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Because at 18 you might not even be finished high school yet? (especially if bouncing from place to place means 6 schools in 4 years). 18 is too young to be on your own completely, even if you are taught excellent life skills. I'm not saying kids need to be in foster care till they're 30, but some added support for those 18-21 can't really be a bad thing can it?

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As a teen I saw Phantom with a youth group. Turned out a member of Kiss was playing the phantom or something. Most of the audience was dressed like we were (a bunch of kids in their Sunday best) but more than a few were in Kiss concert ts. One guy I saw was a achondroplastic dwarf in foot high platform boots, leather jacket, and full kiss face makeup. It's been like 20 years and I have forgotten everything about Phantom of the Opera except for that dude.

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What if they're given increased independence while still living under the foster's roof? Is this particular system irrevocably broken or are there ways to improve it bit by bit?

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That's awesome that California is increasing support for youth. I live in Ontario and ECM here goes to 21 (and they are trying to change the upper age for taking kids into protective care and make it higher, which is also good) but I wish we had a transitional housing project like yours.

I wasn't a foster kid (I was almost 16 when CPS finally stepped in and decided to pull the kids, so I was left at home) but my little sister has been living with me since she aged out at 18 so I'm pretty aware of that world.

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Where I live there are some supports. You get a one time furniture allowance (like $200 or something) to set up an appartment and financial assistance to help pay rent (like $500 a month or close to it?). In exchange you must be in school full time, working, or both. It goes from 18-21 as long as you keep up with your grades or whatever (my brother got kicked off for truancy/bad grades and got us evicted).

There are also grants/scholarships for post secondary school here that mean paying much, much less out of pocket/through student loans.