Hello, Reddit, it's Rory MacDonald.

I'm a current UFC fighter and you can see me compete in submission-only grappling at Metamoris 5 this weekend. Order it!

Here's proof straight from the Metamoris rules meeting: http://imgur.com/bquG5OE

I'll start answering questions at around 6pm ET, so ask me anything!

edit: I have to go run to the airport to pick up my family. Thanks for all the questions and watch me tomorrow at Metamoris.

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AntSmith1781 karma

What will it take to get you to consider The Canadian Psycho as a nickname?

romac_gorilla65 karma

zero consideration to that

im going by the red king now

HitHard63 karma

Have you ever done a burnout in a mustang that was so fucking big that you could barely see out the window? and also would you fight my mate albert even tho he is blind? he hella buff tho

romac_gorilla58 karma

yes i have a mustang gt but i wouldnt fight albert

romac_gorilla62 karma

i like passing the knee line to half guard

Ryles146 karma

Hi Rory, I've enjoyed watching you over the last few years in the UFC, I think it's interesting to watch your success considering you kind of represent the new generation of fighters that started out training in mixed martial arts rather than growing up training in a traditional martial art and then moving into MMA.

On one of Joe Rogan's podcasts (#545 I think?) he tells a story about how for a while someone at the UFC thought they were texting you to ask what song you wanted for walkout music, but they had the wrong number and some random person was texting back and choosing your walkout music for you. Is this true, and what was your reaction like walking out to music that you didn't pick? I found this story incredibly hilarious, so I kind of hope it is true.

romac_gorilla60 karma

it is true and i was surprised and disappointed every time

thanks to whoever it was

Jesseuno18 karma

Please tell me that this was the reason "We Found Love" happened?

romac_gorilla54 karma

i chose that i liked the song at the time

TheMMApodcast39 karma

Have you hired someone to cut avocados for you since UFC 170?

romac_gorilla59 karma

im just a little more careful with the avacados

lnuave32 karma

Hey Rory! Thanks for doing this. Who was the hardest hitter that you've encountered?

romac_gorilla81 karma


novelty_accunt27 karma

Have you owned a farm?

romac_gorilla35 karma

no i wish that would be awesome

ShadyLookingDog24 karma

Condit or Lawler: Who was the tougher fight?

romac_gorilla48 karma


killerboi29723 karma

Hey Rory thanks for the time! My question is fairly simple, what is the most common question you receive? Good luck this weekend Rory and good luck fighting for the belt!

romac_gorilla65 karma

will i fight georges

Senig22 karma

What do you believe you do better than anyone else in the 170lb division?

romac_gorilla50 karma

ground n pound

nunes9220 karma

Hey Rory, huge fan. does the potential of long term brain injuries every cross your mind? how do you take this into consideration as you go through your career

romac_gorilla58 karma

its something to think about but i think with the proper techniques you can avoid a lot of the damage brawlers have to worry about

a technical fighter doesnt have to take as many shots to get the job done

Nerdlinger18 karma

Do the Metamoris competitors get to learn what's in Ralek's backpack?

romac_gorilla107 karma

firas says theres a human head

he takes it out and combs the hair

daniksn17 karma

Hey Rory!

First of all, I'm a huge fan of yours, have been following you since you armbared guymon way back.

Now to the question, ever since I was a kid I've always wanted to start MMA or any type of fighting really but I've never really started. Now at the age of 17, do you think it's too late for me to start? Have I missed too much?


romac_gorilla32 karma

no not at all its the perfect time to start training and working hard

relax_on_the_mat16 karma

Are you interested in doing other grappling or jiu jitsu competitions besides Metamoris? How often do you train in the gi (if ever)?

romac_gorilla32 karma

i never train in the gi but im open to other jiujitsu comp in the future

my focus is on mma and fighting professionally

MyNameIsMineToo15 karma

Hi Rory, big fan here. My question is, how much do you expect to weight on fight night? Did you put on weight for this event since there is no weight-cutting nor any weight restriction?

romac_gorilla27 karma

for this fight i came in at my natural weight no gaining or losing

i expect to weigh 195

StatesWhatIsObvious15 karma

Both in prime, who takes Anderson vs GSP?

