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everything is rats, down to the sub-ratomic level

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What is a fallen london?

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Okay realtalk (or at the very least, slightly less joking talk), to say I don't have any questions would be a bald-faced lie, but I don't have any questions that I could actually ask and expect an answer. Yet. But you're all cool + good and if you keep on writing lots of cool good words I'll keep writing other words about those words. And poking around at absolutely everything so I can write words better. Congrats on the video game! It meets all known rat quotas, as I think I'm contractually obliged to mention. Keep on keepin' on, conga rats and all that.

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Is London okay? Did it hurt itself when it fell? Do I need to call an ambulance?

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Give people the option to send rats and they'll do it. It's scientifically proven.