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Ruffles_Baked62 karma

Are you aware that the Werdum face is an MMA sensation? Will you please do that face when you win the UFC Heavyweight Championship from Cain?

FabricioWerdum70 karma

I've done that face since I was little boy. Its my joker face from batman. I didn't know it was a "sensation". It is a possibility I will do it when I win Cain because I like to do it...I do not do it to be disrespectful.

SoulStealer6918 karma

What do you think about Brendan Schaub?

FabricioWerdum35 karma

nice guy. Good fighter...but slightly mediocre...still has lots to learn, he is very young

katherinedevir17 karma

Salute Fabricio, silly question, what makes you laugh & what's your biggest weakness? Kiss from France!!

FabricioWerdum28 karma

I would say that my biggest weakness is instagram, I love it. My daughters make me laugh, they like my joker face

CNDNFighter10 karma

Fabricio, thanks so much for doing this, I'm a huge fan!

I have a few questions but first, excellent job on TUF: Latin America despite your team being down in the competition. It is easy to see you truly care about your guys and despite their lack of experience, some of them look as though they could turn into well rounded mixed martial artists.


  • Are you doing anything to prepare for the hostile environment at 180?

  • There's a been a significant improvement in your striking game over the last 2 years. What do you attribute this improvement to?

  • When preparing for a fight, what is your biggest fear/obstacle to overcome?

  • How do you cope with the day-to-day grind of training? (I ask this as it is something I have trouble with myself mentally and physically). It is so easy for your body to begin breaking down without proper care.

  • Will you compete in ADCC in 2015?

Thanks so much Fabricio and good luck at UFC 180!

FabricioWerdum20 karma

-I am doing VERY special training and I currently have a crew documenting me EVERY DAY. You can check it out here and be a part of it.....


-Master Cordeiro is the best. When I am tired he pushes me and I listen. He has been a big part of my improvement.

-When I prepare for a fight my biggest obstacle is myself...doing it better and improving everytime.

-Mentally and physically it is a good idea to take a whole day off and let yourself be distracted by other things like family and friends.

-When my muscles are tired Kangen water and MHP really help my body recuperate.

-ADCC in 2015 is a possibility.

Thanks for the questions!

CNDNFighter3 karma

Thanks so much for the answers, very interesting stuff! And thank you for linking me to the documentary kickstarter, I will be sure to back it!

Thank you for the tips on recovery, I will have to give kangen water and MHP a try.

Hopefully ADCC becomes a reality, that would be great as I'm sure you'd be the heavyweight favourite.

Good luck in the fight with Cain and I wish you all the best moving forward sir!

FabricioWerdum3 karma

Gracias :)

Friendly_Billy10 karma

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

FabricioWerdum20 karma

Definitely a horse sized duck!

hannahstorm59 karma

Hi Fabricio, random questions, boxers or briefs? Beach or mountains? Coffee or tea? Socks or barefoot? Mani or pedi? Why/why not? :))

FabricioWerdum29 karma

Boxers. Mountains. Coffee. Barefoot. Pedi.

Just because.

page_mathews9 karma

Hey Fabricio, what do you like to do to relax? Do you have any hobbies? What book, movies and TV shows do you like?

FabricioWerdum15 karma

I like to go to the beach with my family. We go to the Venice pier. My brother is very good at bbq too.

PurpleDinosaur17 karma

What was it like to beat Fedor? I know everyone else was shocked. But how did you feel?

FabricioWerdum23 karma

that felt like the BEST fight of my life. I was not surprised because I knew I was prepared. I was actually quite relaxed. Good question.

bboeker297 karma

Given the opportunity, what loss would you most like a chance to avenge?

Obrigado Fabricio...Go get that belt!

FabricioWerdum15 karma

Definitely against Dos Santos.


steloshow7 karma

Thanks for the AMA, Fabricio! Big fan of the way you tap dudes out and repeatedly punch them in the face.

What do you see as the biggest challenge with Cain? I imagine keeping distance and neutralizing his pressure would be key, but I know you're also super comfortable in guard.

You clearly had a lot of fun in your fight with Travis Browne. Do you intend on taking a similar approach with Cain?

Thanks again, and cheers.

FabricioWerdum12 karma

I mostly think/imagine the victory and I find my rhythm. I am not concerned with Cain, I am concerned with myself and finding my rhythm.

