Thanks everyone for all the awesome questions! Glad I could answer them. As I leave, here's my newest music video. It's a throw-up in your mouth cute cover of Frozen:

Hey everyone!

I'm Jimmy Wong, internet person, musician, actor and more. My brother is Freddie Wong (masta of the intanets) if you didn't know and here's some more info about me:

You may know me as Ted Wong from Video Game High School! The third season just released and the 4th episode out of 6 came out yesterday. Definitely an intense episode for everyone involved :)

You may know me from my cooking show Feast of Fiction! We make nerdy dishes and bake up fictional foods from your favorite videogames, books, movies and more.

You might also know me from my music channel! I posted a somewhat famous viral video several years ago entitled "Ching Chong, It Means I Love You" which was a response to a racist/misguided UCLA sorority girl.

AND FINALLY.... You might also know me from...

THE PRICE IS RIGHT! Yep. I think we effectively gamed the system and went on the show. I got lucky and won the SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN, which includes a car and jetski. Speaking of which....

I'm here to help promote my Indiegogo campaign for my original musical comedy web series. If you like Flight of the Conchords or Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, this is the show for you. We are ALSO running a sweepstakes to GIVE AWAY the brand new car and jetski from The Price is Right.

Read and watch more here:

Ask me any question you have! I'm down to spill the beans on how to get on The Price is Right, what my musical webseries is about, past projects, future ones, etc. :)



Other random things: I love Magic: the Gathering and play it a LOT. I have a podcast with Josh Lee Kwai on Commander:

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Tyndarion82 karma

How did you break down in tears and stay in character during the end of ep. 4? It was really good!

jimmywong75 karma

I've been with Ted for 3 years now, and the scene was just written so perfectly well. Even reading it I would always tear up or get on the verge of tears. I held that emotion bottled within me til we filmed, and just tried to be as honest as possible.

HulkDiesel4 karma

Just to jump on the top comment. I wanna say I love the series. I've seen every episode and love it. You guys are doing great stuff. Do you sell any apparel? I would love to buy a VGHS t-shirt.

jimmywong7 karma has everything you need

YoshinoVA51 karma

When Nathan Kress joined the cast, did you fangirl on the inside?

jimmywong41 karma

I actually was the one who caught his initial DM when he told us he was a fan! But I had seen his previous stuff only a couple of times. I didn't get to hang out much with him on set, but he seems like an incredibly nice and sweet guy.

SoliderOmnivore39 karma

Ovulations Jimmy! Thanks for doing this!

My question is what video games would you associate with, if any, in a real VGHS? Thanks once again!

jimmywong47 karma

MOBAs, easily!

MDerek34 karma

Hi Jimmy! Thanks for the AMA, both me and my dad love VGHS! My question for you is, what was it like to work with your older brother as a director on the show?

jimmywong47 karma

Super easy. He can bark commands to me without fearing he is "upsetting" anyone, which makes life super easy for our communication on set. No BS involved, just straight talk and efficient filmmaking.

gnayug30 karma

Soo...kind of like him in his video will? :P

jimmywong30 karma

haha! definitely has shades of that ;)

Desertcoyote9927 karma

Hey thanks for doing this! Just a couple of questions relevant to VGHS:

  1. What was your favorite moment on set(on or off camera)?

  2. Least favorite?

  3. Plans now that its all over?

  4. If you could do it all again what would you do differently?

jimmywong51 karma

  1. Probably season 1 when we filmed at the arcade. It was a night shoot and we were all rolling around on the filthy carpet at the end just out of our minds.
  2. Riding naked on a jetski. Well, actually semi naked, which is why it was my least favorite. YOU CAN'T COVER THESE BUNS UP.
  3. Band Aid! My brand new musical webseries:
  4. I'd definitely spend more time memorizing my lines and re-reading the scripts. Always want to be twice as prepared as you think you need to be when going to set.

