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Has the foreign agent designation had a significant impact on outreach? In other words have you seen decline in the size of your audience?

On the same note, what do you think do most Russian citizens think about independent media? Are they seen as reliable?

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Вау! Это отлично. Я на самом деле регулярно читаю ваши новости в телеграмме. Продолжайте в том же духе! - от изучающего русский язык студента

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What is a game you guys dream of making (besides all the planned games that we all know of)?

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I see I'm late but hopefully not too late. What were you told about the German allies such as Japan or the Soviet Union at the beginning of the war? How were those countries portrayed in Germany?

I have really enjoyed this AMA, thank you for this!

Edit: Also, since I am from the Netherlands, is there anything specific German people thought about the Dutch during WWII? I doubt this though.