What’s up people? DJ Premier and Royce da 5’9” here to talk about our upcoming debut album PRhyme, out December 9th everywhere. Each of us individually have changed hip-hop over the years, but now that we’ve joined forces it’s a whole other story. From Gang Starr to Slaughterhouse and beyond we’ve made dozens of classics, but we’re still in our PRhyme!

Check out some of our tracks below.

“Courtesy”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G9BffoByTg&feature=youtu.be

“U Looz”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAZ96Xoegyc&feature=youtu.be

Proof: http://instagram.com/p/wMvAm3mh8t/?modal=true Proof: http://instagram.com/p/wMwq_qCQzu/?modal=true

PRhyme Pre-Order: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/prhyme/id927056584 PRhyme VINYL Pre-Order: http://www.amazon.com/Prhyme-PRhyme/dp/B00OGYUV82/ref=sr_1_1_twi_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1416522188&sr=1-1

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ThePRIMEMaster164 karma

Royce - can we expect another Bad Meets Evil album in the future?

PRhyme_Official143 karma

You never know -Nickle-

tryndaqueer24 karma

I certainly hope so, the other one was incredibly underrated. It is spectacular what Royce and Marshall can do together.

Dogs_are_people_too12 karma

What's up! Do you guys have any favorite songs off your own album?

PRhyme_Official29 karma

Premier--My favorite is "U Looz" and "You Should Know"

PRhyme_Official64 karma

I had a blast ya'll!!!!!!!! Thank you so much.. Nickle, signing off Peace!

mikeaveli268253 karma

Premier, any truth to the rumors that you produced a song for Tupac Shakur while he was signed to Death Row Records?

PRhyme_Official149 karma

Premier--I never Produced with 2Pac but I have a song for whenever I need to use it on Acapella. One day It will come out when I put a beat to it.

andre4k41 karma

Royce, who was your biggest inspiration growing up?

PRhyme_Official55 karma

There were many.. Cool J was a huge one -Nickle-

MR_MADMONEY_30535 karma

Royce, how has working with Eminem now changed from how it was back in the Slim Shady LP days?

PRhyme_Official69 karma

We've both grown as people and as artists so we push each other a little more lyrically these days -Nickle-

andre4k32 karma

Can we expect more PRhyme after this album?

PRhyme_Official55 karma

Well whats crazy is that we have the option to do whatever so we're keeping that option ope -Nickle-

StraightEdge1223126 karma

Are the rumours true about your beef with Biggie? And if so what was it about?

PRhyme_Official50 karma

me and Big never had beef. There was some issues regarding one of my artists Jeru The Damaja but that got taken care of

buges15 karma

Did that all come about from One Day?

Can you touch on what caused the split between yourself and Jeru? His music has never been the same without you.

PRhyme_Official43 karma

Premier--"One Day" did spark the controversy. I went thru the motions but all is well and me and BIG cleared it up before he died. Plus BIG was NEVER called out on that record at all. speculation can sometimes lead to the wrong point getting across. As for Jeru, he and I are totally fine. We split over a business decision. We are gonna work this year on some new stuff

PropDres24 karma

Premo & Royce. First off, thanks so much for working together and breathing some life into hip hop. A couple questions:

  • 1) what's a short back story as to how you guys linked up to doing Phryme

  • 2) what was the biggest challenge working together? (Logistics, scheduling, styles)

  • 3) Were you surprised that this happened? It's been a long time since the release of "Boom"

Thanks again!

PRhyme_Official31 karma


  1. Mike Herrard who works at Shady brought the idea to us for a Slaughterhouse EP of 5 songs...After scheduling everyone was taking too long, Royce and I decided to do it together and that turned it into a full LP.

  2. The biggest challenge for me was Producing a full LP with ONLY sampling Adrian Younge's catalog of music. But Royce convinced me to give it a chance. I am happy that I took the chance to do something different. Now we have PRhyme December 9th. 2

  3. I'm not surprised, "STREET HOP" was supposed to kind be a full LP but we have made it now.

DJSoNice23 karma

Eh Prem! Why dont rap producers remix ish anymore? What can we do to bring the remix back?

PRhyme_Official59 karma

Word Right? I've done a few for Sam Smith and I did a Disclosure Remix for "Latch"....We will be dropping some PRhyme Remixes with special guests.

one-hour-photo20 karma

What was it like when you found out that your music was going to be featured in Grand Theft Auto III? Did you have any clue that the game would become such a huge success?