skinnyboot27 karma


jimmywong28 karma

I remember that! It just takes a reminder and I can usually piece together the memory pretty well. The best part about VGHS is that it's proving to the world to pay attention to us, and that we can do TV quality content for a much smaller budget, and tell just as grand of a story.

swagbromandawg24 karma

Hey jimmy. I was wondering, we're you sad when VGHS ended, or did you feel it was time? Would you petition Matt and Freddie for a VGU if you thought you could convince them or not?

jimmywong44 karma

I definitely felt it was time. I've seen these guys slave away at making this show (and they enjoyed it of course) but it's taken 3 years of their life away. Matt is engaged, he never sees his fiance, etc. It was time to move on, and everyone was exhausted from working on the same thing essentially for so long. It's so close to all of our hearts, but if we don't move on, then we stagnate.

jlee789023 karma

When are you and freddie coming back on Node lan party? And what inspired you and freddie to do what you guys do today?

jimmywong16 karma

whenever we have time? Everyone is supremely busy, and playing videogames is a blast, but I don't really have a chance to do that, even on camera.

jlee78906 karma

thats a shame. Its better when you guys are on the show.

jimmywong17 karma

appreciate it! If they ever play Attack on Titan I try and make it on, cuz I love that game :)

Buddhap19 karma

Is Brian Firenzi a nice guy in real life?

jimmywong31 karma

one of the nicest people I've ever met.

Sconfinato17 karma

Hi Jimmy ! Thanks for the AMA. You're the main reason I really look forward to every new VGHS episode. You used to make me laugh, but lately you've made me cri evrytiem. I don't mind, it's just too good.

Here's my question:
If you could only have 3 albums on your iPod at any given moment, what would those be right now ?

jimmywong27 karma

Thanks man! I know, the tears have definitely been flowing for a lot of viewers, which is the highest compliment I can receive.

In no particular order: In Rainbows - Radiohead (or OK Computer), Fleet Foxes (Self Titled), Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This list could also change every time someone asks me this question!!

Riceboy8880917 karma

hi jimmy, I love your work, keep staying awesome.

would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

jimmywong54 karma

Horse sized duck. Give it a loaf of bread, stab it in the heart while it's distracted, game over.

niko21316 karma

What was your favorite part so far for VGHS?

jimmywong19 karma

Just filming with the same cast and crew for 3 years.

owen73112 karma

Hey Jimmy Wong, thank you for doing an AMA, I am a huge fan and you are great in VGHS. The episode on Monday (S3,Ep4) was a difficult one to watch. We don’t get to see a lot of sad emotions in this series. So my question is; was it a difficult episode to make?

jimmywong17 karma

It was exhausting. In the BTS i have huge bags under my eyes. It felt like I only slept for 2 hours after every shoot day.


Hi Jimmy! Been following you and your brother's stuff for years now and it's great to see how successful you guys have become! Would there be any piece of advice you could give to aspiring YouTube content creators or low profile musicians in becoming successful? Thank you for your time!

jimmywong13 karma

Persistence, patience, ingenuity. Don't be boring, don't be afraid, don't settle for bs.

Series_of_Accidents10 karma

When the Ching Chong video came out, I showed it to my folks as I thought it was hilarious. I bought a couple of your songs and fell in love with your style.

Four years later, my dad still sends me text messages with nothing more than "ching chong." I don't really have a question, I just wanted to let you know that your song had continued to provide me with a chuckle while my dad tells me in an all too unique way that he loves me.

But since this is an AMA, what's your favorite color?

jimmywong15 karma

ahahah that's amazing. You can let your dad know that I think he's a total baller for doing so.

Sky blue is my favorite color by far :)

and ching chong to your whole family!!

Breaking_Badgers10 karma

Hey Jimmy! If we ever meet, can we do an awesome high five? Also, I love VGHS. A lot. Thanks for doing this!

jimmywong14 karma

Totally. Just put that hand up and you got a fiver comin your way!

magikarpio10 karma

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander?

jimmywong28 karma


Jfoye01410 karma

Hey Jimmy! My name is James and I'm a big fan of your work on VGHS.