Whydidideletemyaccou6 karma


Holy shit Werdum. I haven't been a UFC for long, but your last few fights have made me a fan for life.

After watching the last TUF episode, it made me think about your match up with Cormier. Do you think you would have been the one to beat him if he stayed at heavyweight?

How the hell did your striking improve so quickly that you were able to make Travis Browne look like a punching bag?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

Master Rafael Cordeiro is responsible for the Muay Thai striking. He is the very best.

AlcidesGirl6 karma

Are you supersticious & do you have any lucky charms? What's the one thing you never leave home without & why? :-)

FabricioWerdum5 karma

I am not supersition and no really "lucky charm" from home but I do always visualize the "win"

Frasierfan6 karma

How did you choose your career? Have you ever wanted to be anything else? If yes, what was it?

FabricioWerdum12 karma

When I was younger, I loved to play futbol. My brother Felipe began training martial arts when we were young and I followed in his footsteps. We started out watching Bruce Lee movies and training in our living room.

amandatickles15 karma

What's the most challenging thing about being a fighter and how much training do you do daily??

FabricioWerdum12 karma

I train with Master Rafael Cordeiro at Kings MMA in huntington beach, I am actually going to go train for an hour or so, so I will be back soon to answer more questions!

ShogunTake5 karma

Random question but I'm curious, what's your honest opinion on Mark Hunt?

FabricioWerdum8 karma

Mark Hunt is a legend. Strong faith.

EroticCakes5 karma

Fabricio, when you fought Fedor I thought you sort of faked getting "rocked" when he hit you to bait him into diving into your guard so you could sink a sub, which you obviously did. Am I right in thinking you weren't hurt by his strike, but just made it look like it so he was eager to jump into a BJJ master's guard, as he's prone to do?

You're one of the greatest of all time, thanks for this!

FabricioWerdum9 karma

This punch is engrained in my memory. Like the matrix,slowmotion. I felt the tremendous force from the wind generated by his punch

eyecebrakr4 karma


FabricioWerdum2 karma

yes, Fedor is very strong

username_________4 karma

Hi Fabricio, what is your favourite submission? Also, good luck against Cain and I hope you win.

FabricioWerdum8 karma

I like the submission that wins the fight . Thank you for your support!

lmanders324 karma

Porque tantos lutadores vem do Brasil?

FabricioWerdum6 karma

por que tenemos mucha cantidad y calidad

yunoreddit3 karma

I just want to say that I really enjoy watching BJJ specialists adapt to MMA, and you're doing amazing with your Muay Thai and all around game. I think you have the potential to be the long reigning UFC HW champion. Much respect man.

Do you plan on continuing to compete in ADCC? Will the UFC allow it?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

Yes I like the adcc very much. Thank you for support!

ShogunTake3 karma

Mr Werdum is there any fighter you legitimately dislike?

FabricioWerdum10 karma

Overeem, he is very full of himself.

handsofstoner3 karma

Hey como esta todo Fabricio! Me and my father are big fans.

Thanks for doing this AMA, my question for you is, who in your career has hit the hardest? Who was the hardest puncher or kicker?

FabricioWerdum4 karma

Dos Santos hits hardest, Jose Aldo kicks are the strongest.

Recreant573 karma

Hey Fabricio good to see your AMA,

What are your thoughts on Metamoris?

FabricioWerdum5 karma

I like metamoris, especially since legends can compete.

jdd323 karma

Fabricio! Thanks so much for doing this AMA. If you ever get the chance, please consider checking out /r/mma and potentially doing an AMA over there! It's a great community and a great place to interact with many hardcore MMA fans! I can't believe this AMA isn't getting a better response from here.

My question: How are you preparing for the smothering pressure that you know Cain is going to bring? Also, what is the biggest advantage you think you have on Cain?

Thanks again!

FabricioWerdum2 karma

Cain is a great fighter, so I must be prepared in all areas.

spartan__1173 karma

Werdum , me being from Mexican descent, I root for Cain... But damn it I can't help but love you man. Ha How much has Rafael brought up your stand up game?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

all my striking has been because of Cordeiro. I am pride to have a black belt because of him

Pr3Zd03 karma

Hey Fabricio, good luck in your title fight!

What prefight rituals do you have, if any?

What has been your biggest challenge in training for Cain?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

I spend time in the morning with friends, family and coach Cordeiro, we spend time laughing and being silly...and then when we have to concentrate we take 40 minutes to warm up, and then we do the "first round" right there in the locker room that way I go into the arena already HOT

You will be able to see a lot of what kind of training I do and all my prep once my crew is done with the documentary.

