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[Adam] We're keen to. It's not a small project... but keep your ears peeled.*

*Metaphorically peeled. Failbetter Games Ltd does not commend the literal peeling of ears.

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[Adam] We would! We're already sharing an unofficial build (email [email protected] with proof of purchase if you're interested). An official, supported one would be quite a bit more work -- whether we can do that will depend on sales, and just how much extra work it turns out to be.

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[Adam] Sure! Twine is pretty great -- easy to get started with, and easy to extend if you need to achieve a particular effect. The interactive fiction community runs frequent competitions and a strong culture of reviewing, so entering is a very good way to get feedback on your work. Also, keep the scope small at first; finishing things is important, and it's very easy to underestimate the amount of work involved in making even a short game.

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[Adam] I'll take the bonus question! I've been playing a lot of Nuclear Throne and Crypt of the NecroDancer -- both early access games that are already thoroughly delightful. And Europa Universalis IV, a good game elevated to greatness by eighteen months of ongoing post-launch work.

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[Adam] Ambitions -- yes. We've extended two of them in the last few months, and will be extending the other two soon. The next update after that will bring them to a conclusion.

Sixth City -- I have nothing to say about that, and there is definitely no one censorious and menacing sitting on the next chair over.

Stuff for married couples, the Watchmaker's Daughter -- yup, both are planned!