Hey it's Flea, bassist and co-founder of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I'm also acting in and executive producer of the new movie LOW DOWN, which is now in theaters in New York and opens in Los Angeles this Friday. We'll hit a bunch more cities later in November.

You can find the trailer and more info about Low Down here: http://www.lowdownfilm.com/

Victoria's going to be helping me out. AMA.


edit: I'd just like to thank everybody for being with me this afternoon. And I really hope that people have the opportunity to see the movie LOW DOWN. It is a deep experience to see this film. And that's really what i want to say today.

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tylenolwalrus1366 karma

Hey, Flea. Just one question. The most pressing of all questions.

How did you get hired to voice Donnie on The Wild Thornberries, and what was the experience like?

GenuineFlea1739 karma

I don't really know I got hired? I guess they just liked me? I invented this manner of speech for him that struck a chord with the people making it, and it was a beautiful experience. Anytime I'm doing something where I work with a group of people that believe in what they are doing, it's a GREAT experience. If you get caught doing something that's for a paycheck, it can be kind of a bummer, I mean, I'm always grateful for work, but to be able to work on a project that people believe in - whether music, or a film, or whatever - that really feels great, to build something.

KreamLovesYa959 karma

Hi Flea, big fan here! I actually just finished writing a research paper about your bass playing earlier this month! It was about how you turn the bass into both a rhythmic and a melodic instrument simultaneously. (I actually asked the folks at /r/redhotchilipeppers to help me out a bit!)

My favourite area of investigation was regarding live performances. Some of my favourites included the bass solo at the end of Dani California in Milan (2006) or when John’s guitar rig stopped working during Throw Away Your Television so you carried the song forward in Paris (Also 2006).

So I have four questions for you:

1) What has been your favourite RHCP live performances to date and why?

2) Have you dabbled in instruments outside of bass recently?

3) You recently said that the new album is gonna be full of “super danceable funky shit and some real introspective, pretty stuff”. Could you expand on that?

4) Chad smith and Will Ferrell had their charity drum/cowbell-off. If you could have a bass/?-off with anybody, who would it be, why, and can we make this happen?

Thanks again for holding this AMA! /u/KreamLovesYa

GenuineFlea1110 karma

1) I can't really say which performance has been my favorite. I mean, they're all SO different, and some of the ones I remember the most are very early ones, in the very beginning when it was so new and it felt like such an explosive, creative thing. But so much of our performances are improvisational, and the great things that happen, really happen in the spur of the moment, and I like to think that my strength as a musician is being willing to make myself vulnerable and being willing to do what the moment calls for - whether it flops or not, I enjoy the vulnerability of free improvisation. So yeah, I mean, I think the things that mean the most to me are when it's being made up on the spot, and I'd like to think that those are the most transcendent.

2) Yes, of course. I play piano a lot, I kinda play anything that's around, you know? But lately, most recently, I've been working on a new Chili Pepper record, so lately I play at the piano for composition purposes, but mostly bass, because we are jamming a lot in the room. But I like to play a lot of piano and electronic equipment as well.

3) Well, I don't want to expand on that too much now because we are still in the process of creating the record, and I feel like what i said was pretty inclusive of a lot of the music that we are doing, and I don't feel like it's too appropriate for me to be too specific at this moment.

4) Well, can I bring someone back from the dead? Um... well, Jesus. I'd like to - I don't know about a bass-off, because that smacks of competition, and I don't like to think about music being a competitive thing, but Will & Chad was funny. But I would really love to play bass together with James Jamerson.

Gill0950 karma

If you could keep 1 string on your bass, which one would it be and why?

GenuineFlea2240 karma


It would have to be the E string. Because that's the bottom string. And the bass is ALL about the bottom.

Irishpotato1985935 karma

Hardest bass line for you to perform in RHCP? Im a huge fan and you're the reason I play bass. Love from Canada

GenuineFlea1185 karma

Probably the song "Nobody Weird Like Me."