Also, do you have any advice for an up and coming rap group? www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGpEsjUd3Tg

PRhyme_Official34 karma

I had a feeling the game was gonna be huge.. I actually got a first look at it and was honored... My only advice would be to believe in yourself.. Thats most important -Nickle-

20TL12III19 karma

Who do you think will have a better showing at Ether on Saturday, Bizzy Bone or Cassidy? (Yes, Bizzy Bone is now on the card, opponent ain't been announced)

Any info that you can share about Total Slaughter 2? If it going to happen? Who some names that might be on the show?

Why y'all let Joe put the mic down though?

PRhyme_Official21 karma

lol I dunno who will do better. i'm a fan of both guys.. Total Slaughter is definitely happening again.. I just got real busy with PRhyme.. I didnt let Joe put the mic down lol he did that on his own -Nickle-

orange_cuse15 karma

Preemo! I'm an 80's baby, born/raised in NY (Queens!) and so I'm a huge fan of that grimey, gritty, heavy bass beats that were prevalent back in the 90's. My question is, do you think that kind of sound will ever make a come back? Or do you think that particular sound had its time and it's no longer as relevant in today's hip hop culture?

PRhyme_Official56 karma

Shit ! that's what I still do. There should be hundreds more of me doing the same thing. There's no excuse to ignore the sound of New York and you come from the birthplace of Hip Hop Culture. Do what you love, not what is trending

fakewhitey15 karma

When is glasshouse coming out?

PRhyme_Official34 karma

2015 fa sure -Nickle-

quigbert14 karma

How do you prepare to make an album?

PRhyme_Official37 karma

Take a deep breath and just start writing -Nickle-

empress_of_the_west14 karma

Is there an album that you feel influenced you time & time again?

PRhyme_Official36 karma

Life after Death.. It was Written and The Blueprint

sirkh112 karma

Hey Royce and Preme! Great job with the album, especially getting it done and out so quickly. Will there perhaps be a sequel? (You knew someone was going to ask.) Royce, what do you think your greatest strengths and weaknesses are as an emcee?

Also, for Preme - what is the status of the other collaborations you are said to have in the works - especially the one with Pete Rock which I have been looking forward to for YEARS.

PRhyme_Official36 karma

Premier--We have talked about doing a sequel but we will see later down the line after this one comes out. As for the Pete Rock Album, we are doing a single in January to start the project. He is producing half of it and I am doing the other half.

dasautomobil12 karma

Royce, did anyone get their ass beat for misspelling your legal name on the back cover of Death Is Certain?

PRhyme_Official18 karma

Nah lol -NIckle-

pasc4312 karma

Loving your style as of late Royce! Any chance you tour up to Canada?

PRhyme_Official19 karma

Thank you and absolutely -Nickle-

Zipgun112 karma

Premier? Why don't you open a club in Houston? I have one for you already. Lee Van Richardson

PRhyme_Official18 karma

Lee Van ?????? What's up man...I'm not the club business guy. It would have to make sense on a business level for me to do that. I wouldn't count it out but the numbers etc. would have to add up. R.I.P. Keith Bowdre....

KidFromKanto11 karma

DJ Premier: What's it like working with Royce?

Royce: What's it like working with Premo? (Loved Vegas, you go in.)

PRhyme_Official14 karma

Premier--Working with Royce is always easy. He is a perfectionist and so am I. We never have a dull moment ever. Chemistry is key to great records being made and we have that.

pasc439 karma

What's one thing no one would expect about yourself?

PRhyme_Official46 karma

Premier--That I am a huge Rock & RoLL fan. I know my shit and I go to many many many concerts...Genesis, Van Halen, AC/DC, Rush, Iron Maiden, The Police, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue....

TheAdderallAdmiral9 karma

Preme, whats your favorite beat youve produced?

Royce, what do you think is your best verse ever?

PRhyme_Official17 karma

Premier---I don't have a favorite beat. Too many to count. I like listening to other peoples music honestly. I make mine to put out to the universe. I love a lot of songs that I've done but not "ONE" singles out the others

PRhyme_Official16 karma

damn.. I dont think i could name one -Nickle-

TouchMyOranges8 karma

Royce, who was your idol growing up?

PRhyme_Official22 karma

Sugar Ray Leonard -Nickle-

SteviePost8 karma

Dj Premier, I assume you have one of the dopest record collections ever. What are some of your personal favorite vinyls you own?

PRhyme_Official24 karma

Premier-- My David Axelrod LP's, all of my Jackson 5 Albums, James Brown, Parliament, Ohio Players, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, Willie Hutch, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, MAZE, Minnie Ripperton, Earth, Wind & Fire, Barry White, Henry Mancini, sooooooomany more...