How weird was it filming the jet ski scene?

What's your favorite moment from the show?

jimmywong16 karma

we filmed it many months after we wrapped on the series, it was a pick up shot. Beautiful sunny day on Lake Elsinore, I had a blast. Not weird at all since i had flesh colored underwear on.

UniversalPixel9 karma

Honestly a quick question? Was it hard to pull on the act for VGHS E4 S3?

jimmywong22 karma

As far as I'm concerned, it wasn't an "act". I found the emotion in myself about losing a loved one and also feeling unloved and found the empathy for Ted and channeled it through myself.


Hey Jimmy, you were great in yesterday's episode! Anyway, my question: Were you a fan of David Wong's work prior to being in John Dies At The End?

jimmywong7 karma

Ya know, his book had circulated around the forums and stuff I browsed when I was younger (SomethingAwful) but I never personally got around to reading it. Now that I have, I love David Wong, John Cheese, and also all of the content on Cracked. Those guys are great writers.

BrandonAC9 karma

Why are you so handsome?

jimmywong19 karma

why are YOU so nice? :o

MeaningfulHaiku8 karma


jimmywong21 karma

Brian Firenzi is always a blast. Ellary is also super fun to hang out with on set. Of course, me and Josh Blaylock were super bros as well. Freddie and I are a year and a half apart, live with each other, and spent a year sleeping in the same bed when we lived with CorridorDigital. We're pretty close.

zpearlman7 karma

Hi Jimmy! I'm Zack Pearlman, we play magic together, remember? Anyways, I had a question. In every episode of VGHS you always look into the camera and yell "I DON'T KNOW NOTHIN"!!!!!!" then the audience applause. My question is, why did you steal that from me???? U KNOW THAT'S MY ONLY THING I HAVE GOING FOR ME.

jimmywong7 karma

Look Zack, if you come into another one of these threads again with these BASELESS ACCUSATIONS I'm going to have a file an e-restraining order against you. And then tap all your lands when you're not looking.

Nglory6 karma

How can I become the true drift king?!

jimmywong13 karma


-Spider-Man-6 karma

Great job on your performance on the latest VGHS episode! My question is what are you going to do now that VGHS is done and after Band-Aid?

jimmywong9 karma

Band Aid will probably carry me through August. If it's a success, then Season 2 of Band Aid! I'd also like to be in a major motion picture at some point. Lots of roles that have passed me by that I've missed :(

Robotanng6 karma

Hey Jimmy! How hard was it to film the latest episode and did it bring you closer to your castmates? (PS, awesome performance! Keep up the good work!)

jimmywong8 karma

Definitely. We all got a lot closer after that episode, because we all individually went through a lot as characters and being in the same house off our normal set helped that out a lot too.

mrglowsticksam6 karma

Hey Jimmy, couple of things

1- Now that you have received positive from your serious acting in VGHS, you looking to do more projects or professional work?

2- After watching your performances through the course of VGHS, It's made me realise that it is the acting industry I want to get into. So do you have any advice for a guy who wants to break into the acting world?

3- You got anyone that inspires you to do what you do?

just want to say you freaking rock, and please never stop creating content man, stay awesome dude!

jimmywong7 karma

  1. I'd like to believe I've BEEN doing professional work these past years in Hollywood. I've been in several films and don't plan on stopping anytime soon as an actor.
  2. Take improv classes, break out of your shell, study the greats and find yourself and learn how to communicate that on stage, on camera, and what the differences are.
  3. Great actors in great roles. Beautiful films. Amazing story telling. Shakespeare.

Belal_YS5 karma

Hey Jimmy ... Questions :

1.Why are you so awesome :D

2.Do You want VGHS to remain ? or you're glad it Ended ?

jimmywong17 karma

Hey belal! Nice job on the gifs this season, they're sweet.

