Let's see... my name is Amber Benson, haha! And I am a maker of things. Which means that I'm always tap-dancing to make my rent. I was an actor in my previous life, but now I direct and write films, and write novels. I would love to chat with you about anything your heart desires, but i especially want to talk about my new book, called The Witches of Echo Park.

Victoria's helping me get started. AMA!

http://imgur.com/Q6xaLLi https://twitter.com/reddit_AMA/status/552192577718734848

UPDATE: Okay, I am done. This was mucho fun - thank you guys so much for coming and hanging out with me for the last few hours. I hope I answered honestly and with a dash of weirdo humor. Thanks to Victoria - who is a ROCKSTAR - for helping me out. You can check out THE WITCHES OF ECHO PARK here: www.thewitchesofechopark.tumblr.com & the Shevenge INDIEGOGO campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/shevenge and listen to me sing in Back To BAckspace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvo9dKeUovQ (It's at the end!)

Also the oddball winner is: FRAAC: How weird is it to be a grownup?

If this is you, tweet me on twitter and lets do this wingman thang!

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IamAmberBenson1025 karma

Honeysuckle and happiness.

Downstor563 karma

Hi Amber, I totally doubt you'll remember this but this is probably my one and only chance to right an old wrong that still makes me cringe to this day. I was studying art in Rome with a bunch of students (one of them was your sister) back in 2000. I believe you and your mom came to visit your sister and hung out with all of us. During some small talk chit-chat the following cringe-worthy conversation took place and I'm really sorry.

Amber: "So where are you from?"

downstor: "Oh, I'm from Torrance. It's a tiny city in Los Angeles that you've probably never heard of. I think it's only famous as the place where they filmed 90210 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer or some other lame shows...."

Anyway, you didn't even blink an eye and I had never watched the shows so I totally didn't know you were an actor on Buffy, let alone an actor at all, till later on when your sister told me and I felt like such an asshole.

So this is me, apologizing for "15-years younger me" for any sort of slight or insult you may have taken from my comments. I have since watched the show and they're pretty fun. But I also wanted to tell you how impressed I was after I found out that you were an actress about how cool and approachable you were and how you never once mentioned what you did for living or any name drops. It was very cool to meet a really down-to-earth famous actress (even though or perhaps especially because, I didn't know you were one at the time.)

Best of luck in your new endeavors! Sorry for being an ass.

IamAmberBenson531 karma

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Please, no apologies necessary!! I always lie and tell people I'm an Insurance Adjuster. :) But seriously, you have nothing to apologize for :)

Illyriana306 karma

Who were you the closest to in Buffy?

IamAmberBenson612 karma

Probably the writers. I spent a lot of time upstairs in the production office harassing them. Writers are the bestest.

silverdolphin18219 karma

Hi, Amber! I am a huge fan of yours and Tara has always been my favourite character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thank you for doing this AMA!

What did you enjoy the most or what was most rewarding about playing the character of Tara?

Thank you again!

IamAmberBenson512 karma

The most rewarding thing about playing Tara was that the relationship on Buffy between her and Willow helped kick open the door for more amazing LGBTQ characters on TV. We were so blessed to walk in their shoes and play those ladies. It's one of the things I am most proud of in my life.

cocacola222186 karma

What has been your strangest fan encounter?

IamAmberBenson576 karma

The young woman who proposed to me, she got down on one knee at San Diego Comic-Con, took out a ring box with a beautiful diamond ring. Asked for my hand in marriage.

Goddamnit, I should've said yes.

HashtagGamerGirl185 karma

Hey Amber!

Not sure I should tag spoilers...but the show has been over for a while now, so: how did you react when you learned of Tara's fate?

