Thank you everyone! I had great time answering your questions. I tried to get to as many as possible! Sorry if the answers were too brief or if I didn't get to your question.

I'll hop on here later this week to answer a few more!

I hope you tune in to National Geographic Channel tonight at 10:30pm (9:30CT)!



Chug Monday Nights at 10:30pm on NatGeo Channel

The Drinking Jacket

Monkey Rum

Cheers Reddit!

I am Zane Lamprey and I drink and travel for a living. You may know me from my past shows Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy, but now I am happy to say that I will be at it again with my new show Chug which is premiering tonight at 10:30pm on National Geographic Channel.


I had a blast answering your questions last year when we were raising money for Chug on Kickstarter. Thanks to the help of Reddit and the fans, Chug was able to reach its goal and become the first ever crowdfunded television show! Woohoo.

For those who don't know me, I have been to over 60 countries with the purpose of exploring the local drinking cultures and imbibing exotic drinks. I've enjoyed everything from extremely over-priced champagne to liquor with dead animals (snakes, scorpions, etc) in it.

I also make drinking apparel from time-to-time and have a new kickstarter for The Drinking Jacket: The Ultimate Drinking Accessory.

I'll be answering questions over the next few hours so AMA.


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mattisafriend85 karma

Hey Zane, would you ever do an episode of Drunk History?

ZaneLamprey83 karma

Yes! I'd love to. I love that show.

clerk374547 karma

Thoughts on the new show coming out called: Booze Traveler on The Travel Channel?

ZaneLamprey152 karma

It's aggravating that Travel Channel didn't give Three Sheets a shot, passed on Chug, and then came out with a show that's basically Three Sheets... If I didn't have Chug coming out, I would be livid. But, since NatGeo has been so amazing, and I'm confident in Chug, I'm more like "Bring it on!!!"

RcrossP45 karma

Zane, is this AMA also a drinking game? If so, what are the rules?

ZaneLamprey40 karma

Haha. Drink when anyone says CHUG!

SlagginOff45 karma

What's the most effective hangover remedy you've come across(and don't say moderation)?

ZaneLamprey275 karma


No! It's herbal tea. I had it in Jamaica. I think you can also get it in Colorado. It is good for the hangover - but makes you useless for the day!

adub88736 karma

Hey Zane, Thanks for doing this! Huge fan of “Three Sheets and “Drinking made easy”. I was pretty bummed when the shows didn’t get renewed. Couple quick questions: Is traveling the world and getting trashed as glorious as I hope? What are some outrageous stories behind the scenes making these shows? What was the reasoning the shows did not get renewed? Thanks man, I truly miss your stuff.

ZaneLamprey33 karma

Thank you! Well, yes, it is glorious - in that I get to visit so many exotic places. But it is work... But I am drinking while I'm working... So, yes, it IS glorious!

The shows didn't get renewed simply because the networks Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy were on went away.

hoser2427 karma

I just wanted to thank you for the Belize episode of Three Sheets! Because of you I had viper rum and my wife had stinger rum on our honeymoon. 9 months later we had our first kid.

Any favorite highlights from that episode?

ZaneLamprey52 karma

Haha. That's what I do? How is baby Zane???

Dynascape21 karma


ZaneLamprey31 karma

Tough question! I LOVE BEER. It would easier to pick a favorite sibling! I choose my sister - sorry Dan!

Pleepleus is a wreck! He's nervous about tonight's premiere!

MattKunken16 karma

Hi Zane! I love Three sheets and DME but CHUG is the best show you have ever done. I'm a proud backer. (I also can't wait to get my Drinking Jacket) I love how CHUG has more time for interaction with locals. When CHUG gets renewed can you please consider to come to Sweden and Stockholm? I promise to show you around and get you drunk like a viking.

ZaneLamprey17 karma

Thank you. That means a lot. I will ABSOLUTELY come to Sweden. My buddies (Swedish House Mafia) have been begging me to come over!

jnetelle15 karma

Hi, Zane. Fan since when Three Sheets was on MOJO HD :) My question for you – Working with friends can be a mixed bag, there are huge perks, but sometimes you may run into serious conflict between buds. What’s the hardest conflict that you’ve had with Pleepleus and how did you two resolve it? Thanks! Best of luck with everything!

ZaneLamprey24 karma

Pleepleus is a bit of a prima donna. He started off as just a stuff monkey that was hidden in the show for the drinking game, but because of fans, he thinks of himself as the cornerstone of the show. He's become difficult...

radams500011 karma

I used to watch your show on HDnet when I had to get up to feed the baby. Did you get any crap for being the only show that didn't have a bunch of boobs on it all the time? I'm pretty sure you were on between the Girls Gone Wild reality show and the chick that interviewed porn stars.

