Hi guys - we are

  • Dave (the square / loose cannon)
  • Mitch (the funny one)
  • Mike (the funny one)
  • Tim (the funny one)

With our powers combined (plus 3 more guys who are not in the room), we make The Birthday Boys. You can catch the new season of our show on IFC this Friday 10/17 at 11:30 right after Comedy Bang! Bang!


We're here at reddit NYC for your questions.

Proof: http://instagram.com/p/uGb6WUlAB5/?modal=true


Fans of the show can photoshop themselves into the big empty space in the middle. Victoria says this is the same room Josh Brolin did his AMA in - ask us how it smells, "The Brolin musk that lingers on."


UPDATE!!! FYI, we gotta run, but we'll keep checking the AMA throughout the day and answering questions. Don't forget to watch/share the show. Season 2 kicks off FRIDAY at 11:30! We really appreciate this. TONS OF FUN!

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BirthdayBoys23 karma

We have a question: is this trending? Is this trending "viral"?

AdamTScott16 karma

Question: What are your thoughts on Adam Scott, the actor?

BirthdayBoys12 karma

Mitch: Hey Adam! We love ya! You want to be on season 3???

virgineyes0912 karma

Hi guys! Huge fan. I love the way you parody really specific things that most would never think of parodying but seem so obvious when you do them. I'm thinking specifically of the overly "authentic" commercials parodied in your brewery sketch or the edgy Lords of Dogtown-esque documentaries parodied in the pool jumpers sketch. It's really awesome.

Anyway my question is do you ever call Tim "Spongebob Squarehead"?


BirthdayBoys11 karma

Tim here. I am often called Spongebob Roundhead, Spongebob Normalhead, and Spongebob Handsomeface, but no, this variation has not come up. I can't see why it would.
Serious true fact: my dentist recently told me that I clench my teeth when I sleep, which may have built up my face muscles to make it square.

virgineyes095 karma

How powerful is your face compared to say, your calves? Or Mike's calves?

BirthdayBoys6 karma

Mitch: I think Mike's calves are the strongest body parts of any Birthday Boy. Followed by Jeff's fingers.

Ianras8 karma

Can someone tell Woosh that I think he's cool too?

BirthdayBoys17 karma

Mitch: Woosh passed away.

BirthdayBoys9 karma

Mitch: I will visit his grave and relay the message though!

fattyfallsdown6 karma

Hey dudes, big fan of your work. How much Improv experience do you guys have and how does that help you guys with the sketch writing process?

BirthdayBoys12 karma

Dave: We all come out of the UCB theater in Los Angeles. We studied and performed out of the theater for about 5 years before we got the show... We borrow from our years of live shows all the time, both as performers and for sketch premises. Usually we work from a script, but the shoots that are the most fun are the ones that kind of go off the rails a little bit. We have good editors to spare us.

AbominableSpaceDog5 karma

You guys are fantastic. One of my favorite TV shows.

Your show has a very distinct voice, and even after 1 season, things really feel like Birthday Boy sketches. Specifically season 2's "Girls Are Funny" episode, in the sketch with the "Just a guy with a basketball up his dress" the way you decided to play the two skeptical guys in the end was such a "Birthday Boys"esque move. I couldn't imagine anyone else coming up with that choice or playing it like that.

I also love how you address conflict - its very rare that there are 6 people doing something "weird" and then 1 typical straight man just pointing out the weirdness. Instead its feels like 7 people all on the same page in regards to weirdness.

How tangible is "voice"? When you are writing, do you re-write until every part of a sketch "feels" like it's "Birthday Boys"? Or is it automatic/natural at this point after working together so long?

Finally, Ham Hat.

BirthdayBoys3 karma

TIM: wow, good eye. are you a comedy professor? The "no straight man" thing is a conscious choice. Not a rule, but we just that's fun for a lot of sketches. Same with the voice stuff. We've dissected it, but really we try to just follow the laughs in the room.

Kairaduh4 karma

Have you had a skit that was deemed to inappropriate to do, if so what was it? Also, I love binge watching your show.

BirthdayBoys5 karma

TIM: I wrote one this year called Child Porn Hero*, and I still stand by it. It's about a guy who takes nude photos of himself when he is young, then waits twenty years and gets rich by selling them as an adult because it is legal.


BirthdayBoys3 karma

DAVE: I don't think we've rejected anything as "inappropriate." We came close with Pretty Dad last year and a sketch this year about filthy disgusting pop songs that get stuck in your head.

