My name is Nigel McGuinness. Well, at least that’s what I’ve been called for as long as I can remember, so we’ll stick with it. After graduating with a degree in chemistry I spent the majority of my adult life pursuing my childhood dream of being a professional wrestler. I had a modicum of success, wrestling all over the world and on national TV before a couple of tragic twists of fate spelled the end of my in ring career. I still do some commentary and match making for my home promotion Ring of Honor. I made a documentary about my retirement tour funded entirely through a Kickstarter project, and am now working on getting a new project funded called LA Fights, which is a six episode TV series completely evolving the professional wrestling genre influenced by mma. I live in Los Angeles, I surf, I do magic, I write a weekly blog and pay the bills as an assistant editor on the awesome hidden camera magic TV show on TruTV called “The Carbonaro Effect.” Here are some places I hang out: My life has been blessed. What else do you wanna know?


EDIT: Thank you all so much for hanging out with me this fine morning. Im gonna get going for now, much work to be done. But i hope to get on later this evening and tie up any loose threads that I may have missed. Thank you all again for your support over the years and even now with my new LA Fights project. It means the world that you care enough to interact with me, like share comment and upvote. :)

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ErickStevens173 karma

Nigel, Erick Stevens here (really). I fell out of touch with a lot of the guys in the business after I left it. Regrettably, I wanted to cut off all ties at the time with anybody and everybody. I was not in a good place mentally or emotionally, I'm sure you can relate somewhat. I stopped watching wrestling even from 2010 until 2012 (aside from random YouTube clips), only turning the TV on once I heard a lot of the guys I was friends with were making their debuts. I watched your documentary and there was a particular scene which I'm not ashamed to say left my eyes welling up with tears. The scene in your car where you're venting... It really hit home. Not only because I felt like I was wronged (in my own ways) but because I hurt for you. You deserved so much more than you got. I know better than most people watching exactly how you felt. You gave so much to the business and didn't get the payoff that was coming to you. You might not remember them but those nights we got to ride/room together were awesome. You were one of the guys I always looked up to as a role model/inspiration, both in the ring and out of it. One of my biggest regrets is that our one match in ROH was a turd of epic proportions. It was bad timing for an off night by me but you did your best to make me look as strong as you could. I don't want to ramble on here because there's plenty of good questions being asked. I just want to let you know that I appreciate everything you gave to the business, then and now. I will never forget watching you do your thing, having the match of the night every night, all while being in pain. You were on of the most talented and intelligent men I ever had the opportunity to share the ring with.

Thank you!

I guess I need to ask a question... Favorite road story?

McGuinnessNigel92 karma

Aww mate, you're gonna make me cry again. Really am touched you took the time to write and share your thoughts. I hope you're in a better place now. Favorite road story was the one I mentioned earlier about Cabana ribbing Dragon about his airline rebooking his ticket from Philly when he was snowed in in New York. And btw I didn't think the match was a turd at all. Sometimes it just takes a while for the ROH fan base to get behind someone. Please keep in touch, message me on fb and get my number

iamstevie63 karma

With your very honest and open opinion on unprotected chairshots to the head and blading (and that these lead to concussions and potential transmition of blood born diseases), were you upset that Cole/Briscoe had both a stiff unprotected chairshot to the head and had both wrestlers bleed?

McGuinnessNigel76 karma

I don't like to see either things, especially with friends that I care about, but everyone has certain rights to their own actions.

ThatGavinFellow61 karma

Did Dean Ambrose or Kyle O'Reilly ask you about using your clothesline before they started doing it?

McGuinnessNigel103 karma

Dean texted me after the first time he did it. And Kyle I think mentioned it to me also. It's an honor to have influenced them.

EllWork35 karma

Hey Nigel,

What was it like when you were working at ROH? A lot of now-Stars were there at the same time and you had some great matches. Also, how satisfying was it to walk out to the ImpactZone and just flag everyone off/call them wankers?

McGuinnessNigel39 karma

Loved working for ROH. Was and still is the epitome of the art form. Really felt like I'd earnt my spot at TNA so it was very rewarding. The person in the UK that had to digitize my fingers every week wasn't so happy though :)

electro_haikus27 karma

You got over very organically in TNA and your style seemed set to spice up the main event scene. Reports indicate management put the brakes on that for no real reason. What was that experience like? Was there communication on the logic behind the decisions or did you just have to grin and bear it?

