I am as simple as your next door neighbor. Currently play runningback in the NFL for the New York Giants.

My official site is RashadJennings.com and you can find me on twitter @RashadJennings (same on instagram).

Here at reddit NY with Victoria helping me out. AMA.

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EDIT: Well, I appreciate all the questions. Hope you enjoyed the answers. Tune in to my new blog on my website, I will be updating it, check it out if you want to keep in touch with me. I'm on Twitter @RashadJennings. And my blog is RashadJennings.com. Thank you.

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mrmagoo51262 karma

Rashad, who's the most gifted athlete you've ever played with and why is it Eli Manning?

RashadJennings64 karma

I'd probably say it was a guy that I played in college with, his name was Zach Terrell. And why: because he could play any position on the field, and he didn't have to work at it.

mrmagoo51245 karma

Dont be doing Eli like that, yo

RashadJennings57 karma

El's a great athlete, but this kid didn't have to work at nothing. They just rolled out of bed and were the best athlete every week.

Stoltz351 karma

If you score a touchdown this Sunday, can you do the Nae Nae? It would be incredibly awesome. Also, thank you for your contribution to my fantasy team so far! I'm 2-0 because of you.

RashadJennings67 karma

Take a video of yourself doing the Nae Nae and send it to me, and I'll think about mimicking it.

mrmagoo51247 karma

Rashad, who's the funniest guy in the locker room? Eli said JPP

RashadJennings66 karma

MM. Man I have to go with Prince Amukamara. He's definitely the funniest.

polvitos45 karma

How terrible was the Raiders organization?

edit: I'm a Raiders fan -- not just being a hater. Thanks for answering!

RashadJennings72 karma

I fell in love with the Bay Area. I thought the Raiders organization was outstanding, and I know they're headed in the right direction.

EhindsVCS39 karma

Hi Rashad, thank you for doing the AMA. I loved you in the video where you crashed the fantasy football draft and I was wondering what your opinions on fantasy football were? (I've heard lots of varying opinions from different players)

RashadJennings54 karma

Fantasy Football is a great way for fans to interact and keep up with players they normally wouldn't. And I think it's a great opportunity for players to interact with fans how they normally wouldn't. I'm a fan of it, and it's comedy to me too, at the same time.

EhindsVCS20 karma

Thanks for the answer. I don't know how no one had drafted you up until the 4th round at that draft. In my opinion you have to be one of the most underrated players both in Fantasy football and in the NFL.

RashadJennings71 karma

I really appreciate it. I'm going to strive to prove you right.

SilosNeeded10 karma

Do you know anyone with you on their fantasy team?

Have you seen The League? Would you be on the show if they asked?

RashadJennings53 karma

Yes. Yes, we sitting in the room with a couple.

I haven't seen the show. What's funny about fantasy is that I had a player on my team come up to me and say "I need a good game from you this week, I have you on my team."

mrmagoo51238 karma

Rashad, are you nervous about facing JJ Watt? Any weaknesses in his game?

RashadJennings56 karma

No! The only weakness he has is being on the sideline. He's a complete player. But the only way to play against JJ is to attack him. Otherwise, he will run down every play.

pyramidsofmoney34 karma

Obligatory "who pulls the best locker room pranks" question. Also, any funny or creepy fan interactions you could share?

RashadJennings209 karma


I say... Eli's pretty sly. Cuz nobody expects it out of him. He's got this mellow tone kind of vibe, how he carries himself, you wouldn't point him out of the crowd as a jokester, but I think he pulls some good pranks.

No, I haven't had any crazy fan situations in New York. I have in the league, but not in New York. Thinking back to Oakland, when I played for the Jaguars, I scored a touchdown, and this one Raiders fan gave me the double middle fingers from hell, pretty much. Like he was livid. And cussed me out, MF'd me all over the place, and I remember the next year I signed to Oakland, and the same guy who flipped me off tweeted at me and said "Remember me? I flipped you off... and now you're a Raider." Well, when I left the Raiders, he tweeted at me "You're gonna get the middle fingers again."

I respect his loyalty.

mrmagoo51261 karma

Holy shit that dude's relentless. AMA request: Crazy Raiders fan

RashadJennings53 karma


marlborowe34 karma

Can you teach Eli to do a Wu Tang symbol when he throws a touchdown?