Randyy17 karma

Hey, Ryan and Chris, I'm a big fan of Shady Records, as well as Premier's work (one of the best producers ever), so I was really looking forward to this Prhyme joint!

I'm glad you decided to do this AmA. I have a few questions (I won't ask nothing about Budden lol)

  • 1) How many videos for the album are you planning on shooting? Is it gonna be anything like 50's Animal Ambition - a video for every song?

  • 2) Why was the Courtesy video so short? That entire track is really dope, I wish the video was longer.

    (btw my favorite line from the song is Daddy taught me if the ass is so fat it's a fact / That if you with your ho, don't matter it's still appropriate to scope at it lol)

  • 3) What's your favorite track on the album? (hopefully you'll both answer)

    (Mine's PRhyme for now, I also really like Courtesy, Wishin' and Dat Sound Good)

  • 4) Not a question, but you two should break down some of the PRhyme tracks on Rap.Genius! Royce recently did an interview about ShadyXV with Joel and Crooked, and we would like to hear something about this project as well!

I'm gonna risk sounding corny A.F. but your music is really helping me through some tough times right now.

Can't wait for the album to drop!

PRhyme_Official16 karma

Premier-- 1. We plan on shooting a video to every song on the LP

  1. There is a longer version but there were parts that could not be shot to complete it in time. So we did not want to waste the footage so we released it as a commercial to set up the LP coming out for now

  2. I love "Wishin", "U Looz" and "Microphone Preem". It changes by the day.

homicide_device7 karma

Two questions -

  1. I know you're planning to tour in support of this album - Any idea on when dates will be posted? (and will there be an STL one?)

  2. Question for Royce - Will there be a Bar Exam 4? (please say yes.)

PRhyme_Official15 karma

  1. The tour dates will be posted VERY soon. As in days. Lol
  2. Working on a lot now but I'll never rule out a Bar Exam 4. -Nickel

PRhyme_Official11 karma

Premier-- 1. yes we will tour February. Still working out the dates.

PRhyme_Official8 karma

Dec 9th, we'll be announcing dates and routing.. as far as BE4... I'd LOVE TO! hahaha -Nickle-

redditguy0017 karma

What's the worst job you've ever had?

PRhyme_Official25 karma

I worked at 7-11, Oil Dispatch and a department store all at the same time -Nickle-

---N-E-P-M-A-K---7 karma

What is a hobby of yours that people might not expect?

PRhyme_Official6 karma

Boxing -Nickle-

jesseholmz7 karma

Are you still using MPCs, or have you upgraded to modern hardware? How do you think your production has changed over the years?

oh, one more thing, will you start producing MOP albums again?

PRhyme_Official9 karma

I am using the MPC Renaissance. It is pretty much the same ad the 60 except it is equipped with more sample time and capable of using Plug Ins from outboard gear that i still use from the 90's.

As for M.O.P. I am on the upcoming LP. I did 5 so far. They have an EP out now but that was just to stall while they finish recording the album. They wanted to save mine for that instead.

Stroydnaire7 karma

What is your favorite track off PRhyme? Does Premo rhyme at all on the album?

PRhyme_Official15 karma

Premier--I spit 2 bars on "U Looz"....Enjoy because I don't rap LOL

PRhyme_Official13 karma

He speaks with his hands on the album.. Its pretty amazing... I love all of the songs.. Theyre like my kids -Nickle-

hemminngway6 karma

both of your top 5 favorite albums?

PRhyme_Official26 karma

Premier-- (NOT IN ORDER) 1. Eric B. & Rakim--"Paid In Full" 2. Run-DMC-"Raising Hell" 3. LL Cool J--"Radio" 4. Boogie Down Productions--"Criminal Minded" 5. Public Enemy--"Yo ! Bum Rush The Show"

lilmulla16 karma

Royce, big fan, I've been listening since the Bar Exam Days lol...anyway who is the funniest member of Slaughterhouse?

PRhyme_Official15 karma

They're all pretty funny guys -Nickle-

likehiok6 karma

Are you still working on Christina Aguilera's new album? If so, what can you tell us about the tracks?

PRhyme_Official8 karma

I just sent her some new tracks. I don't know what she is going to use yet. We will soon see. She's about to get married so I know that is her focus right now.

Cornflake256 karma

Is it true that Ed Sheeran came to work with you due to Christina Aguileraa Back to Basics? Why didn't your tracks make his album

PRhyme_Official16 karma

I worked with Ed Sheeran last year on a song called "The Manor". It is still coming out.

fresh885 karma

Hey Premier, I’m a huge fan! I was inspired to start producing hip-hop beats after listening to your music for a long time. Do you have any advice for upcoming producers who are starting out?

