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How many dicks have you sucked?

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Do porn stars have a union?

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Not to my knowledge no

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Funniest thing to happen while in the business?

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it was funny in the moment but was bad in the long run. in the middle of a scene where she was using a dildo for anal while I was going at it vaganally and all of a sudden she blurts out "guys... I lost the dildo" I looked her like "wat?" and she explains that she lost the dildo up her bum. she had to have it removed surgically.

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Worst porn shoot you ever had? No need for names but be explicit in what exactly went wrong?

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This girl would refuse to use lube saying "lube makes it not feel as good" All through the shoot she yelled at me to be more gentle over and over. after the shoot she complained about pain and she ended up tearing a little and tried to get me fired for it.

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Has anybody ever walked up to you in public and hey "Long Dong", I am a HUGE fan?

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I've actually been recognised three times. one was a girl and two were a guy.

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Does any family members know about your former profession?

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I mentioned it in another comment but yea. I sat them down and we talked about it.

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How has being involved in porn affected your sex life/drive if at all?

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my sex drive is perfectly fine. during the days after a shoot I wouldn't want to have sex too much. my girlfriend has said I last longer now. I agree.

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I know a guy who did porn a few times.

He said the STD testing is brutal. Is that true?

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absolutely. you have to take a test once every two weeks and in a lot of cases a few days before the shoot. but in some more shady stuff you didn't have to take them. if you come back positive for anything you can't shoot. I personally never caught anything but a buddy of mine got crabs and couldn't shoot for a while.

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Well I meant the tests themselves. He said there were things going up his pisshole for example...

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no. only blood draws. your buddy must have been doing some extreme shit.

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I'm heading to bed. Keep the questions coming. I'll answer all the comments.

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what was your pay per straight shoot vs per gay shoot?

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I would get paid a 300-600 buck a scene for straight porn and 400-700 for a gay scene.

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I know female pornstars are allowed to have "no" lists, but what about he guys? Can you say things like I won't do MFM or anal or game bangs?

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we do have our own no lists but typically men are a little more lax with what they will/won't do.

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How did you get involved with it all?

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I was approached originally when my current girlfriend and I posted a few videos to a public site. and when I heard "you'll get paid a shit ton to fuck pretty girls" I did what any sane guy would and said "Hell yea man" ps. it's not all it's chalked up to be

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Care to elaborate on that a bit? I'd imagine you'd be right, but I have no idea the specifics.

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you think having sex for a living would be great but more then 50% of your pay goes to other people. and you have to have sex for hours on end. my longest shoot was like 7 hours long. it's really cool and all but it gets really exhausting.

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explain this part, you are saying more than half your pay goes to who??

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my agent automatically gets 50% of the upfront money and 12% of the long term revenue and I pay some of the cameramen/crew extra for being awesome people.

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Do you feel like this is the best time to be doing this AMA? I ask because this late at night on a Friday wont get that many hits.

Try this AMA @ like 8am on EST on a weekday and you will have more exposure. 8pm PST on Friday is a death sentence. Sorry man, just helping you out.

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If this dies before I go to bed I'll delete a repost it in the morning. thanks

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How do you guys last so long without cumming? Shoot one off before the filming begins? Supplements? Technique?

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I'd shoot one off before shoots and sometimes in the middle of them. other than that I used to have a butter knife blade and squeeze it during the shoot, the pain makes it hard to cum

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Let's start with some basics. What time period were you active? What kind of porn were you un, straight/ gay/both? Work on any well known sites?

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I was active for about a year and a half. I quite a few months ago. I was primarily in straight porn but I had a few gay roles. most of my videos were uploaded to a pay per video site.

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Do you identify as straight or bi?

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I'm straight but a job is a job. it wasn't all that bad doing a gay porn. I was only on bottom once

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Gay for pay is a real thing in the porn industry.

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yes it is. look for another story comment I made with the words "hot ass" some people had a good laugh at it.

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I'd argue you're straighter for doing it. You are so secure in your sexuality that you can wave it off as just another job.