  1. Dunno, just gotta stay positive and be kind.
  2. I want it to become an animated series!!

availproductions5 karma

What was your favorite childhood memory with Freddie?

jimmywong9 karma

probably not my favorite, but one time he super pranked me with our neighbor and pretended to destroy my massive popit firecracker that I had spent like 2 weeks building and emptying out other popits to make a giant one in a napkin.

Marty_Randolph5 karma

Jimmy !! Hey thanks for doing the AMA. as a huge fan of your brother freddie i found you and fell in love with both of your Youtube channels. My number one question that i would die to know is where can i get a necklace like yours? the leather tied medallion one that you wear in the VGHS series. PLEASE RESPOND!! <333

jimmywong12 karma

It's made of clay, so you could probably make one yourself. I got it from a hippy salesman at Bumbershoot.

dirtybubble245 karma

First off I just want to say I'm a huge fan, from your music to your cooking show. Also I thought you did an amazing job in the newest episode of VGHS. My question is who was your favorite person to work with on the set of VGHS?

jimmywong6 karma

Matt Arnold and Freddie Wong. The directors are an actor's most important relationship and I'm very glad I got to be best friends (and brother) to these two before we shot the show. It allowed for a lot of really seamless communication, especially between Freddie and myself (since we've been communicating for a solid 27 years together)

RayJZ4 karma

What do you plan to do now that VGHS is over?

jimmywong11 karma

Band Aid! It's my new musical comedy webseries that is inspired heavily by Flight of the Conchords and Dr. Horribles Sing-A-Long Blog. We're fundraising for it now so our fans can get involved, just like Season 1 of VGHS!

NotPatar1 karma

When will it be out?

jimmywong3 karma

plan on releasing potentially this summer at some point.

Max_Monkey4 karma

What happens if Band Aid doesn't reach full funding? Are we still going to get a form/version of it? Thanks for doing this!

jimmywong8 karma

Yes. It's flex funding, similar to the final season of VGHS' fundraising campaign.

Stork_4 karma

Congrats on being part of such an amazing and unique series! VGHS is an incredible testament to the power and potential of the Internet age in which we live :D

As for my question: will you be releasing a new Christmas album!? I found last year's and I'm positively dying for more :)

jimmywong6 karma

YES! I want to release a christmas album every year :)

Zihark533 karma

Hey Jimmy, Ryan Rakowski here. Still stoked that you answered my last question in your Q&A.

I had the opportunity to buy the episodes of VGHS on Vimeo and watch them early. After seeing this season I respect you so much more not only as an actor, but as a person.

Questions: 1. Do you still keep up with your dreams in writing them down? 2. Do you think there's a chance that any more VGHS seasons or spin-offs will be made? 3. What's your favorite Pokemon?

Stay cool Jimmy.

-Ryan Rakowski

jimmywong4 karma

Yah dude your name is awesome. I knew a girl named Rayna Ragowski, you should meet.

  1. I do, I write them down or just replay them in my head multiple times after I wake up. I have some weird, weird, dreams still and I always try and figure out the emotions they make me feel and remember that feeling (it helps with acting to really be in touch with yourself. That sounded wrong).
  2. VGHS the animated series is a possibility.
  3. Eevee!! Or any of his/her evolutions. Squirtle is a close second.

InvaderSap3 karma

Hi, Jimmy! Just a couple of questions. Recently this season of VGHS has been more about people and the characters being challenged with a lot of hard hitting subjects and emotions. 1. What part of your character as Ted do you love to perform the most? Do you like to play his serious side more than his comedic side? 2. Is that the same for other roles? Thanks!

jimmywong6 karma

I like Ted when he's being challenged because he has to rise to the occasion in any number of ways. Whether or not he treats it like a child or an adult is always changing and evolving, it's fun to see where the writers take his decisions and how I get to play them on the day.

mr_yogurt3 karma

Are you going to blow lots of stuff up in Band Aid?

jimmywong14 karma

If you mean blowing MINDS with incredible MUSIC and COMEDY... yes.