We once rejected a Mitch sketch called "Frog Pope" for being too funny.

Frajer4 karma

What was Jack Black like to work with?

BirthdayBoys8 karma

Mitch: He was awesome! One of the nicest guys I've ever met and obviously hilarious. Also... A great cook. He baked a cake for everyone on set.

ktscuisine2 karma

Did it contain raisins;)

BirthdayBoys4 karma

Just one!

AdamTScott4 karma

What does the cake next to my name mean/make you feel?

BirthdayBoys6 karma

Dave: Makes me think of my first ever Emoji. It was a It was the thumbs up icon used when a friend of mine texted me "On my way!"

Mike: Makes me think of pie.

YourCrappyBoss4 karma

Is Odenkirk's voice really that gravelly, or is that just part of his on-screen persona (it's angelic in real life, like a choir boy, isn't it)?

BirthdayBoys9 karma

Mike: Bob's true voice is a thick, southern Louisiana accent. Years of voice training has trained it into the Midwestern Dad accent we know and love.

Dave: It is crazy when he breaks out the "DAMMITS!!!" in a scene, or launches into a fired-up Dad character, because you can immediately see a Mr. Show character in the room. In Truth: he's a loving father of two.

catharticnick4 karma

A quick question for you. Me, my roommate, an old ham sandwich and a stack of junk mail - is it a family?

BirthdayBoys6 karma

TIM: Yes, this is a family. Thanks for checking.

catharticnick1 karma

That's what I've been trying to tell the IRS and they aren't buying it.

[deleted]2 karma


BirthdayBoys1 karma

TIM: you can claim three dependents on your w2. I'll handle the rest.

Vic_Valiant4 karma

Hey guys! Any chance we get a sequel to your Pretty Dad viral from last season? Need to know what happens next!

BirthdayBoys10 karma

Dave: Check out what happens next on the Spice Network this Fall. It's a full spin-off!

You can probably imagine what happens next, but if you can't, watch the season 1 DVD extras...you can see how we ended the sketch when we used to do it live at UCB Los Angeles. Hint: it's nassssty!

While that exact sketch doesn't return this year, we devoted a whole episode to such matters called "Love Date Hump" (Episode 5 of season 2). It includes more cross-dressing.

dragonfly19933 karma

what are your superpowers?

BirthdayBoys8 karma

Mike: Dave can run real fast. Mike can drive real fast. Mitch has access to a plane (that is fast). And Tim is allowed to ride on the plane.

dishie3 karma

What does Bob smell like? I bet he smells like spearmint and Brut.

BirthdayBoys1 karma

He's generally a hygienic man. Nothing specific. Healthy. Good.

ImRichieDagger3 karma

Love the show. Do you have any guest stars this season?

BirthdayBoys4 karma

A bunch! Dana Carvey, Jack Black, Fabio and a bunch more!

Memphish_Boognish3 karma

Hey Birthday Boys, I was lucky enough to see y'all live yesterday at the CBB show. Absolutely hilarious. I have two questions

  1. Will we see y'all pop up on the CBB pod again to promote the show?
  2. Will we see the history of hip hop on the TV show? That was hilarious yesterday

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Mike And Dave: 1. We have nothing planned yet but hopefully again soon. We've have a lot of fun on that show. 2. We'd love to but getting the licensing rights away from Mike Shinoda is not worth the 4000 bucks!

kzbaxdg73 karma

Hey guys just wondering how important interns are to the production process for your funny TV show? I got a hot tip that all the interns were super hot and cool this year.

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Best in the bizzzzzz

AdamTScott3 karma

If each of you had to identify yourself with one of the great dictators in history, who would you pick and why?

BirthdayBoys6 karma

DAVE: I had the esteemed displeasure of playing Hitler this season (episode 2). I tried to give him some humanity, but ultimately found it to be impossible. Screw that guy!

Mike: I always liked Napoleon's funny hat. That thing cracks me up. Like, A LOT.

peabodymm3 karma

"No Afterlife" just might be the greatest bit of motivation I've ever heard. It's surely better then YOLO. Thanks for sharing that with us. I say it all the time and I kind of gets people pretty depressed but......no afterlife.

BirthdayBoys3 karma

TIM: ha thanks. that thought is in the back of my head at all times.

Iron_de_Havilland3 karma

Are you guys going to be on Comedy Bang Bang (the podcast version) any time soon?

Your show is hilarious by the way.

BirthdayBoys7 karma

Haven't scheduled it, but planning on it asap! Anybody you want to hear from?