McGuinnessNigel42 karma

Just had to accept it's part of the industry sometimes. I think some of the more mainstream office guys didn't really get my style at the time. And there was some resentment perhaps to me winning that fan poll to wrestle RVD. But I was still happy to be employed and wrestle some of the top talent in the world.

iamstevie24 karma

interesting to hear you also do magic. When did you start? Are there any videos online of you performing?

McGuinnessNigel28 karma

Started about seven years ago when I was wrestling in Japan. There's a couple of vids by people and if you look at the trailer for my documentary extras dvd there's a good one with Jay Briscoe.

ChetLemon22 karma

Every wrestler has one. Tell us your Iron Sheik story?

McGuinnessNigel62 karma

I only have Marty Jannetty's second hand one about how he got arrested after he clotheslined a woman in a bar that took his seat. So take that for what it's worth.

iamstevie17 karma

Hi Nigel,

I notice a lot of crowds (or rather 1-2 individuals in a crowd) chanting more and more obnoxious and offensive things at wrestlers. What is your opinion of this? Have you ever been offended by what was chanted at you ? At this point do you just block it out?

McGuinnessNigel22 karma

It can be counter productive on small shows where they want to be a bigger part of the show than the wrestling. But there is a happy medium. If what you are doing in the ring is engaging enough one could argue most people won't chant stuff to be obnoxious but there's always one idiot sometimes I guess. I heard some pretty rotten things but I learned to let it wash over me.

kylexys17 karma

Do you ever see British wrestling becoming as big as it once was?

Opinion on Zack Sabre Jr.?

McGuinnessNigel17 karma

Zack,s absolutely fantastic. Never heard a soul say anything but glowing reviews of him inside the ring and out. I don't see it getting on mainstream TV any time soon, but with the right product that connects it's not inconceivable.

BathedInDeepFog16 karma

Do you think that clinical depression is more prevalent a problem in the professional wrestling industry than most people realize?

Do you feel that it is difficult for wrestlers to be open and honest about their potential depression issues due to fears of being labelled and/or treated in a negative way by promoters, colleagues and/or viewers?

McGuinnessNigel44 karma

I think it's more prevalent than people realize the world over. And it's certainly something people are fearful about addressing publicly. I think with my documentary people saw it firsthand. And one of the storylines in LA Fights will surround this.

Dakota052413 karma

What wrestler today would you have most liked to work with, that you were unable to due to retirement or other reasons?

McGuinnessNigel34 karma

Fit Finlay. Edge. Randy Orton.

ReginaldDupont63210 karma

What's your favorite card trick?

Thank you for all the blood, sweat, and tears you've shed for the business, Nigel. I also want to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer some of our questions. We greatly appreciate it. I wish you much success with your awesome documentary and various other projects you're busy with! You deserve it!

Happy Holidays!

McGuinnessNigel13 karma

Thanks so much. I love doing out of this world which a famous american comic/magician did for Winston Churchill during the second world war.

kenpw9 karma

Hey Nigel, what is your opinion on Adam Cole?

McGuinnessNigel7 karma

He's already one of the best wrestlers in the world, and barring anything tragic could easily become a legend in the sport.

naimnotname9 karma

Hey Mr. McGuiness, Devon Nicholson contracted a form of Hepatitis, and eventually was cleared to work again. If you were offered the same treatment, would you come back? I love Kyle O'Reilly and Dean Ambrose Jawbreaker Lariats, but I just want to see the king do it one more time.

McGuinnessNigel8 karma

I had hepatitis b, cleared the virus years ago and was cleared to wrestle then. I have since developed immunity too. I believe Devon had chronic hepatitis c which is more difficult to clear but now that he has evidently cleared the virus too is fine to wrestle.

I_am_Nathan9 karma

Do you watch international, commercial wrestling shows like TNA or WWE and who is your favourite wrestler there?

McGuinnessNigel24 karma

I don't watch the product live. But I follow what people talk about it on social media. I still think Kurt Angle is one of the best wrestlers in the world.

ThySmithy9 karma

What would you tell yourself in 2008 , a year before getting a contract to sign for the WWE? What would you tell a young Nigel McGuinness who was only a few months into Wrestling?

McGuinnessNigel20 karma

Don't tell the doc that you had any injuries in the past. And be more pro active about making money and getting to WWE. and relax and enjoy the journey.

montrealscrewjob9 karma

What are your thoughts on WWE/NXT bringing the Generico/Steen (Zayn/Owens) storyline back? Will it be just as good as it was in ROH or will the WWE water it down?

