We're Failbetter Games, an indie games studio in London. We’re best known for our work on interactive narrative. We made Fallen London, a browser game about a Victorian London dragged underground by bats, and Dragon Age: The Last Court with Bioware.

And now we’ve made Sunless Sea, a nautical, story-driven roguelike available on GOG and Steam. We think it’s unique in the way it combines a complex story (~250k words) with roguelike elements (permadeath, a map that changes each time you play, and a legacy system that unlocks benefits for future captains). We’re releasing the finished version this evening at 5:30pm GMT (25 minutes away at time of posting!).

Ask us about early access, indie gaming, interactive storytelling, our other projects - or really, almost anything!

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[Edit] Excellent questions so far, delicious friends! We're knocking off for the night, but we'll be around over the weekend to answer more. Thanks and thanks for supporting our games!

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spacemarine978 karma

What is a fallen london?

failbettergames125 karma


spacemarine930 karma

Okay realtalk (or at the very least, slightly less joking talk), to say I don't have any questions would be a bald-faced lie, but I don't have any questions that I could actually ask and expect an answer. Yet. But you're all cool + good and if you keep on writing lots of cool good words I'll keep writing other words about those words. And poking around at absolutely everything so I can write words better. Congrats on the video game! It meets all known rat quotas, as I think I'm contractually obliged to mention. Keep on keepin' on, conga rats and all that.

failbettergames24 karma

Thanks Space, and thanks for all the rats (from those of us still accepting rats).

Mrmac2339 karma

I just want to start off by saying that you're my favourite games company right now. The world you've made is one of the most fascinating I've found in gaming, and Sunless Sea is an absolutely phenomenal experience in every way.

On the subject of Sunless Sea, when do you think we'll be able to purchase that beautiful soundtrack?

failbettergames26 karma

On the subject of Sunless Sea, when do you think we'll be able to purchase that beautiful soundtrack?

We're working on this; look out for announcement very soon.

ashdenej19 karma

What's next for Failbetter? Do you have anything planned after the Zubmarine expansion?

lessofthat47 karma

[Alexis] Yes. I am now delighted to reveal, no get off me Hannah, get off me, I AM DELIGHTED TO REV


failbettergames52 karma

The people responsible for wrangling the tigers have wrangled the tiger. Nothing to see here.

goatcoat14 karma

Would you consider a Linux port for Sunless Sea?

wastebooks17 karma

[Adam] We would! We're already sharing an unofficial build (email [email protected] with proof of purchase if you're interested). An official, supported one would be quite a bit more work -- whether we can do that will depend on sales, and just how much extra work it turns out to be.

goatcoat8 karma

I appreciate your effort and will consider doing that. Is it the windows code with a wine wrapper or a native Linux port?

failbettergames14 karma

[Adam] A native port.

CaptainTrilby11 karma

Why not Sunless Zee? Also, is the bumgun going to be added in the next DLC?

failbettergames12 karma

The bumgun is all you, Trilby.

inbatcountry178 karma

Can you tell us anything about the future DLC? I know it's going to have zubmarines, but is there anything else you can say?

Also, you guys are awesome. Fallen London and Sunless Sea have quickly risen to the top of my favorite games list.

failbettergames20 karma

The first piece of DLC is officially called Zubmariner. That's all we're at liberty to disclose at this stage.

KKlear14 karma

Also - we didn't reach the stretch goal to get the dirigibles expansion, but is it still within the realm of possibility you'll make it anyway?

failbettergames20 karma

It all rests on how well the core game does! Tell your delicious friends.

Isophar8 karma

Hey big fan of your guys work, play FL alot and was wondering if the questionnaire about if anyone would buy monthly real world items for the game was something you were still considering?

failbettergames8 karma

Thanks for playing! Yes, we're still looking into it. Sunless Sea took precedent for a while there. Expect news soonish.

literallyneo5 karma


failbettergames4 karma

[Adam] Emily Short has written for both Sunless Sea and Fallen London; one of her previous games, Metamorphoses, concerns renaissance alchemy, and City of Secrets draws on Gnostic cosmology. Does that count?

Zerowithan03 karma

Can you offer a little guidance to a new zee captain? I cant find anything and keep running out of food and fuel before I can finish any quests. my question is was the game intended to be a roguelike where you constantly fail or do I just suck at sailing?

failbettergames7 karma

Be bold, zail far and don't rely on trading with the shops in London. Some of the finest trinkets are in far-flung places and will reward you well when you return. Use recent news, and port reports. But expect to die, often. That's ok. Happy zailing!

bobertofearl3 karma

What is your favorite colour of the Neath?

Thank you for all of the wonderful experiences in both Fallen London and Sunless Sea. I am loving every moment.

failbettergames4 karma

It's - wait - what was it? I don't remember.

Thank you, friend.