Nadyshenz3 karma

Do you think that some people have a innate sense of humor or it can be developed?

BirthdayBoys4 karma

Mitch: I think some people are naturally funny, but you can definitely hone your craft, just gotta put the time into it. I like to say, "Not everyone is born a Bart Simpson."

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Jen from Scotland's question got deleted, but here's our answer:

That's awesome! Thanks for finding the show. Our only international stop so far has been Canada, but we would LOVE to hit a Europe sweep. Our pal Ron Lynch (see season 1 episode 1) just did Fringe. We'd be into it. What's your favorite venue for sketch?

birdman6473 karma

What was it like working with Fabio?

BirthdayBoys11 karma

Mike: It was very great to fulfill every woman's dream... and my own.

Dave: He taught us a lot about whey protein products.

Mike: Check out his whey protein product.

Dave: He really believes in it. And we do too. And Mitch kissed him.

Mitch: I kissed him on the cheek. It tasted like butter...but it wasn't. I couldn't believe it!

natureplex3 karma

Will the Beatles act that I saw you do a few months ago be in the new season? Also Tim what would you be doing if you never got into comedy?

BirthdayBoys5 karma

TIM: The stupid stupid sketch where we sing a bunch of beatles songs and say "gloves" instead of "love" every time??? No, I guess we assumed that was not TV quality, but now I'm second guessing. Big news though: are doing this sketch tomorrow night at UCB East in new york.
As far as what I'd be doing instead of comedy: I'd still like to be Bruce Springsteen. Don't think that'll pan out. I was a bbq cook as a teenager and I really liked that.

Courtesy_F1ush2 karma

Huge fan of the Birthday Boys (special place in my heart for Ducky Powell), will you guys be making more appearances on Comedy Bing Bong and/or Improv 4 Humans?

BirthdayBoys7 karma

Dave: probably both. Once Besser and Scott's schedule allows.

Tim: And when Earwolf needs the ratings.

Dave: Mike is doing Ducky Powell live at UCB East tomorrow night!

shaqfu-692 karma

Hey guys I'm a huge fan (7foot2, 300lbs). I can slam bunk a basketball. Do you guys ever go out to eat in Miami?

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Mike: Whenever we're in Miami, we tend to hit up Arby's and Mickey D's.

And dunking a basketball has been a dream of mine ever since I was a boy. Way to go, man.

heistmr2 karma


BirthdayBoys6 karma

Mike: Shorter answer, which one of us DIDN'T? Answer: Chris.

evadactyl2 karma

Hello! I have a question for all of you guys; do any of you guys ever plan or want to do more acting beyond comedy?

BirthdayBoys4 karma

MIKE: We're hoping to get into the in-flight safety video acting game.

BirthdayBoys6 karma

Mitch: Jeff Dutton is leaving for India. His dream has always been to be in a Bollywood action/adventure film.

AmericanBobbies2 karma

Can you still watch Breaking Bad the same way after doing comedy with Bob Odenkirk?

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Mitch: Now when we rewatch Breaking Bad we crack up at every single scene.

alekkk2 karma


BirthdayBoys4 karma

DAVE: Ok! We'll be in a ROLLS ROYCE! That sketch made us millions!

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Mitch: Nope. I think that is actually the only combo that isn't a family... I'm sorry. Still down to pick you up from soccer practice later though!

RicocoTampoco2 karma

Hey guys! How would you describe your comedy style? I would say aggressively stupid, and I love it.

Tim- that hair dance you did in goofy roofers is one of the best things. It has become my go to move and I have been swimming in ladies ever since, so thanks!

BirthdayBoys5 karma

TIM: happy to hear you are now a ladies man. I stole that move from George Costanza's mom. The Assman episode when she riding in Kramer's car.

matchingsweaters2 karma

Hey guys.

Huge fan.

You guys produce so much god damned content. So many sketches. How do you get yourselves out of writer's blocks, or feeling that you keep doing the same thing?

BirthdayBoys6 karma

DAVE: We ALL get writers block. Here's a pro tip: buy yourself a tennis ball and throw it against the wall in your office.

*NOTE: Make sure a legendary comedian is in the office on the other side of your wall. When he or she comes out to tell you to stop bouncing the ball, lock the door behind them and hold them hostage until they give you their best joke.

Orrrr, if you can't come up with a good sketch, sometimes just write out the bad one. Lots of great sketches start as bad ideas.

