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Michagogo495 karma

What's the story behind your getting kicked off of MB? :-(

Edit: Woot, first!

KariToriGrant650 karma

After a decade, the show decided to change. We will always love our time there

KariToriGrant179 karma

Yup and we had a great run and it was a perfect time to branch out. -T

funkydunkleman417 karma

Tory, are you tired of people bringing up the bike incident yet?

KariToriGrant889 karma

I am not. this is Kari

KariToriGrant520 karma

I'm tired of watching it. #ouch #tory

derp_commander334 karma

Tori, according to IMDB, you're in your mid 40's, what is the secret to your not aging? Also, are you going on any more driving tours with deadmau5 any time soon? I got the impression from twitter you kind of really loved the hell out of it.

KariToriGrant375 karma

Gumball with Deadmau5 was a trip of a lifetime and I'm pretty sure we're doing it again next year.

bryanlogan320 karma

Was there any myth were you immediately thought it was pointless to test, but pretended to be extremely curious anyways?

KariToriGrant631 karma

Pyramid power.

Kmac09214 karma

What will you guys be doing after Punkin Chunkin? Please say there is something in the lineup... Gonna miss having the 3 of you on Mythbusters.

KariToriGrant264 karma

We have new projects on the horizon!!! Stay tuned. K&T

Kmac0994 karma

Any chance Tory will do something on his LeMons race?

KariToriGrant203 karma

I'm in talks about documenting the 24hrs of LeMons race. It's gonna be sick! #tory

funkydunkleman209 karma

What was the most frustration you've had to deal with working on a myth?

KariToriGrant368 karma

Splitting an arrow with an arrow. #tory

KariToriGrant319 karma

We always tried to save money by getting junkyard cars and fixing them. We spent a lot of time on lost cause cars.

originstory185 karma

I understand why Jamie and Adam and the MB team might want to return to a back-to-basics approach without the Build Team (although I'm not convinced it's the way to go, personally). What I want to know is what happened with the horrible, tacked on send-off in the last episode. Why in the world wouldn't they have you guys address the fans yourselves? Were you asked to? The change is disappointing, but that sad ass kiss off is what I find really hard to forgive.

KariToriGrant235 karma

I think Jamie and Adam were trying to honor us. We will remember the show fondly.

Xeon06152 karma

Now that you guys no longer work on Mythbusters, what would be your dream job?

KariToriGrant368 karma

I think I want to be a character on Walking Dead. First I have to learn to act.

KariToriGrant218 karma

I want to write and direct action/sci-fi/horror movies! #Tory

emmanbryll146 karma

Have you guys watched this Epic Rap Battles of History? What are your reactions?

KariToriGrant205 karma

Yes. Loved it. The girl playing me looked so much like me. Nailed it.-Kari

slider8558123 karma

What was your least favorite experience with Myth Busters?

KariToriGrant384 karma


KariToriGrant275 karma

yeah, leaving #tory

LegendaryWaffles118 karma

Dear Tory,

I am an aspiring model maker and I have loved your work on Star Wars and Mythbusters. I have watched the show since it aired. What I was wondering is do you have any tips for model making and breaking into the career?

Peace, Beck Cheevers

PS what is your favorite scene in Blade Runner?

KariToriGrant138 karma

Get an awesome protfolio together and hit up every FX house you can. T

CarettaSquared118 karma

Hi Kari and Tory, thanks for the AMA.

Financial restrictions removed, what's the vehicle you'd most like to watch explode on purpose perform myth-related experiments on?

KariToriGrant203 karma

Formula One car

KariToriGrant144 karma

Oooooh, an big rig gas container. #tory

kaylatastikk114 karma

Kari, thank you so much for being a strong, "nerdy" female role model. I grew up watching Mythbusters, and having a smart woman to look up to really peaked my interests in math and science. I ended up joining my school's robotics team largely due to Mythbusters setting off the spark. I'm now a middle school math teacher, and try my hardest to get girls away from thinking that science is a guy's only world.

And for my question, is being a role model for young girls something that you think about when choosing projects, doing interviews, communicating with fans, etc?

KariToriGrant115 karma

In all my projects, I try to make sure there is a balance in highlighting women's role science and tech. It has become a passion for me.

bl1ndvision113 karma

Thanks for doing another AMA guys! My question.... what is the thing that brought you closest to death or serious injury on Mythbusters? Tory, it seemed like you got injured in some way on nearly every episode.