McGuinnessNigel16 karma

The WWE has to put some restraints on it that ROH didn't. But those guys are still two of the very best at this sport and I know anything they do will be magic.

FrankGibsonIV8 karma

Hi Nigel! Been following your work since your ROH Pure Title days!

I agree that the wrestling business is in a period of creative stagnation, but I feel the wrestlers are better than ever.

What do you think about Lucha Underground? I'm sure LA Fights will be dramatically different, but I'm curious as to your thoughts on it!

P.S: I'd love to see a ticket to an LA Fights show as one of the tiers on the Kickstarter, as a LA local I'd love to come and support your project in person.

McGuinnessNigel13 karma

That'd be awesome. We definitely need a strong passionate crowd. I haven't seen Lucha Underground but from what people have told me about it it's a lot closer to my concept than other forms of the pro wrestling. With the Lucha in ring style it of course appeals to a limited demographic but I think that was their intention. I applaud them for trying to go in that direction for sure. My thought is that there is even more evolution possible in that direction.

ReallyAlexRider7 karma

Not really a question, just a story. I saw you several years ago when you came in to the movie store I worked in at the time. I recognized you and even helped you find your movies, but didn't say anything because I don't like bugging celebrities. Later I read an interview when you retired where you said no one ever really recognized you during your career outside of the wrestling events themselves, and I felt really bad. Just letting you know I recognized you and was super excited to see you, and the experience taught me that when I see wrestlers or other celebrities just to give them the quick smile and nod and "Big fan."

Thank you for an amazing career!

I was just told by the mods that there has to be question, so my question is did you ever find that copy of "Splash!" on dvd you were looking for?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

Aha ha I didn't, but must add it to my list now. Thanks for sharing the story.

ReignierCOC6 karma

Thank you for the AMA and all the blood, sweat and tears you've shed for your fans, Mr. McGuinness. What is the funniest thing you've ever witnessed or been a part of backstage?

McGuinnessNigel24 karma

Ah yikes. I don't know. The one rib that springs to mind was when a group of us got snowed in after a NY show and Cabana pretended to be Dragon's airline calling him back to reschedule his flight and tried to convince him to ride a bike to Philly to make a connection.

dp5176 karma

I only caught the tail end of your career in TNA as Desmond Wolfe, but damn dude, those matches with Kurt were awesome. Such a shame about the retirement :(

I myself want to be a manager in the wrestling business one day. Any tips or suggestions? I am going to attend Booker T's school in Houston, so I've already got my school picked out :)

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Cool. I hear that school is a great place to start and Booker is a stand up guy from all I've heard. There are so few jobs for managers you really have to bring something special and different to the table.

ApexRedditr6 karma

Nigel! Thanks for doing this.

Are you bitter about your time in TNA? You give that impression a little.

Would be great to see you visit /r/ROH

McGuinnessNigel17 karma

I have certain things about which I felt very unfairly treated there for sure, but I don't know who was the root cause or how things worked behind the scenes. I was made promises that never happened. I wasn't used to the best of my abilities. But truthfully everyone in that company pretty much can say the same thing.

rzkb6 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! What was the story behind the clothes iron? I've read many explanations/theories over the years.

McGuinnessNigel7 karma

An ex girlfriend's mum was doing the ironing while we watched RAW and saw Jim Duggan coming to the ring with his 2x4 and asked what that was about. I explained that wrestlers had gimmicks that they brought to the ring and suddenly the, largely inane, idea of carrying an iron to the ring was born. The first time I did it a fan in the front row yelled out, "Heh iron man." trying to heckle me.

DNun5 karma

I wanted to tell you that I watched your documentary when it came out years ago and was totally heart-broken by it. I completely understand where you feel like you destroyed your body almost for nothing to show for it, but I do want you to know it wasn't all for nothing as those fans of ROH, albeit not as large an audience as WWE, will never in their lifetime forget matches that you had. I know a thank you isn't going to ease the pain of not ever proving yourself on the grandest stage or not being able to live comfortably, but our gratitude for your sacrifice in the ring just for our entertainment is immeasurable. You're a bona fide legend who deserves every accolade possible and you're someone who can't be overlooked as one of the truly best wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring, even if it wasn't in WWE.

Thank you, sir, for a lifetime of memories from your career.