PRhyme_Official18 karma

Study the great ones that have a long history of greatness under their belt. You must study just like Football and Basketball players study film. This is a professional business It is fun but MUST be taken serious in order to place yourself amongst us.

LuLZzALoT5 karma

do you use any daw software or do you still just use an MPC sequencer?

PRhyme_Official9 karma

MPC Renaissance is software but the formula is the same approach as Analog. I did the entire PRhyme LP on it and it is the first album that I used it for.

phillip420694 karma

Primo! I'm a huge fan! All your tracks are amazing. If you weren't spinning for a living/passion, what would you see yourself doing? What do you think would have happened if you didn't go after your career as a DJ.

PRhyme_Official8 karma

Man I don't really know....I love football but I got hurt on my motorcycle years ago and that pretty much ended that career. I'm blessed to do music as a profession.

GetDaWaterNigguh4 karma

Yo I cant wait to buy that PRhyme album But, how soon is Glasshouse coming out? Keep it 100, nickle I need some more slaughter!

PRhyme_Official6 karma

Its coming my brother! -Nickle-

guitarzer03 karma

Royce you're the man! Any chance we hear a Truth or Truth Part 2 before Slaughterhouse's next album?

PRhyme_Official5 karma

We've done a few in that chamber since -Nickle-

robbyelihu3 karma

Royce and Preme- what are some of your favorite clothing brands to wear?

PRhyme_Official6 karma

I dont usually shop brands.. I go for looks.. I really like layering.. Im a winter and fall dresser -Nickle-

Evoion443 karma

Let me say Royce, you're my favorite rapper first off, and Preem you're my favorite DJ. Now that that's out of the way, on to the questions (for both of you guys)

  1. Any tips for a young upcoming rapper?
  2. What is your favorite song you've ever done?
  3. Are you coming to New Jersey anytime soon?

PRhyme_Official12 karma

Premier-- 1. Compare yourself to artist that you highly respect to see where you fit in. You should want those artists to speak your name when you put some music out.

  1. I have no favorite song. I love em all

  2. If New Jersey sends for me, I am there. I play anywhere.

PRhyme_Official10 karma

Believe in yourself is the advice i always give bro -Nickle-

sfs123 karma


Congratulations on your sobriety! How do you do it? As someone who struggles with substances, it's a really tough fight for me. How can someone with your fame, wealth and free lifestyle manage to remain sober for that long? Do you have any tips or words of encouragement? I'd appreciate anything!

PRhyme_Official17 karma

Well you have to want to stop.. I reached a point in my life where i just felt it was time.. I knew i needed help and i couldnt do it on my own so i reached out to who could help me.. Admitting that youre powerless over whatever youre addiction is, is probably the biggest act of strength you could ever portray

TheOnlySonido3 karma

Hey what's up Royce and Preemo! Can't wait for the album to drop. Like what I've been hearing!

I wanted to ask were there any artists that you wanted a feature from on the album but weren't able to get in time?

Also, are there any artists that everybody should look for that are on the come up?

Thanks guys!

PRhyme_Official13 karma

Black Thought of the ROOTS but we are getting him on the "Wishin" REMIX. His manager had just died so he was not in the mood to write and record. More Remixes coming and a 3 song Deluxe Bonus cuts coming

pasc433 karma

Who are you listening to the most these days? Are there any up and comers we should be watching out for?

PRhyme_Official15 karma

Look out for Kid Vishis! -Nickle-

bknapp112 karma

Preemo I'm a huge fan! Finally been able to start getting my name a bit more recognized as a producer and I owe a huge part of that to you as I have listened to your production religiously over the past few years.

My question is do you ever run into a sort of writers block when it comes to finding samples? And if you do how do you overcome this?

PRhyme is amazing btw. I can't get over the beat changes on Wishin. Great stuff from both you and Royce

PRhyme_Official6 karma

Premier-- Yes I get writers block all of the time...You just have to go back to it with a fresh head and somehow it comes. Everyday is not meant to be the day that a song will come out great. But it finally does. Stay in your zone and shut the phones off and ignore everyone while you are creating

ThaOGNatrasha2 karma

First, I am a huge fan of both of you and thanks for doing this AMA ! With that being said do you think the bar has been set VERY high for this album with great albums already dropped this year such as RTJ2 and Ab-soul ?

