Hi, my name is Dani, I'm 18 years old. I was born with a deformity on my legs and hips, which made me start using a wheelchair at the age of 6. This condition affected my leg growth, I only stand at 4 ft, and with my wheelchair 4'5ft or so. I am not a 100% sure of the name of my condition, I am looking at some papers of mine and will let you guys know as soon as I find it :)

EDIT: I found the name of my condition, it is called Bilateral femoral focal deficiency. (PFFD)

Other than that, I am completely normal person. I love swimming, art, tacos, youtube, and so on.

On my left hand I have only got three fingers, Here's a post I made a while ago

Here's my proof

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Ask away!! :)

EDIT 2 : It is 2:30 am here, so I'm gonna go to sleep. If any more questions come I'll answer them when I wake up, thanks for reading :)

edit 3 : I'm here again if you guys have any questions :)

Well guys, this was great :) thank you for reading and for your kind words.

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floppybunny2610 karma

Have you seen the Nick Krohl skits "Wheels, Ontario?"

wheelchairmaster5 karma

That was pretty funny hehehe, thanks for sharing!

p_coletraine8 karma

What's the most difficult thing about life?

wheelchairmaster10 karma

Honestly, all the freaking steps, and stairs. Also, where I live ice is a major problem during winter.

p_coletraine4 karma

ADA requires handicapped access and egress, you mean there are places without such accommodations?

wheelchairmaster5 karma

Some times there are, which is a pain in the butt.

dirtyfries8 karma

Do you feel the condition changes the way people interact with you? Would you say it has any positive benefits, socially speaking?

wheelchairmaster16 karma

I've found that the way people treat me depends on where I live. I was born in Mexico and lived there for 12 years. people always treated me like I was very fragile, and as if I couldn't understand much, which I hated.

Now I live in Canada, and people treat me very normal, they don't make it such a big deal that I am in a wheelchair.

And the positive benefits I'm not too sure, I'll have to think about that one.

GangstarWilde8 karma

Hey Dani! Thanks for posting the AMA.

If a genie could grant you one wish, what would that wish be?

wheelchairmaster13 karma

Good question!

When I was younger I used to dream about being "normal". Back then I would have wished to be like everyone else.

But now I just want a better, prettier nose, heh.

Failsnail647 karma

I don't see what would be wrong with your nose.

wheelchairmaster1 karma

aw thanks, you're the first haha. I don't know, people in my family always mock me for having a bigger nose.

GangstarWilde5 karma

I think you have proven to live a normal and happy life. I appreciate you posting the AMA. You are a great example to others that no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome it. Completely motivating!

wheelchairmaster2 karma

Thank you! :)

fatfrenchfries7 karma

Who is your inspiration, who do you look up to? why?

wheelchairmaster7 karma

I don't really know how this is gonna sound, but I don't really have anyone that inspired me to cope with my condition.

Although, there are people that inspire me to be a better person, like some teachers and friends that I know or used to know, some celebrities like Queen latifah (I love how positive she is), and actually even some youtubers. For example someone like Markiplier, I love the fact that he donates to charities and makes an effort to thank his subscribers.

And I am very aware that a lot of people might find some of the people I mentioned as annoying or not as good. But hey, if someone inspires you to be better, don't mind the negativity of what others have to say.

PolarintheSnow7 karma

if your disability was a product, what would your review be?

wheelchairmaster11 karma


This product is hard to work with, but it becomes easier to use it with time, you get used to it. Lots of people wonder what it is, but after a brief explanation, they seem to understand. although after a while it becomes uninteresting, and just plain boring.

3/5 It's not that bad

anxshush6 karma

When I see somebody that is in a wheelchair, missing a limb or has an obvious deformity, I am so curious and want to know what and why and how that I have to restrain myself from asking - would it be rude to just introduce myself and ask these questions of a stranger? Would you be offended?

wheelchairmaster16 karma

Well, it depends on how you say it really. I am a very nice person and will answer if someone comes up to me and asks me in a polite way. Just don't approach them with something like "Hey what happened to you?!?!?!". That is rude, I've had only older people and very ignorant teenagers ask me in that way. I chose to wheel away ;D

Biwin7 karma

Yes. It would absolutely be rude, even if OP is too nice to say so.

wheelchairmaster8 karma

I can't help being nice :[

But yeah, thinking about it don't go around asking people about their condition. If it really really interest you, at least get to know the individual first, and don't expect them to be too open about it.

[deleted]5 karma


wheelchairmaster7 karma

It is not hereditary. If someday I have kids, there's almost no chance of them being born with something similar.

thrips4711 karma


wheelchairmaster7 karma

Thank you :) I remember that at some point in my life I was very worried about the possibility of having children someday due to my disability. Even though I am happy with the way my life turned out, I wouldn't want my future children to go through what I have to everyday. I'd want my kid to be much happier than I am.

[deleted]4 karma


wheelchairmaster6 karma

Thank you for reading! :)

ButtsexEurope5 karma

You look sort of Filipina. Are you Filipina?

wheelchairmaster3 karma

nope hehe :p

Bearlove104 karma

What's the biggest misconception people make about you?

wheelchairmaster2 karma

Some people think I'm very weak, and I've had a few people ask if am am paralyzed or anything of that sort.