Guess I need a question - what was your thoughts on the Gabe Saplosky/ROH split since it happened in the middle of your title run?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

I was really devastated by it. And caught totally off guard. Gabe was instrumental in my success in ROH, and in the success of the company as a whole. I still often think about him when I am at shows and wish that somehow he had more to show for the years of hard work he put it into. but perhaps like with my career his work is still appreciated by many many people. I have totally come to terms with my career by now but the doc was a big part of that.

MXPelez5 karma

Hi Nigel, is there any truth to the rumours that a lot of indie talent are happier staying on the independent circuit than signing with the WWE at this current time?

McGuinnessNigel5 karma

I don't know. My gut would hesitate to say no. I can say in my time I can only think of a couple of people that truly didn't want to go to WWE or TNA.

AnonRedditUser695 karma

Huge fan of your wrestling Nigel! How do you feel about your gay fans? As you know, wrestling is huge in the LGBT community.

McGuinnessNigel12 karma

I don't judge people on their sexuality or personal beliefs. If you are a good person and you treat people well that is all I care about. In fact one of the characters in LA Fights is homosexual because I always felt like the subject was never truly and genuinely evolved within the art form.

LvvD1KS4JEEq5 karma


McGuinnessNigel6 karma

It depends on the after party :) But usually there's bar food and the chance to mingle somewhat with some of the fans. Hope to see you there.

nuqqet9k4 karma

Is CM Punk fooling himself?

McGuinnessNigel10 karma

I don't think so. I think whatever the outcome he should be admired for giving it a go. He has some of the best trainers in the world and may surprise people. Either way it's a huge win for UFC and for him. He's moves the needle, people pay attention to him.

SkrillWalton4 karma

Who is your absolute favorite to work with? And your personal favorite match that you've been in?

McGuinnessNigel6 karma

I can't pick one. There are so many. Angle, Dragon, Aries, Joe got the best out of me by putting my ideas in the right place. I often enjoyed the less pressured matches because I could just relax and have fun. Anything involving Mad Mad Manson was a pleasure.

Thndrcougarfalcnbird4 karma

Hey Nigel. Do you think that professional wrestling is doing enough on the issue of concussions? Or do they need to go further?

McGuinnessNigel4 karma

I think thanks in no small part to the work of chris nowinski it is doing a lot now. Taking time off for a concussion is perfectly accepted now, at least by anyone with sense. Sometimes the guys can be worried about being open about a concussion to protect their spot and that needs to be assured by promoters.

XtremeMCG4 karma

Is there anything you can't do? What a well rounded human being! Good luck in your future, we'll keep kicking peoples asses for you.

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

I can't dance.

vinuash4 karma

Do you like Ambrose using the rebound clothesline?

Edit: Whoops looks like someone already asked this!

Thanks for the entertainment over the years man!

McGuinnessNigel5 karma

You got it.

WildBuffalo4 karma


McGuinnessNigel7 karma

I was always very cautious to do things the correct, legal, way. And at the beginning that meant going back to the UK a lot. I would suggest starting out in the UK because WWE regularly hire British talent now.

iamstevie3 karma

have you thought about going on a show like shark tank to try and raise funds for LA Fights? Even if LA Fights doesn't get backing, I am sure you will continue to have an impact on wrestling and the world in general. You're such a creative person, who thinks outside the box (ps I'm a friend of Gregh).

McGuinnessNigel4 karma

Thank you, I really appreciate that. I haven't thought about Shark Tank because I don't think they are open to TV shows. It really is going to get support from the pro wrestling fan base or not.

mrfaafs3 karma

Hello Nigel,

Let's say that the WWE called you, and wanted you to come in as a commentator. (I think you are a damn good commentator, BTW) Would you feel a sense of accomplishment at finally making it to the WWE, or would it not be the same?

McGuinnessNigel5 karma

Not the same. I don't think I could sit there and watch when I felt I should have been in the ring. I can do it with ROH because I feel I achieved all I could there.

throwaway6899083 karma

What is your favourite match that you've ever seen?

McGuinnessNigel8 karma

Joe vs. Kobashi. Legendary match within minutes of it being over.

mizterPatato3 karma

What is your opinion on Jerry Lynn being the person to end your great title reign?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

It was an honor to wrestle him any time. So to be the guy to take the title, I was perfectly happy.

AceSherbert3 karma

I thought your 2 out of 3 falls match with Kurt Angle was a real wrestling clinic and a breath of fresh air from the strike/punch fests that we see so much in the mainstream. What is your favourite match that you've ever been involved in?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

I loved the first one with Angle. And the first one with Dragon. I was lucky enough to work with a ton of the top talent in the world.