Sexual_Tyrannosaur2 karma

Where you surprised when hunt knocked out Roy Nelson in the second, when you kneed his face for three rounds and he didn't even drop?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

Hunt is a legend. Hits very hard

tyler03512 karma

I'm a pro fighter whose main weakness is getting stuck in side control bottom. What is your favorite side control escape?

FabricioWerdum5 karma

Don't let them get you in side control :)

Reed_Himself2 karma

Via Cavalo! I have trained with you a couple times in Fort Collins. I got my purple belt from Sylvio Behring, see good luck on the title my brother. Do you like fighting in the ring or cage better?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

Hey Reed! I like the octagon better. They have no where to run.

hewasrocked2 karma

I follow you on twitter and it seems that the whole of Latin America is very fond of you. Do you feel that the arena in Mexico will be split between people cheering for you to win more than Cain?

FabricioWerdum1 karma

I am very thankful for the support I have received.

josephine_amos2 karma

Fabricio, who do you look up to? Did you ever have any role models growing up?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

My brother Felipe and I used to watch Bruce Lee and Van Damme movies all the time growing up.

chrisnmarie2 karma

How do you see the fight with Cain going?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

I always visualize the win.

S4V2 karma

Hey Fabricio! Huge fan here. Really cool to see you doing an AMA :D.

Question: How do you see the Heavyweight talent pool playing out currently? There seems to be a lack of new talent emerging, with the top 10 mostly filled with veteran fighters. Why do you think that is?

Thanks so much, man. Best of luck against Cain!

FabricioWerdum2 karma

Thanks for support. Experience is so important. This is why veteran fighters are holding top ten

ihasastick2 karma

what's your favorite strike?

what's your favorite submission?

if you were an animal what would you be?

FabricioWerdum4 karma

my favorite submission is the one that wins the fight :)

Paulbegalia2 karma

What's your usual pre-fight routine?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

I always, spend time with friends, my brother Felip and coach Cordeiro, we spend time laughing and being silly...and then when we have to concentrate we take 40 minutes warm up, and then we do the "first round" in the locker room that way I go into the arena already HOT

Flyinglivershot2 karma

Hey man. Been following you since your first pride fight.

With Wanderlei retired, what was your favourite moment of his career? Have you got any stories about him that we might not have heard? What's training with him like?

We know you'll bring it against Cain, going to be a great match!

FabricioWerdum3 karma

Wanderlei is a legend and has done so much for the sport, he is my dear friend and there are too many amazing wand moments. Training with like he has a rock in his fist!

fooo000d2 karma

Hey fabricio!

I used to help you at the bank while you lived in huntington beach! One time you brought your daughter in and she was playing with my buddy's daughter who happened to be there at the same time. I guess my question is, if his daughter made yours cry, would you have beat him up? Please say yes.

FabricioWerdum3 karma

I would fight him for sure!

keithsells2 karma

What is your biggest fear?

FabricioWerdum10 karma

I accidentally leave the house without my cellphone. i just broke the glass on my iPhone six, my heart hurts.

i_ejaculate_fire2 karma

What do you think of Mexico? have we treated you well?

FabricioWerdum6 karma

I love Mexico, and the people are amazing. They are respectful and very supportive.

TheLegendofGinAlley1 karma

Hey Fabricio, do you have a favorite fight between other people? I think one of my favorites is Rampage vs. Silva 2 or possibly Fedor vs. Cro Cop.

FabricioWerdum1 karma

Without a doubt, Wanderlei vs Brian Stann, I love this fight.

missamandarahl1 karma

Hi Fabricio, I think your awesome and am a big fan, fun question, are you a ticklish guy? If yes, where? All my best! :)

FabricioWerdum6 karma

yes, ticklish on the ribs. ;)

amandatickles11 karma

If you could travel back in time to anywhere, where would you go, who would you like to meet, and why??

FabricioWerdum3 karma

I would like to fix somethings that I did when I was young. I was a big trouble maker...which you will be able to see once my documentary crew finishes up shooting along with me. You can check it out at

I would like to right the wrongs of my youth.

Punch_Drunk9871 karma

Hey Fabricio. Your striking has improved a lot recently. What did you do differently to improve it?