ZaneLamprey20 karma

Ah, yes, most of the late night content on HDNet was a little risqué. But we found out that most people DVR'd Drinking Made Easy anyway, so it didn't matter what shows we were sandwiched between.

jsreid10 karma

What does Steve's beard smell like?

ZaneLamprey28 karma

Wet dog... and cheese... old people... and beer.

ProvRIGuy8 karma

Glad to see you here - I was a kickstarter/funder, and am actually randomly wearing a Pleepleus polo as I write this.

You filmed an hour worth of material in each location - how hard was it to cut them to 30 mins?

ZaneLamprey18 karma

NatGeo cut the episodes from an hour to a half hour. To be honest, I think it was pretty easy. It was difficult to see some moments cut from the show, but they more-or-less cut entire scenes. So, the process was easy, but it was only slightly painful to see the result. Thankfully we can still put the hour-long eps on the DVDs.

adub8878 karma

What's the worst thing you had to drink?

ZaneLamprey16 karma

Gaoliang in Tai Pei that was infused with snake penises! HORRIBLE!

freudian_nipple_slip8 karma

Hey Zane!

Big fan of yours. Will you be doing any meetups in any cities in the near future? Zane Patrick's Day?

ZaneLamprey15 karma

Yes! I'll be doing some Monkey Rum events in the future. I'm not sure about the other holiday events... But I am planning on going on tour next summer as well!

RcrossP7 karma

Hey Zane! When can I get some Monkey Rum in the midwest?

ZaneLamprey16 karma

Not yet. We're rolling out slow and steady. I've seen too many companies get too big too fast. So, we're rolling out in NYC (last summer), CA and FL. Illinois will be next - probably this summer. Thank you!

reedworking7 karma

ZANE! Holy crap, Three Sheets is one of my favorite shows ever.

Did you ever find out what was in the apple pie shot in Kentucky? I used to live like 2 hours from that place and always meant to go try it for myself.

ZaneLamprey4 karma

I did! But I forget... I'm sure you can Google it. But it tastes just like Ol Smokey Moonshine's apple pie moonshine.

mr1jon27 karma

Thanks for doing this. I see you have a kickstarter for a drinking jacket. Can you convince my wife that its not going "to be a cheap hoodie" so I can buy a few for Christmas gifts this year?

ZaneLamprey17 karma

It's very much not a "cheap" hoodie. I made a prototype of it a few years ago. I loved it so much that I wanted a grey one. I was wearing it when I went to visit the Kickstarter office and they convinced me to Kickstart it because they wanted one for themselves. So, it's first a hoodie that I wear and love, and second a "novelty" hoodie. I love mine. It's a quality hoodie.

meeanne6 karma

Hi Zane! Huge fan since Three Sheets and I ordered my fiancé a drinking jacket for Christmas last week. What's your favorite drink EVER? Will you have drinking jackets for women? And did you basically invent rumchata in your Barcelona episode of Three Sheets? Happy holidays man!!!

ZaneLamprey12 karma

Thank you! theDrinkingJacket is unisex.

Did I basically invent rumchata? I don't remember. I was drinking a lot.

Happy Holidays!

Reg_Hartner6 karma

CHUG! Hey Zane, when are you coming to Detroit? This is one hell of a drinking town that you need to make a stop at.

ZaneLamprey5 karma

Drinking Made Easy season four! If it happens.

GaryColemansRevenge6 karma

Zane, NBC has just called and asked to make a sitcom based on your life. Who plays you? Who plays Steve?

ZaneLamprey20 karma

I play me. Zach Galifianakis plays Steve.

trogalicious5 karma

Hi Zane, looking forward to Chug!
1. Do you need any more beer stickers?
2. What are your thoughts on the consistent growth of breweries/craft beer industry in the US?
3. How do you feel about gimmicky beers (Hey, check out smoked goat brain beer! Look! Sriracha Stout!)

ZaneLamprey14 karma

Always! I love beer stickers! Inzane Entertainment 11908 Ventura Blvd. Ste 200 Los Angeles, CA 91604

I love the craft beer "movement" and don't see it slowing down any time soon. Not while I'm drinking it!

I get companies trying to do something to stand out. In a way, everything's a gimmick. It's just seen as a bad gimmick when it doesn't work!

freudian_nipple_slip5 karma

Zane, you get to drink and travel for work. I do that for vacation. What's your ideal vacation?

ZaneLamprey10 karma

Someplace warm with nothing to do, or someplace old and cool with lots to explore... with my wife.

