I'm actress Elisabeth Rohm, hanging out in my pajamas this Saturday morning to answer your questions (Victoria's helping me out via phone).

You might know me from the CBS series stalker and AMERICAN HUSTLE. My latest project is the film AFTERMATH. You can check out the trailer for AFTERMATH here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feSTwcoO8Lw

Proof: http://imgur.com/up2nSKo



Update: AFTERMATH, I think, is a very noir thriller and I think it's extremely well-done - obviously it's Chris Penn's final performance in his lifetime, and being a big fan of his and Anthony Michael Hall's, their performances were great, the director has an incredible eye and is very creative and unusual in a Tarantino-like way. It's worth seeing not just because of historical reasons for Chris, but Michael who made the movie called his friends to be in it - Tony Danza is amazing in it, Federico Castelluccio is amazing in it, it just has a really amazing cast. I'm alright in it ;)

It's good! And thank you, anytime you guys want me to do this again, just let me know. Find me on a saturday morning in my pajamas, I'll be available. Bring your bagels.

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Rainingmadness50 karma

What does it feel like having a character in a Joss Whedon show that didn't get killed off?

Elisabeth_Rohm41 karma

Haha! Well, I don't know, I guess it's very hopeful, because in the realm of ANGEL and BUFFY, I don't have to be the walking dead, I can still sort of resume my role!

Rainingmadness15 karma

Your character was brought back in the comic series that picked up after the show's series finale so Kate Lockley did get to live on so to speak. Do you get any royalties for being in the comic? I am not totally sure how royalties work.

Elisabeth_Rohm21 karma

No, no... I get nothing from that, other than the pleasure of seeing the drawing.

clicketyclickclack33 karma

Law or order?

Elisabeth_Rohm59 karma

Well, having done law already a few times, I'd probably go for order and crack a few skulls!

brandon_bird27 karma

What is your favorite moment from your years on L&O? Do you have any warm stories about Jerry Orbach?

Elisabeth_Rohm82 karma

Jerry Orbach was the quintessential teacher for me, as an actor and as a person. He was the most professional, he was done in 2 takes, he never dropped a line or messed up anything, everything was original and alive, he was kind to everybody, didn't take himself to seriously, he found music in EVERYTHING and sang all day long and his passing was the most tragic moment for me.

I still miss him very much.

Boonyy22 karma

What is like working on "Angel" with Joss Whedon and why we never saw you again on this show ? Love the Kate Lockley's character.

Elisabeth_Rohm40 karma

Well, I was the first season of the show, I was part of the original cast and loved doing it, but by the second season, I had my own show on TNT called "Bull" so I had to go back & forth between my show & recurring on ANGEL, and then after that I was offered LAW & ORDER and Joss & I decided it would be impossible for me to go from New York (where I was a regular on L&O) to Los Angeles for ANGEL. And we had a great opportunity for it to end dramatically, and it was very satisfying for both of us. I love working with Joss so much that I have this sort of lingering ache for him still, you know?

There are certain people you enjoy working with so, so much and you can't wait to come back and do something great. He's just a brilliant, brilliant soul.

orangejulius18 karma

Do you go back to Germany to visit family at all? What's a Christmas like the the Röhm house?

New Years plans?

How do you prepare for a part like you did for American Hustle (or anything requiring an accent)? Do you spend hours in New Jersey learning to speak east coast bro?

Elisabeth_Rohm17 karma

You know, Christmas comes the day after Thanksgiving. I'm definitely a Christmas junkie, the tree is up, the Xmas music is playing on-loop, the candles only smell of Evergreen... it's something I celebrate for an extended period of time. It's the Christmas months! You know, I really have been to Germany in quite a long time because the grandparents have passed away, and I probably need to get over there, just to see some extended cousins and stuff, but my closest relationships were with my grandparents who passed. I haven't been in about 3 years. But I grew up in New York, so it's not like I grew up there.

Going to New York for a friend's wedding!