Also, you guys looked much better against Arizona than in week one. I'm trying to think of another question, but I'm not coming up with anything, so...thanks for coming to NY and FUCKIN GO GIANTS!

RashadJennings42 karma

I think he knows how. But I doubt I could convince him to do it.

Thanks for the support.

JaiOhBe27 karma

What does Eli Manning smell like? A meadow of daisies or boysenberry pie?

RashadJennings149 karma

He smells like a Febreze commercial.

sorryiwasnapping23 karma

NJ Resident and big Giants fan, glad to see you adjusting well to the team!

So, is the Reddit thing getting popular in the Giant's locker room? Nat Berhe did an IAMA before he was drafted, Prince and Eli have also done them. Any chance at getting some more Giant players to do an IAMA? I feel like Weatherford and Beason would be a lot of fun.

RashadJennings26 karma

I think they would too! They'll be in line for it, I'm sure.

3kool5you23 karma

Hey Rashad, after a tough 0-2 start what is the feeling in the locker room? Is there still confidence in this team or do you sense some doubt?

Go Giants!!

RashadJennings54 karma

I wouldn't use the word "confidence" because the root of it is "con" and tricking yourself. We are SURE of what kind of talent we have in the locker room. And when we cut on the tape, we understand why we are losing, which are fixable.

VTFD21 karma

Would you rather rush against 1 Ndamukong Suh-sized duck or 50 duck-sized Ndamukong Suhs?

RashadJennings53 karma

Mmm... what prompted this question?

It wouldn't matter, because ducks are not going to tackle me.

blue_barracudas20 karma

It's a standard AMA question, usually about fighting 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck. This guy just changed it to a football player

RashadJennings51 karma

What is up with the duck? Like, I have to know.

IamLordFlacko19 karma

What's up Rashad. What player has hit you the hardest that you can remember in the NFL?

RashadJennings31 karma

Clint Session. He used to play for the Colts, then he played for Jacksonville one year, and now he retired from concussions. He was just one of the hardest-hitting players I've ever played against or with. And I also played with him in college.

Caedus18 karma

Hey Rashad, what's it like playing for Tom Coughlin as opposed to other coaches you've had in the past?

RashadJennings27 karma

It's humbling to play for him. He's a man who knows the recipe to success, how to win a championship, and I haven't had anybody like him - but i understand where Coach Rocco gets a lot of his coaching emphasis from.

_BennyLava15 karma

Rashad, what is the most expensive thing you've ever bought?

RashadJennings25 karma

Mmm... my car.

_BennyLava10 karma


RashadJennings35 karma

A Volvo XC60, our design, from Smythe Volvo in Summit, New Jersey.

DirtbagHand14 karma

Rashad, what is a typical non-game day like for you?

RashadJennings49 karma

Oh man... I wake up, hopefully. I'm imagining an off-day, so wake up, take my little dog out to the bathroom, then I head up to work, make my breakfast shake, lift weights, cold tub, hot tub, I study film, eat lunch, go home, work either on my foundation or opportunities that present themselves to me, watch "Shark Tank" or "Friends" (love that show), play my guitar, laugh, talk to friends, then go to sleep.

seddits9 karma

Do you have any good Shark Tank ideas?

RashadJennings65 karma


Again, YES.

And one more time - YES.

I can't tell you them.

haberrr14 karma

Hey man, your one of my favorite RBs in the league right now, good luck this year. I'm glad the Giants gave you a chance to start after last year with Oakland, but my question is how was it coming from Liberty to the NFL? Was it a big jump?

RashadJennings19 karma

First, thanks for your support. And coming from Liberty to the NFL, I was fortunate to have Coach Danny Rocco as the head coach, and he helped show the routine - he ran an NFL-style program that helped me roll into it. So no, it wasn't a difficult transition at all. But the game speed is the biggest difference from college to the NFL. Players are not faster, they respond quicker - therefore, making the game a lot quicker.

haberrr11 karma

I've heard that's the biggest reason players don't make it in the NFL, the gameplay is so fast, you have to be really good mechanically and fundamentally. I have you on the fantasy team this year after I saw you ball out this year, and when I heard about the AMA earlier this week I wanted to make sure I didn't miss it. Good luck with the rest of your career man.