MyPurpleShirt683 karma

FLEA. Huge fan. Do you still keep up with John? What does he smell like?

GenuineFlea1242 karma

John is beautiful and I love him.

Rebinator3000640 karma

Flea, two questions for the most radical bassist in the industry:

How difficult was it for you to keep the band intact through all of the painful moments when it seemed like you wouldn’t keep it together?

After your parents were murdered by poachers and you were raised by orangutans what values did you gain from this experience?

GenuineFlea928 karma

Ok for the first part: being in a band is very similar to being in a romantic relationship with somebody. And you know, there are lots of difficulties, times when you hurt people's feelings and they hurt your feelings. But if you really believe that you are capable of creating something beautiful with that person (or persons), then it's worth sticking it out.

Well, um, that's when you really have to find your true joy and embrace it.

boudiax608 karma

can you adopt me?

GenuineFlea1327 karma

Yeah, sure come on over.

G-Lal570 karma


It's surreal to think I might actually be talking to you right now. You've probably heard this a million times, but you inspired me to pick up the bass guitar. And more importantly, you and your bandmates have really helped my love and appreciation for music grow over the past few years. I'll always be thankful for that.

Now, on to my question - I know people started calling you Flea after a ski trip to Mammoth Mountain, but how did the name come up?

GenuineFlea990 karma

My answer to that is:

I don't really know.

I think Anthony called me it first? And I've always been kind of a little guy that jumped around like a spastic animal. And, um, I think it's just - it stuck because it's kind of the nature of who I am. But I'm not a blood-sucker, I'm a giver of blood.

hadag460 karma

Heya Flea, who would win in a wrestling match between you and Chad?

GenuineFlea897 karma

Hahaha! Chad would kill me, he's strong. If he could catch me though! He'd have to catch me! He's a lot bigger and a lot stronger, but I'm a lot faster.

__MAYANS__377 karma

What is the strangest situation in which you found yourself wake up?

GenuineFlea1087 karma

I woke up in vomit and beer in a banana bin. It was actually this morning.

GenuineFlea878 karma

(those are the lyrics to a song by Captain Beefheart)

Starts to sing

Zay-G373 karma

Hi Flea!

Does Anthony's moustache give him super powers?

GenuineFlea674 karma


Buddhacrous349 karma

What is your favorite song, RHCP or not, to "Jam out" too?

GenuineFlea679 karma

Oh jeez. "Flashlight."

indecisiveprick334 karma

What was it like to work with the cast of The Big Lebowski? Any interesting stories from the cast?

GenuineFlea487 karma

It was really fun to be a part of the Big Lebowski. The thing that I remember the most is just working with Ethan and Joel Coen, it was really remarkable the way that they work. You can tell that they've grown up together and have such a wealth of inside jokes between the two of them, and that when they're making movies, it's a joyful process for them.

And also, just hanging out with Jeff Bridges - he was such a sweet, kind man, and just really nice to hang out with him.

genuinerafa308 karma

Flea!! What's your next hair color?

Love you!

GenuineFlea1820 karma

Gray. Hahaha.


Your Rock N Roll induction speech is one of my favorite speeches I have ever seen, I have shown it to so many people and I cry from joy every time. Watching you thank George Clinton for not only being a source of inspiration but also helping you through some of the hardest times in your life is incredible. Have you ever been in a position to thank anyone else that helped/inspired you in real life? If so who and was it as emotional?

GenuineFlea360 karma

Well, i've been in a position to thank MANY people for helping me in my life. So thank you for that comment about the Hall of Fame induction speech, it's very kind. It was a very emotional comment for me, and I wasn't expecting George to be there that night. I had a loosely prepared speech, but I didn't know exactly what i would say. But when I saw George sitting out there that night, I felt so much love and gratitude for him. He's given me so much as a friend, but mostly like everybody else i am just a massive fan, and what an amazing guy he is. And I say to the people I've been able to thank the most for inspiring and helping me through my most emotionally destitute days have been my children, and I've expressed my gratitude many times. And I'm so grateful to them.

