Brooklyn born n raised, i started boxing at the age of 14 years old and quickly became one of the hottest amateur prospects in boxing. I made it all the way thru the pro ranking until i was stuck with the largest battle i ever face with in life.cancer! i just recently beat cancer and paralisys to go on and become a boxing world champion...AMA!

Thanks everyone for your questions ! this was really fun ... please go check out part1 of my documentary this Monday!!! on

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cahaseler18 karma

What kept you going through all of this?

RealDannyJacobs20 karma

i wanted to live to be able to be here for my child AND FAMILY

grandballoon15 karma

Peter Quillin/Andy Lee was just announced. Are you still gunning for Quillin? Would you fight GGG?

RealDannyJacobs10 karma

I've got so much great feed back from the quillin fight , i just wanna do it for the fans

JohnP9310 karma

How do you find the time to be a complete and total badass?

RealDannyJacobs4 karma

lolol thanks its brooklyn thang! ;)

2nd2last9 karma

So who do you want to play you in the movie that that make about your story?

RealDannyJacobs21 karma

i would love of for will smith's son to play me in movie his dad played the greatest his son can play the second greatest lolol

spiderland8 karma

What do you think you owe your survival to?

RealDannyJacobs5 karma

Faith and the ability to believe in the unseen

Rawr3106 karma

If the pirog rematch was possible would you go for it? That was one of if not the most entertaining fights on the Diaz-Marquez II Card. Glad I was there to watch live.

RealDannyJacobs7 karma

thanks for the support but yes dmitry pirog is the only guy i wanna fight and get that revenge

The-Achilles3 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA and damn are you impressive my man.

Bizarre question, but out of curiosity here it goes. My question is would you put money on a little guy, say 160lbs with extensive martial arts training, or someone like leGarrette Blount who has no experience fighting yet is ripped and weighs 247lbs?

RealDannyJacobs5 karma

ill go with the lil guy man! lol ripped bulky dudes get tired fast . and that where lil guys like US can move in for the kill ;)

real_hougigo3 karma

Hi Danny, how's it going.

  1. questions

When do you plan to be back this year? Haven't fought since August yea?

What happened with the Chudinov fight? I heard they were pursuing their mandatory status as the interim champion?

RealDannyJacobs5 karma

this nbc and spike tv deal has slowed the activity of some us fighters but ill be back 3 to 4 times this year . hopefully that makes up for lost time

Universu3 karma

Who is/are your favorite boxer/s?

RealDannyJacobs3 karma

roy jones sugar ray Leonard and ray robinson

frosty_bagel3 karma

Who was the greatest boxer you have ever seen?

RealDannyJacobs3 karma

hard to say I've fought many tough men in my career

steveCrypto3 karma

What boxer was your biggest inspiration when growing up?

RealDannyJacobs3 karma

roy jones, his style and charisma was some of the best I've seen and it kept me watching the sport and eventually adopting it as my own

real_hougigo3 karma

As the WBA regular champion, you're in a weird position because you're still the mandatory to another person.

Do you think your team would pursue that unification of the WBA with GGG since Frank Warren and Billy Joe Saunders seem to have the winner on lock after the fight?

RealDannyJacobs6 karma

I'm up for anything but still when your champion your in the drivers seat . i would love to face all the top guys but at my pace and with no pressure from anyone

real_hougigo5 karma

cool, could you clarify real quick. When you said champion, where you referring to you or GGG as the WBA champion

RealDannyJacobs5 karma

both of us. he's in the drivers seat as well as myself so i fight whom i want .

steveCrypto3 karma

What do you think this new NBC/Spike TV deal will do for boxing and your future fights?

RealDannyJacobs4 karma

i think it will allow us to have the same outlet and opportunity as nab football players have. bigger market and bigger purse

-Babo97-3 karma

if you had to pick another sport what would it be?

RealDannyJacobs6 karma

i loooove football. when i was in high school i had to juggle boxing and football until i finally chose my favorite but the dream still lives in my heart

Relentless-3 karma

Danny which fight did you learn the most from? in terms of someone making you evaluate your approach and applying it, whether it was in the same fight or down the road?