LeadingSomewhere3 karma

Ovulations to you, Jimmy! How is it living in LA? I'd like to move there to do video stuff someday.

jimmywong5 karma

It's a huge city with so many different things always happening. Filled with artists, dreamers, con artists, terrible people and amazing people alike. It's basically an artists city.

StxRzY3 karma

Would you enjoy it if there was a season 4?

jimmywong6 karma

No. VGHS has finished in its current form. Maybe an animated series in the future tho.

buffalosabres3 karma

Hey Jimmy, big fan and supporting you for Band Aid. What was your favorite video game growing up and what is yours currently? Thanks for doing this AMA!

jimmywong5 karma

First - thanks so much for your support. It means the world! My favorite game growing up was Chrono Trigger, my current favorite is probably Mario Kart 7. That might change to Bayonetta 2 as soon as I get around to playing it.

kylamarie2 karma

Hey Jimmy! Love your stuff, keep it up :) I'm curious... What were the best & worst dishes made on FoF?

jimmywong6 karma

Worst dish: Minecraft soup. Tasted like GARBAGE. Oh well. Best dish: krabby patties. SO GOOD.

efbo2 karma

I find it strange that Shane Pizza killed you when he was Dave and you were Fred in John Dies at the End, do you think that's strange too?

jimmywong2 karma

I originally brought Chase Williamson's headshot to the directors for consideration for Shane Pizza. I made it happen!! :D

littlefishyfish2 karma

What has was your favorite VGHS episode to film and why?

jimmywong13 karma

The arcade episode of season 1. So very silly.

jimmywong40 karma

also I got to kiss a gurl

TehKyle2 karma

Hi Jimmy! It's Kyle from Seattle.

Great job on VGHS season 3, Your range as an actor is incredible!

Still up for playing some games over the holidays?

And a real question.. Favorite smash bros character?

jimmywong9 karma

I'm down for the SEAHAWKS to win some games over the holidays!! I'm a huge Kirby fan from N64, Down+A drill is the beats.

Tamox2 karma

Hey Jimmy!

Aside from Ted Wong, who would be your favorite VGHS character?

jimmywong5 karma

The Swan family. I love how normal they are compared to the rest of the world, yet so incredibly unusual and quirky.

red5nak32 karma

if you could live in any fantasy world, what world would it be?

jimmywong4 karma

Wreck It Ralph. GAMEZ ALL DAY

SleepyBunny1012 karma

Do you have any favorite Youtube channels that you've subscribed to?

jimmywong4 karma

ItsGrace. She da best

pedophileinthecorner2 karma

Are you actually good at racing (in video games) in real life?

jimmywong2 karma

Clinton Jones and myself are self-professed world champions at Mario Kart 7. We've both played in a lot of tournaments and placed like 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. So we like video game racing a lot. I consider myself to be a very instinctual driver when it comes to handling in real life, but often find myself getting a speeding ticket or accidentally hitting the curb when parking. Cuz parking is hard.

JoshPrey2 karma

So is there never going to be another part of VGHS? That was my favorite show <3

jimmywong2 karma

maybe an animated series.

GKZ_Kasarka2 karma

Hey Jimmy! You are my favorite character in VGHS and I would like to ask, what is your favorite part about working on the VGHS crew? Especially with your brother.

edit: Add me on steam! tackky

jimmywong4 karma

Just being with the same crew for 3 years and knowing I will be working with a lot of them in the future is amazing. I'm hiring on a lot of the same people for my next project:

johnyboz2 karma

Hey Jimmy! What channel will band aid go on? Thanks man.

jimmywong3 karma

No idea yet.

Robotanng2 karma

Jimmy, if you had the option to pick any show on television to be a part of, what show would you pick? I know I would pick Game of Thrones, after all, Winter is Coming!

jimmywong9 karma

The Walking Dead. I AM GLENN! Not really.

dinkle_berrg2 karma

Hey jimmy, big fan of VGHS and yourself here. Two sets of questions.

