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How many Lego pieces do you estimate you have?

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How has having narcolepsy affected the relationships in your life? If I ever meet a person with narcolepsy, what should I do to make things easier for them?

Thank you for doing this! It really sheds some light on something the media has been less than truthful about.

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Thanks for doing this. I watched Descendants of the Sun. :) There were some well choreographed scenes and parts of the acting were enjoyable. Like you, I thought the Delta operator scene, among others was complete crap-- and almost spat out the water I was drinking. Coincidentally, I am Asian and female.


    1. How do volunteer medical services work in conjunction with the armed forces?
    1. What is the greatest potential conflict facing the Korean peninsula?

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How did you "apply" to be an astronaut? I'm assuming there is some big caveat involved here.

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What are you going to do once you get out? Or at least how are you going to make a difference in the way you live life now compared to before?