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That's a cool point.

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normally the girls and I would talk for a while before the shoot, and most of the time we would do a practice run of the plot without all the sex. the girl would usually give me an idea of her weak spots and things she really isn't ok with but for the most part we would just go at it without too much direction. apart from major pieces of the video.

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What was it like having sex on camera the first time?

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I was really nervous and self conscious but it got kind of funny when the girl would crack jokes in between shoots.

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as I've stated before I got started with some videos of me and my girlfriend at the time. her and I broke up about a month into my shoots. she would come to shoots un announced and bitch at the girl I was shooting with. she was cool with it at first but after watching some of the videos she got really pissed.

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What was the weirdest fetish type role you had to do?

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This one is pretty graphic. you want a clean answer or a full on detailed thing? figured I'd ask

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All the freaky deets. This is the internet after all.

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Well, I was doing a gay scene and the film was called "hot ass" and the beginning of the film was a lit candle in my ass. the long kind that you see in fancy meals. like I said that is my least proud moment in porn


If you want anonymity, I'd remove some details from that reply.

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It's a pay per view site so I'm not too worried about someone finding it. there are a lot of videos named hot ass.

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Did the candle melt inside you butthole at all? I mean the part that went in, not the lit part.

XPRONMAN96 karma

no. it was only in for a minute or two for the opening scene

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What's next for you, as far as employment goes?

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Right now I have no plans to go back into porn but since I left on good terms my boss says I always have a spot back. for now I'm working as an amature web designer.

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Fluffers... Real or myth?

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myth from what I've seen at least. unless we were doing a really short shoot which was rare. I had some viagra and other meds that I could take if I needed it. there were other options but I didn;t use them often.

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What were the other options?

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drugs. I was offered coke a lot to keep my energy up but I'm not too big into drugs.

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Do any of your family or friends know about it and if so how did they react?

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After I got good and comfortable in filming. I sat my family down and told them that I was in some adult films and answered all the questions they had. they were pretty cool about it. my sister wanted pictures of me for her son and figured out she could find pictures of me by searching my porn name. she quickly found out that she could find pictures of me that she did not want to see by searching my porn name. LOL

LucasOIntoxicado174 karma

For her son? Sorry, but why?

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she wanted nice pictures of me and I'm always too lazy to send them. her and my nephew were making a collage of the family.

LucasOIntoxicado344 karma

Oh, right. I thought he wanted pictures of you...working.

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he's 5. not that that's all that wrong with that. haha

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How did you get into the business? Did you have an audition? Or did you walk into a room, pulled down your pants, and they said, "Youre Hired!"

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My girlfriend at the time and I uploaded a few vids to a public porn site and my first boss (shady as hell) got me into a shoot. after that he recommended me to a bigger producer and it went like that for a few months until I met my last boss.

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What part of the job was most surprising for you?

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how openly conversational the crew and actresses were. I mean in the middle of a scene we could be talking about setting up a birthday party for the actress. you'd be amazed at what the angles of the cameras wouldn't see.

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A lot of men think of pornstars while sleeping with normal women...did you think of normal women while sleeping with pornstars?

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I more think about my ass cramping. most of the time I'd flex my legs/ass. it's just something the director asks for. go look at some porn and look at the guys ass. 9/10 times he's flexing it. it hurts like a mofo

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What is one strange/unique experience fro it?

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this one girl wanted to eat on set during shoots. the team got super pissed because she would be super sloppy and they had to clean up after. it's funny they complain about the food but the the uh... stains lol

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With whom do you think you had the best on set chemistry with?

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this was probably my 15th or 16th video I was in. she was a really cute short girl and due to a tech difficulty we had to wait to shoot and we had lunch onset and had a great time. she was a really cool girl and we actually still chat sometimes.

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Who were the best and worst lays in your opinion?