  1. what was it like filming the fourth episode in season 3? How did you prepare yourself for such an emotional part in the series? (Btw, you absolutely nailed it. Episode 4 really hit close to me, first time I've ever cried because of a film or tv show, great stuff)

  2. I'm a 16 year old looking to get into the film industry as a writer for television and preferably film. I'm very passionate about what I do, but I realize trying to make my dreams my own reality is quite ambitious. What advice can you give to someone trying to follow their dreams and get into the business ?

Once again, huge fan, and whatever you do, keep up the good work! Love ya Jimmy

jimmywong8 karma

  1. It was a rollercoaster. I just tried to make sure I was always on the same page as the directors and writers and did my best to portray the honest truth of the situation. I literally imagined I wasn't even in VGHS really, because the scene was so different and outside of the regular world. My character really breaks down and you see a freakin raw part of myself, so I had to have the courage to show that, and not be afraid of it in front of people I don't know.

  2. Consume content. Look at how Tarantino or Nolan did it. If you are truly looking to get into the industry, figure out what you are most passionate about and pursue it. You might get discouraged along the way, but if your heart is there, you'll find a way.

Black_Table2 karma

Hey! Huge fan! What is your favorite video game to play?

jimmywong6 karma

Chrono Trigger!

HereIsWhere2 karma

If you had to wear the same shirt every day for the rest of your life with one word on it, what word would that be?

jimmywong6 karma


parsival_2 karma

What is next for RocketJump, are their any big projects planed, or just shorts for now?

jimmywong7 karma

Some big stuff planned, follow @fwong @mattlarnold @willcampos @rocketjumptweet for news

Latarax2 karma

Hey Jimmy,

What's it like working with your brother Freddie on these incredible projects? How are you guys off the set?

jimmywong5 karma

I answered this somewhere else, but tldr - very simple. We are very efficient at communicating and getting it DONE!

Bdag2 karma

Hey Jimmy! Was your character being a driver influenced at all by your taste in gaming? If not what type of games would you rather have had Ted be amazing at?

jimmywong4 karma

Nope! That was all decided by the writing staff. I always wanted to run around and shoot more guns... so fps?

NextGenWarrior2 karma

I'm a huge fan of you in VGHS!

  1. Three items for the zombie apocalypse?

  2. Ketchup or mustard?

  3. Favorite pizza topping?

  4. Three things that you never use, but keep around anyway.

jimmywong3 karma

  1. Guns, guns, more guns. And rice and beans.
  2. Ketchup, unless it's honey mustard. Then oh god mustard all the way.
  3. Can't beat pepperoni.
  4. Toys. I have tons of random action figures or Figmas I just pose once and leave standing around forever. I like lookin at em tho.

Yopperpo2 karma

Hello Jimmy.

I found out about you through your viral Ching Chong video. It was a great song and I was surprised and excited to see you as a character in VGHS.

Boring question but I'm curious. What did you major in in college?

jimmywong2 karma

Theatre :) almost minored in Women's Studies.

sharpkiller7772 karma

With the way Youtube has been evolving the last few years. Where do you see Youtube at in 5-10 years?

jimmywong2 karma

Not the most dominant force in online video, but still a huge part of the internet. It will be defined by viral videos.

arcamare2 karma

Hi Jimmy! Your acting on VGHS is really impressive.

What was it like trying out for a main character such as Ted? Is this a line of work you see yourself doing?

You and your bro have a bright future. Ching chong, man (it means "I love you")

jimmywong2 karma

Fortunately for me the role was kind of written with me in mind. I still had to audition though. I THINK I was the only person who did... which means I ROCKED IT YO. I've been acting for several years now, if you check my IMDB profile you'll see all the other random stuff I've been in :P

Blaster7072 karma

Hey Jimmy! I really enjoyed your performance on S3E4, very, very moving. You have a great future ahead of you!

I just have a couple questions:

Do you think we'll ever see Ted Wong (or any of the other main characters from VGHS) ever again?

How was it working with Josh Blaylock/Johanna Braddy/Ellary Porterfield? Would you ever work with them again?

