EDIT: Seems like i'm still doing this! haha - keep the questions coming. i'll come back and answer each day!!!!!

Howdy. My name is Dan, i'm a Korean adoptee who just met his biological family, including an identical twin brother i never knew about for the first time and it's been stupid crazy ever since. We made a documentary about it. I also rap! Twitter/Instagram: @DANakaDAN

My Proof: http://i.imgur.com/WWXgQgj.jpg | http://twitter.com/DANakaDAN

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DANakaDAN36 karma

i don't know how to use reddit.

DANakaDAN25 karma

you suck!

Vaguely_Reckless16 karma

Have you discovered that the two of you share any specific mannerisms or habits?

DANakaDAN50 karma

We both had cats named tounces.

bloopeeriod10 karma

Do your cats drive?

PoppaRocket3 karma

cats can't drive

bloopeeriod3 karma

Toonses the driving cat can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n1cqbvCpDg

omg_pwnies2 karma

Just not very well.

(ed: I can't remember dialogue from 26 years ago very well. :p )

DANakaDAN2 karma


crimsonros310 karma

I just got in touch with my father and his family as well and didn't know I had an older sister on that side... I wasn't told anything of that side even though they lived like 30 mins from me my entire life and had no contact or knowledge of who they were. My question is were you told you were adopted and did you take any unusual measures to find out more information... in other words how did the adoption affect you your entire life and why did they just keep your twin?

DANakaDAN20 karma

great question - I was told that I was adopted - i'm Korean and my parents are caucasian - so I was very self aware my entire life. I'd say the adoption greatly affected me during my life - definitely gave me a unique view on how i see myself and the world. My biological family said that we were both very sick when i was younger and they were very poor- so they could only afford one of us- my brother got better and i remained sick- so they thought i'd be in better care with an adoption agency.

reck0nr6 karma

Not at all because of your ethnic background, but this would make a great Korean drama xD

DANakaDAN13 karma


sewsnap2 karma

As a mother, I could not imagine how much that sucked. How did your mom get through it? Was she told that you got better when you were little?

DANakaDAN3 karma

i'm not sure. but i'm glad she knows now that i'm better

slimwallet9 karma

Do you guys sound the same? Did your environment affect how your voices developed?

DANakaDAN24 karma

i think that the environment totally affected the way we sound. Because of the different languages (korean and english) - has definitely shaped our vox. i'm a little bit more higher pitched. He sounds like Matthew Perry. If Matthew Perry was Korean and Younger.

reck0nr8 karma

Is your brother musically talented as well?

EDIT: HOLY shit you're Dan! I've seen your work before through Kollaboration - had no idea you were Korean lol. I enjoy your work, keep it up, OP :)

DANakaDAN9 karma

thanks! I'm only KINDA korean though. Only my blood and skin and body are korean. my mind is probably a mix of other stuff.

whiskeyfox446 karma

Have you tried harmonizing with your twin brother? Technically, it should be pitch perfect.

DANakaDAN10 karma

have not. but now i really want to!

Suckme25 karma

What inspired you to make music?

DANakaDAN19 karma

Weird Al. That's not even a joke. I listened to a lot of Weird Al and Dr. Dre when I was younger.

damnitdana5 karma

Do you have any resentment?

DANakaDAN9 karma

nope! I'm just happy it all happened

hibryd4 karma

I would imagine that identical twins raised apart would be a scientific data treasure trove, and it's probably not very common. Have you been approached to be in any studies?

DANakaDAN4 karma

no! but i'd really love to. RiGHT? i think there's a lot to learn. someone study us!

hellosoph4 karma

Hi Dan! Do you have any plans with your Korean family in the near future?

And when are you releasing that collab song with your brother?

Welcome to Reddit. :)

DANakaDAN4 karma

Get outta here Sophia! No Sophia's allowed!

Also- yes! I do have plans with my Korean Family in the future - i'll be seeing them hopefully in a few months! I think i'll release the song sometime this month? That sound good?

hellosoph1 karma

Haha you asked us to come! #isafamily Looking forward to the song. :)

DANakaDAN1 karma

you're the best. Ok. you're my favorite intern

slimwallet4 karma

Do you guys have any shared interests?

DANakaDAN11 karma

we both enjoy rainy days and have scoliosis! Thanks Slimwallet! Who is this?!

msfisher3 karma

hey! are you coming to visit your canadian friends anytime soon?

DANakaDAN3 karma

no! Canada hates me!

hexiia5 karma

No we don't! :(

DANakaDAN1 karma

Prove it!

Zorseking343 karma

How did you guys get split up?