KariToriGrant224 karma

I broke my knee slipping on Ballistics gel that spilled on the floor.-Kari

KariToriGrant216 karma

I was rushed to the emerency room once where I hit my shin on a concrete ledge. 7 stitches #tory

mattwuchter112 karma

Hello ? Is this thing on ? If I give you the coordinates, will you shoot a cannon ball through my house ?

KariToriGrant148 karma

Copy that. #tory

basewind102 karma

Tory, what exactly went wrong with the homemade flamethrower you made that burnt part of your house?

KariToriGrant493 karma

Nothing was wrong with it, it worked great. The problem was the direction in which I pointed it. #tory

Dr_Atrocious97 karma

Hi, guys! What's the grossest or most notable thing you've seen in Jamie's moustache?

KariToriGrant142 karma

hamburger K&T

TheMagicLlama85 karma

What was your favorite moment that never made it to TV?

KariToriGrant571 karma

Before editing thought better: I was pregnant and about to shoot a gun. As I put on a bullet proof vest, the narrator said, "A little late for protection now, Kari" It was in the rough cut and I was laughing my butt off. That is why I am not in charge. Guess it was poor taste

Busted2784 karma

Did Seth Rogen smell like weed when he was on the show? Did he offer y'all any? Love him!

KariToriGrant155 karma

He smelled like roses. Laughed the whole time he was on set

KariToriGrant127 karma

Seth Rogen is the nicest guy. #tory

Thrax3376 karma

What was your favourite moment from Mythbusters, personally and together when you worked on something?

KariToriGrant117 karma

We love pranking eachother

ArgentZeroes75 karma

Kari - When you google your own name, is the first image still your butt from the second episode?

KariToriGrant110 karma

It is close to the top

BraappBraapp70 karma

Hi Kari and Tory! What was your relationship with the Mythbusters cast outside of work? Ever hangout, get a drink, go out, or was it just strictly co-workers?

KariToriGrant129 karma

Tory and I hang out all the time. We are good friends-Kari

hiamir266 karma

How has your relationship with the mythbusters crew been after leaving?

KariToriGrant123 karma

They are family. I love the Mythbuster crew

CaptainDaveo64 karma


KariToriGrant122 karma

Kari & I have some shows in the works. Starting in early 2015 we are doing some hosting on a new Travel Channel show. #tory

baronbirch54 karma

What did you two think about Grant and the whole McDonald's myth busting?

KariToriGrant136 karma

I'm more of an In-n-Out Burger guy. #tory

spencerlance51 karma

What's Adams and Jamie's relationship outside of work like?

KariToriGrant134 karma

They tour together but admit they are not friends

JayMoots74 karma

That's fucking weird. I don't see how you can work that closely with someone for a decade and not develop at least a little bit of a friendship.

KariToriGrant135 karma

They have a respect for each other.

zethian50 karma

Hi Kari and Tory! I've been a huge fan of Mythbusters for a long while, and was sad to see you go, it was great having you on! A few questions.

  1. What was the coolest thing you did on mythbusters that didn't make the final cut on the show?

  2. For Kari, did you learn a lot about advanced science when you were on the show, and have you continued with anything like it when you quit?

  3. For Tory, what is some models that you've made in big-budget movies that we might not know about?

Thanks for doing the AMA! Lots of <3

KariToriGrant77 karma

I worked on Star Wars. Starship Troopers and Matrix. Mostly big spaceships. #Tory

Giekorock46 karma

What myth did you want to do the most that you'll now never be able to attempt?

KariToriGrant167 karma

Driving a F1 race car upside down. Apparently the down force is greater than gravity, but sadly noone has ever offered up their F1 race car. #tory

jack_of_knaves46 karma

The world wants to know. What, in your opinion, has been the best use of pumpkins? Jack O'lanterns? Ammunition? Something else?

KariToriGrant71 karma


KariToriGrant65 karma

Usually we throw pumpkins for distance, but on this Chunk we're seeing how much destruction we can do with a pumpkin. #tory

hoverlow43 karma

Tory: What are your true feelings towards being the guinea pig for all of the sketchy stunts?

KariToriGrant95 karma

I loved it. I was always stoked that noone wanted to do the stunts. #tory

hack-man39 karma

Since Jamie and Adam aren't the best of friends, which of them did you find yourself siding with more when they had a disagreement?