IamAmberBenson429 karma

Well, Joss took me aside during filming for the Season 5 finale and told me he had 'exciting' news. Which was that Tara was gonna die. I was like: "Oh, wow, that's...uh, great..." Inside I was like: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

strawberryf1elds179 karma

You are absolutely brilliant in all of your projects! In keeping with your request for oddball questions, I would like to know: would you rather live in the Buffy universe or the universe you created in "The Witches of Echo Park"? (Also, what is James Marsters like to work with??)

IamAmberBenson273 karma

James is a dollface. Adore that guy. Such a consummate professional. And tres sexy!

I would live in the witches world. It's just magic to me.

Charles_Harker175 karma

Who would make a better dominatrix, Sarah or Eliza?

IamAmberBenson415 karma

Oh, man, that's a tough one. LOVE both those ladies and if you have to be tied up, who better? But I'm gonna go with Eliza. She's a tough Boston girl. I bet she could wing it and do a great job with leather and a whip and chains and handcuffs...ok, gonna stop now. This is getting weird.

emdesch152 karma

Hey Amber! Tara was one of my favorites on Buffy- you played her so well. Thanks for doing this!

Which scene was your favorite (or least favorite) to film?

IamAmberBenson301 karma

The whole Buffy ep. THE BODY. it was gut wrenching.

flomporiginal141 karma

Hi Amber! You said you were looking for oddball questions? I’ll give it a whirl and wish you much success on the release of "The Witches of Echo Park".

  1. How old were you when you understood that you share Elvis Presley's birthday and in what way (if any) did that fact influence you then and throughout your life?

  2. And a tangent about guilty pleasures - What is your technique/recipe for greasy fried chicken, daughter of the South? ;-)

Hopefully not so oddball questions...

  1. Bravo to you and Russell Brown for the fantastic rendition of Joni Mitchell's "My Old Man" that you sang for Worldbuilders (Heifer campaign). Would you share what captivated you about the song's lyrics/arrangement the first time you heard it?

  2. What application(s) do you use on your Macbook to write your novels?

IamAmberBenson202 karma

  1. I was like 8 when I realized that Elvis, Bowie, and Stephen Hawking were birthday mates. I got a kick ass birthday crew! Not sure how it influenced me, other than I got to brag about them.

  2. I make lame fried chicken. Like the put bread crumbs in a bag and shake and bake - it's slightly embarrassing.

  3. I adore Joni. One of my all time favs. And Russell was the best for doing the song with me. Joni's voice made me realize that my voice was okay. She does the sweeping back and forths between head voice and chest voice that I love.

  4. How do you know I use a macbook ;) I might be a lenovo girl. You don't know. Actually, I am a mac girl. An apple whore really. I use microsoft word.

alegend9046 karma

I'm also in this crew. Happy early birthday!

IamAmberBenson78 karma

YAy! Happy almost birthday!!

PoweredBySun123 karma

Would you rather fight one Buffy sized duck or one hundred duck sized Buffys?

IamAmberBenson182 karma

One big Buffy duck.

Bdag115 karma

Is there any bad blood between you and Seth Green?

IamAmberBenson289 karma

I hate him so much. He is the worst. I hate Seth Green. JUST KIDDING. I love him. He is truly the funniest human being I've ever known, and I mean that from the heart.

seredar99 karma

Hey Amber,

I wanted to thank you for your portrayal of Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer - even now with as much representation as there is of LGBT characters on TV the relationship between you and Willow still seems one of the most refreshing and ordinary. As a male who has been struggling with coming out for the past few years it has been fantastic to see such nicely rounded characters who's sole purpose isn't to fill a quota.

How do you feel knowing that you were part of such an important storyline that helped change the face of LGBT representation on TV?

On another note I cannot wait to read your new book :) thank you for your time!

IamAmberBenson176 karma

I feel very blessed to have played Tara on Buffy. It wasn't about gratuitous making-out scenes. It was about 2 people who just happened to be of the same gender falling in love. Joss wrote real characters. He wasn't trying to fill quotas. He was trying to create 2 people who just happened to be gay.