What is your personal career highlight thus far?

romac_gorilla35 karma


i really enjoyed the fight with demian maia

LennoxMartin15 karma

Hi Rory, thanks for taking time for an AMA! Here are my questions: 1. Edgar or Swanson this weekend? 2. How do you think Benson Henderson will do at 170 lbs? 3. If you became champion and George was offered a fight against you, do you think he would take it?

romac_gorilla47 karma

  1. edgar
  2. im sure he'll have some success but he wont beat me
  3. nope

pepsiboycoke13 karma

Hi Rory,

How much do you put stock in the psychology to fighting? How much effect can a staredown have?

romac_gorilla45 karma

i dont think staredowns really make a difference but its interesting to look into your opponents eyes and see what hes about

Dedisev12 karma

How much do you bench/squat/deadlift?

romac_gorilla39 karma


ShadyLookingDog12 karma

Do you plan on coaching The Ultimate Fighter in the future?

romac_gorilla28 karma

hopefully yeah

CosmicLemon11 karma

Hey rory, Would you ever consider going to SBG in Dublin training with Conor Mcgregor and John Kavangh?

romac_gorilla30 karma

its possible

StartWithConfidence11 karma

Hi Rory.

I was wondering what your training routine is like leading up to Metamoris. Have you changed your focus to strictly Jiujitsu?

romac_gorilla24 karma

not strictly jiujitsu but ive been doing a lot more jiujitsu in my days of training

Jdeol2310 karma

Hey Rory what are some good gyms to train in Surrey/Langley area in BC? I've been wanting to start training MMA for a while but I don't what gym to join.

romac_gorilla23 karma

theres revolution theres mamba mma theres toshido

Blitz12449 karma

How often do you workout and is it hard to get motivated? Do you ever get nervous when you are about to fight? Have you ever regretted what you do?

romac_gorilla21 karma

yeah i definitely get nervous but i think nerves are a good thing. they prepare you for what you're about to do.

samlapoint9 karma


romac_gorilla19 karma

i think its important to be a dynamic fighter and not have 1 style

carlos is definitely in the title picture and i hope that well fight again

Jynxfan29 karma

Hey Rory,

What is your ideal time between fights? Do you want to compete 3-6 times a year? Has your philosophy on layoff between fights changed as the opponents have got more difficult?

romac_gorilla14 karma

3 is a good number

YaketyMax9 karma

What do you think about uniforms for fighters? Think you could make more money from your own sponsors?

romac_gorilla24 karma

its probably going to be a drop in our income

if that ends up happening hopefully we will be compensated

bubba2u8 karma

Who do you think can make you cry?

romac_gorilla37 karma

uhhh... nobody can make me cry

timfbmx8 karma

Do you ever bet on yourself to win a fight just to make some extra cash?

romac_gorilla16 karma

nope not a gambler

emmerin8 karma

Hey Rory. Huge fan. What was tougher at the time of each fight. Your first fight or your last fight?

romac_gorilla18 karma

my first fight didnt know what to expect

krispyyyyy8 karma

Hey Rory. Big fan! Just a random question. How did you come up with your nickname, Red King?

romac_gorilla18 karma

history of my name rory

jmccee8 karma

Hey Rory. You seem to have a great report with Ariel Helwani. Do you prefer doing interviews with him versus other media members?

romac_gorilla19 karma

most of the time yeah

WorldsEndGirlfriend8 karma

Since you're so young compared to other UFC fighters, do you see yourself still competing 10 years from now? If not what do you envision yourself doing?

romac_gorilla15 karma

yeah i do

aeg917 karma

Sup Ares,

I have a few questions actually:

1) According to wikipedia, you have a total of 3 fight bonuses, i have always wondering how tempting it is to just splurge and buy some crazy shit like cars, jewelry, Conor Mcgregor's tailor, etc. What do most fighter's do when they get a 50k bonus that they might not have been expecting?

2) I'd love your thoughts on Diaz v Silva.

3) Who do you want next?