KariToriGrant70 karma


justinerwin37 karma

Hi Kari and Tory!

Same question that a lot of people probably have, but what is the deal with leaving Mythbusters?! Is this a not-so-subtle way of saying that it's jumped the shark? Thanks.

KariToriGrant64 karma

The show changed format. We loved our time but all good things must end. We are trying to develop new shows.

Truth_Lies37 karma

What is your fondest memory from working on the Mythbusters?

And which one of you controls Tori the most?

KariToriGrant83 karma

I secretly implanted a remote control into his brain. Someday I will activate it.-Kari

Zalvixponian35 karma

Hey guys! Big fan. What movie is your personal favorite? What movie is your favorite in terms of the science/special effects?

KariToriGrant56 karma

Kari loves Bladerunner Tory loves Star Wars

onegeekyguy34 karma

What was the most disgusting myth you had to do? I know Tori is always the guinea pig when it comes to that stuff.

KariToriGrant83 karma

I have eaten maggots, bugs, grasshoppers...handled farts and poop and "genetic legacy' of my co workers...dead animals...wolf urine...ahhhh...take your pick. Just happy I was away for the earwax candle.

spinningorca29 karma

So far, who's the 1 person you've met that just blew you away that you got to meet them?

KariToriGrant75 karma

As far as celebrities, Robin Williams had dinner with us. I loved him so much. Tom Hanks was the most genuine sweetheart. President Obama impressed me with his passion for kids and science-Kari

MarkusFiligree28 karma

You probably get recognized quite a bit, so what has been the weirdest fan experience for you?

Side question, which of you get recognized most?

KariToriGrant66 karma

Someone spent a serious amount of time tracking us down to hand us a bag of poison oak. My least favorite place to be recognized is the bathroom. It weirds me out that someone thinks it is ok to talk to me through the stall while I pee-Kari

KariToriGrant60 karma

I had a parent ask if I could sign their kids forehead. haha! #tory

Killer20100228 karma

What's your favorite memory from any of the projects you've done?

KariToriGrant55 karma

Wakeboarding behind a cruise ship was one of the most insane moments on the show. #tory

electricmastro27 karma

What do both of you plan on doing after working on Mythbusters?

KariToriGrant85 karma

I have a bunch of projects developing. The Woz has recruited me for an amazing fun project that I am not allowed to talk about yet.

ArgentZeroes23 karma

What's the most impressive Punkin you've seen Chunked?

KariToriGrant39 karma

We set a world record this year with a huuuuge Pumpkin-Kari

miggsg22 karma

Hi guys! Thank you for all the awesome times.

Was there something you always wanted to test that you didn't get a chance to during the show??

Thank you!! Hope to see you on my TV again very soon

KariToriGrant37 karma

Can you survive going over the Niagra Falls in a barrel. #tory

fawkea20 karma

Tory, what was your favourite part of the Gumball 3000 race with Joel?

KariToriGrant38 karma

Every moment!

vadergeek19 karma

Which myth was the most unpleasant to test? Exhausting, nauseating, painful, etc?

KariToriGrant52 karma

Hot chili pepper cures was one of the worst. Every morning for 12 days we had to eat habaneros. #tory

LiberoLove19 karma

Do you ever watch old Mythbusters episodes and cringe at the risks you took?

KariToriGrant35 karma

Sometimes, like red flag to a bull, swimming with sharks, croccodile chase...yeah, I guess just about all of them. #tory

ripellos16 karma

If you could become a master at any skill what would it be and why?

KariToriGrant40 karma

I wish I was a ninja.

KariToriGrant27 karma

reading minds-Kari

wigglystyle16 karma

What plans do you have for the future? TV-wise of course. Any new shows similar to what you did in Mythbusters?

KariToriGrant26 karma

We are developing new projects. Love this job

TheGreatPastaWars14 karma

In all of the traveling you've had to do both for work and for leisure, what has your favorite place to go been? And what was the best thing you've eaten?

Also, Kari - if you had to have either Jamie or Adam's facial hair, which one would you choose?

KariToriGrant22 karma

Rome!!! #tory

KariToriGrant5 karma

I loved Indonesia. -Kari

dieselhunter4411 karma

Are there any other TV ventures you guys are going to do? I'd definitely watch a show with you three doing "science"!

