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Any advice for a writer trying to break in with a studio?

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Have you ever lost your personal motivation or drive be it in sport or in life, and if so, what brought the fire back for you?

Can you describe some of your philosophies and principles behind your 'style' of jiu-jitsu; and can you also talk about what it was like training with only white and blue belts as you worked to become a BJJ World Champion?

I now mostly train with a small Gracie Garage and occasional one on ones, all with students of equal or lower skill level and it at times it becomes discouraging not having people with more experience to share knowledge and train with. I'd love to open my own school one day despite these limitations, and I just want to say I find your own journey to be very inspirational. I wish you the best November 15th.

If you are ever in Southwest Virginia, come roll with us at the Blue Line Garage Gracie Garage.

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Leben, big fan!

You've mentioned on twitter wanting to try acting since leaving the UFC, any progress on that front? You have the looks for one hell of a gangster! I wish you and your family all the best!