PRhyme_Official6 karma

Yes the bar is set extremely high.. We're up for the challenge tho -Nickle-

PRhyme_Official6 karma

Premier-- The bar should ALWAYS BE SET HIGH. I would NEVER want to be an "alright " artist. I strive for excellence on a super high level at all times

theabstractATCQ2 karma

Hey just wanted to say first off you guys' album is great and its gonna be on rotation for a while. All the songs are dope and I especially love Ab-Souls feature on there. Question for premo, what was your favorite beat to make ever? My personal favorite beat of yours is probably Work or Nas Is Like

PRhyme_Official6 karma

I do not have a favorite beat. Too many to focus on 1 favorite

Arispotle1212 karma

Preme- you ever consider writing a book? Hip hop history stories would be dope especially stories about Big L(RIP) and other greats

Royce- you gonna hop in the battle rap scene and start killing foos and throw hands?

PRhyme_Official11 karma

Premier--I am doing a book with Harry Allen helping me on it. I also want to do a proper Gang Starr Book. Stay Tuned

PRhyme_Official6 karma

Im open to the idea -Nickle-

AvoLol2 karma

Prem, I'm a big fan of you! What do you think of J Dilla?

PRhyme_Official8 karma

Premier-- Dilla is my dude. we hung out together many of times. He was with me when I recorded "Devil's Pie" with D'angelo. I have the picture. This was before he was sick and Alchemist came with me....Alchemist looks like a little kid back in 1998...R.I.P. Dilla Dawg

lesbianpirate2 karma

I have been waiting for you two do be a collective since I first heard royce's hip hop. Any plans on touring and will you hit Ireland? You work amazing together just as good as gang starr was imo. Rip guru.

PRhyme_Official5 karma

We plan to eventually hit every city,Country etc -Nickle-

PRhyme_Official3 karma

Premier-- The tour details are being worked out so stay tuned. But Yes we will tour.

adventurepony2 karma

Preme can you tell us a good guru story none of us would have heard, and what really went down with solar?

PRhyme_Official12 karma

Premier--I have many stories but too much to type. As for Solar i don't want to give him any shine. He don't deserve anything coming from me so I will stay positive to avoid all negative fronts.

buges2 karma


Huge fan of your work, love all of your shit all the way from No More Mr Nice Guy up until PHryme, you are probably my all time favorite producer and I don't think that will ever change.

That being said, why you gotta break my heart all the time. You announce some amazing projects like your collabs with people like Nas, KRS One & Pete Rock but then we never hear anymore. I know the Nas project is held up by label shit but what about you and KRS or Pete? Would love to hear some info on this.

Also i saw you and Pete when you came to Australia for your back2back tour and it was fucking amazing. Thank you so much for that night, even though you were late!

I know Pete has been talking about the fact that he wants to make a reunion album with CL since Guru passed, do you have any information on that?

Thanks for blessing us with so much amazing music over the years. You truly are one of the greatest Producers of all time.

Guru RIP.

PRhyme_Official6 karma

the NAS LP you are correct. He has to finish his commitments to Def Jam first. As for KRS, we did 3 songs and then he went on tour. Haven't heard from him since, but that's what KRS does so when the time is right it will happen. As for Pete Rock, we both had other commitments that had to come first so that is just how our industry goes. Don't count them out though....I still continue to put music out if you are really keeping up with me.

ittozziloP2 karma

Ayo Preemo, when are you gonna produce for K-Rino? He's so dope but needs better production.

PRhyme_Official2 karma

Premier--K-Rino is on the new NYGz LP. Their LP will finally get a release date in January. The song he did with us is called "Introduction To Manhood" along with Lil Fame of M.O.P....K-Rino got busy on it. He and I talked about doing an album.

sfs122 karma

First off, great album. I loved every track and I truly enjoyed the features, ranging from Mac Miller to Jay Electronica.

Royce, as a fellow Detroiter (from Metro-Detroit actually, but you get what I mean), I am well aware of your love for Detroit and support for the city. Allow me to express my appreciation for that!

I have a few quick questions: What's your daily routine? In other words, what's an average day for Royce da 5'9" like? Also, do you record using studios primarily in Michigan or do you prefer to record elsewhere (i.e. Los Angeles, New York)?

PRhyme_Official2 karma

THank you my brother.. A day for me consists of gym, studio and more studio lol... I use Mr Porters studio in OP -Nickle-

JJ-72 karma

Premier, who would you put in your top 5 (All time)?

PRhyme_Official33 karma

Premier--Rakim, KRS-ONE, Chuck D, Melle Mel, Big Daddy Kane

GuilleArgentina_HH1 karma

Royce, PRhyme and 2014 Forest Hills Drive (J Cole) come out the same day, what you think about?

PRhyme_Official7 karma

I dont really think about it -Nickle-