UPDATE: I Have to run over to Hip Hop Heads now... I want to thank all of you guys for the questions you asked. I truly appreciate every last one of you and thanks for loving my music. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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Warren__G570 karma

I want to thank all of you guys for the questions you asked. I truly appreciate every last one of you and thanks for loving my music. Happy Holidays to you and your family. -- Warren G

seaslug1540 karma

What are your thoughts on regulating?

Warren__G1054 karma

i think its necessary when you get disrespected or taken advantage of

thombudsman392 karma

What's your favorite Nate Dogg memory?

Warren__G1130 karma

Working on songs like indo smoke and regulate where the studio was field with beutiful ladies and weed and liquor and food.

EarthlyTether390 karma

Hey Warren, I've been a huge fan of yours for years - and I think you've always been under-appreciated. Can you tell me what your creative process usually is? How long does it take you to write a song, how hard work is it?

Thanks a lot.

Warren__G1405 karma

all i do is get in the lab and listen to the oldies and smoke a joint or 2 and the ideas just start to flow. plus women also

godsrod367 karma

Before you're about to commit the act of fornication, do you ever tell the girls to mount up?

Warren__G582 karma

All the time

---N-E-P-M-A-K---346 karma

What is a hobby of yours that people might not expect?

Warren__G868 karma


Warren__G341 karma

Hey All! Give me one second.

MillerMilano255 karma

How different do you think the game would be if we didn't lose some of the big players? (Pac, Biggie, Nate Dogg etc.)

Warren__G521 karma

Wow it would be great because i would be producing for them without all the beef.

RacksDiciprine253 karma

Warren.... Will you sponsor my softball team?

Warren__G358 karma

yes indeed

seaslug1232 karma

Are there any artists or groups that you haven't worked with but would like to?

Warren__G473 karma

Outkast,Erica Badu,Anthony Hamilton,Drake,Lauren Hill,Jay Z,Rick Ross,Kendic,Maroon 5,Dej Loaf, Rick Homey Quan and musch more

Newsusw225 karma

What's your connection to Santa Ana? You always shout the city out. Why?

Warren__G481 karma

I worked there as a kid selling candy

SquidgyGoat215 karma

Big fan. Who's your favourite Muppet?

Warren__G817 karma

Kermit he reminds me of snoop

MinerDodec190 karma

Kind of a basic question, but what was your favorite song or album you made or worked on?

Mine is Regulate (which my dad listened to in the car on repeat for a good week or two.)

Warren__G242 karma

Mine was in the midnight hour

JonnyBoomBots155 karma

Is the G Funk era ever going to end?

Is it just me, or does Suge Knight look like the black Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Maybe he looks different in person or something

Warren__G332 karma

G funk will never end

Frajer151 karma

How did you wind up sampling I Keep Forgettin on Regulate?

Warren__G218 karma

i just wanted to try some different type of music to rap on

MattThatDude147 karma

Hey Warren what's up! I signed you up at LA Fitness back in late 2012 in mission viejo, just wondering did you ever use it? Haha I never got to see you after that day! If not hope you staying healthy brother. Keep it G.

Warren__G308 karma


jaysunh119 karma

I don't listen to much hip-hop. Hell, I don't listen to much music at all anymore. But I distinctly remember shoplifting your Regulate album from a K-Mart in Lakeland, Florida around '95. Sorry, man. I think it's the only CD I've ever stolen.

Does stealing from retail only impact the store's revenue or does that directly affect the artist?

Also, how's the east side of LBC these days and who, exactly, did Nate Dogg kill in your song? Gonna need names. I'm not the police, I promise ;)

Warren__G345 karma

lol Im glad you stole it. that let me know i did a good job the only person that lose is the store because they already purchased it to sell

Gtr949114 karma

Do you still live in coto?

Warren__G199 karma


DerKomissar99104 karma

How did you end up deciding to use a Michael McDonald sample??

Warren__G192 karma

It was dope and i thought a rap would be different and dope on that type of music

AmblinFan2692 karma

"Regulate" is not just one of my favorite 90s hip-hop tracks but also one of my hip-hop cuts from a mostly hip-hop laced movie soundtrack. Other than "Above The Rim" and "Regulate", what, in your opinion, is the best hip-hop fused soundtrack and the best hip-hop track from a movie soundtrack?

