Greetings reddit!

We are part of the development team for Europa Universalis IV, one of Paradox Interactive's flagship Grand Strategy titles. Tomorrow we are releasing our new expansion Art of War, adding tons of stuff.

We'll be answering questions from now until 20:00 CET - so ask us whatever you want about, well, whatever you want!

wiz = Martin Anward, project lead Nusia = Jimmy Rönn, programmer & solid beard owner TotalyMoo = John Rickne, general community guy

Proof + Johan (<3) Bonus! View from our office as we're answering your questions:

EDIT 21:50 CET: So I think both wiz and Nusia are home eating dinner now, but we'll continue answering here and there during the evening and probably do a run through tomorrow morning.

Thanks for all the great questions, you're lovely.

If you want to continue the discussion afterwards you're always welcome to our forums. It's kind of a slower always going AMA, whenever the devs are let out of their dungeon and allowed internet access.

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headshotcatcher159 karma

Hey guys, really big fan of your work here. I've only got one big question for you: What is one amazing feature that you would dream of adding to EU4 (or a different game of yours), but which isn't possible (yet) due to technical limits?

TotalyMoo66 karma

Darn, that's a hard question. I think you got our developers a bit perplexed, but an answer will come eventually ;)

radiodialdeath153 karma

Ok, on your facebook page you said we can

"ask us about the expansion, or life in general!"

So, Paradox, I plan on proposing to my girlfriend soon. What's the most romantic way I can do that?

TotalyMoo605 karma

Ok so firstly you need to acquire lasers. What's her favorite color? Get that and then complimentary ones, using the color wheel to find what fits.

Secondly you need glow in the dark sand. And we're not talking sane amounts spread out here and there on the porch, no, you've gotta cover the ground in that shit. Desert dune style. Size is impressive.

Now what does she like? Romantic dinners? Music? Games? Back rubs? Lasers? Disregard all that except the lasers, you want to take her by surprise! If you're planning to propose you've most likely dated for a while, so she's been thinking/dreaming about it. Every girl and guy does this, it's natural. That means every probable scenario has taken place in her mind. Do the unprobable.

Live close to a rural area? Place hidden projectors in the woods and take her for a romantic night walk. Suddenly moments from your lives start popping up around you projected on trees, walls, bushes; the best, the worst, the hard and the easy - things that make her remember how great you two are together. She'd better be a bit shocked now, because you want to ride that emotion all the way around a metaphorical corner right into a spot with a beautiful view - which you're going to tell her. As in "this is the most beautiful view I have ever seen". Stand there for a while and let her take it all in, but don't look at the view, look at her.

When she turns around she'll hopefully ask why you're looking at her. Segway into your earlier comment about most beautiful, implying it's her.

BAM! Lasers! BAM! Hidden IR lights have been preparing the glow in the dark sand for a while, it's ready to shine. She's awestruck. You're on your knees, with a peacock-esque light arrangement behind you, looking into her eyes. A pedestal hidden under the sand slowly rises from the ground. On it is the most beautiful ring she's ever seen. You look at it. She does too. She says yes. You live happily ever after.

Fliptoy126 karma

And that's why you're not a marriage adviser: this guy's gf would probably think they are getting kidnapped by aliens.

TotalyMoo201 karma

Can't underestimate the value of lasers, though. If anything you'd give her the experience of a lifetime.

Holbenilord136 karma

If it's okay to answer: How much interest is there among the Paradox crew themselves in a Rome 2?

TotalyMoo378 karma

Enough to give you a vague answer on this question.

carrus_thrace86 karma

Do you consider other grand-strategy games, such as the Civilization series, to be direct competitors, and did the release of Civilization: Beyond Earth factor at all into your decision on when to release EU4: Art of War?

TotalyMoo193 karma

From a general Paradox perspective we try not to perceive others as "competitors" in that sense. The gaming market, at least our part of it, is far from over-saturated. Fans of Paradox games can enjoy other series and products on the side without in any way interrupting or disturbing their relation towards what we do.

Gaming is still relatively young, and we're not grabbing for each-others fans, pretty much.

Although a bit of friendly competition isn't bad of course! Having other great series like Civilization sharing our space in the market just makes for better games and striving to improve our iterations as much as possible!

NWCtim67 karma

How much do you guys browse /r/paradoxplaza or /r/eu4?

TotalyMoo99 karma

Lots, at least we over in the marketing dept. do. We're mostly lurkers though.

TheBlackWinds59 karma

Why is memel still square? /s

Seriously though, a few questions.

1) If i form Jerusalem as CYP or KNI do i get Jerusalem ideas from the converter?

2) Why is North America (US/Canada) so rich when compared to Mexico or South America?

3) Would you rather fight a johan sized duck our five duck sized johans?