Would you ever do a continuation of VGHS?

jimmywong6 karma

Perhaps. I have a dream in my head of doing a VGHS Christmas Special sometime, but I need the writers' blessing/help to do so.

It was amazing working with all of them. Everyone is so immensely talented and kind, it brought new meaning to what it means to be a true actor in this city. I will gladly work with all of them, and Ellary will be in my next musical comedy project!

There's talks of a VGHS animated series.

mrs-chokesondik2 karma

Hey Jimmy thanks for doing this ama! I love all the vghs stuff, and really hope Band Aid works out.My questions are:

1)Who is the funniest off camera on vghs? 2)Whats the funniest thing thats happened off camera? 3) If you could play any other character on vghs who would it be and why?


jimmywong4 karma

  1. Easily, without a doubt, Brian Firenzi (The Law).
  2. Can't recall off the top of my head, but the BTS often captures those moments.
  3. I'd love to be BrianD just so I can run around with guns once in awhile. I don't really get to drive the souped up cars, obviously.

Dat_caucASIAN2 karma

Hey Jimmy! Care to give us a run down of a day in the life of jimmy wong?

jimmywong5 karma

I wake up, I work, I work, I eat, watch some football videos, I work, I work, I look up some Magic cards/watch the top 8 of a GP, I work, I work, I eat, I relax in the evening with my girlfriend or friends. Watch a movie, play Magic, play a video game, etc.

rnrcaba2 karma

I just finished episode four and holy shit you were amazing!

My question is what was the most suprising experience that you had during the making of VGHS?

jimmywong2 karma

The hid a birthday cake inside a drawer one day when we were filming a scene in Calhoun's office. Twas very sweet!

zstango2 karma

Hey Jimmy! Awesome to see you're doing an ama, my question is, if you yourself were to go to VGHS, what group of gamers would you actually be with?

jimmywong2 karma

Probably the MMO guild. I used to play WoW obsessively.

Eggy2162 karma

Hi Jimmy! Huge fan of VGHS, it's sad to think it's ending :(.

Anyway, two questions:

  1. Do you have any plans after Band Aid?
  2. What's your favorite thing to do right after the cameras go off?

jimmywong3 karma

  1. Band Aid Season 2? Hopefully.
  2. Goof off, make a joke, fart :P

johnyboz2 karma

How do you feel about the end of VGHS? Is it sad that it's over? Is it more of a great accomplishment that was concluded satisfyingly? Also, in regards to some negative feedback I saw on this season, I want to let you know that I loved it. The acting is really great and I thought a lot about episode 4. Your performance pushed me to tears at the end. Hats off to you and everyone involved!

jimmywong2 karma

i'm sad and happy. time to move on to new stuff.

AnimalHeroFirstClass2 karma

Do you use a tear stick for welling tears in your eyes, or do you cry on demand?

Did anyone on set use a tear stick?

jimmywong3 karma

Tear sticks are there when you've done the scene 6 times, they need a pickup or a small part they missed, and you literally can't find the tears anymore. Some people use them to just get tears in their eyes when they can't do it naturally. No shame in it.

Derptacos1231 karma

Hi Jimmy, first of let me just say i find u as a role model with your nice personality and great acting skills. I'm really sad to see one of my favorite shows end so quickly. I was wondering if there could be any sequels to this because im sure fans like me are disappointed to see vghs end and probably see more. The reason i think there might be more because i remember in episode 2 of season 3 games dean's brother or cousin mentioned he went to vgu. So jimmy my question to you is what was your favorite part of the whole vghs experience and did perform and stunts urself in the show? Also name ur new dog Cheeto!

jimmywong3 karma

New dog's name is Kiwi! She's a girl :)

VGHS: the animated series, could be a thing. Boom! I did my stunts in Seasons 1&2, had a stuntman for the bigger stuff in Season 3.

oooo0000hhhh1 karma

What is your favourite shrek film?

jimmywong2 karma

Shrek is life.

dannyt715001 karma

What was your favorite and least favorite thing to film for VGHS? Can you guarantee us an exciting season finale? Most and least favorite character? If you could pick any character to act as and have them replace you, who would it be? Thanks for doing the AMA!

jimmywong3 karma

The season finale is seriously an hour straight of action. You'll love it. Least favorite thing to film is anytime it's freakin cold and you have to be outside. Cuz i'm a Diva.