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well considering it was our job we usually put in a lot of effort to make it look good. but this one girl. UHG. it was her first video and she wanted me to go against the director's notes and every time I'd side with the director she would just lay there and make VERY obvious fake moans. they were borderline sarcasm.

beaujangles727272 karma

God I hate smart asses at work

XPRONMAN162 karma

we couldn't release the video because she just ruined the shoots. even the magic of editing couldn't make it bearable.

beaujangles727283 karma

Yeah the other day at work, Sharon was all like I finished these reports, and when she handed them to me, they were all fucked up and had to re-do them myself, so I feel your pain

XPRONMAN351 karma

Fucking sharon... double meaning is double meaning.

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Who is the hottest porn actress you've met (not in makeup)?

XPRONMAN161 karma

I won't name names but this one time I had a small time shoot with this short "teenie" and she was by far the hottest.

That_Chinski_Guy85 karma

Cumshots. Real or fake?

XPRONMAN148 karma

totally real. at least all the one's I've been a part of.

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How many times do you fuck within one day?

XPRONMAN145 karma

on days without shoots not often. but during a filming period. (usually a day or two) I'd have sex for maybe 3 or 4 hours. on bad days where we cant get shit done right we could go for 6 hours.

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Who do you like in the Steelers-Bengals game? And what's your favorite book?

XPRONMAN161 karma

I don't follow sports. and my favorite book is macbeth

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Do you have any special diet or supplements you take to help increase the size of your loads? I've heard that Peter North always eats lots of celery to help with that.

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if we are doing a shoot where I need to blow a huge load I like to not masturbate or have sex for a few weeks beforehand. I always eat a lot of pineapples.

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I'm turning 22 this february and no I don't have kids.... hopefully lol

senor-yuk60 karma

Why am I reading all your replies in Jason Statham's voice?

XPRONMAN101 karma

.. HOW DID YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?! he's such a badass.

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I personally have a 7incher. mot men in porn have a 7 to 8 inch penis. and no female pornstars are not ruined for average sized penises. vaginas don't get as permanently stretched as people think. I've seen some big ass things go into a girl and then have trouble in another shoot taking a cock without lube.

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I do watch porn. my favorite pornstar is Diana Blake. I usually go to xvids.

jennanikki49 karma

Why did you quit?

XPRONMAN82 karma

I wanted to get back into web development. I've loved it since high school and just wanted a break from porn.

Rachel2638 karma

Did you star in many specialty films like bondage and group sex fetishes, or more so run in the mill 'regular' films?

XPRONMAN51 karma

both. not much I can go into on this one. I had a lot of jobs on category specific work.

mrbighatman34 karma

What do you do for a living now? Do you have any aspirations to work in more mainstream entertainment?

XPRONMAN67 karma

I'm working as an amature web devoloper, I'm not exploding into business but I love what I'm doing.

mashington1419 karma

have you worked with any well-known actresses? someone I, a casual porn watcher, might know? you don't have to name names (unless you want to of course).

also, what was the hottest scene you shot, either because of the girl(s) or what you were doing?

XPRONMAN36 karma

I never got to be with any of the more popular ones. we were in a car going 70 on the freeway with tinted windows. we were in back. it was really crazy.

zoom120813 karma

How do you guys last so long?

XPRONMAN28 karma

we can rub one off before hand or if a shoot is long enough we can cum in the middle of a shoot and recuperate by the end.

maybeiambatman11 karma

How hard/easy has the transition been back to regular old non porn life?

XPRONMAN38 karma

fairly easy. my shoots were about twice a month so it wasn't a daily life for me. most of the time I was regular old me. I have a harder time sleeping now because I no longer exhaust myself all day with girls

thenewestboom9 karma

Were you worried about STDs at all? What precautions were taken to ensure nothing was spread?

Were there any breaks in takes during shooting due to you about to cum? I've always wondered if the cuts in some films due to the guy about to climax in an inopportune time.

How are intros between actors done? Do you meet with your counterpart(s) before the shoot during, like, a brunch?

XPRONMAN24 karma

STDS aren't as common in porn as you'd think. we have to get tested every two weeks and before shoots. sometimes we to cut because of a climax or we just want lunch, most of the time we met the night before but sometimes you meet on set already fully nude.