I tend to, you know... do the accent the run of picture. I don't tend to break in and out of it unless I'm with my daughter.(that would be weird). I did the same thing on THE CLIENT LIST, which I did with Jennifer Love-Hewitt, where I had a southern accent. I don't tend to go back and forth with it. I love doing accents, and I'm very specific about it, I don't do something generic. I made the effort to learn a New Jersey accent versus a New York accent or a Long Island accent.

showmm15 karma

Uh, that trailer says AFTERMATH stars Chris Penn ( 1:02 ) Didn't he die 8 years ago?

Elisabeth_Rohm23 karma

Yes. So this is Chris Penn's last film, it was his last performance before he passed away, and it's just taken the filmmaker that long to edit it and put it together, but from what i understand he was very busy with other projects, so it's not a reflection on the film, it's a busy schedule. And it's a very important film, because it was Chris' last performance - and he was such a beautiful actor and soul, and I'm very sad that he died so tragically.

grumpygooch15 karma

Is he guilty?

Elisabeth_Rohm15 karma

The dog is guilty.

Boonyy11 karma

What's the main difference between Joss Whedon and Kevin Williamson? That guys are smart, genius writer. Did you learn a lot from them?

Elisabeth_Rohm14 karma

Yeah, they're very different! I mean, David O. Russell is a genius, brilliant humanitarian, and the nuances of his characters... I've been very, very lucky to work with directors who are writers as well which I think makes a tremendous difference. Because they don't come in and do broad strokes of characters. So Kevin is just as involved in the emotions of the character as he is for hair, and wardrobe, and the way your body looks - he's a film director even though he's a TV genius - when you've created a character from the ground up, like David O. Russell does, living and breathing even more than the actor - what he does, for instance, I wish I could take credit for this, but the physical transformation I went through - that was all him, it was very collaborative, but he sees a character in the soul of an actor, they don't have to resemble that character but he helps them create that character.

It's a very collaborative process with writer / directors, because they have a very strong vision. They can meet somebody and be drawn to that person's soul, and they might not look like the character, so they BUILD That character so that you know how they got to be that character, off of that emotion.

dazerzooz9 karma

What was it like dressing up in 70s fashion for American Hustle?

Elisabeth_Rohm11 karma

Absolutely amazing to immerse yourself in that period and to have the glamorous sort of vision of David and then Michael Wilkinson, our costume designer, who was really brilliant. Like one piece of clothing can transform you into a complete character, and for me it was the salmon jumpsuit with the tigers on it, you know in the first scene in AMERICAN HUSTLE that I'm in? Some of it was vintage, some of it was built from scratch, it was totally authentic to the period from the point of view from fabrics and things like that. Lots of classy fabric, haha!

SoltanPill9 karma

Did you ever tell Jerry Orbach 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner' ? trolololol

Elisabeth_Rohm11 karma

Oh, you KNOW I did! For sure! I'm sure he broke out in a song and tap dance for me.

Dan_Benavides949 karma

Any advice you can give on getting into the acting business?

Elisabeth_Rohm13 karma

I think the best thing you can do for yourself is find filmmakers, young filmmakers in film school - to have tape. Live your life and be authentic and live it to the fullest, but get it on film, because no one will know anything bout you unless there is footage.

I think back on when I was getting started, and I would go to film school bulletin boards, you know, wherever you live anywhere in the world or the US, if you have a local film or art school, you can go to the bulletin boards and they are looking for an actor, you can get some footage, some experience, something you can show somebody. Without something to show somebody, it's hard to progress. I think the hard thing about being an actor is writers can sit down alone and write. Painters can sit down alone and paint. But actors, it's a collaborative art. You need others in order to express yourself. And therefore you have to further your chances of getting to work as an actor by having some footage to show people, so that you can either get representation or promote yourself in some way, because unless people know about you, they won't hire you.

MuntConkey9 karma

As a big fan of Law & Order I thought the last line you ever said on that show came completely out of left field. Was the fact that you were playing a lesbian as big of a surprise to you as it was to the viewing public?

Elisabeth_Rohm12 karma

Oh, it wasn't a surprise to me, because Dick Wolfe asked me if I wanted to and I said "yes." So I wasn't surprised by it, and I told Dick "I always thought she was gay, that's awesome, let's do it!" So...

