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We've just been given a great response for when this gets brought up every couple of months.

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I find it strange that Shane Pizza killed you when he was Dave and you were Fred in John Dies at the End, do you think that's strange too?

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Other than the Snapchat and some other videos The Verge has been pretty bust recently. Any changes going to be happening soon? Be great to have the mobile show back.

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You're my favourite author and the only time I'm really motivated to read is when it's your books.

I don't really have a question and I know you can't talk about any films but when I read Spiders I just thought that the zombie hunting team's bodycam footage would be a great little teaser trailer.

Also is there any way to get a copy of David Wong is Fat and Gay?

The Cemetery Dance copy of John Dies is great, will there be something similar for Spiders?

Just started Fancy Suits, it seems you're very anti Google Glass so far, do you think that they will become more widespread and are you scared about what they'll be used for in the future.

Sorry for a lot of questions when I said I didn't even have one!

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So is YGS 100 going to be as good as the last two years of hype have said made me believe they're going to be?

Also will autotune Jesus be appearing in it or appearing in something soon?

Also will something like PMS be returning soon, that was great while it lasted.

Also hope you have more music videos coming, I occasionally still get the Harry Potter song stuck in your head.

Is your chest hair still shaped like a bat and if so do you shave it or is it natural?

And finally would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

You've consistently been one of my favourite Youtubers over the years, hope it continues.