Warren__G179 karma

Poetic justice and the song was indo smoke

joeyjojo40075 karma

Have you ever been in a situation in real life where someone told your rings or your Rolex? I can't imagine that was a good feeling.

Warren__G128 karma

Yes i was the one who was jacking for the rolex so i told the story from there eye and others who beeb through that.

TimMcCracktackle64 karma

Thank you for everything you've done, I'm a big fan!

Can you tell us something about yourself that the average person wouldn't expect?

Warren__G271 karma

Im a dad that really try to be in my kids lives and to show them how to be men and not followers but teachers.

Dayman_Ahhhhh64 karma

What musician(s) do you secretly love and consider to be a guilty pleasure?

Warren__G146 karma

Ri Ri

feral_hippie61 karma

Back in July, you began working with a Korean hiphop group called BTS.

What cultural and musical differences took you by surprise (if there were any) and what have you taken from this experience?

Warren__G87 karma

Its not much difference. They could rap just like artist here. The experence was cool to see hip hop around the world.

playblacksabbathat7849 karma

Dan the Automator calls you up; he wants to work on a project with you and Mike Patton. You in?

Warren__G77 karma

Im down to work with all who is dope

---N-E-P-M-A-K---49 karma

What new-school artists do you like?

Warren__G130 karma

Drake,Rae Shrummerd,Dej Loaf,Mike Slice,Kendric Lamar,Problem,Yg,

krabzi41 karma

Warren, massive fan from NZ (Regulators worldwide!) I am a massive fan of your music, love those tracks u was spittn back in the day, Transformers, relax ya mind, recognize, so many ways. You is such an OG even as a young hog. Get in da studio with snoop and spit somthing Olskool for us long time lovers! Anyway tell me bout those dudes tha twins and how u came about them? would love to kno how things got poppn back in those days. BTW im 19 yrs old, lovin ya tracks that be rockn when i was just a baby!!!

Warren__G64 karma

Dam man you hit me with the bop gun lol. All the people that was on the album are from long beack so ive known them all my life.

AtoZZZ38 karma

Huge fan of Regulate. What is your most fond memory of working with Nate Dogg?

Warren__G61 karma

Actually doing the song as far as going back and forth

IlluminIll36 karma


Why do you think many members of the outlawz (like Napoleon) changed their lives after their friend Tupac's death? Did you also ever re-evaluate your purpose of existence after your friend Nate died?

Warren__G71 karma

You Grow up once you get older and as a man you change so that what it was

zygazyga31 karma

Hey warren! I've been a fan for years, and had a huge crush on you growing up. (I'm a girl) I cried when Nate Dogg passed away, and when I listen to him, I get taken back to a part of my youth. It's a sweet feeling. What reminds you most of him? Thank you for teaching me how to regulate, and just so you know, if I had wings I would fly.

Warren__G42 karma

What reminds me of us is when im in the lab doing music

shalidorsinsights30 karma

If you could change one thing that occurred over the course of your career what would it be and why?

Warren__G61 karma

Being a straight producer because it give you more freedom to create them people have to create off your idea

theLightthatBinds26 karma

Hi Warren, huge fan of your work and all the other artists that came out of the West Coast during that time.

Could you tell us one of your favorite memories from the early days of working with Snoop and Nate in your group 213? I’ve always wondered what you three were like together.

Warren__G60 karma

I use to love rocking all the local clubs and football rallys we were hood stars then lol

TheFuckingEagles25 karma

Hey Warren- thank you so much for doing this AMA!

How has your relationship with Snoop changed over the years? How did it change or stay the same with Nate over the years as well?


Warren__G64 karma

Me and snoop dont talk as much but he is still one of my good friends but ask him that when you see or get a channce to ask.

Fuhrer_Voller24 karma

What inspired you to start a career in music?

Warren__G56 karma

The hip hop artist before me

jkersey23 karma

"I Want it All" is my favorite album of yours. It has such a unique sound, and the production is brilliant. What's your favorite track from the album?