FabricioWerdum10 karma

i train a lot

Whaleskin131 karma

Hey Fabricio, I just took my first BJJ class. Whats the best tip you could give me?

FabricioWerdum6 karma

Roll with higher belts, be respectful

lnfam0u51 karma

I live in long beach. Can I train with you for a day?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

Kings MMA in Huntington beach is a great gym. Master Rafael Cordeiro is a great teacher. On the kickstarter campaign for the documentary there is an opportunity to train after ufc 180

lnfam0u52 karma

Wow. I didnt expect you to respond. In all honesty, ive been following your career since pride. Youre truly one of my favorite fighters except fpr that night against that one Russian guy that you submitted in a minute. Go amd get that belt. WAR VAI CAVALO

FabricioWerdum2 karma

Thank you!

Counterkulture1 karma

Better moment: Submitting a prime Fedor, or winning the UFC heavyweight belt?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

Up to now winning fedor. But once I get the belt I'll be able to tell you which is better ;)

buffalozbrown1 karma

If you could be a player/fighter of any other sport, which would it be?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

Futbol for sure, but I love paintball too

halfbakedlogic1 karma

If you were not able to be involved in MMA at all, what would you so?


FabricioWerdum2 karma

be a bank robber!

Garchomp991 karma

I just won my first Absolute (Beginner Division) in grappling! Any advice for an upstart grappling/MMA career? Love your style!

FabricioWerdum2 karma

Learn from Cobrinha and Master Cordeiro.

PatternWolf1 karma

Have you ever seen a move another fighter or martial artist has done that you thought "Wow, that movie is awesome, I need to start using it"?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

anything bruce lee.

it13451 karma

I saw you upset Travis Browne in Orlando, it looked like you were twice as fast as him. Do you know if you broke one of his ribs, or if he just has speed problems?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

I heard he had bruised or broken rib, but also maybe broken hand

pzycho1 karma

Do you feel like you'll have to beat Cain twice to keep the belt? Do you think he'll get an immediate rematch if he loses?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

who knows, just ufc knows.

tfresca1 karma

What changes did you make to improve your stand up? Was it simply a change in training or did you make a mental change too? You looked great in your last fight btw.

FabricioWerdum1 karma

Master Rafael Cordeiro is responsible for the Muay Thai. He gave me a strong base in self-defense.

Crackabitz1 karma

Hey Fabricio, have you ever done ayahuasca with a proper shaman?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

nope, what the heck is that?

TheD33Man1 karma

How many flyweights do you think you can fight at the same time and win?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

Probably just two!

jonny_nutsack1 karma

I get nervous before I have a fight ( the last few nights leading up to it). How do you learn to relax leading up to one? Any advice for me?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

Nervous is normal. Visualize the win

hydro1234561 karma

What was it like starting off in Pride? It seemed like you had an incredibly difficult line up of opponents early on, and you still won most of them. It's part of the reason why I'm such a big fan today.

FabricioWerdum2 karma

It was very difficult but it was always a dream to get to Pride.... and whenever I want something I get it. So to get to pride was my objective, it was hard, but doing well there was icing on the cake.

The Japanese fans are also some of my favorite fans, they are very respectful and dedicated fans


I'm at a point in my life where im starting on a new path and I feel a certain pull to get into jui jitsu. But I'm scared. What can you say to help me take that first step?

FabricioWerdum6 karma

Jiujitsu is for everyone. It can change your life for the better for sure

Merciless11 karma

Have you ever lost your personal motivation or drive be it in sport or in life, and if so, what brought the fire back for you?

Can you describe some of your philosophies and principles behind your 'style' of jiu-jitsu; and can you also talk about what it was like training with only white and blue belts as you worked to become a BJJ World Champion?

I now mostly train with a small Gracie Garage and occasional one on ones, all with students of equal or lower skill level and it at times it becomes discouraging not having people with more experience to share knowledge and train with. I'd love to open my own school one day despite these limitations, and I just want to say I find your own journey to be very inspirational. I wish you the best November 15th.

If you are ever in Southwest Virginia, come roll with us at the Blue Line Garage Gracie Garage.

FabricioWerdum2 karma

There is a documentary crew with me for the ufc 180, much of my personal philosophies will be explained there. Blue belts were incredible when I first started training. My daughter's and my wife and coaches inspire me

lettucegather1 karma

Fabricio, as someone who is not much of an MMA fan, but is an active practitioner and fan of sport BJJ I can honestly say that you are one of the few MMA athletes that I am interested in following. Thank you for being such a great ambassador of Arte Suave!

