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Turdsworth24 karma

How old were you when you realized your true calling?

yaxley1115 karma

Well i started working there when i was 17, and i'm only 18 now. It's just a job while i'm in college.


Do you ever think to yourself "Man, whata job?"

yaxley1112 karma

I'd take it any day over McDonalds or Burger King, but its still a minimum wage job.

1ddqd22 karma

Do you take orders better than you take pictures?

yaxley1118 karma

Definitely. I work drive-thru every now and then and i'm good at it.

1ddqd2 karma

Thanks for taking that in stride, so follow-up: does everyone share roles, or are some people only cooks, some people only take orders, etc?

yaxley116 karma

At the one i work at, which is a pretty busy one, there is 1 or 2 people doing drive orders and they take orders, cash people out, and prep vegetables and grilled chicken and stuff like that. There are two different grill and prep table setups, one for dine-in, and one for drive-thru, and there is 1 grill person and 1 board(prep) person at each setup. Then there is 1 person up front taking orders, 1 person on fry station, 1 person that hands out the food and the drinks, 1 person that takes B-lane orders( there are 2 lanes of drive-thru), and one person that helps out fry station and floats around, usually a manager.

artlessvandal14 karma

I had Whataburger for the first time recently (from Canada & there are sadly none here, not around me at least) and its SOOO good!

Anyway, my question is: is Whataburger your first choice go to for fast food?

yaxley1117 karma

Yeah it is, partly because its half off for me, and partly because its really close to me. When I feel dirty I get taco bell though.

halliburton205 karma

Dirty?? How dirty we talking?

yaxley116 karma

When I want to eat really unhealthy food.

AlamarAtReddit5 karma

But... They don't put ketchup on it...

yaxley116 karma


AlamarAtReddit2 karma

Is this different in Florida? When I was in San Antonio, they only put mustard on the burgers... Was so odd ; )

yaxley113 karma

yeah its mustard, but what does that have to do with the comment above you? :O

AlamarAtReddit1 karma

I don't know of any fast food places in Canada that don't put ketchup on burgers... There could be some...

As a Canadian having Whataburger for the first time, I was shocked, shocked I say, that it lacked ketchup.

yaxley112 karma

Oh i got you, haha.

thinkharderr-31 karma

As a manager at Whataburger, you better hope corporate doesn't see this...

yaxley119 karma

Why? I haven't said anything bad

thinkharderr-13 karma

It's part of the companies media policy. Check your handbook good sir.

yaxley116 karma

Plus there's nothing that leads to me

yaxley114 karma

I mean, I said I worked in Tallahassee but there's a lot of whataburgers here

senorpapagiorgio8 karma

What do you love to eat there?

What dont you eat after working there?

yaxley1110 karma

Patty Melt, A1, Hbbq sandwich with honey butter instead on a bun. Chop House with sliced cheese. and my favorite is 9 piece bites meal with lots of creamy pepper, i dip the bites, fries and bread into the sauce.

And, there's nothing there that i don't want to eat after seeing how its made or anything. But i've never had the fish sandwich, because i dont like fish all too much.

PrincessOfWales5 karma

Whooaaaaaa HBBQ sandwich with honey butter?! My life has changed. I lament that I can only get the HBCB between 11 and 11.

yaxley113 karma

Yeah its damn shame that its only served during breakfast now.

Prison_Vape6 karma

Can you PLEASE get a store in California? Seriously? Please?

yaxley113 karma

I'm just a normal employee haha, email corporate.

justscottaustin1 karma

But...but...wait! You have In and Out. To even suggest that any other food be available within a 200mi radius of that is blasphemy, sir, BLASPHEMY, I TELL YOU!!!

Sincerely: all the In and Out Fanboys

yaxley112 karma

You haven't ever had Whataburger before have you?

justscottaustin0 karma

I've been in Texas for 40yrs. Of course I have. Did you not catch the sarcasm?

yaxley111 karma

Them Californians love them some In n Out

Prison_Vape3 karma

Fuck Yes we do! But I remember Whattaburger fondly... just amazing deliciousness between two buns of love, soaked in the grease of heaven. Not to say In N Out isn't as good, they are, but Whattaburger is more of a rarity.

yaxley112 karma

Buns of love

yaxley111 karma

Nooo :( sorry

ReverendEarthwormJim5 karma

Thanks for your service. I appreciate that you provide my favorites.

Are there any things on the menu that you would not eat?

Are there any tasty things we can order that are not on the menu?

yaxley116 karma

  1. No, but our coffee is pretty shit.
  2. You can order any variation of anything that's on the menu, no matter how you want it, it will be made for you. I saw in r/cfb one time, that this guy replaced the buns in his burger with grilled cheeses. He said it was heavenly but i haven't tried it.

THedman071 karma

Make yourself a coffee shake. Delicious.

We used to make off the menu snacks when we were dead.

yaxley111 karma

One of my coworkers likes to make those.

TheGreatRapeApe4 karma

will you please tell the texan bastards who run your company to build some damn whataburgers in south florida? i would murder untold millions to get a whataburger around here.

yaxley112 karma

One of my managers told me they will be expanding, but I don't think it will happen for a while. There are multiple Whataburgers in NW Florida though, so if you are ever leaving the state go by there haha.

CZiemba3 karma

Yeah we have a few up in Jacksonville where I live.

yaxley111 karma

Oh damn, I didn't think they went past Tallahassee.

PrincessOfWales4 karma

Did you go to Whataburger University? There's one in north Austin and I'm always so curious whenever I drive past it.

yaxley112 karma

No i did not, and i've never heard of that until now, but on our first day we have to do a few hours of orientation type stuff on a laptop, and it's called Whataburger University.

sweetpea1223 karma

The burgers are so damn good.