CuddlyCorey3 karma

With WWE, TNA, ROH, and the new GFW coming...How do you think your LA Fights will fair with those companies?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

I don't think it has any relation to be honest. It's a different version of the art form. If anything I believe it will influence them. As for GFW I'm not sure how much it truly is coming at all.

Lurked_Too_Long3 karma

Hey Nigel, what're your feelings on AJ Styles and his sudden rise to success post TNA?

McGuinnessNigel7 karma

I always believed AJ was one of, if not the, best wrestler in the world. It shows how talented the guy is. When he came back to ROH this last time he hadn't missed a beat. An absolute talent and an admirable guy outside the ring too. I think he could've be a guy alongside Joe, Chris and others to truly put TNA on the map as an alternative years ago but no one in control ever really gave it that chance.

Bigsby_Pipertop3 karma

Hi Nigel, if you had made it to WWE, what name would you have picked for yourself?

McGuinnessNigel10 karma

Hooty McBoobs. Or Desmond Wolfe. Nah, I dunno, I think I'd have liked to have stuck with Nigel. I spent a decade establishing that brand.

gotadildoquestion3 karma

What's your favorite 1980's/1990's WWF promo?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Roddy Piper's Dare to Dream on superstars. Not sure where you can find it anywhere?

whatever_breh_3 karma

Waffles or pancakes?

McGuinnessNigel10 karma

Crepes. Does that count? Crave cafe on Ventura with lemon juice and sugar. Delicious.

conoresque3 karma

I'm a huge fan of yr wrestling, but I'm super interested in how you got into editing professionally. Was it solely based off of your editing work on the documentary that you got the gig? Or did you do work on other stuff too?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Like with most things in life I got it from knowing people. I did a wrestling review show and met a guy who was transitioning from post production to wrestling who hooked me up with a friend of his that eventually was able to get me my current spot after shadowing an assistant editor for about a year.

realdealtome3 karma

Hi Nigel, Do you think Chuck Taylor is the best wrestler in the world & in way better shape than Tyler Black ?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Unfortunately no :) But I do think he's a tremendously talents and charismatic pro wrestler.

Smarkysmarkwahlberg2 karma

If you had to suggest one match to someone not familiar with your career, which one would you pick?

McGuinnessNigel6 karma

Me vs. Dragon from Cleveland.


You're doing good work with ROH, but would you consider a job behind the scenes in WWE? TNA?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

No, I don't think I'd be a good fit, nor want to be a small cog in a complex big wheel.

cubixguy772 karma

Pocket jacks Nigel, how do you play em?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

2xBB raise. All in if the flop comes out well.

lukehmuse2 karma

Hi Nigel,

I remember watching a lot of matches back in the day in the FWA with Doug Williams and yourself, and always thought the FWA has some serious solid talent alongside the likes of Burchill that didn't make the big leagues like Jody Fleisch and, to some extent, Jonny Storm. Do you have good memories of the classic FWA days?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

I don't remember working for FWA much, if at all. I do remember being one of the massive coventry super shows that Alex Shane put together that was awesome. I worked with those guys a lot for Brian Dixon and for 1PW among others in the burgeoning days of the British independent scene and always enjoyed learning from them.

kenpw2 karma

How it was to work with Flair in Fortune?

McGuinnessNigel7 karma

Largely enjoyable. I wish I'd have had a comeback when he called me the Lex Luger of the group. Not sure I see the comparison.

cortezfantastic2 karma


McGuinnessNigel2 karma

I loved the card room at the dog tracks in st pete fl when I lived there. ALways played low buy in tournament hold em

corey1031d2 karma

Hi Nigel, I just wanted to see what your favorite indie promotion is right now? Whether it be Chikara, PWG, PWS, etc. What do you think about NXT? Also, thank you for being so awesome at Wrestlecon when you were at my friends The Shining Wizards table, and also for taking a picture with me . I also bought your documentary that day and watch it very frequently. It's inspiration to never give up!

McGuinnessNigel4 karma

thank you mate, that is kind. ROH is of course my favorite promotion but I don't consider it an independent now that it is owned by Sinclair. I love PWG and try to get out to watch their shows whenever I can. I think NXT has some great talent there and more freedom to let the wrestlers be themselves.


Do you ever sponsor or help with other people's projects?

I've got a killer idea for a project that could be turned into a Documentary, but I've got nno clue how to get the funding or backing. So i guess my question would revolve around:

What are the steps in making a documentary film?