Celmoi288 karma

Hey flea ! I loved your atoms for peace cd How was it to work with thom ?

GenuineFlea378 karma

Really fun. It's nice to do something that is different than the Chili Peppers. And I really love the guys in that band, I love them and respect them very much. And it's just a great feeling to engage in such a different energy, and put a lot of effort into it. Thom is such a remarkable musician. And it's a beautiful feeling for me to connect with him in that way.

Daltrey269 karma

Who is your most influential bassist?

GenuineFlea567 karma

OH jeez, there are so many of them. I really liked Russ Patterson, from Echo and the Bunnymen. And Ja Wobble. And Bootsy Collins. Larry Graham. Family Man. And of course, Jaco.

lvest253 karma

Hey, Flea, thanks for all the great tunes and keep up the good work!

Could you describe your process of writing a bassline? Unless of course, it's top secret...

GenuineFlea1089 karma

I know that if I'm sitting playing the bass, if I realize that I'm drooling, if I see drool dribbling down my chin, and I haven't had a thought in a while, that it's a really good baseline.

That's the best way that I know.

Losermcloserson244 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, Flea!

What was the thought that went through your head when you met Anthony Kiedis for the first time?

GenuineFlea577 karma

Um - that I might have to fight him.

hadag237 karma

Hi Flea. Who is the funkiest person to have ever graced the earth?

GenuineFlea630 karma

Oh, Jesus Christ.

I'll say Jesus Christ.

JollyRoger06221 karma

What does a sock feel like on your dick...on stage....in front of everyone?

GenuineFlea436 karma

It's a very freeing, comfortable happy feeling.

rolldownthewindow219 karma

Hi Flea! Huge fan. You'll never know how much the Chili Peppers meant to me growing up. Thank you for that.

What's your favourite Parliament/Funkadelic song?

GenuineFlea301 karma

Oh jeez.

Um... "If you've got funk, you've got style."

adamthemooseman206 karma

Flea! I gotta ask: when's your book coming out?

GenuineFlea350 karma

Um... well, I'm getting this record written right now, for the Chili Peppers, working with my bandmates, and as soon as I finish that, I'm gonna get really intense about the book. So I can't say release date, but probably in like a year or something.

cpqq185 karma

It's a bit far back, but how was it working with Michael J. Fox during the Back to the Future movies? Loved your part as Needles, will be checking out Low Down!

GenuineFlea293 karma

Michael J. Fox was very nice to me.

And it was a short experience. And I was on tour with the Chili Peppers in the winter, back in the days when we were sleeping in a van, driving through the night and sleeping on people's floors. So when I got flown into Los Angeles in the middle of this tour to be in the Back to the Future movie, it all seemed very luxurious and exotic to me.

And thank you!

samchew511166 karma

Hi Flea, first off I just want to say that I'm a big fan! (like many others here). In the song Leverage of Space which was live in Hyde Park, You spoke about your love for blueberries and how you eat them every morning. So I have 2 questions.

1) What made you suddenly express your love of blueberries in the end of that performance

2) Do you still eat blueberries every morning?

edit:formatting (I'm new to Reddit)

GenuineFlea458 karma

I eat blueberries whenever I can get 'em. I find the blueberry to be the greatest of all of God's creations. What a complicated and subtly multi-dimensional, cosmic, microcosm of all of the universe that exists in a blueberry.


GenuineFlea325 karma

I ate 'em this morning!

Shufflecake152 karma

A someone who is brand new to bass(3 months now) what is the Number one thing I should practice? Thanks for doing this ama I really love your playing and your a huge inspiration.

GenuineFlea646 karma

Well, once again, thank you for the kind words.

