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I hope to be a cinematographer when I graduate, what advice would you give to a college student who hopes to do what you do?

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Completely out of context, the end of this video is hilarious.

"The hope is that one day he'll be returned to the wild, just like Elvis."

Didn't know Elvis was a blind rhinoceros as a kid.

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Hi Mr. Odenkirk! I'm a big fan of much of your work and the groups you produce. I was wondering if you could tell us more about how you discovered Tim and Eric. What were they doing when you met them? What made you realize that they had potential? How did you pitch them initially?

Looking forward to your future projects!

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If you put in fake laughs & claps instead of the music this could almost be The Eric Andre Show

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Mr. Tracy, I'm a huge fan of your "jackers" series. Sometimes I still find myself overcome with the urge to try to pronounce George's last name. People around me probably think I'm nuts.

I'm wondering how you originally got the idea to start Fonejacker. Did you start with the calls and then make the show around it, or did you conceive of the show and then start doing the calls?

My other question for you is whether you'd like to switch your provider to a provider who provides better providings then your current provider?