Warren__G42 karma

Having Thangs. Listen to what nate said and that's what we stuck by

---N-E-P-M-A-K---21 karma

Hey Warrren, love everything you do. You've mentioned how you want people to respect the art of rap, so how do you feel hip hop will/should develop in relation to staying true to the artform?

Warren__G59 karma

By keeping those smack battles goin and artist like M&M keeping the Mc music out there

godsrod18 karma

What are your thoughts on rap nowadays?

Warren__G58 karma

Its cool. You have some great artists out and you also have some bullshit artist out but the good out weigh the boo boo lol

johndank17 karma

are you gonna collaborate with local long beach artists like vince staples, joey fatts or boogie?

Warren__G56 karma

My arms are open to them they just have to contact me

agent361316 karma

Warren! Been a fan since I was kid! Why did you sign with Def Jam and not Death Row? Any regrets on that decision? Also, if I can ask one more question, who are you diggin' in the music industry today?

Warren__G50 karma

Deathrow had a huge roster and def jam was ready for me to put out music asap.

shab116 karma

Hey Warren g. What's good big homie. Have you got any classic nate dogg storys?
Also thank you for the many years of classic west coast bangers

Warren__G23 karma

much love. We use to argue and then work and make a hit and chill with beutiful ladies

game_under15 karma

Hey Warren, are you still in touch with artists you worked with on your earlier albums, such as Da 5 Footaz and Mr Malik? Any plans to collaborate with them again?

Also, thank you for Regulate, it was the soundtrack which accompanied my teenage years.

Warren__G32 karma

Yes indeed they will always be my folks and they still getting checks from that album lol

dallacious14 karma

Mr. G, my brother Tony lives in Long Beach and says he met you once. Can you wish him a happy birthday?

Warren__G60 karma

Happy G Day Tony

apedemic10 karma


Warren__G23 karma

Boom! I word for mr tinsdel as a regulator lol

TBones007210 karma

Warren G! Love your music,

What is the most valuable piece of advice you've ever been given?

Warren__G52 karma

Make sure to own your publishing

nobagsnoswitches7 karma

Huge fan Warren! What other G-funk artist would you recommend to me and others? I have spent quite some time searching for other artist that have the same relaxed and chilled feel as yours and nate

Warren__G8 karma

Mike Slice

Yung_Negger7 karma

I always get pumped when I hear Regulators come on haha. What was your favorite moment while making sons in the nineties?

Warren__G8 karma

Just being with all my friends that i do music with

team_swift7 karma

Do you like traveling? What are some of your favorite places to visit?

Warren__G23 karma

ATL is one of my favorites

JoyMultiply7 karma

Who's the best rapper at the moment?

Warren__G72 karma

Me lol

johndank6 karma

are you gonna release some of nates music thats still laying around in the vault?

Warren__G16 karma

I have songs i may release other are to precious i have to keep them

Gohagan6 karma

What are your thoughts on Ferguson, Missouri/Micheal Brown and the choking death of Eric Garner in NYC?

Warren__G17 karma

No justice and Sad and Hurt for the parents and wives and brothers and sisters and fathers and family.

airick1876 karma

At what point on the rise of gangster rap in the 80's and 90's did you realize "oh shit, this is going to blow up!"?

Warren__G19 karma

it was blew up already

kingargon4 karma

I went to see you in concert at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona a couple a years ago and you canceled. I was so bummed! Are you going to come back to Phoenix again?

Warren__G12 karma

Im sorry about that it was not my fault its the buisness

johnferro3 karma

Warren G, the man, thanks for doing this I am a big fan.

How did you start producing those funky ass beats? I am using garage band and it simply isn't making the cut or enabling me to play around and learn as much and touch into MY soul. Do you have any recommendations?

Warren__G4 karma

Is there you just have to feel it out it will come as long as your dedicated

IlluminIll2 karma


Warren__G6 karma


[deleted]1 karma


Warren__G2 karma

For sure have him hit me

everythingsleeps-1 karma

Who's the hottest chick of all time?

Warren__G2 karma

Wow! its alot of them. I just love beutiful women period all women