MidtownPodcast5 karma

ZANE!!!! We met when you were in Sacramento about 6 months ago. It was at The Red Rabbit. You were looking for dog for your wife. Did you guys end up getting it??? And how is he or she doing???

ZaneLamprey6 karma

We did! I just posted a photo of him on twitter/facebook

jennesseewaltz4 karma

I recently read an article on The Washington Post that stated the top ten percent of Americans who drink, drink around 74 drinks PER WEEK. Do you think this is accurate? Would you say that you average this?

ZaneLamprey4 karma

I absolutely do not. I don't get that. Unless I'm oblivious to the world around me, I'd say it's unlikely that 10% of drinkers drink more than 10 drinks a day...

odsdaniel3 karma

Hi Zane, what's the most fucked up thing you have seen in your job?

ZaneLamprey18 karma

Well, you might think I have a drunken story for this. But the most fucked up thing I've seen is poverty. It messes me up. When I see malnourished children living in squalor, it makes me re-think my life. It's very sobering... and sad.

Fritzel3 karma

Was there an episode you couldn't finish filming because of being intoxicated?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

Nope! I power through!

Bierhauler3 karma

What was your first real craft beer you consumed that got you turned on to embrace craft beer and all it has to offer? What is your go-to non-alcoholic beverage of choice?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

If Sam Adams counts, they that was my gateway beer.

I like Kombucha....

franklymyrhett13 karma

Big fan. Met you when you filmed DME in Atlanta. My question is, have you taken any of the sommelier or cicerone certification tests?

ZaneLamprey6 karma

I haven't. But, I'd love to. I'm just too busy. Aside from Chug, Monkey Rum, and my Kickstarter theDrinkingJacket.com I'm also executive producing some non-drinking shows.

therevaj3 karma

Hey Zane! Why was Marc Ryan off the show before the end of Drinking Made Easy?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

He needed to spread his wings.

BRaskin823 karma

What is your personal favorite beer/drink? And if from a specific bar..where is it? P.S. Did you ever know that you're my hero?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

Well, it sounds like a corporate answer, but I love Monkey Rum - that's what I made it. You can get it at a lot of places in NYC. Three Monkeys bar in Manhattan has it!

Thank you!

mrmike74673 karma

Drunkest episode of "three sheets?"

ZaneLamprey2 karma


cblockalocka3 karma

Hi Zane, How did you like your experience in s. Korea on 3 sheets?

ZaneLamprey3 karma

I LOVED Seoul. I want a reason to back there.

funkyb893 karma

Hey Zane so stoked for Chug, wanted to know if the podcast is ever coming back?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

We recorded a podcast to go along with every episode of Chug. So, there will be podcasts for the next six weeks and then we'll decide it we'll keep it going. Ultimately it never made money... And I have employees to pay, so that is a crucial reason for why we put that on hold.

SlapDaBass3 karma


ZaneLamprey7 karma

Sure! But you have to convince Steve, not me!

OctaVariuM83 karma

Hey Zane,

One of my family members recently had a baby and named it Zane partly due to being huge fans of Three Sheets. Does this kind of fan experience happen often for you?

P.S: I'm also a huge fan. Been watching since the MOJO days (season 1 of Three Sheets), and I still watch the old episodes on Hulu.

ZaneLamprey3 karma

Haha. Yes, I've heard that a lot. But I credit the name, not the man!

Thank you! Watch tonight. You'll love it!

NatGeo @ 10:30pm

beersgood3 karma

Do you ever have days where you say, "ugh, I cannot drink today?"

ZaneLamprey9 karma

Yyyyyup! But I do anyway. Man's gotta work!

MerryChoppins3 karma


What's the best bartending or alcohol related MacGuyver moment you had on or off camera?

ZaneLamprey6 karma

I love sharing stuff. I sabered a beer bottle with a fork. That's pretty dammed MacGuyver!

Fritzel3 karma

Zane! Have you ever been to Denton Texas? You should film there!

ZaneLamprey5 karma

No. OK!

BeersTraveler2 karma

Zane!! My wife and I are HUGE fans and always look up episodes of Drinking Made Easy or Three Sheets before traveling to new cities. Your shows have been a big help in our efforts to find awesome bars and for that we thank you! Since I must ask a question...if you ever happened to make a stop in Northeast Florida and we were to grab a beer, what beer would it be?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

Probably something from A1A brewery St Augustine!

blankford2 karma

Huge fan and Kickstarter backer here Zane! If (and when) NatGeo renews you for a second season, what are some bucket list places you've never been but really want to go and could see yourself doing an episode for?

ZaneLamprey4 karma

Paris (been there, but haven't shot there) Switzerland Mainland China India And any tropical island with a train!

