Hey guys -

Glad to be doing this again. What do you wanna know?

Oh, "is there something I'm selling?" you ask. Why yes, yes there is!

I'm here on behalf of our Season 1 of HITRECORD ON TV. It's being released as a box set tomorrow!

PROOF! Imgur

You can buy the box set in stores starting tomorrow, December 2. Or you can get it through one of these fine online retailers listed here: http://www.hitrecord.org/season1boxset


(HEY EVERYONE! Thanks for lots of great questions. Gotta go now. Until next time...)

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Breatheher3229 karma

Are you going to patent a series of vibrators under the name "Joseph Golden Rabbit"?

hitrecordjoe_3089 karma

What are the special functionalities?

NotSureHowThingsWork3129 karma

Hey Joseph,

I hear you're playing Edward Snowden next month. What have you been doing to prepare for the part besides reading all of my emails?

hitrecordjoe_4274 karma

activating your webcam to watch you while you write your emails

Nacho_Dived2838 karma

My brother swears he once saw you riding your bike on the Lower East Side, singing at the top of your lungs. Is this true? If yes, what song was it?

hitrecordjoe_3790 karma

yes, and it was probably mama sé mama sa mama ku sa

BrunoGrand2075 karma

What is like working with Christopher Nolan?

hitrecordjoe_3129 karma

Mr. Nolan is a great example of a director who, on the one hand, has an extremely well-thought-through plan, but on the other hand, is open to spontaneous collaboration. This sort of balance is exactly what I try to apply as I direct HITRECORD projects. I actually think of him a lot day to day, as I approach various decisions. "What would Chris do?"

joshgilbert111712 karma

Would you ever do a 3rd Rock From The Sun reunion?

hitrecordjoe_2419 karma

Hell yes. Though not sure how much sense it would make since the alien characters left earth (spoiler alert) at the end of the series. Still, I love all those folks so much, I'd love to..

seismicor1669 karma

Have you ever had a lucid dream? What was your reaction to it?

hitrecordjoe_3063 karma

I have, but only once. I remember I almost woke up, but then I was able to stay in the dream, by repeating the Jay-Z lyric to myself: "one, one, two, two, three, three, four, breathe easy..." Becoming a skilled lucid dreamer is one of my biggest aspirations in life.

mrsteiners1617 karma

To prepare for your role in 50/50 (not the subreddit), did you do anything specific such as visiting cancer patients to get a better feel for how you would portray the role?

Also, any character you wish you could play (historical, fictional, etc.)?

Big fan, keep being fantastic!

hitrecordjoe_2613 karma

I had a good friend go through a bout with cancer. The crazy coincidence was that his name is/was Adam, same as the 50/50 character. Adam Visser. Sadly, he didn't make it, but he really grew a lot as it was happening. For the last bit of his life, he became enormously graceful and wise. He stopped watching TV. I miss him. Still close with his family.

wanieldiik1388 karma

Jgl! Huge fan here! I was just wondering if you can you give us an update on the sandman movie?

hitrecordjoe_2013 karma

Been doing a lot of work with David Goyer and Jack Thorne, working on the screenplay. We've been doing our meetings at the DC office, which is a frickin rad place to work. Also just had a great conversation last week with David and Mr. Gaiman. Neil has been extremely big hearted with me, and he's the one I want to please most.

Jackity1222 karma

Would you ever consider playing a villain? If yes, what type of villain would you like to play?

hitrecordjoe_1505 karma


CaptainPedge758 karma

Of all your work, what are you most proud of?

hitrecordjoe_1451 karma

I know this might sound like a plug, but on a personal level, I really am superlatively proud of the work we all do together on HITRECORD. I have some strongly held views about the way the media works, and the way I would hope the media will work in the future, and I like to think that in some small way, our community is moving the ball in the right direction.

DinoBat752 karma

I've never done one of these before so I'll just ask what's really on my mind.

What's your favorite kind of pizza?

hitrecordjoe_2175 karma

The determining factor in good pizza is how recently it came out of the oven. All other factors are comparatively irrelevant.

theArnoldFans1601 karma

JGL, would you be interested in playing Robin again or Nightwing? Has the studio talked with you about possibly coming back as Dick Grayson in Justice League or a cameo in Batman vs Superman?

darianb1031154 karma

This is the most important question.

