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Zay-G708 karma

Hi Amy, love your work!
Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Aziz Ansaris or 1 Aziz Ansari-sized duck?

Edit: Turns out I overestimated Aziz's height when formulating this question...

Zay-G373 karma

Hi Flea!

Does Anthony's moustache give him super powers?

Zay-G116 karma

Hi Jake!

I really liked your performance as Dastan in Prince of Persia, especially since the original video game was one of my favourite games to play growing up. It was great to see you pull off the role so convincingly.

Did you have to work out or train a lot for the part? Did you get to do any of the stunts yourself?

Zay-G2 karma

How was it playing the Special Agent on Community? Was it difficult to play a character who pretty much displayed no visible emotion?

Zay-G1 karma

Hi Lisa!

When you started out on Friends, did you ever anticipate it reaching the heights and success that it did? Did it feel like a special project from the beginning?