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How did you get that "job"? What should I do if I wanted to do something similiar?

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Can I take a bath with you? ♡ ...no, seriously I just wanted to say that you're amazing actress and I loved your role in Iron Sky and can't wait for the sequel! -Brofists from your neighborland Finland :D

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I'm too tired to even try to say this in english, so: Tähtäättekö Coming Racen kanssa ollenkaan elokuvateatteriesityksiin, vai onko tarkoituksena vain "suora jakelu"? Anyway, loved Iron Sky & Star Wreck, and can't wait for this! -Much love from finland

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Thanks for the delicious AMA! If you could do any media project (graphical novel, internet miniseries, animated full feature film, another video game...) about the universe of FL and SS, what would it be?

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"~90% of mushrooms are poisonous"

uh... where do you live again? I think we have like 10 not eatable mushroom species here and hundreds of perfectly good...