Frajer2 karma

What's the most unusual drink you've ever had?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

Anything with something dead floating in it - dead snakes, geckos, frogs, an armadillo. Drinking that will change a man!

JoeLuna2 karma

Any chances you go back on tour again? I caught your show I Minneapolis twice.

Also, will the hour long version of Chug dvds go on sale sometime?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

Thank you! I'm going on tour this summer!

The DVDs are on pre-sale now at Chug.tv

cycogoat2 karma

Zane! Long time fan buddy, even caught your HOB show in Chicago couple years back. Speaking of, when the heck can we get some Monkey Rum in The Windy City?! Dying to try it!

ZaneLamprey3 karma

This summer! Thank you!

redditguy0012 karma

What happens when the cameras are turned off? How wild are the women?

ZaneLamprey22 karma

Haha. If anything crazy is going to happen, it happens on camera. I'm not going to waste an amazing moment to just my memory.

I sleep with a woman every night that I'm traveling. It keeps me sane... it's my wife, Mel, who produces Chug, and produced Drinking Made Easy (HDNet).

mercenator30002 karma

Hey, Zane! I've been watching the Chug episodes sent to Kickstarter backers and I'm loving it so far!

Have you ever considered doing an episode in Turkey? I was there over the summer and I couldn't help but think it would make for a good episode.

ZaneLamprey6 karma

Amazing. My wife said last night that she wants us to do an episode in Turkey. So, I'd say there's a VERY good chance of that happening.

tmyvon2 karma

Zane - Loved all your shows, including Chug! (I'm a backer). Still DME is my favorite of all time. Is there any long lost episodes/outtakes that will ever make the light of day? Also, I would love to see you film more in New Orleans. Your NOLA DME was my favorite episode!!

ZaneLamprey4 karma

Thank you. No... There's not much that hasn't made the DVDs or the show. I'd love to do some more DME - especially in NOLA!

two_off2 karma

What was your favourite contest you did with Steve?

Which one did you think you had no chance in but still managed to pull it out?

ZaneLamprey4 karma

I liked the keg walk (Drinking Made Easy : Santa Fe). We shot it in Napa, but put it in the Santa Fe episode. We came up with the challenges in episode four, so had to shoot a few to put in earlier episode.


Your Three Sheets episode about Prague has me all hyped up to go there. Any other good tips for the city if I manage to get the wife to give me a weeklong pass?

ZaneLamprey3 karma

Prague is wonderful. Go to the castle. Other than that, the Three Sheets locations are great. I revisited them last year. I love Prague!

Habba022 karma

Hey Zane! What ended up being the best hangover cure during the Three Sheets era?

ZaneLamprey6 karma

Marijuana tea in Jamaica... mon.

bluemilk222 karma

Hi Zane! I love your shows and am currently working on the DVD collections of both DME and Three Sheets. You've explored a lot of places where they showed you how to make their alcohols - which one was the most unique or interesting compared to the straight-forward processes of making beer, liquor, or wine?


Also, how do you get Steve to show up to so much stuff when he's got a "real" job?


Thanks for being awesome!

ZaneLamprey3 karma

Well, the "toddy" which is on Chug tonight is simple BUT interesting. They hang a bucket of coconut water outside over night and the natural yeast in the air ferments it to the strength of beer in a few hours.

Wouldn't YOU leave your real job for a bit to help me out???

allen247852 karma

Do you need an assistant at all? Travel Buddy? Fwiend?

ZaneLamprey4 karma

I have Steve..... but he doesn't do much in terms of being helpful.

MynameThaddeus2 karma

Zane! I watched three sheets growing up with my older brother, it was one of my favorite shows and still is to this day. What episode do you think you got the most tanked in??

ZaneLamprey5 karma

"When I was growing up"... Man, that makes me feel old!

Prague, Champagne, Moscow, Tai Pei, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales, Ireland, South Korea, Kyoto, and the Lithuania!


Where would you say Steve McKenna is on the evolutionary scale?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

He's above monkeys.... most of them.

rifleman10071 karma

Hey Zane! With your experience with foreign liquors, is there a possibility of you producing and distributing those is the US?

Also a huge thank you for introducing me to Pleepleus, now I never drink alone!

edit - Also where can I send my resume?

ZaneLamprey2 karma

Will I bring my rum, Monkey Rum, international? Yes, but only after it's firmly established in the US. Thank you! Send your resume to Pleepleus!

beardedbassguy1 karma

Zane, I was a HUGE fan of Three Sheets. It was seriously one of the best shows ever made. Thanks for making it.

My question... How many different Pleepleus' have there been?