Mist3rA96 karma

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

IamAmberBenson329 karma

I wouldn't.

stitchinhawIi93 karma

Hi Amber would you ever consider a singing career?? Your voice is beautiful

IamAmberBenson115 karma

If I wrote my own songs, I would. But I don't play an instrument.

BobCoupee73 karma

So here are my attempt at some oddball questions:

1)Given that I have only read the first Reaper-Jones novel, who would win in a fight between a giant turtle and Calliope?

2)If you woke tomorrow and found you were now Bruce Willis, what's the first thing you would do?


IamAmberBenson170 karma

Giant turtle.

It's like the Metamorphosis - only without cockroach legs. I'd go get back together with Demi Moore.

riqk72 karma

Hi, Amber! I have a few questions:

  • I know you wrote a couple of the Buffy comics focusing on Willow and Tara, but I was wondering if there are any plans for you to come back to write some more akin to what Nick Brendon is doing?

  • If you could work with any one person from Buffy again (and I mean anyone, not just the actors), who would it be?

  • Also, I met you at DragonCon a couple years ago, any chance you might be coming back in the future?

  • BONUS QUESTION! Over at /r/Buffy, there's a thread going on discussing everyone's reaction to Dawn being added to the show. What were the opinions of the cast to Buffy getting a sister? Was everyone told why/how she was there, or only certain people knew?

Bonus DragonCon picture: http://i.imgur.com/LYDzS.jpg

IamAmberBenson121 karma

I would LOVE to come back for more work on Buffy. I think that's really up to other people, though.

Probably Tim Minear.

YES! I will be teaching an acting workshop at Dragoncon this year.

No one really knew what the deal was, we were just happy to have Michelle. She was a breath of fresh air. She was a fan, she loved the show, and we all adored here, even if we didn't know why she was there.

JohnnyRoss72 karma

Have you ever attempted to get revenge on Adam Busch in any way for killing you?

I would go with something along the lines of skin removal.

IamAmberBenson225 karma

I dated him. That was revenge enough. Poor guy.

Nuddg71 karma

When I was homeless on the streets of Hollywood, I used to steal books because one: I had no money to buy them, and two: the only times I felt safe was when I was reading them. I have since tried throughout life to attone for my theivery. Have you ever stolen anything?

IamAmberBenson169 karma

I get too nervous to steal, but I lie sometimes. That's the bad thing I do and feel terribly guilty about. And don't feel bad about the books. Books are magic and you needed them.

fraac71 karma

How weird is it being a grownup?

IamAmberBenson127 karma

Who the heck says I'm a grownup! Who's been spreading lies! I want names, people! Names! J/K - I guess if being a grownup means I'm living on my own and paying taxes then it's kinda okay :)

Illyriana58 karma

If Tara had live, what would be of her and Willow's life together?

IamAmberBenson217 karma

They would open an ice cream shop and live happily ever after. In my heart, that's their future.

IamAmberBenson48 karma

Okay, I am done. This was mucho fun - thank you guys so much for coming and hanging out with me for the last few hours. I hope I answered honestly and with a dash of weirdo humor. Thanks to Victoria - who is a ROCKSTAR - for helping me out. You can check out THE WITCHES OF ECHO PARK here: www.thewitchesofechopark.tumblr.com & the Shevenge INDIEGOGO campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/shevenge and listen to me sing in Back To BAckspace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvo9dKeUovQ (It's at the end!)

Also the oddball winner is: FRAAC: How weird is it to be a grownup?

If this is you, tweet me on twitter and lets do this wingman thang!

theoremofgoats48 karma


IamAmberBenson91 karma

Just sit down and put words on the page. Or, more succinctly: Just write. It sounds trite, but the more you force yourself to do this, the better your writing will get.

AngelKnives42 karma

Do you play video games and if so which are your favourites?

IamAmberBenson178 karma


SisterOfRistar37 karma

It was great to see a shy/socially anxious character on tv with Tara as I could really relate to her as a teenager and she made me feel less alone.