SoltanPill8 karma

are you a fan of Kristen Wiig?

Elisabeth_Rohm5 karma

Yes, I am.

PistolPete238 karma

Patron or Don Julio tequila? Favorite drunk food?

Elisabeth_Rohm15 karma

Patron. And drunk food...I think that probably - definitely being italian, if there are cold cuts and cheese in the refrigerator, that's very bad. I could eat a pound of salami and camembert.

lula24888 karma

If you could work with any other actor/actress (alive or dead) who would you pick?

Elisabeth_Rohm9 karma

Let's just say, right now... I would say Gena Rowlands. That's just what comes to my mind right now. I just think, looking at her career, it's so authentic and collaborative with her husband, and she's just a badass and unrelenting and uncompromising in her creativity so I see her as a very glamorous rebel. Very truthful and very family-oriented, you know? A fierce woman.

fallenazn7 karma

What would you be doing as a career if you hadn't gone into acting?

Elisabeth_Rohm17 karma

Well, I planned to be a writer, and I still am a writer, I've published 2 books, but outside of acting & writing, I probably would've been a psychiatrist or an architect.

Kishara7 karma

Dogs or cats and why?

Elisabeth_Rohm14 karma

I really love both. I have both. I have a dog, a husky named Blue and a cat named Sapphire, but they are very different. A dog has a responsive relationship with you ... they're always at your side, it's more human, you know? Whereas a cat is elusive and then needy, either ignores you or needs to paw on your lap incessantly. When I compare it to past boyfriends, I'd go with the dog instead of the cat model.

Kishara4 karma

That's an awesome answer. I love dogs, they are very enriching to live with. Cats dangle you on a string, dogs fetch the string for you.

Elisabeth_Rohm10 karma

That's funny, I like it.

I349Y6 karma

Most funniest prank that happened on set? I love you btw <3

Elisabeth_Rohm14 karma

Funny prank that's ever happened on-set... I don't know if there's been a prank? One of the most fun times EVER-ever onset was with David Boreanaz, I don't think I ever laughed more, the show shot at night, so you're shooting until 5 AM and that delirium was just like a drug. I really, really love that guy. He's an excellent human being and funny. That might be some of the most fun I've ever had.

SoltanPill6 karma

How do you feel about actresses being expected to be perfect looking at all times? Do you just chill out when you are going to the store or do you feel the pressure to have perfect hair and clothes in case a fan or paparazzo is around?

Elisabeth_Rohm9 karma

You know, I just don't worry about it. If I want to wear sweatpants to the grocery store - and most people don't recognize you anyways if you're not dressed up. So I don't feel it's too much of a concern.

iCryKarma6 karma

If you were on death row, what would your final meal be?

Elisabeth_Rohm5 karma

Um... spaghetti and meatballs.

dragonfly19935 karma

favorite snack?

Elisabeth_Rohm18 karma

My favorite snack is guacamole. I like to have rice chips with it. Medium spicy.

Boonyy5 karma

What's your biggest regrets on your career and why?

Elisabeth_Rohm12 karma


Gosh. I don't have any, really. I mean, I think I've sort of been in television and film and taken jobs... I guess there's always the regret of having done jobs just for money, you know? Like creatively, you regret having to make those decisions sometimes. But at the same time if you look at those jobs as the opportunity to have fun and to be a working artist... I don't really have regrets. I guess one could say they regret having to maybe take a role they just needed to pay the bills that month.

RobertPaulsen395 karma

I see a film called "Sara's Cell" coming up next year? Has that started filming yet? How did you (or will you) prepare for a role like that? Looks like a great cast, too.

Elisabeth_Rohm7 karma

I'm not associated with that film. I don't know why it's on IMDB but I am not doing that film.

ninamitkoza5 karma

Have you ever played in the theater? Do you prefer film or theater. ?

Elisabeth_Rohm8 karma

I haven't done theater since college. I think it would be nice to do a play.

ninamitkoza4 karma

I think you should act in the theater, your acting simply comes naturally from you. I like you in Stalker. How did you decide to accept the role in Stalker?