Maaashall2 karma

Love you guys! How did you meet Bob Odenkirk, and what's your experience been like working together? Thanks!

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Mitch: We met Bob through a show that his wife, Naomi, puts together every year. It's called "The Not Inappropriate Show" and it takes place on New Years Day. It's a show that parents can take their kids to, but it's comedy that both the parents and the kids will enjoy. We performed in the show and Bob was also in the lineup. He commented on one of our sketches and then Tim Kalpakis sent him a follow up e-mail and we started talking from there!

tokada2 karma

It seems some of you guys act more, but come together as a group. Is that accurate? Does everyone contribute something different to the group?

PS- love the show, and I had the Angry Roofers theme stuck in my head earlier.

BirthdayBoys4 karma

DAVE: Very accurate. The craziest thing about the process is how many non-acting/writing rolls that making a show requires. A lot of our roles were defined by years of doing a monthly live show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Chris and Jeff would helm the directing and editing of our videos for example. Jeff would even make most of our props. That handmade/group effort vibe informs a ton of choices we make in the show. We love the feel of "pulling off" a show with sweat and grit.

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Mitch: We definitely all wear different hats in the group (figuratively, not literally). Some guys contribute more in different areas, but it definitely all comes together into one big Birthday Boys goop. Angry Roofers... I like the sound of that!

evadactyl2 karma

Is the writing process extremely relaxed & natural with you guys sitting in a room and just laughing the whole time while trying to write it down? Or do you guys come in with pre-written material and bounce it back with one another? Both?

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Mike: The writing process is a blast. Sketches come about in different ways. Sometimes, we come in with sketches written individually and the group punches it up with more/better jokes. Or we take a sketch written individually and we find the idea funny but the execution is not great so we strip it and move the idea in a better direction. And sometimes one of us will come in with an individual sketch, we all read it, and the group looks at the writer like he should be locked up in an asylum! (Lost a lot of good Birthday Boys that way.)

But, we also do a lot of riffing in the room, forming funny ideas and someone will go off and write it up.

It's a very collaborative writing process in either case.

TheElderstein2 karma

Hey guys, you deserve the success you've earned! When you guys write your sketches, do you do it individually and then let everyone else punch it up, do you write them all together, or both? Follow up question, how much money do you make in a year?

BirthdayBoys1 karma

TIM: the answer to the writing question is Option A. for the money question, are you asking about just BDBS money, or BDBs and CBB combined?

but_what_about_anal2 karma

do u actually play the drums? lol that skit wad hilarious "keepin the beat keepin the beat" lol

how come when i search for you guys' videos i can never find them!?

BirthdayBoys1 karma

TIM: no, i play guitar but i'm terrible at drums. Keeping The Beat came from me wanting more attention while stuck behind a drumset during a party when Jeff and Hanford were on guitar and bass.
Our videos have been taken down because the show went on Netflix. We're not allowed to have sketches on Youtube and Netflix at the same time.

dngwall2 karma

I love you guys!! Your comedy is refreshing because it is actually funny. I am a huge fan of comedy and your show is the best sketch show I have seen in a long time. How did Bob find you guys and will you be doing any live shows?

BirthdayBoys4 karma


Tim: we were doing a live show in LA and we heard somebody in the audience saying "GODDAMNIT!"

Dave: It actually really was a show at UCB that Bob and his wife put on every year, called the "Not Inappropriate show." If you have kids, and you're in LA around New Year's, check it out.

drceverettkoop2 karma

For an episode can you just do a 22-minute version of Ham Hat? Thank you.

BirthdayBoys3 karma

"Thank you"?!??! We haven't even done it yet!

drceverettkoop2 karma

"yet"?!??! So, you are going to. Thank you!

BirthdayBoys6 karma

We'll do it, but the budget is going to be huge.

Buttocks2 karma

On the Seven Brothers Brewery episode, were you guys really swimming in beer or was it just piss?

BirthdayBoys5 karma

Tim: It was water, with a LITTLE bit of beer...

Dave: A little bit of food coloring, and the top layer was generated by a foam machine. Now here's the secret from Dave: it also contained piss, at the end of the day.

wardwell2 karma

psst, are you still here? just wondering if we can be best friends

BirthdayBoys1 karma

yeah, we're here. We're pals now.

kylephillipsftw1 karma

Hey boys! Who are you taking to the big video game this weekend?

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Dave: Yoshi's egg?

(Shy Guy?)

jdtatum1 karma

What crimes will Saul Goodman be defending you for when you all guest star on Better Call Saul?

