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2 is the greatest wish ever made.

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Why is it every time I finish a sentence, the CSR parrots back some made up antcedote about how they have the same problems? I swear the fake bonding is not only obvious but feels super condescending and obviously insincere.

It's like "Hi my router just exploded and killed my family." Agent, "I'm sorry to hear your router is exploding and killing your family. It's always terribly inconvenient for me when my family is killed by exploding routers, it really ruins my day when that happens."

Even worse when is something super mundane, like my password needs to be reset. Instead of spending like 3 seconds resetting the password, you get a 5 minute story about how this one time they needed their password reset and they ended up on the phone with customer service all day and it was so annoying.

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Too bad the fat girl didn't stand up against the twinkie shot.

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I will never again see this music video, and not see a dancing turd

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Technically, it's his grammy's.