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How was your off screen relationship with John C. McGinley while doing Scrubs?

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A lot of people think that your calls for an open web are a bit hypocritical considering your support for the HTML5 DRM spec. What would you tell them?

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Years ago, on the first iteration of GMod that had Lua, I started a server one morning before school and I was testing the "Hide & Seek" gamemode, looking what it was like. Well apparently the server was referred to the public master server list, because you joined it ("garry :D" with the Facepunch image on the scoreboard). You said "Hi", I said "Hi", and we started playing. Thing is, I had to eventually go to school and I shut down the server without saying anything. I felt like an ass. Even though I've talked to you more after that, on GTalk and on WAYWO, I never did apologize for that. So sorry?

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Now that you guys no longer work on Mythbusters, what would be your dream job?

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Hey there, just thought I'd tell you that it's "for all intents and purposes" :)