4) Favorite food to eat following a fight?

Thanks man, good luck with everything.

romac_gorilla25 karma

  1. i try to be a little more conservative and save up
  2. i think silva
  3. the winner of hendricks/lawler
  4. carbs

Rondabar7 karma

What do you think of Hector Lombard's nickname, 'Showeather'?

romac_gorilla21 karma

thats my first time ever hearing it interesting

imac97 karma

Hey rory, big fan! Im big into sport psychology, especially in MMA. Do you have a sport psychologist? Is it a field you use/find helpful?

romac_gorilla29 karma


batmansmyname7 karma

Thanks for doing an ama im a big fan--because i cant think of a good question

whats your favorite candy?

also, do you ever browse reddit?


romac_gorilla20 karma

never browse reddit but i like 5 cent candies

jonnybutler5 karma

MMA fighters around the world are complaining about how fighters are not getting paid well. With the recent news coming out that Bellator scored 1.8 million viewers last Saturday, it looks like there could finally be some competition for the UFC.

As a UFC contracted fighter who gets paid well, what are your views on competition for the UFC in the mixed martial arts game? Do you think Bellator has what it takes, or will they be just like the wrestling program on Spike TV and eventually implode?

romac_gorilla16 karma

competition is always healthy for the fighters paychecks

aquabat1045 karma

What's your favorite color?

romac_gorilla14 karma


hdx5145 karma

Hi Rory, who in your opinion, are the most technical striker and grappler in the UFC at the moment?

By the way, have you changed since your MMA Hour appearance?

romac_gorilla20 karma

im trying to make it me so me

clobyark4 karma

What is your favorite music?

romac_gorilla9 karma

everything i like a whole lot of different genres depending on my mood at the time

TheMMApodcast4 karma

You're on the short list to fight for the 170-lb title. Would you prefer a fight against Hendricks or a rematch against Lawler?

romac_gorilla9 karma

either one it doesnt matter im focused on beating whoever it is

drews0n4 karma

Thoughts on Conner McGregor?

romac_gorilla22 karma

good fighter

CaptainAerosex4 karma

Hey Rory, I believe you said went to Toshido's when you were learning MMA. Do you ever drop by when you come back to Kelowna and do you still train with anybody from the gym?

Big fan, can't wait to see you hold the belt.

romac_gorilla18 karma

yeah all the time

StrictlyWhiskey3 karma

Hey Rory, big fan. Favorite breakfast food?

romac_gorilla12 karma


dickienorton19863 karma

How many Bitcoins have you got in your pocket right now.?

romac_gorilla29 karma

16 bitcoins

xXxChristmasTearsxXx3 karma

How much time do you spend in British Columbia these days? Is your family there?

romac_gorilla11 karma

yup they are

as much as i can when im not training full time

TurnOfTheScrew3 karma

Do you and Mike Ricci still go clothes shopping together (or fight over red pants anymore)?

If not, what's your relationship with him atm? What about GSP? Were you surprised when Ricci got cut, and think it's justifiable or not?

And what are your thoughts on GSP retiring/needing a break? Do you think he'll come back?

romac_gorilla8 karma

no more shopping but good friends with mike

sarcasmo133 karma

Hi Rory, huge fan, love that we have quite a few top level guys from Canada. My question is, when you started in the UFC you were very aggressive in your fights and had some stunning KO's over tough opponents. Lately you have been a bit more conservative. Is this that the opponents are tougher, conservative coaching and looking for points or just maturing as a fighter and really trying to preserve yourself for the long term?

romac_gorilla36 karma

i disagree with you. i think every opponent requires a different method of attack. i did knock someone out a couple weeks ago. did you see my last fight?

khariel3 karma

Sup Rory, huge fan!
In a recent interview you mentioned you don't ever study your opponents prior to fights. Do you think that will become an issue in case you happen to defend the welterweight belt someday?

romac_gorilla10 karma

nope not an issue

TheMMApodcast1 karma

Have you discussed with Georges what his gameplan on returning will be if you take the welterweight belt?

romac_gorilla8 karma

havent talked to him and i dont know what his plans are