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Are you still using MPCs, or have you upgraded to modern hardware? How do you think your production has changed over the years?

oh, one more thing, will you start producing MOP albums again?

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I'm half Jewish and live in upstate NY, away from most other people of Jewish heritage, and i've dealt with anti-semitism living here.

I never understood why, and at the time of your ordeal, did you and/or your family understand why you were being treated the way you were? Did the Nazi's tell you why they were doing it or was there no explanation at all?

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what is your feeling when it comes to goats and their association to satan? do you feel that goats are now stereotyped due to this association, or perhaps you feel that the portrayal of satan as a goat is offensive? do you think it's unfair to assume satan had the legs of a goat?

thanks for doing this!!