My question is, aside from regular and consistent training, what is the most important thing for growing both as a student of jiu jitsu and as a martial artist as a whole?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

The people you surround yourself with are very important. Cobrinha says if you want to be a champion you must train with champions

mentatmm1 karma

Greetings, Fabricio! 4/5 of your losses come from current UFC fighters, 3 of which are rated in the top 10. You were able to avenge your loss to Nogueira, so that's settled at the moment. If you become champion, your next fight would likely be a rematch with either dos Santos (giving you the opportunity to avenge that loss) or Velasquez. Your loss to dos Santos was the only knock-out (TKO) that you've endured in your professional career. 6 years has passed since that fight & you've gone on to have a lot of success, inside & outside of the UFC (minus one hiccup). What do you envision would go differently in a rematch with dos Santos?

The hiccup that I mentioned, came in the form of Alistair Overeem. How have you improved since your decision loss to him & how do you think a rematch would go?

The year before your loss to dos Santos, you had a decision loss to Andrei Arlovski. He's back in the UFC & isn't currently in the top 10, but he appears to have reinvented himself a bit, & it seems likely that he will be. What do you think of his last few performances & how do you think you'd stack up against him now?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

I was very disappointed with the 2nd overeem fight. After that I increase my strength training

MushroomWizard1 karma

What specific instructional / tutorials do you recommend for improving submissions from closed guard? You are my favorite heavyweight and if you beat Cain your are the GOAT!

FabricioWerdum3 karma

I have a video from cobrihnas gym showing the triangle used on Fedor. It starts from closed guard.

MrAvocado11 karma

Hey. I recently got into MMA myself, I feel that I especially struggle with grappling. My Stand-Up seems to be pretty decent, since I did Taekwondo for about 14 years and know a thing or two about that. But for some reason I am really having a hard time when grappling. Do you have any hints or "tricks" to ease my way into it?

On another note: What's your take on the whole "MMA is just a violent beating game and not a Martial Art" debate? Especially in countries like Germany TV Stations aren't even allowed to broadcast the UFC for example. I feel like most people see some ground and pound scenes and think it's a glorified beating like a mugging on the street.

FabricioWerdum3 karma

Roll with higher belts, tap a lot, learn, put in hours on mat. There is no replacement

Yankfan541 karma

Huge fan of you Fabricio. What do you think that you will need to do against Cain that JDS and Bigfoot didn't? Obrigado! Vai Cavalo!

Edit: Missing Word

FabricioWerdum3 karma

not absorb punches

Dontrell1 karma

Hey Fabricio! Thanks for the AMA! I just joined my college MMA Club and am signed up for my first BJJ tournament in November! Any suggestions on how to train for the month prior to my first fight?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

Visualize the win...and always try to top your last workout. Workout every day with one day of mental and physical rest.

johnnybgude1 karma


FabricioWerdum2 karma

Thank you. I like metamoris and adcc very much.

Captcha_Imagination1 karma

How challenging is it to work UFC Network? Do you need to prepare much or do you just wing it like Joe Rogan? Where do you guys film out of?

You guys do a FANTASTIC job. It's a priveledge to have a guy with your brain calling the fights.

My GF keeps screaming at the TV when you guys translate the fighters WHILE they are talking though.

Dominican Republic will be rooting for on Nov 15th!

FabricioWerdum1 karma

Thank you for support. At first I was nervous on tv then after a few days it became second nature. Now I eat a sandwhich 30 seconds before going to air

mygoats1 karma

What are the most difficult workouts you do for training?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

Definitely conditioning. ah!

Ballacaust30001 karma

My brother thinks he's a real tough guy. What would it take to get you both in the ring so that you could destroy him? Thanks, and good luck with all the fighting.

FabricioWerdum2 karma

get him into the ufc :)

ohherroeeyore1 karma

What do you want to say to your haters?

FabricioWerdum3 karma

I block you from my social media :)

bkkrazy12341 karma

If you were not a professional fighter what would you be doing?

FabricioWerdum1 karma

Probably be a bank robber

bkkrazy12341 karma

Who would your accomplices be?

FabricioWerdum2 karma

probably babalu

shouldbeworking230 karma

Whats the fastest knockout you have given... and received?