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So, what you are saying is "count me-owt"?

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so a fir-arri then.

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Do your cats drive?

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demographics determine which religion children will be exposed to as they grow up, indoctrinated. A persons beliefs are pretty much accidents of geography.

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flimsy excuse for indoctrination.I try to challenge peoples beliefs because I think each mind lost to religion is a mind wasted and diverted from a different truth. And the truth is that collectively humans have created so many solutions to problems that the most of us are born into a luxurious man made environment, without which we would thrive much less, if we survived at all. We benefit from the collected insights and efforts of so many who have honed, tweaked and perfected a multitude of innovations that would make our lives the envy of all kings of old. My pointisthat it is together that we do our best work, no man can go to the moon alone. And it all rests on evidence based reason. We dupiclate the furnishings by using the templates handed down to us from our benefactors. We, together are the higher power.The absolute best thing each of us can do is add another improvement that will live long after we are gone.