BirthdayBoys8 karma

Dave: Murder, murder, murder, and speeding (in a plane).

neutralapplause1 karma

Hey guys, I'm a big fan of your work. How did you guys get involved with IFC? Did they contact you, or had you been talking to various people about creating a show?

Looking forward to Season 2! Thanks for your time here.

BirthdayBoys2 karma

We pitched the show around town with Bob as well as Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films. Bob really anchored the pitch, and went out on the line to make the case that we had a voice worth televising. IFC (fans of Bob and fans of our online stuff) was slightly off enough to take us up on the pitch.

AmericanBobbies1 karma

What's your ideal breakfast?

BirthdayBoys2 karma

TIM: This morning's breakfast was paid for by IFC, so I had eggs, bacon, sausage, blood sausage, and baked tomato. It was huge. And it was ideal!

BirthdayBoys2 karma

Mitch: Eggs Benedict for me. You can't really beat that. Mike: A full box of wheaties followed by a half gallon of 2% milk.

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Mitch: My answer was serious. I take breakfast seriously.

talper11 karma

What was your biggest take away from your time at Ithaca College as well as your first jobs?

-IC senior here, looking for some advice breaking into the industry!

BirthdayBoys2 karma

Mitch: Biggest take away is that the Textor Ball doesn't really break in half if you graduate a virgin. First jobs in Hollywood for a lot of us were PA jobs. You gotta work crappy gopher jobs for a long, long time (for little pay... and sometimes no pay), but they are all good experiences! Also, take advantage of any connections you have!

12chuckles1 karma

When's the next Fredonia Fest?!?!

BirthdayBoys3 karma

TIM: I am happy to report that me, hanford, and jefferson's band The Sloppy Boys Jangly Band is rehearsing again. If we come across another 30 free bottles of tequila, we will definitely have another Fredonia Fest. What do you say, Jose Cuervo???

watashiwa051 karma

What did September Santa bring you this year? Follow up question: Was he on time?

BirthdayBoys2 karma

Mitch: September Santa has passed away. You can visit his grave in Oxnard, California. His last gift was a pencil that looked like a pen.

awesomeman4621 karma

Hey guys, I'm sitting in my room by myself, actually watching the birthday boys, so is this scenario not a family?

BirthdayBoys2 karma

Dave: Are you sitting between a MAN and a WOMAN? And has their union been recognized by the state in which you reside? Personally, I think that's a BETTER definition of family. Tim says yes though.

awesomeman4621 karma

Tim does seem to be the expert on families

BirthdayBoys2 karma

TIM: that's a family

GoTeamAwesome1 karma

I loved your first season. One thing that impressed me is that you work the whole cast in to most sketches, but it doesn't feel forced.

Anyway, my question is: If your troupe were a professor at Comedy University, what five movies would you want your class to watch? Extra credit bonus points for picking one movie per decade for the last five decades.

BirthdayBoys4 karma

DAVE AND MIKE: 1. That famous zoetrope of a horse running. 2. Anything from M. Night. 3. Animal House (for the score) 4. The Zapruder Film. 5. CLASS CHOICE! FREE FOR ALL!

Also, in this class, no homework on the weekends, baby!

wuapinmon1 karma

Can you describe the process for writing something like "Goofy Roofers?" How do you decide which gags to put in and which ones don't make the cut?

BirthdayBoys6 karma

TIM: I had an old sketch called Goofer's Platoon and the title was written on a whiteboard in our house. Bob came in and said "Goofy Roofers? What's that one about? Sounds funny." And for some weird reason we pitched out a stupid story where a roofing company is a metaphor for our relationship with Bob. But usually our sketches are NOT written by misreading things on walls!

Starkicker1 karma

Do you guys have actual roofing experience?

BirthdayBoys8 karma

Mitch: We are all roof enthusiasts, but none of us have actually worked on roofs. Hammers are too heavy for most of us to lift.

O8N0X10U51 karma

Will we see more Goofy Roofers this season?

BirthdayBoys1 karma

Sadly, the Roofers all died.

BUT we have a sketch you might like in the season premiere. Look for "The Woods" in Friday's ep.

ihatecats181 karma

This is for the "funny one" What is up with the loose cannon guy?

BirthdayBoys1 karma

Genes, man. You can't escape God's plan.

Nadyshenz1 karma

Have you always wanted to be the comedy actors or have you thought about different direction in your acting career?

BirthdayBoys2 karma

Tim: I wanted to just be a writer, and then I think the audience demanded my on-screen presence.