The most important thing - well, there's 2 really important things in playing the bass, or ANY instrument. One is being very diligent about getting your technical facilities together, so you can physically play anything that you can think. So that entails doing all your exercises and scales, and practicing a lot to build up the knowledge, and music theory, and your physical ability to handle the instrument. And the other part, after you do that, is be yourself. Because every single person is completely different inside. We all have our own nervous systems, our own sets of fears and neuroses, and when we look at what we love, a sense of what makes us feel good, and to live a life where you are in touch with yourself, where you can express your most inside part on your instrument.

You have to be willing to put in the work when it's boring, so that when the real exciting moment comes, you can ride that wave.

theArnoldFans1144 karma

Halloween is coming...what are some of your scariest or most ridiculous Halloween costumes from the past....and what was the worst item in your candy bag?

GenuineFlea348 karma

Um... well, I've had some really terrifying Halloweens in my life.

And to be honest, the depth of the terror of my Halloweens, I don't feel it's appropriate to discuss them in that format. It's not a very light-hearted thing.

BanterousLemonMan127 karma

Hey Flea, what gets you through the tough times? What is something you love and want to spread to the world?

I'm a huge fan of yours! Ever since I was little Ive always listened to your music. I hope you have an awesome day. Good luck with all your creative endeavors.

GenuineFlea371 karma

John Coltrane.

cbock126 karma

Hey Flea! Huge fan!

If you could only surf one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?

If you could only surf with one other person, who would it be?

GenuineFlea300 karma

Big Sur.


hadag125 karma

Hey Flea! Helen Burns contains some beautiful, fresh sounding music. The mix of jazz, electronica, and whatever else really works together to make something super special. I was wondering whether you plan on releasing more solo material in the future?

GenuineFlea167 karma

I'm sure that sometime or another I will, and thanks very much.

That Helen Burns material wasn't something that I - that wasn't made with the intention of releasing even. I was just having fun, fooling around with my buddies. But I put it out to raise funds for my non-profit, The Silverlake Conservatory of Music, and the fact that it connected with anybody is just an extra added bonus, and for that, I'm grateful.

jesusth1123 karma

Hey Flea! I'm a huge fan of yours and RHCP. It's been almost a year since you came to Paraguay, I'm so glad I was able to go to the concert, it was so AWESOME! So, questions time; how is your (you yourself and/or anybody else in the group) relationship with John Frusciante now?, what can we expect from the new album? And, are the Lakers going to win this season? I'm a supporter of them too. Ps.: come back to Paraguay please

GenuineFlea179 karma

Well, I can say that I love John Frusciante very much.

For the second part, sometime next year.

And we're in the process of getting that done now.

And definitely we were honored and grateful to be received so warmly by the people of Paraguay, and what a stunningly beautiful country and I can't wait to go back there!

And when times are tough - that's really when you have to give the most love to the teams that you love. So the Lakers are in a real tough situation right now, but i love them more than ever. At the moment I am filled with melancholy over Julius Randall's injury, that was one of the saddest things I ever saw, and so I am praying for him to heal up soon.

I_Only_Kinda_Suck98 karma

Flea you're by far the greatest live performer I've ever seen!

My question for you is, do you have any rituals you do right before a show?

GenuineFlea277 karma

I do. I have a lot of rituals that i do right before a show. Warming up my instruments, warming up my hands, warming up my body, and a variety of spiritual exercises. I want to be able to give everything I have at every performance that I do. I never want to not be completely there for everybody, and I am wiling to sacrifice my own body when I go out on the stage and, you know, that's just how it is.

splurgeon97 karma

What's the weirdest thing that someone has asked you to sign?

GenuineFlea253 karma

Oh jeez. I don't know. I think someone once asked me to sign their hair?

Macaface96 karma

Hey Flea! How did you get involved with back to the future as "Needles"? If I a remember correctly Anthony's father was an actor. Any more film roles or cameos we can look forward to?

GenuineFlea126 karma

Well, once again, I'm in a movie called LOW DOWN that is coming out in America, in Los Angeles, tomorrow. So that is VERY present in my consciousness and I dedicate my heart to that movie.