RashadJennings19 karma

I really appreciate you taking the time.

VTFD14 karma

What do you think of Andre Williams' progress in moving to the NFL? What's do you think his biggest strength is as a fellow Giants RB, and what's the area he's working the hardest to improve?

RashadJennings22 karma

He's a guy that wants to be great. I remember when he first got drafted, I reached out to him, and he wanted to first study film with me. His progress is on track to be a great runningback. His biggest strength is yards after contact. And something he stated he wants to improve on is catching out the backfield, which he works on daily.

VTFD13 karma

That's awesome. I'm so stoked to see you two in blue.

And thanks for giving these thoughtful answers -- I'm a big time Giants fan, and it's great to be able to chat with you. Can't wait to see you run roughshod over Houston this weekend!

RashadJennings20 karma

I got you, I got you.

WorkingDead13 karma

You're on my fantasy team! Can I get a a "Go Team!"?

RashadJennings31 karma


mrmagoo51213 karma

Rashad, do you still sleep in thst chamber of death?

RashadJennings26 karma

No. Definitely it's the chamber of life. It's called a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

mrmagoo51210 karma

You got room for a second ;)?

RashadJennings17 karma

Na I 'm loaded up. But i could send you to the website to order one: http://www.oxyhealth.com

seddits13 karma

Hey Rashad, I went to LU and watched you play there. Then I was pumped that you got drafted into the NFL. I was even more excited when you went to the Giants because that's my team! So who do you think is stricter: Tom Coughlin or Liberty University? Also, did you ever get reps while at LU? Thanks for doing this AMA! Let's get a win on Sunday!

RashadJennings28 karma

Ooh, who's more strict: i think they're related. Tom Coughlin and Liberty University are related. And yes, I got plenty of reps while I was on campus. I got 17 reps for having a candle in my room. Go figure. So I like my room to smell good, and I light a candle, put on some music and chill, I like to do that, and my RA came in, saw the candle was lit, I had my book open, reading and relaxing, they smiled at me and walked off. The next day I had 17 reps.

seddits9 karma

Thanks for the response. 17 for a candle and not even a warning?! C'mon man!

RashadJennings21 karma

NO warning at all! And I've had many more reps that you could laugh at.

Sticky_Z12 karma

Hey Rashad! You have moved around a bit in your NFL life, how have you dealt with coming into a new town, a new locker room and a new system?

RashadJennings22 karma

Coming to a new team there's new opportunities, new faces... new system, having to learn everything from where's the bathroom to what's my plays, and I also give a lot of respect to those who have to move across the country, because it's not an easy task.

phatjoey8 karma

What would you say was harder? Transitioning from college to the pros or from one nfl team to the next?

RashadJennings16 karma

College to the pros. Once you're in the league, that's the highest of your profession. So now it's just perfecting your craft.

TroubleshootenSOB11 karma

Mr. Jennings, as a Raiders and Cardinals fan, I gotta know:

  1. How was it playing with the Silver and Black?
  2. How was it playing against the Cardinals?

Have a good day and an injury free season!

RashadJennings13 karma

1) It was fun to play for the Raiders. And be a part of their traditions and history for a year. The fans were great. And the weather was awesome.

2) Playing against the Cardinals is always a tough match-up. They're a good team.

mrmagoo51211 karma

Rashad, who's the actual most gifted atlhete on the Giants? Is it DRC you think?

RashadJennings16 karma

Mmm... he's definitely one of 'em. There's a handful, it's hard to pick the most gifted.

mrmagoo5126 karma

Hmm... Who else is just a freak? Besides DRC and Jpp? Someone we might not realize

RashadJennings26 karma

Victor Cruz.


Hi Rashad! Cowboys fan here. Do you guys get more hyped up than usual when playing division rivals? Do you have any locker room rituals you do to get psyched up before a game?

RashadJennings19 karma

I listen to R&B music. I like mellowing out before a game. I've tried to do the hype thing before - it takes too much energy. So I mellow out. People are usually surprised, the music I'm listening to.

Not_Stalin10 karma

Rashad, should I put you in my fantasy lineup tomorrow?