Dave: I wanted to be an optometrist. You can understand how i ended up where we are.

Mike: I wanted to inherit a bunch of money but my parents aren't that rich.

JaiOhBe1 karma

How big is Bob Odenkirk's dick?

BirthdayBoys4 karma


Feij1 karma

Hello? HELLO?!

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Mitch and Tim: We can hear you.

YourCrappyBoss1 karma

I'm still not clear on what does and what does not constitute a "family." Could you give another example or two to help fill in the gaps?

BirthdayBoys5 karma

Tim: How about "4 guys in a reddit office with a laptop?"

Dave: 4 guys in the reddit office with the musk of Josh Brolin.

dustinquickfire1 karma

As someone who has never even heard of or watched this show before...

What made you be named The Birthday Boys? Is it because you guys celebrate birthdays so close together? If that's already answered somewhere in this thread I'd love to know what made you guys decide to become sketch comedians.

I do hope I get this channel on Direct TV cause it does sound and look good! :)

BirthdayBoys2 karma

Thanks for the question... The story we generally tell about the name is this: We were trying to come up with a name and then we realized we all had a birthday. Seemed like too crazy a coincidence to pass up!

We got into sketch comedy as fans first. Most of us watched a lot of Mr. Show, Monty Python, The State, SNL, and many other sketch shows in high school and college. Most of us also studied Film/TV at Ithaca College and started writing scripts/making shorts there. So when we moved to Los Angeles in 05/06 we got a house together to save money. From there, we started studying improv and sketch at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (can't recommend this type of thing enough). I think sketch comedy was a natural home for our comedic sensibility and number of writer/actor/director types.

I hope you can get IFC for this season! In the mean time, season 1 is avail on iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and in clip form at thebirthdayboys.com.

pighalf1 karma

Any cool or fun guests we can expect to see in future sketches?

BirthdayBoys1 karma

Tons of em! I think we listed them in here somewhere! Command-F it!

shaneration1 karma

Have you guys ever actually even shingled a roof? It didn't seem like you fairly represented people who roof rooves so I think you should give it another go. It was funny and all but it didn't have that authentic roofiness that comes with roofing.

BirthdayBoys2 karma

DAVE: Fair point. No, I don't think any of us have actually roofed. Can I just tell you, I STILL have nightmares about falling off the roof during the sketch. It really gave me a whole new respect for people who can die on the job (especially actors! Who as we all know are this world's most precious species).

shaneration1 karma

That would be terrifying. I'm glad you didn't die from falling off the roof. Can you just imagine falling and then landing on the ground after being on the roof. How awful.

BirthdayBoys1 karma

There is no happier place than a roof. There is no sadder place than the ground.

Zouch1 karma

Two questions for all of you dudes:

What is your favorite film and why?

Where is the line between avant-garde and comedy?

BirthdayBoys2 karma

Mitch:Goodfellas for me. It's got great drama, but is also super funny (the painting scene with Joe Pesci's (Scorsese's) mom is hilarious. Tim: The only movie I've ever liked is Citizen Kane. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0033467/combined

laskinonthebeach1 karma

Is God dead? If so, why did you kill him?

BirthdayBoys1 karma

Yes. He made eyes at our girlfriend.

Se7enUnicorns1 karma

Whoever is responsible for putting the show on Netflix... Thank you. Also, does it ever creep you out when you browse your tag on Tumblr?

BirthdayBoys1 karma

HA! Yes, you mean that that tag is mostly teen girls posting images of members of boy bands with a birthday on a given day?

Honestly, we get weirded out by Tumblr all the time.

DostThowEvenLift1 karma

What is something you could say about your show that would get me to watch it? (PS: I am a WKUK fan)

BirthdayBoys4 karma

TIM: Trevor Moore is in every episode

[deleted]1 karma


BirthdayBoys1 karma

Thanks! Glad you're liking the show!!!

JasperCeasarSalad1 karma

Have you guys ever dined with Chris Noth? Does he order soup or salad first? Or does he just eat an exorbitant amount of (hopefully complimentary) bread?

BirthdayBoys1 karma

Mitch: he usually kicks us out of his place before breakfast!

AdamTScott0 karma

Hey boys, first time caller, long time listener. When are you going to go back on Scott aukerman's old Podcast and do some goofs and spoofs?

BirthdayBoys3 karma

Mitch: Whenever he'll have us! He's a busy man at the moment making a bunch of Bang Bangs!