Hello, my name is Will Hammer and I am the Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the 6th Congressional District in Virginia against Bob Goodlatte. There is no Democrat in the race. With no Democrat in the race, this is a GREAT opportunity to vote for a third party candidate and unseat an establishment, business as usual Republican.

Bob Goodlatte has voted and championed for SOPA, the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, No Child Left Behind, NSA mass surveillance, and the list goes on… Not only has he voted for and championed bad policy, he came into Congress having signed the Contract with America. One of the biggest things he ran on was a 6 term limit for Congress. Something that he has not brought up for a vote since getting elected.

ALSO I am premiering my first campaign video to coincide with this AMA. Please check it!

Now That is a Good Latte: http://youtu.be/DAvKF2CeKYA


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Original was removed because I did not answer questions immediately, so I am reposting now that I can answer. I will answer for an hour then come back later this evening to answer any additional questions.

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EDIT 2: I have been back for about an hour answering more questions and will continue answering them most of the evening and into the night. Please keep the questions coming! I am really enjoying this discussion.

EDIT 3: Thanks for all of the questions! I know we are not going to agree on everything, but I think for the most part that we want to get the same end result, just a different means to get there. In all, I answered 66 questions and I hope that even though you may not agree with my answers you can realize they were all sincere and not just quick, vague, and canned talking point responses.

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OpinionGenerator23 karma

How do you feel about Citizens United?

wmhammer6 karma

Being a third party candidate, the obvious answer would seem that I am against it. But, I think that the real root of our issues is the two party system and the government having so much centralized power that it's very economical for corporations to lobby and back PACs because of the return on investment through regulations they get to write, etc. Decentralize more and stop voting for the lesser of two evils will go much further than campaign finance reform.

Mtchg19 karma

In your personal opinion, what is the biggest threat to the U.S. Right now? The world?

wmhammer-4 karma

The biggest threat in my opinion to the U.S. is our monetary policy with the Fed and our foreign policy creating more enemies and terrorists.

deckerparkes27 karma

our monetary policy with the Fed


wmhammer0 karma

Fractional Reserve banking just isn't a very good long term idea. It creates bubbles, devalues our currency, and allows for our deficit spending. The only thing keeping our currency afloat is that every other major country subscribes to the same philosophy.

deckerparkes9 karma

It creates bubbles, devalues our currency, and allows for our deficit spending


You would be in favor of full-reserve banking?

wmhammer-5 karma

I would be in favor of competing currencies. I am a huge fan of bitcoin.

Wozzyowl15 karma

Top priority's on your list that you'd like to change?

wmhammer47 karma

My big three issues are foreign policy, privacy, and the drug war. I am a non-interventionist, I want to curb government's surveillance as much as possible and hopefully even abolish the NSA, and want to end the drug war. The drug war is not just about smoking a joint, there are so many unintended consequences. 1/3 prison population non-violent drug offenders, border security, police militarization, medical research, violent gangs and cartels, and the list goes on...

NeverEnufWTF31 karma

hopefully even abolish the NSA

Everybody outside of government wants to abolish the surveillance state. Once they've been elected, they all seem to change their tune. Why do you think this is?

wmhammer2 karma

I couldn't tell you. All I know is that I will not waver in wanting to abolish the NSA.

UpvotesAllWhoReply7 karma

Are you against the current intervention in Iraq where we're bombing ISIL?

wmhammer17 karma

Yes, I am against intervention. We created ISIL and we will just create more terrorists and another ISIL by continuing intervention. The countries in that neighborhood have a vested interest in putting down ISIL and are capable of doing so. We need to end this viscous cycle of failed interventionism.

UpvotesAllWhoReply31 karma

You can't erase previous reckless intervention from history by turning a blind eye to the consequences and refusing to deal with them responsibly.

wmhammer3 karma

When has our intervention not been reckless? We need to end the cycle at some point, sooner the better.

Wozzyowl-1 karma

You got my vote, it's time for change.

wmhammer7 karma

Thank you!

window514 karma

So no affirmative action laws as far as the government is concerned? Wouldn't black people be harmed by a libertarian agenda in that blacks benefit greatly from government social programs and hiring practices? Would the justice department of a libertarian president have any role in the police shooting in Ferguson, Mo. ?

wmhammer-4 karma

I believe affirmative action and social welfare actually bounds people, not benefits them.

Eternally6513 karma


wmhammer7 karma

I do not know how much I am going to spend on the campaign when it is all done at this moment, but not much. I have only spent $2-3k so far. I raised it just from regular people. I HATE asking for money.

fromkentucky10 karma

What are your thoughts on the recent court ruling that struck down Virginia's same-sex marriage ban?

wmhammer40 karma

Being for marriage equality, I applaud it. I would like to see government out of the marriage license business all together. I think it should be a private contract between consenting adults.

window56 karma

Should there be tax filing status for married couples? Should the government favor families with children? Children after all are the future of the country.

wmhammer23 karma

Government should not favor any group.

keraneuology5 karma

Do you support marriage equality for everybody or only for monogamous pairings?

wmhammer46 karma

I support marriage equality for all consenting adults. Please note I did not say it has to be two consenting adults.

fromkentucky2 karma

What do you consider the most important issues currently facing a Virginia Congressman?

wmhammer16 karma

The most important issues for me are foreign policy, the drug war, and privacy. I think this should be the case for everyone, whether they are from Virginia or not as they affect us all greatly.

window58 karma

On 60 minutes the FBI director said China is the source of massive internet based attacks on US companies, individuals and I guess the government. Should the US impose trade tariffs and other trade sanctions against China to punish that country's predatory behavior?

wmhammer5 karma

No, I do not believe in trade sanctions. That will not solve anything that it is meant to solve.