As far as "Back to the Future" goes, I dunno. I met Robert Zemeckis, and he asked me to be in it, and that was very kind of him.

Lamps_are_great91 karma

Why "red hot chili peppers"? Could it have been "green mild chili peppers"? I guess what I'm asking is how did you come up with the name.

GenuineFlea209 karma

We picked it off the name tree.

ponchoromo88 karma

How was performing at the super bowl like? Did you run a lot or hide in small spaces? By the way, I'm a big fan of your music, I'm a baseball player and I always use RHCP's music as my walk out songs! Thanks for everything!

GenuineFlea288 karma

I don't like to hide too much, but I do like to run like crazy. The best part about the Super Bowl was playing catch the day before the game, and doing the Heisman and catching a pass from Anthony in the end zone, but then the security guys came chasing after us and we ran away. They run a pretty militant operation over there.

exfatgirl77 karma

You are an amazing bassist and you KILL it in concert

What is something you wish you were good at, that you're just not?

GenuineFlea154 karma

Umm... uh... well, I don't want to say I'm not good at anything, because even though I'm bad at some things, I could potentially be good at them.

Maybe basketball.

Sir_psycho_savior69 karma

Did John really run over your leg in the By the Way music video?

GenuineFlea120 karma



harlarious69 karma

Have you read any books that changed your life?

GenuineFlea192 karma

I've read a number of books that really influenced me a lot. When I was a kid, I was kind of a street kid, and I didn't really get a lot of parental supervision, but one thing is that I've always loved to read, and since i've been a little kid, I just read book after book after book, I've never NOT been reading a book since I can recall. So there have been so many books, and books really raised me, they gave me a sense of a moral compass, and wonderment with the world in general. But when I was a little kid, middle school coming into high school, I remember the books of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, resonated with me in a powerful way. So all of his books meant a lot to me growing up.

FunkMasterPope64 karma

What's an average day like in the life of Flea?

GenuineFlea325 karma

I get up in the morning. I take 10 hits of acid. I paint myself purple in my mother's make-up. And I run down the street, naked and purple, throwing eggs at people as they walk by, singing songs about the freaks coming together in a united way. And that's an average day, that's just a normal day.

bored_in_micro56 karma

What do you put on a slice of toast? Do you still get the thumb holes from slapping that need to be filled with glue?
Huge fan here, saw about 50+ gigs in the Californication and BTW era. Fan club member tragic type.
All the best

GenuineFlea139 karma

Butter and vegemite.

Not so much anymore. I don't play that style of bass playing enough anymore to cut my hands open. But I still play that way, but I incorporate a lot of other styles now so I'm much less likely to split my thumb open like i used to.

insurgentpepper54 karma

Hi Flea. What are you favorite new bands and do you ever listen to classical music?

GenuineFlea152 karma

I don't listen to contemporary rock music very much, so in terms of my favorite new music, I was listening to a record that I really liked today by a rapper named Mykki Blanco. It's not like I place that above anything else, I just happened to be listening to it this morning, and it sounded good to me, it made me jump around the room and gave me the desire to smash the world to little bits.

There's a band that I really like called The Dirty Three. And there's another band that I really like, The Bad Plus.

I listen to classical music constantly.

GenuineFlea128 karma

I'm really big on Bach.

GenuineFlea275 karma

One band that i really love is Die Antwoord.

Luxly2554 karma

Hi Flea! I love you!

What is your favorite song to dance to? (RHCP or other)

GenuineFlea111 karma

Any James Brown song...

Actual_Lady_Killer48 karma

You worked on The Wild Thornberrys with Tim Curry. What is he like and do you have any awesome stories about working with him?

GenuineFlea151 karma

My best story that I have of Tim Curry is I met him when I was doing The Wild Thornberrys, and I grew up loving The Rocky Horror Picture show, and it was really nice to hang out with him, he's a really funny and intelligent man, and he used to live sort of below me on this hill, in Los angeles, and I used to look from my house into his hard and see him working in his garden and wave at him, and he would wave back, and I like him a lot.

shindig11744 karma

Who are your top 7 favorite NBA players that are still active?

