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Good morning Andrew! It's your friend Herbert (@esmahanw on twitter) writing to you with the following question, how did you become so enlightened in life?

What triggered your brain to think as it does today? Did you go through a specific rough patch that helped you look at things from a different, more positive perspective?

Like for example I've lost plenty of loved ones and this has helped me learn a lot about life, I learned how fragile our existence is and how every moment should be a party in it's own way, how it's not our belongings that should make us happy but our experiences.

BTW I received your autographed picture in the mail a couple weeks ago and I'm very thankful for it! Thank you for your friendship, and always Party Hard!!

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What's the best snack to eat while developing a game?

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Why did you even go to North Korea?

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Why do muslims throw gays off of roof tops?