Elisabeth_Rohm6 karma

Well, you know, Kevin Williamson wanted me to do it and I just felt like as far as doing a show like this, this type of character I'm playing is a juicy bone every episode I'm in, because it's emotional as opposed to procedural case storylines, and the complicated feelings that Amanda and Jack have just feel very real to me, and it felt like something I wanted to explore - where you have a child together and want to do the right thing, but at the same time there's so much pain and betrayal and hurt that it feels like a near impossibility. And I think they still have feelings for each other - even after you've been hurt so much, the fact you still have feelings for somebody... i just felt it was an interesting relationship to focus on.

Boonyy5 karma

Stalker is my favorite new show this year. Any ideas about how many episodes you going to do this season? What's your favorite episode of the show so far?

Elisabeth_Rohm4 karma

Well, I'm a series regular, so I am basically available to the show whenever it wants me and needs me, but I would imagine - I've not been in every single show because the storyline is peppered throughout the season - I would say 2/3 of the show, I would say? It'll certainly go for quite some time.

It's a complicated relationship, I think we're going to explore it, you know?

mr_sn35 karma


Elisabeth_Rohm6 karma

I'd just knock him out in the face. Like, one punch - it has to be like a boxer move and he'd be out for the count.

fallenazn4 karma

Hi there, thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a fan!

What is your favorite superhero?

Elisabeth_Rohm9 karma

My favorite superhero is... Jennifer Lawrence's character in X-Men. Mystique.

Universu4 karma

What more do you want to achieve both in your personal and professional Life?

Elisabeth_Rohm8 karma

I want to do a lot more for the world. I want to continue to do the work I do with the American Red Cross and with children, and I am probably more devoted to my family than anybody knows, but as far as acting goes, I just want to keep working with great filmmakers like David O. Russell and Kevin Williamson and Joss Whedon and grow and learn from those amazing directors, and keep doing things that scare me or I think are impossible and discover that they are achievable and just keep growing - as a mother and as an artist!

Universu4 karma

Who is you favorite Architect and which do you think is the most dramatic building ever constructed?

Elisabeth_Rohm8 karma

Mmm... the Guggenheim. There are many, many buildings in the world, but the Guggenheim stands along as a very unique design. Very cool.

theoriginalauthor4 karma

I author grant requests for small humanitarian nonprofit organizations. What's the secret to obtaining an actor's or actress' support, not necessarily financial, for these organizations? thank you!

Elisabeth_Rohm8 karma

Well, I think in everything in life, you have to be very specific. So you manifest things that you build your career on. So maybe you are passionate about something YOURSELF, so you could research what actor or public figure has expressed interest for that type of cause, and then perhaps find a way to reach out to them. It's just like anybody seeking a partnership you just have to do the research.

Canned_Poodle4 karma

Is your refrigerator running?

Elisabeth_Rohm17 karma

If it was, I'd have to catch up with it cuz I love to cook so much!

GSBall3 karma

Hi! If for 24 hours, you had had unrestricted access to anywhere in the world, and had no restriction from any laws, what would you do?

P.S. I love you.

Elisabeth_Rohm5 karma

Oh gosh, that's so crazy! I would probably go to some incredible sacred place like King Tut's tomb and go through every single nook & cranny - places where you're not supposed to go, i would explore.

Boonyy3 karma

Did you watched and loved any TV shows this days?

Elisabeth_Rohm7 karma

STALKER! And I really haven't been watching much tv because I've been busy doing my show and watching my daughter. But i have been watching every episode of STALKER, and I think all the other actors - Maggie Q and Dylan and all the other actors are far more on than me, and the cinematography is strong, and it's a very compelling, scary show.

Boonyy3 karma

You worked on a little show for TNT called "Bull". Any thoughts about that show and why it was cancelled ?

Elisabeth_Rohm5 karma

I think it was a great show. I think the problem with it was it dealt with the subject of money and greed, which isn't very heroic, but also at that time - 9/11 hadn't take place, so there wasn't a lot of humanity down there ,the way it was presented, and I think had it come a few years later, it would've been a little bit more meaningful. I think it was just ahead of its time, basically.