My question is- do you consider yourself shy in real life or are you a very confident person?

IamAmberBenson64 karma

I am both. I was super-shy as a kid until I started acting, and then I realized I could wear a mask and be anybody I wanted to be, and when people were judging me, they were judging the character, not me. It frees you up to be extroverted.

HeartlessMario35 karma

Do you write on envelopes a lot?

IamAmberBenson55 karma

HAHA! Yes I do. I make a lot of lists.

eatapenny34 karma

Hey Amber!

Huge fan of Buffy (as I imagine a bunch of people here are).

An oddball question is tough, but I guess I'm gonna go with:

Do you ever wonder what it would've been like if you guys had done one of those "spells gone wrong" things, and you'd been the Slayer for an episode? If so, how would you have gone about that (like your portrayal, what would've happened to the others)?

IamAmberBenson112 karma

That would have been AWESOME!!! Tara The Vampire Slayer for one day. I would've been in heaven. She would've been the slayer who apologized all the time: Ee! Sorry I had to stake you! or Excuse me, I just need to get around this tombstone, oh, sorry I stepped on your tail!

ominousbradyo32 karma

You have an incredibly beautiful singing voice. Would you please publish a lullaby album? My doc says I need to calm down my blood pressure. I'm certain you would fix it.

IamAmberBenson54 karma

I can totally do that for you. Working on it right now. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" would be the single.

ak_doug32 karma

Hello, I really enjoyed Lovers, Liars and Lunatics, and own a copy of Drones (it speaks to me, I work in a big poor organization).

Are you planning on making more movies?

IamAmberBenson55 karma

YAY!!! So glad you liked them!! DRONES is just...I love that movie.

I am working on a short now called SHEVENGE. There's actually an indiegogo for it and you can see a little of them film: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/shevenge

MsJessD431 karma

Hi Amber, thanks for doing this Q&A! Here's my question, how would you describe The Witches Of Echo Park in 3 words?

IamAmberBenson61 karma

Naughty, Smart, Ladies

Charles_Harker26 karma

How was working on "Supernatural"?

IamAmberBenson60 karma

Those guys are the best. I had a blast playing with them and they are damn fine...uh, I mean, very talented.


Hi Amber,

Big BtVS fan here. I often give credit to Buffy as one of the foundations of how strong I am after growing up as a superfan of the show, and I still watch it consistently, at least every episode throughout the year. Thanks for being a part of a really special TV show.

My question is: what is your favorite memory on set?

Thanks for all you do! I got your first book written with Christopher Golden (who I am a huge fan of) and I loved it.

IamAmberBenson77 karma

My fav memory is embarrassing myself in the musical by running into a pole during Sarah's song :)

So glad you enjoyed The Ghosts of Albion!! Chris and his family are my east coast family!

Finesse11723 karma

Hello! oddball me is curious to know: what is your most common typo? Or favorite word to type? Thanks!

IamAmberBenson51 karma

fav word to type is: Slattern!

LordFluffy22 karma

Any musical projects on the horizon for you? What was doing the Rocky Horror tribute like for you?

IamAmberBenson52 karma

No musical stuff on the horizon. Rocky Horror was awesome. I got to see Anthony wearing his own heels & fishnets doing Frank-n-furter. It was a blast. And I also embarrassed the hell out of myself because I was in my underwear.

fppab22 karma

I just want to say that 2 of the saddest words I've heard are 'your shirt', were they the hardest lines you've had to deliver as an actress?

IamAmberBenson27 karma

They were. after we shot that scene, everybody cried. :(

marblefaunismovingin21 karma


IamAmberBenson20 karma

A lot of scrubbing. hehehe

CiaranIllyria21 karma

Is this where I type the thing? I literally just panic signed up after seeing you were doing this! I don't have time to think of an amazing question, but you rock (duh) and I SCOURED the Internet so I could watch Chance (only to find it easily on YouTube...) and it totally convinced me that someday I could make a good movie, even on a non-existent budget, so thanks for that just as much as Tara!