RealDannyJacobs4 karma

i learned a lot from my only loss as a pro . and I've learned a lot from watching tapes of previous fights

theboxingczar3 karma

Hey man! Definitely a fan, thank you for taking time to talk with the internet. 1. If you could describe your fighting style in just one word, what would it be? 2. The sport of boxing is returning to network tv with a potential audience of over 100 million people. How does it feel to be one of the fighters involved in such a game-changing move? 3. Why do you think Peter Quillin is ducking me?

RealDannyJacobs1 karma

1 word for my style would be unique.2. I'm super blessed these are amazing opportunities none of us ever thought were possible. 3. ducking u? who r u ?

ShJC2 karma

How do you like Sadam's new gym? Are you going to be training there for your next fight?

RealDannyJacobs5 karma

great !love the energy. but most likely will go away fro camp too cold here lol

ShJC2 karma

So is Uncle Dre still going to be your trainer, how are you guys planning to work that out?

RealDannyJacobs4 karma

lol im hiring ann wolf dre is outta here!!!

beernerd2 karma

If you had a chance to literally fight cancer in the ring. What would be your strategy?

RealDannyJacobs5 karma

lol well i get the same gloves sonny liston had when he fought ali, so i can blind em and hit em where it hurts!!

buffalozbrown1 karma

Is there anyone you fought as an amateur that you would like to face again as a pro?

RealDannyJacobs3 karma

martin murray matvay korobav shawn estrata

yellowteletubby1 karma

Hey Danny, big boxing fan here. I have two questions for you sir.

1) First, a mandatory Al Haymon question. A lot of boxers seem to have a positive relationship with Al. He's so mysterious that boxing fans don't know what he's up to. What's your honest take on Al Haymon?

2) You're a hero and inspiration to the rest of us, as well as for your family. My dad is battling cancer at the moment. What sort of advice would you give me in helping him through this?

Hope to see you fight soon!

RealDannyJacobs3 karma

  1. Al is a great man and I'm not just saying that because everyone says it. he has done very well by my side and i couldn't ask for more.

  2. soory to hear about your dad but my biggest advice to getting thru this tough time is give to ti the man above! it was hard to me at 1st but i allowed god to fully take the responsiblity and if i did my part i knew i would be ok. faith is everything

Relentless-1 karma

Do you consider yourself heavy handed or a hard puncher?

RealDannyJacobs1 karma

I'm more fast than anything and sometimes speed creates power .

DrunkNASA1 karma

Do you think taking hits from boxing will take a toll on you from later in life?

Also how has your cancer effected your boxing career?

Congratulations on beating cancer!

RealDannyJacobs0 karma

yes taking too many hits takes a toll thats why i try not to get hit as much but cancer has only made me a more hungrier fighter because at 1 point it was all taking away

buffalozbrown1 karma

What's your prediction for Chudinov-Eubank Jr? And do you plan on the winner to be your next opponent?

RealDannyJacobs2 karma

rt now the possibilities of fighting any top 10 top 15 guy is there , but fighting the winner doesn't interest me at this time

SlyWinkle6661 karma

Have you trained in any other martial art or combat related sport or are you all boxing?

RealDannyJacobs3 karma

always wanted to learn tae kwon do :)

NorbitGorbit1 karma

can boxing be made safe by new technologies in headgear or is it fundamentally dangerous?

RealDannyJacobs8 karma

boxing is one of the last Gladiator sports in the world ... I'm sorry but i don't think theres any way around that . sparttaaaa!!

Universu1 karma

If you were not a boxer, what career would have you taken now?

RealDannyJacobs3 karma

I've always been a athletic kid growing up so most likely something with CONTACT ;)

Rollo1131 karma

Hi, great story!

Any UK boxers on your radar?

RealDannyJacobs2 karma

maybe only billie joe but never know uk boxers are talented there popping out left n rt

DebDecatur0071 karma

Are you concerned that Traumatic Brain Injury might put you back in your previous condition? I love boxing but I am concerned that too many hits to the head and concussions need to be monitored.

RealDannyJacobs2 karma

its too far in between those type of injuries but I'm conernced. i just don't think its something i need to focus on . i need 2b more focused on how to have the perfect nutrition so that i can perform at my best and not get dehydrated

buffalozbrown1 karma

Your girlfriend's name is Natalie and yours is Daniel. You had a son together and named him Nathaniel. Was combining your names together to make his intentional or just a coincidence?

RealDannyJacobs4 karma

It actually was intentional :)