What can I do to make them at home? Any tips?

yaxley116 karma

Also, they are all made to order so the patties are always hot. We can only hold the meat for 5 minutes after it comes off the grill.

purkill65 karma

Must be hard holding the meat for 5 minutes without burning your hands.

yaxley118 karma

We have employees that come in just to play hot potato with the meat.

yaxley116 karma

Might be the special seasoning, its salt, pepper and other stuff they won't tell us. Other than that the 100% beef and the sauces.

THedman071 karma

It's just salt and pepper, haha

yaxley112 karma

I'm almost positive it says that it has other ingredients, I'll let you know after my shift tomorrow

My_legs_are_asleep3 karma

I love the spicy ketchup. What's your favorite sauce?

yaxley116 karma

By the way, that's the sauce on the Patty Melt.

yaxley115 karma

Creamy Pepper, by far.

OscarBotch3 karma

Have you ever noticed that some people take the order numbers away. I've seen some at friend's house and it always gives me a good laugh. Do you guys just find it funny and easily replace it or what?

yaxley115 karma

One of my friends has like 25 hanging from his rear view mirror in his car, and my brother has a few and i have 2 in my room. Our managers just order more when we're down to like 50, i think.

Rwanda_Pinocle3 karma

Is there anything you would advise people not to get now that you've seen how it's made?

yaxley111 karma

The way we make grilled cheeses is pretty weird, not gross, but weird. basically they take a piece of wrapping paper(the paper the burgers are wrapped in), and put 2 slices of cheese in it and put it on the prep table which is heated.

SaffireNinja1 karma

My old job did it differently. (It is a franchise though) But you take your two pieces of toast after letting them go through the toaster. Then put one slice of cheese on each slice. And then lay the toast (cheese side down) on the grill to melt. Those who were a master at it could let the cheese melt first then put the toast on top and pick it all up without a problem.

yaxley111 karma

One of the guys at mine does that when he's making it for friends, but we're not suppose to

pgringo3 karma

how do you feel about W moving the home office from Corpus to SA?

yaxley115 karma

I work at one in Florida sooo, neutral?

phdpeabody3 karma

Why did you feel the need to put whataburger employee in parenthesis?

yaxley111 karma

I'm dumb and didn't realize it until after i posted it.

sai9112 karma

What kind of stuff that only employees know about that costumers don't know about their food. In General working for fast-food doesn't change your mind about eating it??

yaxley114 karma

I was surprised when there was nothing like that when i started working there. Everything is sanitary and clean.

sai9111 karma

What about the food? Any weird shit?

yaxley113 karma

Nope, nothing weird. I guess you could say the eggs in taquitos are from a milk carton type thing and not freshly cracked, while our biscuits and sandwiches are like you'd make them at home.

sai911-1 karma

Ya I was talking about stuff like that. Like seriously egg from a carton lol

yaxley116 karma

i mean, its still real egg, just faster.

halliburton202 karma

Have you gained weight from working there? I would, especially with the discount.

yaxley112 karma

Maybe a little. The discount is so nice.

philburns2 karma

Do you play video games?

yaxley111 karma

Yeah I play league and steam games.

formfactor2 karma

So it's not just a fictional establishment from King of the Hill?

yaxley111 karma

No it's not haha.

Dropboy61 karma

How's your boss/co-workers?

yaxley112 karma

I'd say it's pretty decent. I get along with maybe 75% of the people there, and i get along with most of my managers.

painahimah1 karma

I absolutely adore Whataburger! Is there anything there that you wouldn't eat from a quality or freshness standpoint?

yaxley112 karma

The coffee is pretty nasty. Everything else is good.

P_M_M_E1 karma

you like Whataburger? Is Whataburger free for you?

yaxley111 karma

Yes, and half off.

BeerOtaku1 karma

My only question is: when you cook the grilled cheese, you put the cheese slice on the wrappers previously containing raw hamburger meat?

yaxley111 karma

Nooooooo. We have stacks of paper to wrap the burgers in after they are ready to hand out. We grab one of those and put the cheese in that.

ivan341 karma

Is it weird that I love the chicken sandwich there?

yaxley111 karma

Not at all! That's my dads favorite thing there.

trennels1 karma

We're supposed to be getting 2 new Whataburgers in NW Arkansas! How do I make a Breakfast on a Bun taste as good as Whataburger?

yaxley112 karma

I've actually never had a BoB before, but you can order burgers 24/7! :D

yaxley111 karma

Wait, what do you mean by Breakfast on a Bun? The one we serve at Whataburger?

Paulie361 karma

What was your worst experience with a customer?

yaxley114 karma

There's been a few times where customers have straight out ignored me when I say hi and have a wonderful day, in the drive thru. We have two lanes for drive-thru, and this guy came through during a really busy dinner hour, and he said "Why do you have two lanes if you can't even keep up with one?" when we were having like 7 minute times,(time a person is in drive thru) and i just said "have a wonderful day!" and shut the window. If I remember another one ill let you know.

Tsata2 karma

I used to work at a Whataburger. My worst experience was a very busy Saturday night when a group of people ordered about 10 taquitos and two drunks who said they were with said group walked up took the food and left. This put us really behind on food times and caused a mini riot inside the store when all the customers were pissed about their wait times and decided the best way to deal with it was for everyone to stand at the registers and yell at us as we were making their food. Which in turn made the customers waiting to order mad. It was a huge shit storm and I was very happy to stop taking orders at 3 am (we close the inside during night hours).

yaxley111 karma

Wow, that's a dick move. Ive never seen anything like that since i started working.

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yaxley1124 karma

In all seriousness, its a fast food restaurant, that's mainly based in Texas but is in several other states in the south. I believe it ranks next to Jesus on Texans favorite things.

yaxley116 karma

The best damn burger joint in the south.