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sandy_samoan26 karma

My friend has recently leapt into this theory as well. Letting it consume, most of his entire day-to-day happenin's. It also coincides with some pretty significant life changes, his sister had an injury ending her dancing career, his parents lost their home, and he's always had a good deal of paranoia.

Do you have any advice as to how I can approach this change? Or, if it's simply a lost cause.

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What is it about you that makes me feel like you're actually Kevin Spacey?

sandy_samoan17 karma

Well, he has also thrown himself very heavily into Church and his Christian faith. I don't know how that reconciles with multidimensional reptilian overlords. But, y'know - he seems to be developing a large number of conspiratorial passions.

Another thing he has thrown himself into is his Freemason fraternity. Again, I don't know how that plays into his belief in multidimensional reptilian humanoids - but it seems to be what he's become about the past few months.

sandy_samoan13 karma

See, that's what he's said to me. That his lodge only goest to a third degree and they reject masonry above that, I'm assuming because of the conspiratorial hullabaloo that goes along with it.

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That is certainly helpful. That's for the most part what I've been doing. It just, becomes, a major point of contention when it seems to be all he wants to talk about.