Robi_N3 karma

in the future, would you like to work with Sasha Alexander?

Elisabeth_Rohm5 karma

It's really funny you say that, she's a personal friend of mine, and yes I would love to work with her. Our children go to school together.

AmblinFan263 karma

Hey Elizabeth! I just want to say how much I love your work on film & TV! Keep up the great work that you do!

Two questions: 1) On your final episode of Law & Order, it was revealed that your character was a lesbian. What kind of feedback did you receive from that particular moment on the show?

2) On Stalker, you play the D.A. and embittered ex of Dylan McDermott's character Jack. Will we see the crucial moments that led to your character hating Jack?

Elisabeth_Rohm8 karma

1) I think mostly what I've gotten back is a sense of confusion about it? But it certainly - it's been 8 years and people are still asking about it - so it was just one of those watercooler moments, because most of those characters you know nothing about them personally, and now you've learned something as specific as their sexual preference, makes a very unique character for a show like LAW & ORDER. I'm very happy I played a part of that moment. And I always thought Serena was gay, so that worked for me.

2) I don't know? Because I work for a genius, ha! So who knows what he's going to come up with?!

SquidgyGoat3 karma

Who is your favourite Muppet?

Elisabeth_Rohm7 karma

Gosh, I don't know - Kermit the frog?

kibblepigeon2 karma

A Chinese or Indian takeaway?

Elisabeth_Rohm6 karma

Indian food! LOVE IT!

CaptainSnotRocket2 karma

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders.

Since you have first hand experience at this. Are they really separate?

Elisabeth_Rohm4 karma

Well, I think in the legal system, I think the detectives and the DAs worked very closely, and they have inner relationships behind the scenes just like any business. The actual detectives and DAs I think are a central part of each other's lives, so I think it just makes to do a show with detective and lawyers because behind-the-scenes they are so instrumental to each other.

MsJessD42 karma

Hi Elizabeth, what do you like the most about playing in Stalker? I absolutely love the show and your character. I look forward to see more more scenes between you and Dylan :)

Elisabeth_Rohm5 karma

Thank you so much! I love working with Dylan. He is like working with electricity. And he's so committed to his job and so disciplined, it's so nice to work with somebody who doesn't walk through what they're doing. He cares about every line and every moment, and he runs everything up the flagpole so it's the most authentic. He's just emotionally available and the best acting partner I could have.

Robi_N2 karma

hi bella :) are you ever been to Italy? and the most beautiful experience you had during your work

Elisabeth_Rohm4 karma

I have been to Tuscany, but I'm dying for another trip to Italy. With my mom's heritage being Italian, it's long overdue.

HereToHumilateAFrand2 karma

Hello! Any specific books or films that particularly inspire you?

Elisabeth_Rohm4 karma

Not that I can think of off the top of my head...

Dan_Benavides942 karma

What drew you to the role of Amanda on Stalker?

Elisabeth_Rohm4 karma

I think what drew me to the role was the complicated feeling between wanting to protect your child from somebody who has harmed you, and also wanting to get away from them. I think what also compelled me was the experience she had of being stalked by him, you know? Let's not forget he came from NY and followed her to LA - we can't romanticize everything bout their relationship personally. For someone to be strong and stand up against someone who is violating boundaries -and even though he is not necessarily obsessed with her he did follow her there. So that was interesting to me- how are you strong and defend yourself against somebody you care about, but deep-down inside there is a lot of pain and resentment and bitterness. But you share a child together and you're going to be stuck together one way or another.

Reverend-of-Science2 karma

Best acting books you've read?

Elisabeth_Rohm3 karma

The best acting books I've ever read - I think that Ivana Chubbuck, I've worked with her a ton, and she's actually living, so I actually appreciate a lot of other teachers that have passed, but I absolutely love her because she's alive and well.

SoltanPill1 karma

Is Jennifer Lawrence as annoying and attention seeking as she comes across? I wish i could tell her to chill out, she doesn't always have to be 'on'

Elisabeth_Rohm18 karma

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most incredible women I know. Generous, and loving, and humble, and loyal, and authentic. I think you must have the wrong person in mind.