I suppose I better ask something: what's your favourite of Joss's other projects? And are you addicted to Agents of SHIELD with the rest of us?

P.S. You NEED to come to Dublin! Maybe join Nick Brendon at Dublin Comic Con???

IamAmberBenson32 karma

I got food poisoning at Clontarf Castle - that's my only Dublin story.

I really loved Angel. So much talent on that show.

And yay for Chance - so glad you enjoyed it :) And, yes, it should make you totally want to go make your won stuff. You can do it for like no money. go make stuff!!

Mist3rA21 karma

If you were a pizza, what kind of toppings would you have?

IamAmberBenson52 karma

Oh, mushrooms & black olives! The Mushrooms & Black Olives special!

tamarzipan20 karma

Did you hate Kennedy?

IamAmberBenson52 karma

No. But I knew she had her work cut out for her. It's how it was for me when I took over from Seth.

Angrant9619 karma

Hi! How much influence do you think Buffy's popularity had in entertainment following its conclusion?

IamAmberBenson67 karma

I think Buffy never dies. It goes on and on. And new people find it everyday. I don't think we can even begin to quantify the effect it had on popular culture.

SorrowSixx19 karma


IamAmberBenson34 karma


Gecoma19 karma

Hi Amber welcome to reddit! I recently finished Among the Ghosts & loved it. Was also a big Tara Buffy-TVS fan back in the day.

My question is what is your opinion on Fanfiction? About either your books or any piece of entertainment?

Have you ever read any & If so did you find any you enjoyed?

Hope you enjoy the AMA :D

IamAmberBenson62 karma

I think fanfiction is great. It's a great way to make yourself sit down and write! I love peeps who write fanfiction about my stuff - makes me very happy.

I don't read too much fanfic - esp about Buffy. I might blush.

lucyness17 karma

what do you find more enjoyable acting or directing?

IamAmberBenson38 karma

Directing. You can use all the stuff you know when you direct. Every skill you have in your arsenal is needed. Although, voice acting comes a close second. You can do it in your pjs! Just did a voice )and I sing in it, too) for a pilot for Cartoon Network called Back To Backspace - and that was SO MUCH FUN! It even got nominated for an Annie! So go vote for it!!

RuddVP17 karma

Will you be doing any book signings for The Witches of Echo Park?

IamAmberBenson21 karma

YES. If you go to my tumblr http://thewitchesofechopark.tumblr.com/ it's all there.

CesXVI16 karma

Are you a real witch? Because you are magic!

IamAmberBenson26 karma

Awww. I'm not a real witch, but i do have a little magic inside of me.

srauf45616 karma

What is pure happiness for you? :)

IamAmberBenson65 karma

Alone: Getting in bed with a good book and something hot ( get your mind out of the gutter!! I meant of the beverage variety!)

With someone else: Sitting on the couch, cuddling, and watching Twin Peaks. Sparkling water and cheese puffs included.

theArnoldFans116 karma

Do you work out and exercise? Do you lift? Does pumping iron make you complete? Or what ways do you try to stay healthy and fit?

IamAmberBenson39 karma

I walk. There are stairs in my hood and I walk them as much as I can

Seraph_Grymm14 karma

How hard was it to transition from acting to writing? Did your experience acting and working with onset writers inspire your writing career, or have you always enjoyed the art?!

IamAmberBenson29 karma

I have always written. Mostly bad gothic poetry and weirdo absurdist plays. But I think everyone you work with inspires you - even the awful people because they inspire you to be successful and then yell back at them: Suck it!

Because I've always written, it wasn't really a transition, more of a slow glide over to writing prose.

lula24888 karma

Follow-up question: Have you considered working with /u/Seraph_Grymm?

