You may be familiar with my rock 'n' roll party music, my weekly advice column, and my philosophy of partying. I have a new kids show launching today called "Meet Me At The Reck". Check it out...



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amurrikan1796 karma

I'm 31 and have no friends. I'm painfully shy and it's hard for me to meet people. Any advice?

IamAndrewWK3973 karma

Well, I'd like to consider myself your friend. So you have at least one friend. And it's perfectly OK to be painfully shy. It's also perfectly OK to have very few or even no friends. Not everyone has the same social needs as others. We see ideas of how someone's social life is supposed to be promoted on movies and in TV shows and by other people around us. But we can still be different and ourselves and sometimes that might involve not having a lot of friends. You can even be friends with people that you never talk to or even see - you just think about them. That's like a psychic friend. A lot of my best friends I almost never see or communicate with, but I think about them every day and feel very close to them. Some people might think that doesn't count or that those aren't real friends, but they are to me.

Don't worry too much about having friends and meeting people and just be yourself and party. Then friends will come on their own and everything will happen without even trying.

IamAndrewWK680 karma

Thank you SO much for partying with me on here for my 2nd AMA. I have to go party more now, but I will keep this thread alive and try and come back more this week to post more answers. If I'm able to, I'll post a reminder to my twitter that I'm on here again.

I cannot thank you enough for all your kindness and support and all your belief in the power of partying. We are making this together and I sincerely hope you realize how much you matter to me and to this whole feeling we're building. It is yours, it is ours, and it is growing.

Stay strong, stay close to joy, and never ever stop partying.

I love you.

Your friend, Andrew W.K.

vousaimezmike498 karma

I'm hoping enough Clevelanders show so that this question doesn't get quickly burried.

Do you really, truly love Giant Eagle?

IamAndrewWK675 karma

Yes, I love the Giant Eagle super markets very much. I've spent a fair amount of time in Cleveland, and even recorded a couple albums there. When I was recording my solo piano album ("55 CADILLAC"), we would go to Giant Eagle almost every day to get snacks and deli food. I just love the way the store smells and feels and everything about it. And the name GIANT EAGLE is a great name. Who wouldn't like a giant eagle? They're such party birds.

baconscurtains439 karma

hey andrew! remember at vision festival in london that guy came up to you in an andrew wk shirt and gave you an action figure he made? he forgot to get a photo with you, the figure and himself can you post a picture of yourself with the figure please?

IamAndrewWK677 karma

Of course I remember! I have the figure he made right next to me at my desk. I will take a photo with it and post it up ASAP!

Koftek198 karma

Hi! Thanks for creating myvfavourite party album of all time. My friends may not like it but I humm party hard at every party I go to. I just need to convince them to come over to the party side. We have more fun. So a few questions.

  1. How do you feel about the famous pitchfork review of I get wet?

  2. How was it meeting lil bub?

  3. When are you coming too Sweden next time?

  4. Best party tip?

  5. Want to come to my next birthday party in March next year?

IamAndrewWK318 karma

  1. Reviews are always interesting because they tell a lot about the writer/listener, and often find new insights into the music that the creator may not have noticed. All reviews are valid and right, even if they're incorrect.

  2. Lil BUB was extremely soft and plushy. She purred and meowed and we just had such a wonderful time together.

  3. Hopefully very soon. Sometime next year? I love partying there. I love fish and dill.

  4. PARTY TIP: Party.

  5. Thank you for the invitation!

Ayyylien157 karma

Good morning Andrew! It's your friend Herbert (@esmahanw on twitter) writing to you with the following question, how did you become so enlightened in life?

What triggered your brain to think as it does today? Did you go through a specific rough patch that helped you look at things from a different, more positive perspective?

Like for example I've lost plenty of loved ones and this has helped me learn a lot about life, I learned how fragile our existence is and how every moment should be a party in it's own way, how it's not our belongings that should make us happy but our experiences.

BTW I received your autographed picture in the mail a couple weeks ago and I'm very thankful for it! Thank you for your friendship, and always Party Hard!!

IamAndrewWK302 karma

Thank you for your question, your kindness, and your long-time partying, Herbert!

As far as what triggered my brain to think this way, yes - there was a specific rough patch.

I had always struggled with severe anger and depression and just general bad feelings for most of my life, and especially between age 13 and 17. When I moved to NYC at age 18, it got even worse and I knew I had to do something or something awful would happen. So that's when I decided to do something as big as I could. I met my managers and they basically taught me everything about how to think and look at the world so that I could feel good and not bad. And I'm still learning today. But I really must give credit to all their teachings. Deciding to work with them was the best thing that ever happened to me and probably saved my life and spared the lives of other people.

Frajer155 karma

When did you first realize that you love to party?

IamAndrewWK469 karma

When I was born.

pefyeah140 karma

Hey, what time is it?

IamAndrewWK346 karma


zeninja119 karma

Hi Andrew,

I really want to party, but I always feel too self-conscious to really let go. How can I get past this and let myself go?

IamAndrewWK501 karma

You don't have to let go. Being self-conscious is highly underrated. Many of us have an image in our mind of what a "cool party person" is, and that they are really loud and free and wild and just super uninhibited. But that's just one type of person. It's perfectly OK to party the way you want and that feels natural and good to you. Going out of your comfort zone is a good idea, but it's not something you always have to do. Being aware of yourself is good. And if you feel compelled, just prance around and over-jump a few times in front of the mirror and then you might feel more free. But some people don't need to feel free to party. Trust yourself, follow your instincts, and occasionally go against them.

sonicfan91111 karma

Hey Andrew, big fan! Just wanted to ask...

How do you have such amazing hair? Like... Is there a conditioner you use or...?

IamAndrewWK350 karma

You are very kind. Thank you for your compliments. The only conditioners I use are my own body's natural oils. I almost never wash my hair, and I really think this is why it hasn't been more brittle. I believe that when I sweat and head bang, it is basically like my body's own built in shower. The dead skin cells and oils and muck and grime get blended and saturate the hair strands to enrich them and fortify them. Maybe it wouldn't work for everyone, but it's worked for me for a long time. I haven't washed my hair regularly for over 20 years. I just party it and it shines.



IamAndrewWK356 karma

You know what? This is a horrifying but absolutely real possibility. I have never thought of before. I had a nightmare that someone had cut off all my hair. Maybe that's because they were actually soaking it in sour buttermilk with a rich conditioning drench?

Hatec94 karma

  • Any news on that new album??
  • What's the story behind The Wolf being originally named Blow Your Bone?
  • Where's your forum? Bring it back!! Check out /r/AndrewWK in the meantime. I made it a few years ago and a few of the old forum people still go there.

IamAndrewWK180 karma

  1. I've been stock-piling new songs for several years. I really want to make a new album as soon as possible. Thank you for asking about it.

  2. "Blow Your Bone" was the original title of my second album before it became "The Wolf". That was the beginning of a very complicated time where I started fighting with some of the people I was working with. Part of the fighting involved the album and stuff. I tried to break contracts and deals I had made and it all blew up in my face.

  3. Thank you so much for making this forum! It's amazing! The old message board we had got too overrun by spam to really function. We were having to delete thousands of spam posts a day. This one you've made is way better anyway! I will share this with everyone! THANK YOU AGAIN!

tetsoushima80 karma

Would you do a phone interview on my college radio show?

IamAndrewWK168 karma

Sure! Just email me at the address on my twitter page! It might take a bit of work to find a time to schedule it, but we will figure it out! Thank you very much for inviting me!

bbykt0972 karma

Has anyone told you, you sound like Vegeta from Dragonball Z when you sing? Cause I think you do and that made me love your songs even more haha!!!

IamAndrewWK124 karma

That is a huge compliment, and you're the first one to ever say it! Thank you so much!

Melmac180369 karma

Do you like sandwiches? What place makes the best sandwiches?

IamAndrewWK221 karma

I enjoy sandwiches immensely because I love breads. And I love to layer soft meats and cheeses inside of different breads. The tallest sandwich I ever made was a type of Dagwood that had salami, ham, turkey breast, chicken breast, pepperoni, liverwurst, onion, tomato, and cheddar, swiss, and american cheeses. I also put on some Italian herbs and oils, a very small amount of Dijon mustard, and a little bit of mayonnaise and olive paste. I really believe that the best sandwiches can be made by anyone at their home. But ANY sandwich counts and can be wonderful from any sandwich shop.

billybobthorton2260 karma

Hey dude. I've had a shitty week, can you tell me a joke or something to make me happy? Also what is your favorite dinosaur?

IamAndrewWK114 karma

I like brontos and pteros and stagas. It's hard to pick a favorite dino. I also really like those giant dragonflies and huge mega-jumbo trilobites and XXL spiders.

shredo58 karma

What's the #1 preferred Andrew WK hangover cure?

fwt666162 karma

Party more, duh.

IamAndrewWK231 karma


ShellInTheGhost49 karma

Have you ever experienced ego death?

IamAndrewWK95 karma

Yeah! It was a real high-point of all my partying. It was like all the partying had lead to that moment, and since then, all the partying has been coming off that moment. I try to keep that feeling with me and in the front of my mind all the time.

0x_X37 karma

Hey WK. Remember when you crashed 4chan?

IamAndrewWK64 karma

Yeah, that was awesome. Getting to go on there and party with the 4chan team is a high-point in my professional party career.

Derelium37 karma

Huge fan Andrew, have been since We Want Fun was in Jackass. Your philosophy on life really helped me keep my head up through some awful times, so thanks for that. Any plans to get more tattoos? Your horizontal lines are a little weird, man.

IamAndrewWK72 karma

Thank you for finding those good feelings in this party! You should always give yourself credit for having the courage to look for joy and find strength in what you encounter.

As far as tattoos, I have these lines and they don't mean anything. I was thinking of getting a skeleton or something, but then I just got these lines.

JaxenGrey34 karma

Hiya Andrew! Great to have you party with us here on Reddit.

I've seen you get a lot of flak about going on shows with conservative or right wing hosts. I figured it was because you prefer to have a discussion, a back-and-forth, and not just a lot of head-wagging affirmation.

Was it your idea to chat with Glenn Beck, or did he ask you to come onto his show?

IamAndrewWK132 karma

He invited me. It's not my custom to go where I'm not invited. I also like to talk to people different than me and party with people who might not even like me. If everyone thought the same way, the party would be boring.

NotAGiantSquid33 karma

Are you left or right handed?

IamAndrewWK89 karma

Left handed.

Thisisntsteve20 karma

Any chance of the party chat coming back? :D They used to make my day Week Month life

IamAndrewWK38 karma

Thanks so much for asking about the video chats. Once stickam went away, it was hard for me to find a new web streaming service that could replicate everything I loved about stickam. But I realize there are a lot of options now, so hopefully someday soon we will start having regular party chats again!

ChinatownMurphy19 karma

Party master, when will we see another Nardwuar interview?

IamAndrewWK27 karma

Whenever Nardwuar invites me to do another interview! I think I've done three or four with him already, so maybe he's got a good enough amount to last for a while!

Jeffool15 karma

I'd just like to share that I tweeted a fortune cookie I got yesterday, in which I mentioned both @AndrewWK and @notTJMiller.


Far later, both of them favorited it. That means both of them looked at their mentions, and cared enough to favorite something of a fan's. They're awesome. AndrewWK, you're awesome. Thanks for doing your thing.

And because I have to include a question, I'll put: You are given TWO musical instruments with which to throw the best party you can. Which two instruments do you choose?

IamAndrewWK30 karma

I remember that fortune cookie photo from yesterday! It said something like, "Great! You're ready to party!" I really like fortune cookies and I have gotten a few like that, which mentioned party and stuff.

As far as which two musical instruments, I would choose a piano keyboard synthesizer because it has all the instruments and sounds in it, and then probably a drum set, because it makes people dance and it's loud!

Blackbill9114 karma

What is the secret to pure partying?

IamAndrewWK69 karma

The secret to partying is that there is no secret to partying. And this is often one of the most challenging concepts to fully grasp.

zachouser14 karma

I work for my family at a swimming pool and spa company and I just quit working for them to take a video job (which makes me happy unlike the swimming pool job). The uncle I quit working for really wrote me off and treated me like shit. He basically cemented the fact that he is nothing but a money hungry greedbot that cares about nothing but monetary value. He didn't even give me a thank you for 3 very dedicated years of service. How should I feel about this? I feel irritated but also I finally feel like I have my freedom back. Thoughts?

IamAndrewWK45 karma

I'm sorry that ended the way it did, but at the same time, it also helped confirm that you made the right choice, which is satisfying despite being unpleasant. You should totally embrace those feelings of irritation and anger, but harness them towards your new work and your new appreciation of freedom. You can also just let it all go. Maybe your uncle had his feelings hurt by you leaving, so he lashed out. Who knows? Try to find someway to see it from his side, even if he's wrong. And then just keep moving forward. Don't hold on to the resentment if it pulls you down. Just let it push you forward and use it to party fuel you! I'm proud of you for going for what you enjoy. It's always a risk to quit a job and to break away.

shnittygrittles9 karma

Andrew, how do you describe the difference between get wet and the wolf? I notice more party themes on get wet and more motivational, emotional lyrics on the wolf. Both have their merits and I love it all. Thanks for being one of a kind.

IamAndrewWK25 karma

"I GET WET" was all about starting the party and "THE WOLF" was all about what it felt like.

Plasmm8 karma

What's your number 1 party protip?

IamAndrewWK15 karma

PARTY TIP: Survive.

bobster9996 karma

Even though you're on Reddit, are you still partying hard while doing it? I imagine your keyboard is in pieces by now

IamAndrewWK17 karma

I'm borrowing someone else's computer to do this AMA, so I must be nice and not smooth it too hard! But I'm partying and swirling and twirling all around, just not with their laptop.

Cheapliquid6 karma

How are you doing today?

IamAndrewWK18 karma

I'm party.

bshayorg5 karma

Hey Andrew WK, I seem to remember hearing through Twitter a while back that you were planning either a cover or collaboration with Kim Mitchell on I am a Wild Party. I was stoked then and I'm still hoping it can happen. Is there any news on this?

IamAndrewWK7 karma

Thanks for this question. Kim is a wild party and he and I have talked about this! Hopefully it will happen.

joefred1115 karma

Andrew, whatever happened to Bad Brilliance and Aleister X? Also any upcoming album plans?

IamAndrewWK11 karma

They're both still going strong! Aleister X has released an amazing new album recently and has tons of additional great songs I recommend. He's extremely prolific and hyper-productive. It's been a pleasure working with both of them! Very party artists.

rambogizmo4 karma

Andrew- Do you believe that party = love or that love = party?

IamAndrewWK9 karma