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Hey, what time is it?

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What leads police officers to the mentality of the "thin blue line?" And what can we do, as citizens, to make sure this mentality doesn't negatively affect our lives when dealing with police?

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A bowling alley without a bar? What communist thought that up?

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You know what people hate more than dirty travelers? Ignorant and judgemental assholes. In your five comments in his thread you haven't even attempted to type out a rational and mature response. You criticize, generalize, and use foul language. Even if you had a righteous opinion, why should anyone listen to it when you deliver it in such a disgusting manner? In fact, your attitude and delivery is probably changing the kinds of a few people that originally agreed with you. Do yourself a favor and try to act like an adult. Even if you aren't one.

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During your interview with 60 Minutes, you talked about how terrorists would be in almost disbelief at the cordiality of American interrogators, and they had been taught to believe they would be tortured and abused upon capture. How does this mindset come to be? Is there no media connection to the western world for everyone? Or do terrorist cells actively shield their recruits from the outside world? How does such a large fighting force exist without having any of the flaws in their ideologies exposed?