window58 karma

Should the people of a congressional district be allowed to limit immigration into their district?

wmhammer-1 karma

That is an interesting question. Not sure how that would be implemented, but I am for more decentralization. You can always vote with your feet by moving from district to district easier than state and definitely country.

muskyhunter118 karma

One more question Mr. Hammer, your stance on immigration is pretty vague, to say the least. What exactly do you propose to fix this issue? Are you for securing the border?

wmhammer32 karma

I am for a more open border. That does not mean every comes waltzing in and out but rather you allow freedom of movement. You can document who comes into the country. We need to open up work visas and increase immigration. We need to embrace immigration, it is what our country was founded on.

bluefootedpig8 karma

Which party do you intend to caucus with?

wmhammer7 karma

I intend to not caucus with one or the other exclusively. I intend to work with and form coalitions to advance libertarian ideas and bills.

7yrlrkr7 karma

Bob Goodlatte has voted and championed for SOPA, the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, No Child Left Behind, NSA mass surveillance, and the list goes on

I'm not American. I don't see why the No Child Left Behind policy would be considered a bad thing. Could you give a brief explanation as to why?

wmhammer7 karma

It increased standardized testing. I am not a proponent of standardized testing. People learn differently and not everyone fits into the cookie cutter system they want the children to. It incentivizes teaching to pass a test, not gain knowledge, logic, critical thinking, discovery, etc. Essentially you are taught to regurgitate information not learn.

Wadsworth346 karma

Do you support more gun control?

wmhammer8 karma


snowmantackler5 karma

How would you vote on the legalization of marijuana?

wmhammer18 karma

I am for ending the drug war and marijuana legalization, so I would champion for legalization, sponsor a bill, and of course vote in favor.

Armiel5 karma

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges the Libertarian Party faces and what should they do to overcome them?

Thanks, and best of luck to you!

wmhammer-1 karma

The biggest challenges the Libertarian Party faces are the two major parties. The two major parties have a vested interest in keeping a third party out of the game. They may have tiffs in public, but they both stand for the same status quo in Washington. Plus, when they are out of power, they know that the power pendulum will eventually swing back in their favor. This will not be the case if a third party is given a chair at the same table.

gabbagool3 karma


wmhammer8 karma

Personally I guess I would consider myself pro-life as I would have a hard time making that call if it were up to me. But, I realize with prohibition of anything you will never stop it from happening. Allowing abortion makes it safer and it's the woman's body.

vanmundygar3 karma

What steps can the Libertarian Party take to help the American people see that their candidates are a very real choice and are not unelectable like they think?

wmhammer2 karma

I think we need to work on not being so dogmatic and see who is the most libertarian. We need to learn to communicate our ideas to suit every political spectrum. But I seriously believe that if we get someone elected, that will do the most good and pay the most dividends. That is why I think my race is very important. It could start something.

The_0P2 karma

Hampden—Sydney or Randolph—Macon?

wmhammer1 karma

HSC. What a great education and experience.

muskyhunter112 karma

What are your thoughts on foreign aid? Seems like a lot of that money could be put to good use here in the states...

wmhammer2 karma

I am definitely against foreign aid. It's a tax on our poor to subsidize their rich. It does not do what it is intended to do and causes many foreign policy issues.

Harmonsky2 karma

If elected, who do you plan on caucusing with? Not to make this a politically loaded question, it's clear you don't identify with either of the major parties.

wmhammer1 karma

I do not plan on caucusing exclusively with one party. I want to work with coalitions to advance libertarianism. I will caucus with whichever party I side with on the particular bill.

RetroAtlanta2 karma

Thank you for doing this! I just recently registered to vote, and I registered as a Republican due to closed primary reasons. Is this a smart move? I lean more towards the Libertarian Party, but I feel like my vote won't count if it goes towards a third party. I hope this doesn't come off as ignorant or insulting, but that's just how I feel.

Note** Technically, I have an open ballot in my residency state of Georgia, but I am attending college in Florida, which has closed primaries. I do not want to eventually declare residency here and there be an issue with my voting.

wmhammer3 karma

That's why we keep voting for the two parties. We don't want to 'throw away' our vote for someone who can't win. If ballot access was not favored for the two major parties and everyone voted what they really wanted, we would not have this issue. 42 percent of Americans identify as independent. We would have more third party candidates if the system wasn't rigged in a certain way. As for registering as a Republican being a smart move, I have no clue as I live in an open primary state.

Tinboy11 karma

As a libertarian, what are you going to do for the working class? And why do you cling on to a political ideology the rest of the first world considered barbaric 100 years ago?

wmhammer1 karma

I want their money to have more purchasing power through making our government's fiscal and monetary policy more sound. I want to allow the working class to also take home more money by lessening their tax burden.

Why would anyone consider libertarianism barbaric? Maybe you used the wrong word? I would consider mandates, taxation, and war barbaric not peace and freedom.

OldKinderhook4261 karma

Do you believe in Keynesian economics?

wmhammer2 karma

I believe it exists and is heavily favored in our policy, but I do not subscribe.

castmemberzack1 karma

What do you think of Adam Kokesh?

wmhammer2 karma

I haven't been following him this year much since I have been busy with my campaign. But, I used to watch and listen to his stuff. I think he does great work and delivers the message of freedom well. Need to read his book when I have time.

Toph_1992-5 karma

I am a libertarian anarchist. I hate all politicians. I think they should all be imprisoned. I don't believe in any kind of government.

Why run to be a member of our war criminal run Congress when you make change by protesting and revolting against the system?

wmhammer6 karma

I believe that education, agorism, and technology(bitcoin, 3-d printing, etc) is what will really change the world. But, I believe that political advocacy does still have it's merits.