SalomonX1 karma

Would you do other web series based stuff if approached with an amazing idea?

jimmywong3 karma

I'm already working on the next one

drocks271 karma

Jimmy if you were born in a different time when Youtube was not an option, what do you think you would be doing instead?

jimmywong3 karma

Probably not acting. I could see myself at a video game company or working for a charitable foundation as a spokesperson/someone that reaches out to people (like a social media manager).

TheReefShark1 karma

Hey Jimmy! One question, what is something that you wish for? (Long term vs short term wishes?)

jimmywong5 karma

I want to change the stereotype of asian males in America. I want to change the status quo for minorities. I want people to realize that anyone can be a leading man in a film or a movie, and that love should be blind between two people.

red5nak31 karma

what are your fellow co-workers like in person?

jimmywong7 karma

cool dudes. The BTS shows their personalities very well.

RoyalBossross1 karma

Hello, Jimmy! Love you and your work on VGHS! watched it since day 1.

My question, what is your long term ambitions and goals? Now that VGHS is over and completely finished, what will you be moving onto next? Any projects?

jimmywong3 karma

The big project is Band Aid! It's a musical comedy (what I've always wanted to do) and we're fundraising just like VGHS did for Season 1!

CreatureMike941 karma

How long did it take for you to film the last episode as Ted? I feel like it would be very difficult. Thanks Jimmy, I love watching you on the show.

jimmywong3 karma

We filmed the laundromat scene in a single night over 3-4 hours. The rest of it took place over 3-4 days at the house. The BTS for episode 4 shows a lot :)

linechaos1 karma

Hi Jimmy! Big fan here :) I listen to your sweet ukulele Vie En Rose video when I'm feeling blue. Also, I live in NYC and have seen you all over in the youtube Video Game High School ads. A few questions for you-- what do your parents think of your Youtube career? What do you find most challenging about your work? And...what do you foresee in your future? Thank you and keep up the great work! PS: I think you're cute! :D

jimmywong4 karma

My parents just want me to be happy, be able to support a family, and do what I'm passionate about. I'm currently happy and passionate, but working towards the supporting myself and others bit. My future! Hope it's this project and thanks you're super cute too ;)

NotPatar1 karma

Hey, Thanks for this AMA just a quick question; what's your favorite video game?

jimmywong20 karma

Chrono Trigger

realriceordie1 karma

If you could, which movie do you wish you could be in?

and when you filmed the naked jetski scene(s) (ew), were you fully naked or just naked but covered up a little?

jimmywong2 karma

had flesh colored underwear on. we also had a cop there since I had a fake weapon in my hands, so I definitely wasn't going to be naked for that.

i'd love to have been in a movie with Robin Williams. Rest in peace.

yestermorn1 karma

Hi Jimmy, thanks for taking the time to do this! It's really great how plugged in you al are with your fan-base. My question is if you have a favorite quote or saying that you go back to a lot, what is it?

jimmywong3 karma

OVULATIONS, OLD BEAN! That or "Let's get back to brass taxes. Do we need them? Discuss."

darrylrm151 karma

If you could have one line on any show, past or present, which show would it be?

jimmywong2 karma

Harley drops the best one liner in the whole series in this show... you'll know it when it happens.

YMic3211 karma

How difficult would you say it is to pursue a career in acting?

jimmywong3 karma

Incredibly so. So much of it doesn't depend on your actual skill sometimes it's ridiculous. Just being an Asian American reduces the kinds of roles I can get by so much it feels unfair. But you gotta just make your own successes! Like my next musical webseries: