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TheShipofFools56 karma

Why did you start an AmA, if you couldn't answer anything?

marriott813 karma

The reason I didn't was because we have had over 1,000 people in today, more than expected so have been rushed off my feet

AnExpertInThisField31 karma

Since you are probably more knowledgeable than me on making Roman soldiers look "authentic", could you tell me what kind of device you're using for your AMA? Were Roman soldiers mostly Android or iPhone users?

marriott813 karma

The Roman empire was more like apple, Dominating everything, But android is much more technical like the Romans too.. so 50/50

piratecopy30 karma

How did you get that "job"? What should I do if I wanted to do something similiar?

marriott813 karma

I got this job by volunteering when I was 14, after two years they started paying me to do so, after that it just went from there, I have been a gladiator, a soldier, a slave, an emperor lots of different things

thefarsideinside24 karma

What is bread cheese?

marriott812 karma

its when a phone you post it off decides to miss punctuation.. I think it would be a nice thing tho having cheese as bread


How much are you being paid? How long do you have to stay there?

marriott8125 karma

It's something like £11 and hour, and eight hours including lunch but I am wondering around a little to watch the gladiator fights as well

Tallest_Waldo12 karma

Jesus Chr Jupiter's balls, that sounds like my kind of gig. Do you get to participate in any of the fights or physical simulations? Where can I get tickets to attend such an event?

marriott812 karma

We fight a lot, amongst ourselves and for shows, we had gladiators today but I have been elsewhere so didn't get a chance to train, I will see if I can track you down the video of us

ismellliketuna11 karma

Do the Christians get the same deal with wine and bread ?

marriott811 karma

What /u/asphaltdragon said

thekingofeggplants10 karma

Is it real wine your drinking?

marriott812 karma

Discovered that it was real about half way through, not complaining tho usually its mulled wine.

Manofpesto1 karma

It's been mixed with spices and warmed with a hot poker?

marriott811 karma

haha the mulled wine we make is usually spices and warmed on a fire we build

noctrnalsymphony8 karma

How many varieties of cheese?

Is it regular modern wine, or did they make something that resembles what a period Roman soldier would have?

Are you a Praetorian?

marriott811 karma

I should be a Praetorian as I am 6ft 7, however I was a Medicus (Dr) today. It was regular modern wine but hidden in pottery and the wine was strong Welsh cheddar

Jpgesus6 karma

How badass does it feel to be dressed as a roman soldier eating bread?

marriott815 karma

on a scale of 1-10, 11. I walked out of the museum and down the road to get a sandwich for lunch in full costume, group of kids thought about it but with me being 6ft 7 and fully armed they thought better of it.

Jpgesus2 karma

I envy you.

marriott812 karma

haha thanks, I was wearing a pink hat too so they must have been really wanting too

secondphase5 karma

Let's talk Carthage. I'm of the opinion they are no longer a threat to the republic, but my buddy Quintus tells me that he thinks they may be building a fleet to sail north. I think the odds are about XXV to IIV against that, but he seems to know something. I have a friend in one of the Northern legions who says they may March all the way around the Alps, but that's just crazy talk.

What do you think?

marriott811 karma

Crazy.. He would never get the elephants around the alps! Besides our legions will crush them into the dust.. my buddy scippio says so.

Poseidon-Hermes3 karma

How did this get to my front page when you've only answered one question?

marriott811 karma

Bloody Romans.. Invading everwhere

My_god_a_dinosaur3 karma

You're partaking in a murder mystery? What's the mystery?

marriott813 karma

Someone had been stabbed, I was the Dr who attended him

Roundsquash2 karma

I'd like to know about the murder mystery. What's it about?

marriott812 karma

Someone had been murdered, sending people on a trial to find out who it was, we do it every year however there was 2 killers this year, he had been poisoned then someone else stabbed him

Roundsquash1 karma

Ohmygod. That's brutal for the guy who died O.o

marriott812 karma

Yea haha, the guy who did it had his slave "discover" the body after he had stabbed him on the toilet

bax1012 karma

Reddit on the job? So you are holding a cell phone while working? Like I see everywhere in the world.

marriott811 karma

No one was about :P

dwimber2 karma

Aside from the food, what else is done during a saturnalia festival?

marriott811 karma

Celebrations of light, so candles are lit, gladiator contests, lots of food, giving of golden apples and gifts, decoration of trees in the garden and slaves are swapped with masters