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secondphase466 karma

That hot car trick is genius. Clothes can go in the dryer, but the rest is hard.

secondphase143 karma

And rent the uhaul on a pay-per-mile basis so it's basically free? Genius.

secondphase80 karma

TIL you can pimp out a vacuum. Hoping OP will let me know where I can upgrade my wheels with spinners and upgrade the subwoofer on my Hoover.

secondphase57 karma

Wait... Are you doing an AMA from the side of a cliff? I guess... Well I guess I'm not really surprised.

secondphase18 karma

Nonono, only u/rmtobin01 gets money. Here, let's do this: you call me, I'll get u/glaplaw to sue you, then the 3 of us split the profit!