ZaneLamprey2 karma

I tried to have only one, but like the General Lee (Dukes of Hazard), there have been many!

productofLB1 karma

Zane!! Can't wait for CHUG! Drinking Made Easy and Three Sheets were great What do you think of all these other drinking shows now popping up ?

ZaneLamprey2 karma

It's funny. The timing especially. I don't know what to think. I guess want to beat them. (in the ratings, not with a stick)

ErmacNSteez1 karma

Zane! Big fan of Three Sheets, pretty sure I've seen every episode and I have introduced many new fans to your show. Just wanted to ask you if you would try some Snake Liquor again, if it were offered to you? Follow up question: Want to come over and drink some Snake Liquor?

ZaneLamprey1 karma

I have some Viper Rum here in my office. I made DJ Paul from Three-6 Mafia drink it. I joined him. It was horrible.

cjhelms1 karma

Hey Zane, I don't have a question, but I just wanted to say thank you for the years of entertainment you've been giving us and I wish for many more! The team you've put together has gotten your format of show down to a science and it's incredibly entertaining to watch. I've been a fan since you were on INHD, and I even came to see your Drinking Made Easy tour when it came to Indianapolis! I was so excited to be able to be a Kickstarter of CHUG, and equally as excited when NatGeo picked it up so that so many more people can see it!


Ooo I do have a question — is there a way to buy the behind-the-scenes videos to CHUG since I already have the six episodes from the Kickstarter?

ZaneLamprey2 karma

Thank you!!!


The Behind the Scenes episode is on the DVD, which you can get at Chug.tv

JayAmado1 karma

Hey Zane! Huge fan of Three Sheets, Drinking Made Easy, and proud contributor to the Chug kickstarter campaign!

My question: Do you continue to observe any of the drinking customs that you've picked up through your travels? If so, which ones? Also, do you stay in touch with Mark Cuban anymore?

ZaneLamprey3 karma

I do often drink things that I've had in my travels. Last night I went to a Greek restaurant and had Ouzo.

Yes, I say in touch with Mark. He's fun to drink with!

xgozax1 karma

Do you need a personal assistant? I am ready to start asap

ZaneLamprey2 karma

Pleepleus handles that... albeit poorly.

randomizinah1 karma

Craft beer enthusiast and big fan! Since asking what your favorite beer of all time is just isn't enough, what are beers that really stood out for you? Best tasting, weirdest ingredients, and brewing process? Also, if you could pick one country to drink beer from, who would it be and why?

ZaneLamprey2 karma

That's too tough - or would take an hour to answer. I LOVE craft beer. I was very impressed with the craft beer scene in Vienna, and ever Rome, when shooting Chug!

philldo691 karma

Hey Zane,

Long time watcher, big time drinker... thanks to you and the folks at Drinking Made Easy, I always check out a few of the places you guys visited when I travel - some great spots!

My favourite is the The Buena Vista in San Fran, not sure why.. probably because it was my first visit on my own DME tour ;)

No real question, just wanted to say thanks and I look forward to watching Chug!

OK fine, here's one - whats your favourite bar/place you visited on DME ?

ZaneLamprey2 karma

Thanks. I loved the spiked coffee there and have been back since. I don't have a favorite location. I just like a good vibe. Buena Vista had a good vibe.

cfTick1 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA Zane as well as all the good shows. I'm curious, when just hanging out at the house, do you find yourself drinking craft beers more or do you stick to something like the Bud, Coors, or Miller?

ZaneLamprey2 karma

I drink everything. I'm not a craft beer snob. My fridge is impressively stocked with all kinds of beers.

ZaneLamprey1 karma

I drink everything. I'm not a craft beer snob. My fridge is impressively stocked with all kinds of beers.

michaelgiblin1 karma

Zane, What's the most awkward/uncomfortable drinking custom you've had to participate in?

ZaneLamprey3 karma

Getting naked an jumping in a fjord in Denmark.... sober. Who does that sober?!?!?

jcush3131 karma

As someone that really enjoys different beers I think I found my favorite. Have you had Shock Top Twisted Pretzel? Just curious your thoughts, and if I need to keep searching for something "better"?

ZaneLamprey1 karma

I haven't tried it yet.... But I'm intrigued.

Ch3tM4nl3y1 karma

Zane I loved "Thre Sheets" and I can't wait to see "Chug." What is your go to beverage of choice after a long day? Is it always the same, or do you like to mix it up? You seem like a cool guy to get a beer or twenty with.

ZaneLamprey3 karma

Rum & Cola... Or any of the craft beer I have in my fridge.

I'm a cool guy to drink with between #3 and #8.