IamAmberBenson17 karma

Never say never! or was that Goonies never say die?

AmberAddict14 karma

What's harder to write a sex scene or a death scene?

IamAmberBenson36 karma

A death scene, for me. I love writing sex scenes. They make me laugh.

travelersoul14 karma

my niece wanted to ask you a question but is too busy being a fan girl to think about a question. so I'll ask one instead. you mentioned your book, so what's the book that inspired you to write?

IamAmberBenson34 karma

I think it was the little golden book: The Monster At The End Of This Book. I was obsessed as a kid and I am always trying to top the surprise ending.

Mist3rA13 karma

What is your favourite condiment?

IamAmberBenson25 karma

Honey mustard

ZenTempus13 karma

Were you always into the macabre? I watched your episode of Table top...and....it chilled me.

IamAmberBenson23 karma

haha! Yes, I am a card carrying member of the Gore Brigade. (I just made that up.) But honestly, I have always been obsessed by the dark and twisted. I think I worried about what monster was lurking inside me and inside everyone else out there so I needed to be informed.

ladygnome13 karma

So... This book of yours... Is it going to be a stand alone novel or part of a larger series? Who is your intended audience?

IamAmberBenson34 karma

Gonna be more than one. And the audience is anyone who likes naughty magic sex scenes, well-written characters and magical locales.

buffanater12 karma

What question do you want to have somebody ask you the most?

IamAmberBenson27 karma

Do you want to see some real magic? Not tricks and illusions, but honest to goodness magic?

buffanater12 karma

What was your family's reaction to Tara dying?

IamAmberBenson27 karma

No one was happy about that. It was a family bummer :(

AmberAddict11 karma

Amber if you could direct and cast a film version of the Witches Of Echo Park which actors would you choose?

IamAmberBenson22 karma

Angela Bettis and Aubrey Plaza for starters...

AmberAddict11 karma

Amber Who is your favourite character from your new book The Witches Of Echo Park?

IamAmberBenson11 karma


oreogasm10 karma

I just wanted you to know that I love and relate to Taras character so much.. especially the Family episode. I've loved the show since I was around age 11 (24 now) and it means so much to me, and the Buffy community that you are doing this. Thank you for being awesome!

my question (honestly I shouldn't care about spoilers at this point, but) How do you think Taras character would have evolved if.. ahem, her fate were different?

PS, to further prove my love, I proudly have the tag 'Tara' on r/buffy, :)

IamAmberBenson24 karma


Woohoo! Great tag :) <3

I think she and Willow would have made it work. They would have had the happy ending. As far as I'm concerned, they had the best relationship on the show. They were in charge of Dawn, for goodness sake. They were a team. I really loved them together.

janeucrazy9 karma

OH and what's your Starbucks order?

IamAmberBenson21 karma

Soy latte

FaithsPrue9 karma

What's your favourite tabletop game? I'm looking for some new games to play.

IamAmberBenson26 karma

I like scrabble. but I also really enjoyed playing GLOOM on Tabletop

Nuddg9 karma

I read Witches Of Echo Park, and loved it. I know some reviews are saying it wasn't fast enough or nothing happened or there were "triggers" you had to "watch out for". Bullocks to all I say! You did a good job making me feel like I was THERE, fleshing out the characters, and leaving me wanting more. Which, imho, is what a book should do.
Bottom line, you can't please everyone, but the ones you do please, really appreciate it. (and you). Rules say I gotta ask a question, so, when is the second coming? (the book- not the jesus)

IamAmberBenson12 karma

ha! I like that you had to qualify the second coming - that's so what I would do :) The book is due in March, so it'll prob come out beginning of 2016.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. That makes me very happy. I've learned that the only person you can please is yourself. That's it. That's the person you have to make happy and fuck the naysayers.

PossesiveApostrophe9 karma

Hi Amber! A morbid curiosity of mine...if you could choose your method of death, what would it be?