ManagerMurrayHewitt518 karma

Except that the new movies don't take place in the same universe as The Dark Knight trilogy.

hitrecordjoe_1303 karma

(points to nose)

lvest481 karma

Hey, Joseph, I have tons of questions for you, but I’ll try to keep it short, so here goes:

  1. You have a lot of talents, but what is something you wish you were better at?

  2. I’m glad to see you’re working on Sandman! Could you recommend some graphic novels?

  3. Who is a better kisser: Scarlett Johansson or Zooey Deschanel?

You're the man, keep up the good work.

hitrecordjoe_927 karma

  1. MAUS by Art Spiegelman

adamf1222458 karma

What was it like working on Brick with Rian Johnson? Thanks!

hitrecordjoe_574 karma

Rian has become one of my dearest friends, so I'm biased, but I feel enormously privileged to have worked on the first movie of a filmmaker who, I feel, is as great as any of our generation. PS - Episode 8 & 9 are going to be... I can't even say how good I think they're gonna be...

kristyn_bee385 karma

If you could take the place of any actor on a television series, what character would you steal?

What's on your DVR right now?

hitrecordjoe_937 karma

Louie. Nathan For You. Daily Show. Colbert. South Park. Lakers.

balanceisalie323 karma

How does it feel to be able to create your own TV show? As a TV Production major, I imagine it must feel pretty awesome :D

hitrecordjoe_483 karma

It really is so fulfilling. I started HITRECORD as a tiny little thing with my brother almost ten years ago now, and we started it as a professional operation in 2010. The growth has been slow but steady, so to see it blossom on this level still astonishes me sometimes. It's working!!!!

Mrsfitt267 karma

What's UP! Logged in at work just for this!

So other than saying hi, my question is, What has been your favorite character to play? Not "what movie was the most fun to work on?" but which character did you REALLY ENJOY getting to know and portraying?

hitrecordjoe_751 karma


toronto34263 karma

Would you be interested in performing on Broadway, or in a movie musical? If so, what role would you love to play?

hitrecordjoe_464 karma

I really really really want to do a movie musical. Trying to figure it out. Find the right project with the right people. In the meantime, HITRECORD ON TV definitely tides me over, because we do lots of musical numbers on the show.

jinglesbellz158 karma

Out of all projects on HITRECord, which one are you most proud of?

hitrecordjoe_546 karma

I couldn't pick only one, but I do love this one -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX5iuHnLlX8

lmml11136 karma

Hi Joseph, I just want to say you are an amazing artist. I want to ask how did you come up with the idea of Hit Record? I mean, what was the incentive?

hitrecordjoe_351 karma

Before it was a TV show, or a production company, or even a website, HIT RECORD was just something I'd say to myself when I was trying to get started on something creative. I grew up acting, but then I quit for a few years and went to college, and then in my early 20s, when I started trying to work again, I couldn't get a job. It was then I realized that I couldn't leave it up to other people to ALLOW me to be creative. I had to be able to do it myself. So the record button, the round red REC, became this symbol for me. To push the button. To hit RECord. From there, as the thing grew, I really can't take credit for "coming up" with those ideas on my own. They were all part of a feedback loop with an ever growing community...

thisguyandrew109 karma

hey joe! I'm a huge fan and I love seeing your work with Hit Record getting so big, I have been following it since the beginning. question: Do you personally go through the submissions for hit record or do you have a team by now? Did you ever personally do it, if not now?

hitrecordjoe_153 karma

There was a time, many years ago, like 2007, where the volume was so low that I could personally look at everything that came into hitRECord. Nowadays, there's way too much stuff that comes in for me to see all of it. But our site has a lot of different functionalities that allow for sifting through all the contributions. I subscribe to the recommendations of community members whose taste I've come to trust. Anybody can compile albums (sorta like playlists) of things they think deserve a look, and I often check out albums that people make. We have official community curators who feature gems that they find. And then of course you can always do a simple sort by the number of hearts (sorta like likes), but I find often that kind of simple math doesn't work as well.

ArtsyMNKid52 karma

Hello Mr. Gordon-Levitt!

Thank you for taking time to do this, as a gigantic fanboy of yours, it's very exciting to see you on Reddit again! For my question, did any of your past film experiences or directors you have worked with influence your directorial style in Don Jon? And do you have any prospects to direct again?

Thank you, and have a great day!

hitrecordjoe_67 karma

HITRECORD ON TV is not traditional movie directing, but it's very much a directing job. I definitely want to direct another feature film one day, but in the mean time, I do love getting to satisfy those creative urges on hitRECord.

ph0tohead23 karma

Hey Joe! Love everything you do regarding HitRecord, I'm trying to get myself to participate more. What advice would you give to an 18 year old aspiring film director who doesn't know how to go about anything?

hitrecordjoe_31 karma

When you're starting out on hitRECord, the first thing to do is find collaborations that already have a lot of momentum, and contribute. If, on the other hand, you start out by trying to do your own thing, before you've taken the time to contribute to others' projects, you're not likely to get much traction. We've got all sorts of projects going on for filmmakers. Find one (or a few) that you like, and contribute...