KariToriGrant19 karma

We have been developing all sorts of different project. Punkin Chunkin is the next time you will see Tory and I on tv. I am doing a secret project with one of my favorite icons as well ;) -Kari

KariToriGrant16 karma

Give us a few weeks. Might see some good news

amanmore11 karma

What exactly is PunkinChunkin?

KariToriGrant19 karma

An amazing event where backyard engineers throw a pumpkin as far as they can by mechanical means ie. Catapults, Air Cannons, insanity

Watch November 29th at 8pm on Science Channel

TheStormChaser3110 karma

What is a secret talent you have?

KariToriGrant21 karma

I do a killer peacock impression. It is really loud. I know it is good because they always answer back.

baay89910 karma

What is the coolest Punkin Chunkin device you guys have seen?

KariToriGrant21 karma

Air cannons!!!!

ohhbacon9 karma

Kari, will you be getting back to your art roots in upcoming projects? Tori, will you continue hurting yourself for our entertainment? Either way thank you both for all you do.

KariToriGrant16 karma

never stopped. I work in my studio all the time-Kari

ThaChillera8 karma

question for Kari: ever been victim of sexism in the industry? if yes, how was it handled?

KariToriGrant11 karma

Of course. I am a fighter. Rarely slows me down for long.

nopeitsnotme8 karma

Favorite city? And why is it not yet Pittsburgh?

KariToriGrant18 karma

Had great times in Pittsburgh but my favorite American city is San Francisco because I live there.

WhateverJoel8 karma

About pumpin chuckin, what was something you saw or experienced that just blew your mind the first time you went?

KariToriGrant11 karma

The size of the machines is hard to understand until you see them in person.-Kari

katiethered8 karma

Hi Kari and Tory!

If you were to chunk something other than a punkin, what would it be?

Tory, I love your name, it's on my list of favorite names for our future babies and Kari, I love your sweet, sweet style!

KariToriGrant30 karma

Thanks! I want to build a shuttle and chunk myself...that sounded bad. #tory

KariToriGrant19 karma

This year we tried to chunk a piano, car, and toilet

Tigerrr37 karma

Is this the last punkin chunkin?

KariToriGrant17 karma

I hope not!!! #tory

coolhand837 karma

If there were ever to be a zombie apocalypse, who would you team up with and why?

KariToriGrant14 karma

I would want to team up with Chuck Norris. #tory

Infamous_potato7 karma

Hey guys! I was just wondering which myth took the longest to set up? How long do the myths usually take to do? Thanks.

KariToriGrant14 karma

We had 8-10 days to shoot but set up took months sometimes.

dale_uky6 karma

Gday. What would you guys say is the WORST part about being famous?

KariToriGrant8 karma

It is mostly awesome. It gets you free drinks and special favors. Why complain? -Kari

prezjordan6 karma

Favorite spot to eat in San Francisco?

KariToriGrant9 karma

Patxis Pizza is my go to. #tory

timewaitsforsome6 karma

what's your alcoholic drink of choice?

KariToriGrant9 karma


Bowwowwow1236 karma

Why dont you both do gumball together?? That'd be so dope!!

KariToriGrant12 karma

No one is going to let me drive their fancy car after what I did for the duct tape episode on Mythbusters

bl1ndvision6 karma

You two are the best. But are you gamers? Favorite computer game of all-time?

KariToriGrant8 karma

It used to be Halo back in the day, but now I'm all about Call of Duty. #tory

velcrorex5 karma

What's next for you both after Mythbusters?

KariToriGrant9 karma

More explostions, fast cars and keeping the fun going. #tory

Anomuumi4 karma

What was the scariest myth you did? Answer from each would be nice, by I'll settle for Kari. :)

KariToriGrant7 karma

Swimming with sharks at night. #tory

ZombieTomHanks4 karma

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Any plans for Black Friday shopping?

KariToriGrant5 karma

Deep fried turkey. Pictures to come. #tory

Mirawenya3 karma

Why are you no longer part of mythbusters? Not gonna be the same without you.

KariToriGrant5 karma

Jamie and Adam felt like the show needed to head in a different direction so it was a good time to branch out.

Sluggworth3 karma

Did grant say the N-word after you broke the swing?

KariToriGrant4 karma


bl1ndvision2 karma

How many McRibs have you guys eaten in your lifetime? Be honest.

KariToriGrant7 karma

0 #tory