IamAmberBenson28 karma

Going to sleep and not waking up.

srauf4567 karma

What is your typical Sunday like?

IamAmberBenson21 karma

I try not to do anything. Just lay around and be all fat and sassy eating pasta with nutritional yeast on it and watching mystery tv shows

CallmeHi7 karma

Have you gotten over being denied a supporting actress Academy Award nomination for your work in "Hollywood, PA?"

IamAmberBenson22 karma

No. Now I'm sobbing. Hate you. Why'd you bring that up?? I was robbed!!

chazmacq7 karma

What is your favourite accent?

IamAmberBenson21 karma


EKeebler6 karma

Hi, Amber -- really enjoyed your performance in Latter Days. Your character was a needed pinch of salt among all that sweetness. Any good Jacqueline Bisset stories?

IamAmberBenson10 karma

She had the best dog. He hung out on set with her all day. And she was lovely, too. Such a classy lady. Love Latter Days. I feel like it was a really important film. I told them I'd do craft service just to work on it. anything. just wanted to be involved.

Callsign_Fennek5 karma

If your plane crashed on a desert island and you were the only survivor, how would you survive and finally escape?

IamAmberBenson22 karma

I would eat a lot of coconuts. And then I would take all the coconut husks, and burn them to make smoke signals to spell SOS to attract passing boats, who would then save me, and then I would marry the crown prince of Oceania.

AmberAddict5 karma

Not sure if this counts as oddball at all but what's your favourite candy?

IamAmberBenson8 karma


Groove_Rob5 karma

What's going on in your life? Do you have a significant other? If no, do you want one?

Did you get to spend the holidays with your family?

IamAmberBenson11 karma

I am a lone wolf these days, and happily so.

I feel like every day I spend with my family is Christmas Vacation come to life.

AndoDaan5 karma

I really liked Drones, enjoying your work with Angela Bettis (hey, you both have the same initials). I think I even saw a music video you directed with her hands in it. So I was wondering if you two plan on collaborating again?

IamAmberBenson9 karma

Totally did a video for Califone with Ang! Ang is one of my closest friends. She's the best of the best. I want to work with her in everything I do. She is such a muse for me!

buffanater4 karma

What was your least favorite Christmas gift this year?

IamAmberBenson11 karma

I ignored the holidays this year

isarealboy134 karma

  1. Would you rather have no fingers or fingers that were constantly covered in Cheeto dust?

  2. Also, what would it take for you to follow my friend on Twitter and call him a nickname that I ask you to call him? ;p

IamAmberBenson9 karma

  1. Fingers that are constantly covered in Cheeto dust.
  2. I try to only follow people I know. But if said person donated $10,000 to Doctors without Borders, I would totally follow their friend and give them that nickname.

buffanater3 karma

Do you like to answer questions by speaking or writing more?

IamAmberBenson4 karma


HenarT3 karma

Hello Amber! You are great in lots of disciplines, but, what's left for you to be done? What's your next dream to come true?

IamAmberBenson6 karma

Buy a little house in the Echo Park hills and just write literature.

NorbitGorbit3 karma

did you write your book in final draft and save it as screenplay format in case of movie option?

IamAmberBenson6 karma

No I did not. I wrote it in Microsoft Word. But that is not a bad idea, what you suggested.

charlesbabb3 karma

Have you thought about making animated movies or series?

IamAmberBenson7 karma

I just did a voice for an animated pilot for Cartoon Network called "Back to Backspace" - it was nominated for an Annie!

rywon3 karma

Hello Amber,

As a young film student/aspiring director/closet writer - my question is what drew you to move from acting in front of the camera to behind it, or were you always planning on directing/writing your own things? Do you have any words of wisdom for getting your material seen?

P.S Thank you for being lovely st the MCM London meet and greet this summer. I've never been to that kind of thing and felt a bit weird but you were very welcoming.

