Hi, everyone! I’m German actress Julia Dietze, I’ve acted in such films as Iron Sky, Bullet with Danny Trejo, 11/2 Knights with Til Schweiger and many others. I’m here to answer all your questions, so go ahead! I'll be playing in Iron Sky sequel IRON SKY THE COMING RACE - new promo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jLaf5qj8cs

And yeah, it's me! Proof here: https://twitter.com/JuliaDietze1/status/545593449345724416

EDIT: All right, I have to go now. Thank you everyone for your question and kind words!

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sample-d324 karma

As it costs $285 to act as a Moonbase Citizen, $350 to become a Cultist and even $5.000 to get eaten(!) by a dinosaur – how can you afford to play the main role of Renate Richter ?

JuliaDietze1151 karma

I sold all my underwear in Japan, so now I got the money

alphager184 karma

Hi Julia,

did you have any hangups playing a Nazi due to being German?

You have acted in public television productions like "Tatort" and in private television productions like "Alarm für Cobra 11". Is there a distinct difference between them, or is TV-production the same everywhere?

JuliaDietze243 karma

First I had. I was very afraid to make fun about that subject and considering that I have a lot of Jewish friends, I didn’t want to anger them, but then realizing that Iron Sky has such a great story, all my doubts were gone - because the whole film is about humanity, so it killed my doubts.

There is more difference when it’s broadcast, because private television, it’s shown in whole europe it’s very famous, and Tatort is more limited to the countries, but production is pretty much the same.

JuliaDietze120 karma

All right, I have to go now. Thank you everyone for your question and kind words!

PMgep119 karma

Did the you and cast have any interaction with Laibach? What do you think of the music for the first film?

JuliaDietze121 karma

Our interaction was pretty much at the premiere, so not too much. I really like what they did for the music, I think it’s very powerful.

zbysheik108 karma

How did you tell your family (grandparents especially) you are playing a moon nazi? Were there any weird looks, or was it more of a "Anything you enjoy doing, sweetie" situation?

P.S. Hope you star in at least five more Iron Sky movies.

JuliaDietze188 karma

My grandparents are sadly dead, but I told it to my father and his reaction — he just gave me that crazy look: “Ok, another crazy move from you”. He’s expecting that stuff from me - and he’s my biggest critic. He liked the film.

Steeltoast91 karma

Moin Julia :) Ich bin ein großer Fan! I don't want to post in German, so everyone can understand what I'm asking. I'd like to know, if you would have expected to act in international and even "nuts" productions like Iron Sky, when you started your film career? Also, are you going to ride on a dinosaur as well?

JuliaDietze156 karma

I have always dreamed of an international film career since I was very little, but not in my wildest dreams would I have thought of anything as crazy as Iron Sky, but I cherish the day the script came along. I do have a love scene with a dinosaur :)

UnclePhister84 karma

Hi Julia! How did you initially react when you read the script for Iron Sky? When I heard about it I expected a goofy bad movie that was fun to watch, and was pleasantly surprised when the movie turned out to just be really good.

JuliaDietze118 karma

I first thought - OK, these guys are nuts. Then laughed my ass off - and then realized what a profound message is underneath all the humour. It’s actually quite deep, that’s what I realized pretty early.

sample-d79 karma

Will there be a pathetic speech delivered by you which moves us to tears in 'the coming race' - and if not - will this error be corrected until the shooting ?

JuliaDietze130 karma

My answer is to Timo the director: please give me another speech.

EllWork63 karma

Do you get recognised in the street or do you still enjoy a degree of anonymity?

JuliaDietze163 karma

It depends where: while Iron Sky was in cinemas, I was in supermarket choosing fruits and vegetables, and all of a sudden I heard three guys singing behind me and I turned around and they were on their knees, screaming: “RENATE RICHTER!” There are some funny moments. I think Iron Sky has great fans - I think they are more outrageous than other films usually have.

orbitalsideburns201452 karma

Cashews. Yay or nay?

JuliaDietze115 karma

I just ate a whole bag today. I love them

Suola37 karma

1) Do the teasers with Putin and Jesus have actual connection to IS2 or are they just cool minifilms in their own right? 2) Ironsky was German/Finnish/Australian production, how did this show? 3) What do you want to be asked?

JuliaDietze98 karma

1) Both of those characters are in script 2) Through the actors and the crew. The Australia crew was pretty laid back, the Finnish crew was cursing in words I couldn’t understand and the German crew was pretty well on time. It was a funny mix. 3) I wanna be asked by Spike Jonze and Tarantino to star in their next movie

thinkofthevariables33 karma

Julia...First let me start off by saying I love you, and you're on the top ten list of women I'd marry if I ever had the chance, and that it's wonderful to finally have something other than Uwe Boll to give germany some credit for in the film industry.

Now....I'm British, and I'd spent a lot of time in Germany growing up, so am somewhat aware of how taboo even discussing anything to do with Hitler can be; I have to say, that when I talk to my friends in Germany, Iron Sky is one of the few films they've watched that have anything to do with Nazism that they openly laugh about - do you feel that Iron Sky has shifted perceptions a little, and encouraged Germans to reconcile with their past in a more productive way?

JuliaDietze71 karma

Thank you so much for kind words, you’re so sweet!