How do (or have you) approach possible backers?

Do you feel crowd funding is now the way to go?

Thanks! :)

McGuinnessNigel10 karma

Long question applicable really only to you. Please message me on fb and I'll answer in the length it deserves.

drsfmd2 karma


I've been a big fan for a long time, and I loved the documentary!

There's a perception that many of the moves performed in the indies are inherently more dangerous than those seen in WWE. In particular, the Styles Clash has been cited quite often as one that has injured too many people. Do you have an opinion of that move? Are there any moves you've declined to take? Thoughts on indies you haven't worked for (CZW & Chikara in particular)?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

There are definitely moves outside of WWE and TNA that are more dangerous. I never outright refused to take something but certainly tried to find creative ways to get around taking certain risks. As for the Style Clash it's a tough question. I see both sides. I know AJ did it for many years without any issue whatsoever and in theory it's a very simple bump to take. At the same time if more than one person is getting hurt from taking it the wrong I would have trouble continuing to trust that someone else wouldn't make the same mistake again. But I'm not in his shoes and until you walk a mile in someone's shoes it tough to say what anyone should do.

Forthesakeofmotion2 karma

Hey Nigel What's your opinion on the state of TNA? Do you think they can turn things around in their favour? Where do you see the pro wrestling industry in 10 years?

McGuinnessNigel5 karma

I think there is a certain malaise in the fan base toward TNA to be honest. Anyone who's into pro wrestling has seen them and either watches or isn't interested. It truly will take a categorical change in the format to make people take notice and that's what I'm trying to show with LA fights. I think WWE has revenue streams in place and a market share such that they will still be around. This is the new normal. At the risk of sounding like a broken record it will take something very new and out of the box to get the mainstream talking about pro wrestling again.

lazypilgrim2 karma

Hi Nigel. the first time I ever saw your work was in Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling. It was great seeing you in person again at AIW again a few months ago (I had to borrow $5 from a friend to get your DVD haha)

One thing I appreciated seeing from you was catering your style to the audiences whether to the ROH crowd with that attitude you had there, to the tv persona in TNA, and then to getting little kids to chant "chicken" at heels who ran out ofthe ring to avoid moves in smaller indies. Who did you look towards when starting out that led to learning this versatility? Who on the indies do you think has that same versatility?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

I think Dragon was always able to work any style, any crowd. Cabana had and still has great versatility too. And Adam Cole can do it all. There are a lot of guys working now who have that ability. It all started with Robbie Brookside though who is an absolute master at telling stories in and out of the ring.

two_off2 karma

Of all your post-wrestling activities, which do you prefer to spend your time on?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

Like changing it up. Surf once a week. Jiu Jitsu a few times. Yoga twice. Coffee shops with friends often. Hiking when I can. Life is good.

justabaldguy2 karma

New to ROH as of this year, but I'm certainly a fan for life now! I loved you on commentary, particularly during a special situation where you had to come ringside and keep order. Do you like doing commentary and/or being the commissioner?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

I love it. It truly is a blessing to still be able to be part of the company where I made my name and consider my family.

uHi122 karma

Thanks a lot for doing this, man. I was wondering if you had any tips for an aspiring pro wrestler such as myself?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Scan through the threads. Get out to new places. Be smart and try to improve every part of your game constantly. Talk to guys who are where you want to be. And have fun. Life is short.

jaystansfield2 karma

Which one of those are you best at?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

Which one of those what?

ANormalSpudBoy2 karma

I'm also a magician so I'm particularly interested in that. When did you start magic? What's your favorite type? Do you have any plans with it?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

I answered some of this early on, but to reiterate I started about seven years ago when I was wrestling in Japan to entertain sponsors who took us out after shows. I like close up veering toward mentalism. I go to the magic castle here in LA when I can and have some good magician friends but I see it more as a hobby at this point in my life.

Baxxb2 karma

Ever partied with Dan Bilzarian?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Alas no, but boy would I love to :))

aNJrewBello2 karma


I just watched the documentary the other day. I never fully understood why you retired. Were you just bumped-out, or did you need to start working towards another means of supporting yourself financially?

I see you on ROH all the time, what's stopping you from getting back in the ring?

McGuinnessNigel5 karma

The documentary didn't explain? I've done everything outside of WWE I can and the money isn't there to risk the injuries. Plus I have a new project now that I think can allow me to do just that

kellymiche2 karma

Hi Nigel,

If you listened to them, what's your take on the recent Punk & Vince McMahon interviews?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

I haven't listened, only seen what people have said about them. So it's tough to comment. Only that they're both passionate guys with their viewpoint. Coming from more of the same background I think of course I'd be more likely to side with Punk.

thebobstu2 karma

What's your favorite part of living in Louisville, KY. It's not a city many famous people visit much less visit.