DANakaDAN4 karma

They kept my brother, but I was put up for adoption. He remained in Korea and I was adopted to the United States.

passtheawkwardsauce3 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

DANakaDAN3 karma

1 horse sized duck! I'd stab it in it's duck face!

Dansnumberonefan3 karma

What three things would you bring to a deserted Island?

DANakaDAN10 karma

cats, a copy of the giving tree book, and a months supply of cocopuffs

bloopeeriod1 karma

Koo koo for co co puffs eh?

DANakaDAN2 karma


rickwinston3 karma

What is your favorite city in michigan?

DANakaDAN6 karma

i'm really happy you asked that question. East Lansing. Hands down.

rickwinston2 karma

I also had a korean roommate who was adopted when I went to MSU. Maybe you're a triplet!

DANakaDAN2 karma

Maybe?! It's possible!

rickwinston2 karma

stfu! I went to school there. Yeahhhh budddy.

DANakaDAN2 karma

Had a great time!

rinjin3 karma

Watched your Youtube series about you meeting your family, it was really great.

Have you kept in contact with your biological family after your initial meeting?

DANakaDAN5 karma

i have! it's been great how easy the internet and mobile texting apps make it. we talk through skype and kakao! it's really nice. i've been out to visit once more after the original trip

souverianwerewe3 karma

Wow, just looked around and checked out your story, incredibly fascinating. What are your long term goals with your birth family? Do you want to try to visit them again in Korea or have them come to America? Are you satisfied with just having met them, and possibly maybe move on from there?

Also I saw you have a younger sister who is also adopted, has she tried to find her birth family?

DANakaDAN2 karma

Thanks so much! i hope to continue my relationship with them - i think it'll be a long time though before i really get to know them. I do want to visit them in korea and have them come to America too. I don't think i'd move there. She has not

TheFakeTomTelesco2 karma


DANakaDAN4 karma

hahaha. this is the best. yes! we do! so every wrong i do affects him!

TheFakeTomTelesco2 karma

I knew it! seriously though - cool AMA - I should ask a real question.

Are there any small details that you're surprised that the two of you either think similarly about, or small preferences regarding food, etc. that you find interesting, given your different upbringings?

DANakaDAN2 karma

Alot of interesting similarities! mainly that we're both really into hip hop!

AfellowchuckerEh2 karma

Did you practice your 1st conversation talking to yourself in the mirror?

DANakaDAN1 karma

this is a great question. hahahah. I DID NOT. BUt now i wish i did

cheezzblob2 karma

Hey Dan! We met at Kollaboration Chicago, love your music and your story.

Will you be making more music anytime soon?

How would you describe your relationship to your biological family?

Welcome to Reddit by the way! :)

DANakaDAN1 karma

thanks so much! I hope so! Early 2015 maybe? I've got a good relationship with them. improving each day

mokoyo2 karma

How do you get over the language barrier? Will both of you be learning a new language?

DANakaDAN2 karma

it's tough! i don't think we ever will.....i want to learn korean, but it'll take time

sansational2 karma

How supportive were your adoptive parents in your search for your biological fam?

DANakaDAN4 karma

incredibly supportive - they were right behind me every step of the way. I'm very grateful


DANNNNNNNNNN!! love your documentary.

do you still keep in touch with them? how is the language barrier? do you plan on visiting your biological family more often? have you considered learning korean? any plans on a follow up documentary?

DANakaDAN1 karma

Thanks! TOO MANY QUESTIONS! i'll answer one. And the answer is Yes!

Quick_man2 karma

Did you two mirror each others movements like you were looking in a mirror?

DANakaDAN3 karma

yes! and it was a ton of fun especially when we had a mirror in between us!

TheManDudeGuy2 karma

DANakaDAN! I am a huge fan of your stuff!

Do you guys have a lot of common interests? Common qualities? Do you guys like the same color?

DANakaDAN2 karma

we do! We love colors and qualities! That's our favorite thing - qualities!

chffaith1 karma

Are you gonna learn Korean soon? 😄

DANakaDAN1 karma

i want to! But i can't...will probably take a while

sirussimons1 karma

When you spent some time with your twin for the first time, did you sense that you knew what he was thinking like how twins do?

DANakaDAN1 karma


Drexx71 karma

is there any photo's that you guys were together?

DANakaDAN1 karma

yup! photos are on my instagram @DANakaDAN

Pandasaysthis1 karma

Hey Dan! Been a fan ever since I saw you perform at korus festival in northern VA, absolutely killed it!

My question is what are some shared activities that you and your brother might have and which do you enjoy the most??

DANakaDAN1 karma

thanks so much! glad you were there! Definitely hip hop. we both have very similar tastes in music and style

Jeff4eyp1 karma

Hey Dan you're a beast! Have you ever thought about acting in one of Wong Fu Production's shorts?

dafadork1 karma

I support this^ would be a dope clip to watch

DANakaDAN1 karma


DANakaDAN1 karma

i'd like to! but i'm an awful actor!