GenuineFlea147 karma

That are still active?

I'd have to say....

  • Kobe Bryant
  • Metta World Peace
  • Julius Randall
  • Nick Young
  • Wesley Johnson
  • Jordan Clarkson
  • Ed Davis

frusciantesupertramp43 karma


Going to see your movie Low Down tomorrow, and my question was, who are your favourite jazz musicians currently around?

GenuineFlea95 karma

Well, I'd like to say that i am very grateful that you are going to see the movie LOW DOWN tomorrow. It's a film that I believe in very much, and it has profound significance for me.

This is a film, a story of a child growing up in Hollywood in the 1970's with a jazz musician drug addict parent. This is remarkably similar to my own upbringing. It's a movie with the most beautiful performance by Elle Fanning, and an equally astounding performance by the great actor John Hawkes. And for me to have the opportunity to act with those guys was a great inspiration for me and an incredible opportunity LOW DOWN is playing in New York now at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema. And it will be opening in Los Angeles this Friday, tomorrow! So I really encourage people to go see LOW DOWN - it's something that clearly means a lot to me, on a deeply personal level.

And in terms of my favorite jazz musicians that are still living, I'd have to say Wayne Shorter.

Cassiocassa39 karma

(Here's a question from the bassist of my band, he's a huge fan of you)

"I have very flexible fingers, what can help me fixing my right hand?"

and here is my question: When we'll hear something new from RHCP?

Also; waiting for you guys to come to Florianópolis, Brazil! Huge hugs for all the band, it's an honor talk to you.

GenuineFlea63 karma

Flexible fingers? Is it broken? Tell him that practice, practice, practice!

Next year!

bhaslup38 karma


Whats it like to be a dad? I'm on the fence on if I want children or not, but you seem to enjoy it! Any suggestions?

GenuineFlea124 karma

Well, I always wanted to be a dad, from when I was a kid. It always seemed like the greatest thing to me, and I love being a father, and nothing else has approached that level of importance in my life. But I wouldn't have a kid unless you feel the way I do. I wouldn't do it unless you share those same reasons.

Lousifer735 karma

Hi Flea, huge fan! I was wondering what your favorite activity, besides doing shows, that you and the other guys like doing on the road?

GenuineFlea91 karma

Reading books.

funkyfriend34 karma

Hi Flea! I was wondering, how do you feel when fans approach you for a picture?

GenuineFlea227 karma

In general, I don't like taking pictures with people. I'd much rather talk to them and shake their hand, and look at them and say hello, a nice greeting will suffice. It's hard for me to understand this obsession with taking pictures these days. I like photos as an art form, but there seems to be an unhealthy and neurotic emphasis on capturing people's images in this day and age with these little telephones.

JackPoonac33 karma

PB. Crunchy or creamy?

GenuineFlea79 karma


BenedictCumberland30 karma

Hey flea, it's great to see your AMA. You were a big inspiration to me. You might get this a lot, but what was your first bass?

Also, what's your favorite flavor of icecream?

GenuineFlea60 karma

I think my first bass was a SG Copy. It was a knockoff of some SG bass that i got for like $50.

Um... creamy mint.

GenuineFlea49 karma


ThePatman_27 karma

What was is like going back to being in the film industry has much changed?

GenuineFlea59 karma

I'm not as familiar with the film industry as I am with the music industry. But I do believe that much like the music industry, the film industry has become much more corporate, much less personal, and much more about the bottom line. That said, it is a great privilege to work on a film like LOW DOWN, which wasn't about the money at all. It was about creating a feeling with the film, regardless of its potential commercial exports.

Sixheadedmonster27 karma

Flea! You are such an inspiration in my passion for music. I'm currently a music major in percussion and seeing you guys on the I'm With You tour was one of the highlights of my life.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik is the the soundtrack to my life. What's a record (of your own or someone else) that you hold dear to yourself?

