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It exists.

Source: I've been there.

Edit: You can't get there via normal means. Once upon a time someone managed to beat fatigue and swim there, so it was moved so that you can't reach it without the assistance of GM-level access. I almost never went there, unless someone else's floorwide test involved going there, so I couldn't tell you much about what is there. I think there is a youtube video of it, probably taken on a private server.

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Which is funny considering how much the fans ignore or shit on QA compared to being a GM.

Edit: I recall one story (from one of your former bosses I might add) about how at one Blizzcon he was at the signing booth and when the people getting signatures found out he was a QA lead, they would pass on getting his signature. One person even ripped his signature out of the book they were using.

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So when Mal asked "What does that mean?!"

the correct answer was:
"I'm already dead."


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How much do you guys browse /r/paradoxplaza or /r/eu4?

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You got to keep your nameplate? I didn't get my nameplate.

Another reason to hate my ex-supervisor.