Dansnumberonefan1 karma

Who would win a fight, Superman or Goku?

DANakaDAN2 karma

Green Goblin

jpfukumae1 karma

In your videos I heard you say "cool cool cool" once. Do you pull your inspirations from Abed or is that your own unique catch phrase?

DANakaDAN1 karma

i get it from a guy named John Fukumae

MajesticSeaFerret1 karma

Your music is awesome! That's not really a question though...

Your music is awesome?

DANakaDAN2 karma

I'll take it as a question. my answer. You are awesome

-Pandamonium1 karma

Hey Dan! I've been a big fan of your music since I saw you documentary on ISA. I have two questions. 1) When is your next album releasing? 2) In your songs from what I can understand you are very conflicted with meeting your biological family and it made me wonder how everything is and your current relationship with your family. Do you plan on living with them, alone, or staying with your adoptive parents?

DANakaDAN2 karma

thanks so much! 1. hopefully will do another one early 2015. 2. That's a good question - will defintiely stay in touch with them - but i'm at a place in my life where i think i'm pretty set with living in the US for a long time. hopefully will know more soon

jpfukumae1 karma

Who is your favorite ISA intern?

DANakaDAN2 karma


Dansnumberonefan1 karma

Were Wes, Phil or Ted ever an intern at ISA?

DANakaDAN2 karma

Yes. They were all very bad interns though and had to be punished. Lots of spankings were had.

Kaywin1 karma

Hello, fellow adoptee!

What questions about your adoptee status by non-adoptees really grind your gears? Mine are anything that contains the expression "my real mom." Honorable mention goes to my friend from middle school who asked me if I "remembered the orphanage."

DANakaDAN1 karma

that question about the real mom definitely gets me too. HMM..i'd have to think about that. I think asking me about how asian i feel is a little strange too

hpetey131 karma

Hi Dan! I am a Korean adoptee as well, adopted through Eastern. I want to begin the process, but I'm not really sure how or if I'm ready to try to find my birth mother/family. Do you have any advice?

terrapat2 karma

I was adopted through Eastern as well. I met my birth family a few months ago. The information you are looking for can be found on the website


and you can get in contact with someone from the office at this email: [email protected]

I don't have much advice for whether or not you should. A birth search is really just about you so people have many reasons for doing it. Personally, I was curious about who I looked like and whether or not I had any family medical history. I think it's better to look as soon as you are ready because the younger both of you are, the easier it might be to build a lasting relationship *provided that is something you both want.

DANakaDAN2 karma

Thanks for this info Terrapat! please feel free to email me at [email protected] and i can respond with more info.

tkdjdgrl1 karma

Dan! I loved watching your documentary, thanks for letting your fans follow your journey!

My questions are: - How much Korean culture did you grow up with, both from your adoptive family and your environment? - Since meeting your family, have you become more interested in the culture, learning Korean, etc?


EDIT: Come to the East Coast!

DANakaDAN1 karma

Thank you! I will be! Coming to BOSTON Feb 6th weekend!

Goodwizzle1 karma

Have you ever read The Third Twin? Look into it!

Also, are you the son of the guy that posted on here a while back about adopting what he thought was a chinese son only to find out 17 years later that he was actually korean?

DANakaDAN1 karma

no! but that sounds crazy!

Enfrag1 karma

So do you speak Korean or does he speak english or do you both know both? Can you write me 16 bars right here right now? are you from the bay? Do you play league of legends? Tell me a cool talent you have please? What's your opinion on Kanye west I ask because I saw on your Instagram you were in Chicago? Who is your favorite artist?

DANakaDAN3 karma

  1. He speaks english - so it's easier. but not that much
  2. hi, bye, lie, die, try, sigh, guy, mye, mai, rye, tai, tye, gry, fry, pry, nye (you really have to say the words slowly - and there you ahve it!
  3. no i do not! no league
  4. i'm from LA
  5. i can make it rain!
  6. i love kanye west
  7. kanye west or vin deisel

creatorofred1 karma

When you're ready to have children do you think that you will adopt?

DANakaDAN1 karma

I'm definitely considering it.

jpfukumae1 karma

If you had the choice between 1 million dollars or owning a real life Pikachu, what would you choose? And why?

DANakaDAN0 karma

a million dollars because I hate pikachu!

ghsgjgfngngf1 karma

Why bother if he's identical?

DANakaDAN1 karma

so i can see me. but not me

Extaseee-1 karma

Why is this the first time you have met him?

DANakaDAN3 karma

We were separated at birth