Also, can you record yourself saying the name of the city? You can use

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Ha ha, I haven't lived in Louisville for about seven years. But I did enjoy living there especially Bardstown Road. it had a lot of cool coffee shops and bars.

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

No time to do that :) And I haven't lived there in about seven years. I loved Bardstown Rd when I was there though

dutchkimble2 karma

Hi. The Undertaker or Bret Hart?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

I'd say Bret. But it's close.

PizzaPastaAHHH2 karma

Hi Nigel,

Really enjoyed the Last of McGuinness documentary, in that you talked about blood in wrestling, do you think companies like CZW need to tone down the blood and how did you feel about there being blood in the fight without honor at Final Battle?


McGuinnessNigel7 karma

I would like to see there be no more intentional blood loss in wrestling. On the health side I think it it dangerous. and on the artistic side I think the rabbit is out of the hat, no one is convinced any more. And it turns off as many people as it turns on forgive the phrase. CZW make the majority of their income to stay in business with the death match tournament but that doesn't necessarily justify it. There have been companies in the past that made their money from other less than moral endeavors and that wasn't justification either. I think you can achieve the same effect without real blood, but some of the guys still have the mentality that red equals green. I don't see it.

Smarkysmarkwahlberg2 karma

How do the crowds in England differ from the American crowds?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

Largely the same, the differences are really between the size of crowds. At some point individuals become part of the mass of noise. I'd say about the two thousand people level.

jubilee__2 karma

Hi Nigel!

Are you happy with where your life is currently?

Also just wanted to say I grew up near Cincinnati and spent a lot of nights at HWA shows and to thank you for helping make my teenage years awesome.

McGuinnessNigel12 karma

Awww that's so sweet, thank you. I am very happy. I am healthy, have a ton of good friends and live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. On top of that I have a job that pays the bills and the opportunity to do something really important within my life's field. Plus I have a cute accent.

Sleightly-Magical2 karma

What is your favorite style of magic?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

I like close up stuff. That's what really got me into it. In the years since I have tended a little toward mentalism because I feel that connection with people is a little more profound.

Sleightly-Magical2 karma

Amen to that. Really looking forward to the Darren Brown lecture on Penguin. Should be really good!!

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

Ooh I must get that, he's one of my heroes.

Pacers31Colts182 karma

What changes do you want to see in pro wrestling?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

A new product come out that takes things in a categorically new direction. Don't get me wrong, people are still doing great things. I still support ROH and what they're doing. I think they have great shows with some of the best talent in the world. I think NXT has some can't miss talent and are putting out great shows too, but they've missed with can't miss guys before. I just believe there is a huge gap in the market for something new that appeals to a far broader fan base.

Titanoceratops2 karma

How can you be a "part time dyslexic"?

McGuinnessNigel7 karma

I was being facetious about my occasional poor spelling :)

brianh102 karma

Hi Nigel,

Who is your favorite wrestler to work with, and what was your most memorable match?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

Many wrestlers. Dragon, Aries, Daniels, Delirious, Cabana, Angle, the list really goes on. Most memorable match was probably either the one with Aries in New York or Dragon in England.


Hello friend, what is your favourite beer?

Also if you could lay the smackdown on any jabroni past or present, who would that be??

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

Guinness of course. Or Murphy's. The gobbledygooker.

Kyle_Rusconi2 karma

A few questions about the LA Fight project.

  1. Is it going to be 6 episodes and that's it? Or, are you looking to make this into an actual TV series with seasons.

  2. What do you believe is going to make the product different?

  3. How long is each show going to be?

  4. Where is the show going to be aired?

  5. What is the major theme of the product. Is it more about the storylines or in-ring product? Or, a hybrid of both?

Thank you.

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

  1. The plan is certainly to shoot for a second series. In fact the script is specifically written to where life would hopefully imitate art and a large channel / platform would come in and get behind the show.
  2. the in ring style will be innovative and exciting and believable. The storylines will be subtle yet powerful and engaging. The structure of the show will make the fights pay off as the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.
  3. I've written them to fit in the 44 minutes for an hour long TV block.
  4. That will depend on how it is funded. If it is funded on kickstarter I can literally put it anywhere.
  5. It is more about the characters. My theory is that if you care about the character enough you'll watch them thumb wrestle as long as the outcome has serious implications. But the in ring style will be exciting and different too.