GenuineFlea63 karma

There are so many. But I feel like the record that throughout my entire life, I always put on and it gives me a great deal of comfort, is "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis.

bigsim24 karma

Hi Flea! So, Chad Smith has Will Ferrell obviously - who's your (other) celebrity doppelganger?

GenuineFlea39 karma

Um... uh... my celebrity doppelgänger is... um... um... uhhhhhhhh...is Charles Laughton.

Ilaria1322 karma

Hey Flea, do you know when, and if, Low down will be release in Italy? Thanks for your time, Ilaria

GenuineFlea42 karma

I don't know, but I really hope that LOW DOWN comes out in Italy sometime soon. I believe that is the type of film that could quite possibly resonate a lot more deeply over in Europe. I just think the audiences in Europe might have a deeper appreciation for a meditative, melancholy film like LOW DOWN.

hadag18 karma

Hi Flea, what's the most touching experience you've had with the Silverlake Conservatory of Music? It sounds like an incredible organization, and I'm sure your work helps change the lives of lots of people for the better.

GenuineFlea31 karma

Well, thank you very much.

And the whole experience with the Conservatory has been a profoundly fulfilling one, and though there are many moments - there's been a series of beautiful triumphs and a lot of frustrating things in terms of all the work it takes to keep it as good as it can be - I can't really be specific about it, because I've been moved to tears a million times by the beauty of children playing music.

tetanie2417 karma


Huge fan!!

If you had to choose another career, what would it be?

GenuineFlea55 karma

Monk in a cave in the Himalayas.

popeboyQ14 karma

Flea, should I make fried chicken or grill up a burger?

I'm starving, please help.

GenuineFlea51 karma

I'd recommend some dark leafy greens. Kale with brown rice and lima beans.

BakedLlama13 karma

Hi Flea,

I've always noticed that your slap technique involves you slapping your thumb perpendicular to the string. Does that prohibit you from double thumbing like Victor Wooten or Marcus Miller?

GenuineFlea24 karma

I don't really know what those guys do with the old double thumb, or what that means. I'm just kind of, I have my own way of playing and I just play. I'm not familiar with those guys' technique, but I'm sure that it's great and I'm all for it.

750z9 karma

How did you and the guys meet ? :)

GenuineFlea14 karma

High school.

zzonked78 karma


GenuineFlea39 karma

My favorite TV show is The Los Angeles Lakers Broadcast.

And my favorite movie... is "Night of the Hunter."

I_smell_awesome6 karma

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

GenuineFlea18 karma


theArnoldFans15 karma

When you're not on tour, what do you do to stay in shape? Do you lift and do you have any real-life fitness icons who motivate you?

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Well, I always like to keep my body moving and functioning well. Right now I'm training for a marathon, I run marathons, thank you. And I really find a lot of peace and a remarkable sense of self when I'm running long distances. I like to run in mountain trails, alone or with my dog, for long periods of time, and right now I'm getting so much joy from that and my body really loves it.

In terms of athletes that i admire, there are so many. I love athletics as much as I love literature or art or music or a variety of academic things. But I'd have to say my favorite athlete of all time is Magic Johnson. I really admired him for his remarkable skills and all his work to get himself as good as what he did, and also his ability to uplift all the people around him.

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What courses did you take at UCLA, and which ones were the most interesting? Which ones were the most difficult?

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Well, I never went to UCLA, I went to USC, and i went not out of high school, but when I was 46 years old. And I studied music, and I wish I could go back. What a great, lucky experience.

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So what's it like being in a band with Will Ferrell?

... no but seriously, as a bassist I get insulted for playing what some people call "the shit guitar that no one hears" (I know), what can I quote you on to say back to those people?

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Tell them that licorice, twisted around under a fly, and a youngster cocked her eye, and before me, I'm not crazy, is my daughter.