4) What is you go to country in the game, that one you play over and over?

TotalyMoo57 karma

I'd tame that Johan sized duck and use it as my trusty steed.

unit0ne29 karma

I read "duck" as "dick."

TotalyMoo59 karma

Thanks for putting that picture in my head...

Apollo_Sol34 karma

In your guy's opinion, what's the best and worst parts of the community?

TotalyMoo86 karma

Best: hearing all the positive stories like the blind Paradoxian who got help playing, reading AAR's and simply "leeching" energy from all the fun our fans have.

Worst: bug reports and when people don't get my awesome jokes :(

TheBoozehammer31 karma

Can you tell us anything about upcoming Paradox titles?

TotalyMoo81 karma

They will be games. Some will be developed internally, others not. We'll continue releasing games that appeal to our core audience, as well as experimenting with new genres and categories. We are very, very proud of what we're working with and excited to share more once we're ready to.

Basically, sorry no. Everything I could say here is already public information :)

Postius31 karma

DO you guys ever have history-nerd-fit-fights? Like arguing over historical details no one could possibly know nowadays?

TotalyMoo47 karma

They do, although maybe not "nerd fit" style. Generally speaking; hearing a PDS employee arguing with another one means "I have no clue what they are talking about" for the rest of the company.

Perkulatorn23 karma

Hejsan! I'm an aspiring Game Designer from Sweden, with a burning desire to work for a company such as Paradox. Which advice, if any, would you give to a fresh-out-of-uni game designer who would want to apply for a job?

TotalyMoo21 karma

Be good at what you do, apply when you see a position that fits you, keep an eye on this site. Never lose your passion. Always improve and reiterate.

Vulpers22 karma

Besides EU4 what is your favorite paradox game ?

TotalyMoo24 karma

War of the Roses and soon Cities: Skylines (once it's launched).

Yes, I like the games I work with :)

steffesteffe21 karma

As someone that has wanted to get in to the game for a long time and have done the tutorials.

Is there any more tutorials planned? I feel that there are a lot of things that I didn't get to learn and while YouTube have some great content creators it's not the same thing as learning about it while playing.

TotalyMoo46 karma

Actually, yes! We're currently doing a tutorial series on Paradox Extra, our new community channel ran by yours truly, where Art of War will be the next game covered. Beyond this we'll dig deeper into both CK and EU, so tutorials are to be expected!

Almachtigheid16 karma

What is a game you guys dream of making (besides all the planned games that we all know of)?

TotalyMoo17 karma

A game similar to Red Solstice with a consistent map, permadeath, open PvP and deadly "intelligent" NPCs trying to wipe you out.

MysticPing9 karma

Vilken är eran favorit pizza? :)

(For non swedes, what is your favourite pizza)

pdx_wiz10 karma

It's gotta be the kebabpizza. Kebab and Pizza is an unbreakable combo.

MysticPing4 karma

Of course! Still can't convince my Italian friend that it is a good combo!

TotalyMoo3 karma

Your Italian friend has obviously not tried it.

borisperrons3 karma

The Italian friend here.

You heatens. It's like, I don't know, pickled herrings and peanut butter. You simply don't do it. Never.

TotalyMoo2 karma

Italians are weird about their food, I heard you like to eat the pasta and sauce separately too - what gives?

I take it you're thinking about proper Italian pizzas, though? We generally don't get them in Sweden. Ours are thicker, more doughey and have more... Stuff on them.

borisperrons2 karma

Yes, we call them American-style pizzas. They have some pros, but are still borderline for decency.

The pasta and sauce is a mith, I assure you. Also, because it would be pretty strange to eat spaghetti and ragu separately. I know that they mix in the stomach, but still...

TotalyMoo2 karma

American style pizzas are more like pan pizzas, though. I'm more thinking a pizza like this:

(a true kebabpizza)

TotalyMoo8 karma

Vesuvio with garlic sauce, it's the pizza I order first from every new pizzeria I try in order to judge their quality.

Tmaffa7 karma

Wiz - favorite kind of potato chip?

Nusia - what's the meaning of life?

Totalymoo. - how are you?

TotalyMoo10 karma

I'm fine, thank you! :) Always lovely to "monitor" an AMA like this, get to know what the fans think and all that jazz. Also this beats having to go out into the autumn cold and walk home.

Swaga_Dagger2 karma

I'm really hyped to play Art of War, how do release dates work is it based on CET?

Also what is the job application process like for Paradox Interactive is there a strong emphasis on historical knowledge?

TotalyMoo3 karma

Different for every job. My first interview was with our CEO Fred Wester. We mostly talked about MOBAs and eSports.

I am relatively sure historical knowledge (or a vast interest in it) is required to work for PDS. You can check out how we advertise for the currently open positions here.