TallyMay2 karma

Why did you at a certain point decided to incorporate so many clothesline and lariat variations into your moveset? What was your secret to making them look so strong?

At that period when you were defending your ROH belt, smashing everyone with lariats you have become my favorite wrestler. I've made you in a pc game (Smackdown vs RAW 2006 or 2007) and smashed opponenents with clotheslines all day :)

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Aha I'm honored. I made my style more hard hitting after watching a lot of the guys higher up on the card in ROH at the time and realizing that was what was missing from my game. Since I'm as athletic as a cumbersome ape.

thedawkness2 karma

Nigel, thank you for answering our questions! Where will be able to view LA Fights once it is released?

McGuinnessNigel5 karma

It depends on how it's funded. The beauty of crowd funding is that I can show it where I want. And I want as many people to see it as possible. If I have to go the traditional route not only will I lose some creative control, but I will also be beholden on the investors as to where the product can be seen.

Kruegermania1 karma

Nigel, do you visit a lot of the independent promotions around Louisville (ex: IWA, OVW)?

What would be your advice to offer to a newer professional wrestler, especially in that area?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

I live in LA so no. Get out and work as many places as you can and talk to guys who are doing what you want to do. Try to travel as much as possible and learn something from everyone.

fantoma1 karma

Hey Nigel!

Is there any UK specific advice you'd give to young wannabe wrestlers on getting into the business? I'm never going to be a full time pro wrestler (classic cynicism), but it'd be cool to know any advice for young guys in a country where pro wrestling isn't really that popular.

Cheers, and all the best!

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Pro wrestling is super popular in the UK. There are a ton of places to work and learn all over. My advice is to get out there and work as many places as you can. But be smart and pro active. And have fun. It shouldn't be a grind. Like Henry Ford, whether you think you can or think you can't...

Darinbenny11 karma


Been a big fan since your runs in HWA. Fond memories of "Roll On" blaring at places like the Red Barn Flea Market, and of course the HWA Tuesday night showcases.

Two questions:

1) Anything you miss most about Cincinnati? I still live here, and spending time away recently made me come to appreciate it more and more.

2) The Kickstarter page for LA Fights (of which I'm a backer and if anyone is reading this, they should be too) seems murky between the show being MMA focused and Wrestling focused. Care to give a little detail as to whether to show will focus primarily on pro wrestling or actual MMA fighting?

Thanks M8. And despite how you chose to portray your feelings in the doc, I think you had a much greater impact on the industry than you realize. In particular when you talked about how you felt the talent and drive of the young up and coming British guys made you realize you might have been passed by, I couldn't help but think how much guys like you had likely influenced them to be great.

And, if nothing else, the times you had your run in HWA were really tough for me personally, but those Tuesday nights were a great respite from my real world issues. You could not have known the impact, but it was much appreciated, and I know I am not alone in saying that.

Best wishes and good luck with LA Fights.

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Thanks mate, really nice things to say. I miss some of the friendships I made there. And covington has a lot of great memories for me.

Sunchips_Are_Love1 karma

Hi. What's your favorite color?

McGuinnessNigel2 karma

Aha ha I love it. Some shade of green.

dr_robotdik1 karma

Nigel, you are a man among boys! Any prayer that the Romantic touch wins a match anytime soon?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

I haven't given up hope :)

dajerseyboy1 karma

I supported Jeff Katz's ill-fated WRP project, which purported to revolutionize the wrestling business, but never really got off the ground. I'm willing to support your project as well, but what can you do to convince me that LA Fights is going to be better/different/more successful?

McGuinnessNigel5 karma

Look at my track record. I have done the ground work to know exactly how much this will cost. It can't be made for any less and even at this price is still no frills attached. When it comes to crowd funding as much as supporting the project you are supporting the person. Because he or she is the bottom line about what will happen once it gets funded. Your concern is certainly valid however and I share your disappointment with that project as does everyone involved I'm sure.

alinoisinchina1 karma

Can wrestlers choose anything about their gimmick? I mean what will they embody, but also moves, choose between face and heel, tag-team partner etc.

McGuinnessNigel3 karma

Depends who you work for. On the Indies yes. In WWE or TNA you can largely forget about it.

superandy1 karma

If you could have one more feud, who would you like it to be with?

McGuinnessNigel3 karma