P.P.S I was Rocket Raccoon if you remember, and I'd love to see our photo together which you took. One day. Maybe. Wishful thinking.

IamAmberBenson4 karma

I wanted to be in control of my own destiny - so that meant I had to create my own content. That's why I started making my own stuff. You are lucky. You are starting out in the digital age where the internet allows a zillion people to see what you put out there.Just make stuff and put it up online. That's my advice.

jon_stout2 karma

Just out of curiosity... would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? Do you think that you have to be one or the other in order to really "make it" (whatever that means) in the entertainment business?

IamAmberBenson4 karma

Introvert AND extrovert - I can be both depending on the situation. I don't think it's about that, as far as 'making it'. What I think you need to make it is perseverance and a thick skin. Cause it's a tough fucking business and gut-wrenching.

Novalee112 karma

What do you drink when you write?

IamAmberBenson7 karma

Coffee if I'm being good. Whiskey if I am not.

missskittyfantastico2 karma

Hi Amber! We met briefly at NYCC when you signed a copy of The Witches of Echo Park for me, just wanted to say a belated thank you for making my day :) I loved the book!!

Two questions: 1. What is the hardest part of the writing process for you, and how do you approach it? 2. What's in your Netflix queue right now?

IamAmberBenson4 karma

So glad you liked the book!

1.Making myself sit down and do it.

  1. Poirot & Murdoch Mysteries. And I love ACORN TV better than netflix right now.

abcdefghijklmnopq3392 karma

Hello Miss Benson, I'm Blaine Gibson. Are you Irish or Italian?

IamAmberBenson5 karma

Mutt jew from Alabama with a little Irish in there

farnez2 karma

Hey Amber i have two oddball questions: what's your least favorite thing about humanity? And how lucky are you and why?

IamAmberBenson6 karma

I'm like Raskolnikov from CRIME & PUNISHMENT. I love the idea of humanity, but the day-to-day interactions are just too much for me. And I am so fucking lucky. I bitch and moan and groan, but I am a lucky fucking duck.

almostdinner2 karma

I live in Echo Park. Do you, too? How much or in what ways did the neighborhood influence your writing?

IamAmberBenson3 karma

The east side of LA is my hood. The book is mash note to the neighborhood I love most. I walk the stairs a lot. Find the magic swing. It's up off echo park ave.

jennyyangtv2 karma

What inspired the world / story behind The Witches of Echo Park?

Hi Amber!

IamAmberBenson2 karma

My neighborhood, Echo park, is the inspiration for the book, and the women who are my friends in my writing group which is called "The Shamers" (we shame each other into writing) and my neighborhood friends that are in a group called "The AHLA" (Angeleno Heights Ladies Association)...

srauf4562 karma

I have always had trouble moving on and acting normal after watching Tara and Joyce's deaths. Having said that, you seem like an awesome, normal girl.

My question: Wizards & Witches vs. Vampires... who would win if a war broke out?

IamAmberBenson4 karma

Wizards and Witches!!!!!

Illyriana2 karma

What are your favorite TV shows of 2014?

IamAmberBenson3 karma

OUTLANDER! yes, yes!

Mist3rA2 karma

What TV show do you secretly enjoy?

IamAmberBenson3 karma

I guess, for me, it's probably FORENSIC FILES.

Illyriana1 karma

If you were to pitch a show to HBO what kind of show would it be?

IamAmberBenson3 karma

Serial killer.

AmberAddict1 karma

Amber if you were a super hero what would super power be?

IamAmberBenson3 karma

The ability to always find warm blankets.

Mist3rA1 karma

What are some of your favourite books, graphic novels and/or comic books?

IamAmberBenson3 karma

"The Secret History" and "Blankets."

Novalee111 karma

Did you ever accidentally punch anyone in the face?

IamAmberBenson2 karma

I must have... but I can't remember. Does anyone remember me punching them in the face? Please chime in.