I like the feeling that we did have an impact, also Inglourious Basterds did - these two movies. On the other hand, i did get death threats from Neo-Nazis on my facebook page. This stupidness obviously never dies.

Shindo98933 karma

Hey Julia,

Thanks for doing this AMA.

You might not remember but we met at the premiere of Iron Sky in Tampere, And you signed my suit along with Timo, Stephenie Paul and Gotz Otto.

Anyway I just wanted to ask what it was like working with Danny Trejo and Jonathan Banks on Bullet.

Also how excited are you head to the Hollow Eath in Iron Sky 2?

Anyway, its 4am and It's time for me to go back to bed, I set my alarm so I didn't miss your AMA

JuliaDietze41 karma

Danny and Jonathan: First I was pretty intimidated by them, but Danny Trejo is an absolute sweetheart, he’s more like a teddybear although he looks very scary. Jonathan Banks first challenged and tested me if I’m good - first he gave me hard time, but then we got along very well. They are very professional.

ncshooter42632 karma


Who was your favorite actor to work with on Iron Sky, and why is Götz Otto? :)

-Original backer for Iron Sky anxiously awaiting IS2

JuliaDietze50 karma

I loved to work with Chris (Kirby, “Washington”) and Thilo Prückner who played my father. Chris is a living jukebox, he’s always singing, making some kind of noises, and it’s fun to hang around with him.

And he’s very good at improvising, so as an actor, you’re constantly curious what the scene partner gives you, which is great because you stay open.

sadig197129 karma

When I asked my american friends, who are fanatics of Inglorious Basterds and how Quentin made fun out of the German Nazis, if they ever saw "Iron Sky", they starred at me like I am coming from Mars. So, how do you see the reception of Iron Sky (and the upcoming sequel) in America? (Knowing you are also living in L.A.)

JuliaDietze42 karma

I hope we conquer that market. The first part is visible on Netflix so we hope with the sequel we get a worldwide theatrical release, and hoping for an American theatrical release. That will help.

Ke3vin27 karma

How long did it take for you to learn the "Sound" of the "Nazi-Speech" in Iron Sky?

JuliaDietze66 karma

I practiced a whole in my hotel room that speech, I think my neighbours must’ve thought I’m crazy!

clockwork_jesus26 karma

What's it like being so gorgeous?

JuliaDietze43 karma

Thank you :)

slajerek22 karma

Did you read script for Iron Sky part 2? If yes what do you think about it?

JuliaDietze60 karma

First time i read I thought the screenwriter took more LSD than the whole Rolling Stones in their career, and then when I read it the second draft or third draft - another draft anyway - I started to study the conspiracy theory about shapeshifters and I got really curious and I think it’s a story that has never been told before.

stpfan120 karma

When you're traveling/working abroad, what do you miss most about Germany?

JuliaDietze41 karma

Actually I’m happy when I’m abroad, but I do miss my family and friends. I have a gypsy heart and I love the canyons and the palm trees.

Cunt4RedOctober19 karma

What do you think of working with Americans?

JuliaDietze124 karma

They talk when their mouth is full.

ScarsOfTheFallen14 karma

What is you view on Iron Sky 2? Do you think it will be better than the first one?

JuliaDietze24 karma

I think it will be very very different, and I’m deeply excited to shoot that film because I think it’s much bigger and a bigger challenge to all of us. I won’t say it’s better but it could turn better!

Icedrive12 karma

Do you think about moving into different fields of movie making, like writing or directing?

JuliaDietze22 karma

I’m writing my first screenplay. It’s a period piece from 19th century but my main focus will always be acting - I’m really not interested in directiong. I don’t want to have that responsibility :)

Screenwriting, co-producing and acting - that’s interesting to me.

randyplayer10 karma

will you be naked?

JuliaDietze91 karma

Will you be naked watching the film?

Stoooooooo9 karma

What do you look for when deciding what roles to take?

JuliaDietze21 karma

If the role is a challenge, if it’s something i never acted before, if it touches me, it moves me, if the whole story interests me and also what other filmmakers are involved in project - but first of all: if the character goes under my skin.

KlausKalmbach9 karma

Do you play any musical instrument?

JuliaDietze21 karma

When I grew up I could play piano, and a little bit of guitar. And drums - because I grew up with afro dance.

patrys7 karma

What was the "proof here" that went missing?

JuliaDietze12 karma

Coming in one sec

piratecopy7 karma

Can I take a bath with you? ♡ ...no, seriously I just wanted to say that you're amazing actress and I loved your role in Iron Sky and can't wait for the sequel! -Brofists from your neighborland Finland :D

JuliaDietze18 karma

That is very sweet :)

tomybarra4 karma

Julia, I am going to support the new Movie, want to know it I can have a bit part with you? Also, if I can get an autograph photo from you to me? Much appreciated! love your work!!

JuliaDietze16 karma

I will beg my director to do that! And I’m sure we can get you an autographed photo as well!

JuliaDietze11 karma

I love literature, old literature, old russian literature like Dostojewski, Nabokov, and of course German literature like Hesse and Goethe. My father had a huge library, I grew up with books and I grew up without TV. I prefer to have a real book in my hands than read an eBook. I’m old school, I like to turn the pages