just wanted to say that your guitar playing has been a huge influence on me. "The General" was the first song I learned how to play on guitar way back when, and I still play it almost every time I pick up the guitar. In fact, I've learned as many Dispatch and State radio songs as I've been able to figure out. My favorite of all time to play is definitely "Revolutionaries" off the Wicker Plane EP. ALSO RX Bandits is basically my favorite band ever and similarly, Embree and Choi's guitar playing have been a huge influence on me. When I saw you + Embree in Madison, WI, and discovered you guys played together a bunch of times I was stoked, It was like my two musical worlds (since you both have so many projects goin' on) coming together. So I have three questions:

How did you and Matt Embree come to be buds?

Who are some of your favorite guitar players?

Do you have any advice or experience to share for someone who's trying to hop a train from Minnesota to the Southern US?

chadwickstokes4 karma

in 2004 folks kept telling me about RX and said how they were like a cousin band to SR -- 2006 we reached out to them and jumped on a tour -- it's been love ever since.


patient,, don't fuck yourself by running and slipping,, wait for it to be stopped or moving real slow and once your on, unless you are in a box or gondola always have one hand holding on...

OneSourDude2 karma

Hey Chad!

Huge fan from Toronto! Saw you last time you were in town with Dispatch and then a few months later when State Radio came through. Both were amazing shows and I'm super pumped to see you play Toronto again in a couple weeks.

Just a few questions if you don't mind.

1)What's the craziest/funniest/most interesting thing you've seen/done while touring?

2)Favorite place to perform?

3)Favorite song to perform live?

4)Is there a particular album that you're most proud of?

5)Can you give us any update on the future of State Radio? I was pretty bummed out to hear that Maddog left the band.

Thanks! Loving the new album and can't wait to hear it live in a couple weeks!

chadwickstokes8 karma

we smuggled two girls into a chicago show in merch bins.. stone pony, asbury park arsenic and clover hmm.. not at the moment,, favorite album cover is Rabbit Inn Rebellion SR haitus for another a year or so.. yeah that was tough blow.

sandy_samoan2 karma

Hey Chad, what's your favorite venue and why is it the Bottleneck in Lawrence?

chadwickstokes3 karma

because back stage room as so cool..

chadwickstokes3 karma

and cuz it closed to the stuffed remains of the horse comanche

4stringmcgee2 karma

Hi :) Any business/personal advice for an independent band that is dedicated to going at it full time, purely music whatever it takes?

chadwickstokes9 karma

reminding yourself to enjoy the ride - don't always feel like your chasin the dragon.. stay awake when you drive,, give your music away for free and play for anyone who will listen..

jforte14952 karma


What would be your best life advice to give to a person who would love to follow in your philanthropic footsteps? To anyone in general? What is the biggest challenge in your life that you had to overcome? And, on a less serious note, what is the funniest thing that has happened to you while performing that you can think of?

Also, I have followed all of your music as well as all members of Dispatch and I like how the style of Dispatch has evolved and meshed with your other work but I would really love to see you guys get back to your early 90's Dispatch roots with a wide variety of sounds including Ska, acoustic and just overall cluster of different styles while still having a distinct signature

chadwickstokes7 karma

i'd say, do what you can,, get involved even if it is a very small way.. biggest challenge is prob self doubt and not remembering to slow down.
i watched pete spit his beer all over this pretty girl from new jersey.. also thought it was funny when the beach ball hit pete in the head at msg

i think the next patch record will be more like that -- more raw and def back to more reggae/ska

Herptroid2 karma

Hey Chad, I’m a big fan. I saw Dispatch a couple summers ago and I was blown away by the stage presence and energy you guys created. It was the best concert experience I’ve ever had and I just wanted to thank you for your music and how it’s helped me see from a new perspective. You are obviously very involved with social causes and have experience in community outreach. Where should I be investing my time as a volunteer in my community? Do you have any tips on how I can maximize my efforts? Also I’m really stoked to hear what you, Pete, and Brad have cooked up recently. Can’t wait!

chadwickstokes5 karma

depends what your interested in - an easy place to start - is your local soup kitchen.. otherwise, there's some good big brother/sister orgs that team up with kids who need mentors - check to see if there's an 826 in your town.. that's a writing workshop for kids.

bobferguson32 karma

Hey Chad, can you tell us a bit more about why your tour is called Forced To Flee?

chadwickstokes4 karma

our calling all crows campaign this year is all about refugees - so in every other city we do some kind of work w refugees in that locale.

CptMortos2 karma

What's your favorite pokemon?

chadwickstokes5 karma


redditgame_riffraff2 karma

when is there gonna be another show at the hatch shell?

chadwickstokes3 karma

it's not planned as of now.. i'd like to the mall in DC.

abelour232 karma

Chad, any plans to come to London on tour?

chadwickstokes3 karma

yes - may i think?

Natural_Nate2 karma

What's up Chad, love the new album! Thank you so much for doing this, huge fan, as we all are! I was wondering if you have anymore humanitarian projects coming up and how we can be a part of/get involved.
Also, do you see a Dispatch tour coming to NA? I had one chance to see you guys twice at Wakarusa in 2013 and we couldn't get in the first night (got there early) but there was too much mud so we all had to sit in the parking lot for 10 hours. The next day, I was pumped to finally see you guys and the tornado came, would love to see a Dispatch show live sometime.
Lastly, any chance you come to STL, MO either solo or with State Radio? Much love, man! Jammin out to People to People right now!

chadwickstokes3 karma

right on man,,, dispatch just playin in NYC in july

solo tour maybe in fall?

nickd872 karma

Hey, what's your favorite Dylan song? Favorite Food, favorite place to play a show, and favorite new band (past 5/10 years). Keep doing why you do man!

chadwickstokes5 karma

girl from the north country veggie shephard's pie asbury park RX bandits thx man~

siren842 karma

Any reason some Dispatch albums were taken off of Spotify?

chadwickstokes7 karma

we switched digital distributors and getting the records back up took a little bit longer than expected.

rramey182 karma

What advice do you have for new artists finding their own sound?

chadwickstokes3 karma

try all different styles of music

OrphelinDuCiel2 karma

Hey Chad!

Been a big fan of your work for a while now, and I'd like to ask-

If you could go back and do "Silent Steeples" Again, any major changes you'd make?


chadwickstokes6 karma

i think i'd mess with Questioned Apocalypse -- maybe release the one from brad's senior concert -- same concert that out loud is from..

frisbee_hero2 karma

In Chicago you played a song called "Medusa". The guitar on that song was rad. Are we ever going to see a completed and released version of the song?

chadwickstokes4 karma

maybe next SR album...

rafaellvandervaart1 karma

Can you tell me more about your activities with Dispatch Foundation?

chadwickstokes3 karma

it exists when we have a campaign/concert to work on.. this year we are focusing on hunger in the US.

Belicheckyoself1 karma

Hey Chad,

Just wanted to say you're an amazing musician and activist and appreciate all that you do. Do you remember your guitar teacher in MA by the name of Byron? I took lessons from him and he claimed that he taught you as well which was wild.

Out of curiosity what was your favorite flavor of ice cream from white mountain creamery? I met you there years ago and you were extremely polite and cool. Also, what is your favorite song to perform live?

chadwickstokes4 karma

myron i think his name was -- good guy. that's cool you took from him too.. i like cookies and cream.. arsenic and clover