I'm not weak, I've got muscles! hehe

When I was younger I used to do weights. I won a lot of arm wrestling matches :)

blah_264 karma


wheelchairmaster5 karma

All the doctors that have seen me don't know what caused me to be born like this. According to my mother, during the pregnancy everything was fine, even the ultrasound looked normal.

The deformity in my hips makes them be somewhat larger. The femoral bones on my legs did not grow the way they were supposed to, so they're much smaller. From my waist line and up I look completely normal in size and so on. I hope that kind of explained it:).

blah_263 karma


wheelchairmaster6 karma

Yes, on my left hand I have only 3 fingers. Thumb, index and middle fingers. the thumb and the middle fingers bend and move just fine, but the index does not bend and it curves a little to the right.


grapexsoda4 karma

What are your plans for the future?

wheelchairmaster12 karma

I am planning on becoming a lawyer :)

rockin_robin844 karma

Did you find it difficult in school to fit in? I've seen some kids be super awesome and some be super mean :s

Edit: spelling and more spelling. Damnit autocorrect

wheelchairmaster6 karma

Not really, high school was great actually. I had a lot of good friends and everyone treated me very normal :)

hammerthroughhallway3 karma

Sorry for being the weird one but, do you come across fetishists often? People who are drawn to people with disabilities and what not. Also, what's your favorite kind of sandwich? (I ask only the important questions)

wheelchairmaster2 karma

In person this has never happened as far as I know, although here on reddit I've received a few messages from people who are into that, but I never reply since I find it very creepy.

And I like any kind of sandwich, I don't have a favourite one.

babyeatingdingoes3 karma

Do you play any sports? Do you follow the paralympics at all? What is your favourite sport to watch or play? How cool do you think wheelchair roller derby would be?

wheelchairmaster3 karma

I used to go swimming every morning, but haven't in a while since I've been quite busy. I don't really keep up with the paralympics but if it's on I'll definitely watch it. And the wheelchair roller derby would be pretty entertaining hehe. Also, my favourite sport to watch would probably be soccer :)

Solo_dolo_mofo3 karma

What is something that you want people to know about yourself?

wheelchairmaster6 karma

Oh wow, I actually haven't thought about this ... I , I honestly don't know!

Well, about me, I guess it would be that I'd like others to know that if you happen to be very tall it is ok for you to crouch, It's better and you'll actually hear what I'm saying.

I know the answer I gave isn't a 100% about me, but like I said before, I honestly don't really know.

Solo_dolo_mofo3 karma

You know what? As a short person this changes my perspective on things. Normally I get upset if someone crouches to my height but for some reason your response sheds a light on topic for me. Thank you

wheelchairmaster3 karma

Glad it helped somehow :)

Ryuu_Girl3 karma

What's your occupation? Also you are very pretty!

wheelchairmaster5 karma

Thank you !

I am currently taking a year off of school, but I am planning to become a lawyer :)

120pages3 karma

How is it going out on dates?

wheelchairmaster2 karma

Ok I guess, I broke up with my ex last month.

120pages2 karma

Was he an asshole?

wheelchairmaster3 karma

no, not really an asshole, he was just way too childish. I'm only 18 and he was 17, I just felt too overwhelmed with the way he behaved. I know that being childish can be ok sometimes, but this was too much.

groggboy2 karma

Do you speak Spanish with a Canadian accent? Also you look pretty hot just sayin

wheelchairmaster1 karma

haha, no I don't think I do, or maybe I do.. I haven't actually paid attention to what my accent sounds like in both Spanish and English.

groggboy2 karma

Do you put maple syrup on your churros ?

wheelchairmaster3 karma


BurritoSamurai2 karma

Has there been any artificial augmentative options to assist your everyday living?

wheelchairmaster1 karma

From the age of 4 to 6 I was using a prosthetic leg on my right leg, since it is shorter than my left leg. Eventually I felt like a wheelchair would be a better option. That's pretty much it, I think.

philmcole2 karma

Thank you for this AMA! I find it impressive, that you present yourself to all questions of a community!

Where do you think lays the problem in the society, that most people behave them-self restrained when meeting people who are different than usual (mental or physical disability)?

wheelchairmaster2 karma

I believe it is simply because most people are not used to interacting on an everyday basis with someone who happens to be mentally or physically disabled. They may feel a bit strange, since they don't know the limitations of the person in the chair and so on.

Not everyone is like that of course, I've had friends for a long time in my life that never bothered to ask why I am in a wheelchair and that sort of stuff.

jackandjakestudios2 karma

What did your parents first think about your condition?

wheelchairmaster8 karma

My mom was certainly shocked when she fist saw me, very concerned about me being ok and so on. After the doctors confirmed that everything else was fine, she fell a sleep and was happy.

As far as I know she accepted me no matter what I looked like, I was never neglected and had a very happy, normal childhood :)

Rebfan6 karma

How do you know she didn't leave you in the woods to be raised by wolves? Did your mother have fur and did she feed you caribou?

wheelchairmaster13 karma

It's not that bad in the woods, at least I got internet and caribou is tasty.