RashadJennings36 karma

We don't play tomorrow... so I wouldn't do it just yet. But if you're referring to Sunday... you are the owner, I am the employee, you tell me what to do.

Sticky_Z9 karma

Welcome Rashad! Fantasy football is more popular than ever, whats your opinions on it? Do you think it hurts the game or helps the game?

RashadJennings20 karma

The game itself cannot be harmed. But how people relate to it, I think it helps it. Because people are more interested, again, in players that they normally wouldn't be. And also teams they wouldn't normally care about.

domn8r29 karma

Hi Rashad, thanks for doing this AMA. What do you think is the best thing about the Giants organization in the time you've spent with the team?

RashadJennings21 karma

That's an unfair question to limit me to one answer.

sasquatch6068 karma

Hey Rashad, when you're training, what is your favorite cheat food or snack?

RashadJennings23 karma

I don't cheat when I'm training.

SevenwithaT8 karma

Hey Rashad, I'm a big NYG fan and therefore a fan of yours (I was impressed on how well you ran against us last year when you were with Oakland). If you had to choose 1 guy on that defense you were most impressed with during that day, who would it be and why?

RashadJennings17 karma

Beeson, John Beeson was on every tackle, pretty much. Plus I trained with him in the off-season, so I know what kind of person he is.

rm20147 karma

Hey Rashad, big fan here and Giants columnist over at Football.com.

Through the first two weeks, you’re 2nd on the team in receptions. With the traditional rushing attack still struggling to gain momentum (2.7 yards/carry so far) and the new offense favoring quick drop-backs and more short-to-intermediate routes, do you see screen passes becoming a larger part of the offensive game plan as the season goes on?

Ultimately, I’d love to see the Giants use you in a similar way to how the Eagles utilize McCoy and Sproles – as a dual-threat in both the ground game and the passing game.

Best of luck on Sunday against Houston!

RashadJennings13 karma

Anyway I can contribute to us moving the ball, or making it any way I can contribute to making a play, putting myself on special teams to block a punt, I will make sure that I'm ready to make any play that's thrown at me. And I appreciate the support for this sunday.

sousedbergin6 karma

Do you think your rankings in Madden are accurate? If not what should be changed?

RashadJennings18 karma

I have not seen the new one, so I couldn't tell you. I have yet to play the game. But I'm sure I'm going to vouch they should be higher.

DutchClutch16 karma

Hi Rashad, really happy you joined the G-men. After watching the Falcons on Hard Knocks (and all other Hard Knocks) this year, what is your favorite locker room story?

RashadJennings11 karma

Those are the ones I can't share!

willsochillso6 karma

Ravens fan here, but love the Giants! How do you feel about the league's perceived direction towards passing over running the ball now? Also, how competitive is it between you and other RBs on the team for getting that starting spot? Are you all still close even when competing with each other?

Thanks for doing this!

RashadJennings11 karma

Passing is a part of the game, running is a part of the game. I've never seen a Super Bowl won without horses in the backfield. And I've never seen a Super Bowl won without air attack. I've never seen a Super Bowl won without a stout defense. I've never seen a Super Bowl won without a great special team play. So, with that said, the running back position is just one piece of the puzzle. As far as competition goes, we all want the best out of each other and for each other. Competition draws us closer together.

unicorn10-105 karma

What's your favorite animal?

RashadJennings18 karma

My favorite animal... definitely the dog. Other than a dog, I like flamingos.

mrmagoo5125 karma

Rashad, random ass question: why do receivers never strap their gloves on? I swear they never do... You got any idea why? It's been bothering me for years!

RashadJennings23 karma

I guess it's their swag?

Asprawler5 karma

If the game continues in its current passing focused offence, will the rushing record ever be beaten?

RashadJennings9 karma

Of course.

Honest_Joseph5 karma

Would you rather retire or play in the CFL?

RashadJennings17 karma

I'd rather retire on my own terms.

oscarveli5 karma

  • Do you feel that going into the draft you were extremely underrated?
  • What do you like the most about being in the league?

RashadJennings16 karma

I mean, I think underrated or overrated, it really doesn't matter. Where i was drafted at, I think it was where I was supposed to be. And the thing I like about being in the league, it's been able to open doors that a degree never would have been able to. Talking to kids and watching how much they're a sponge, and I've also - when I was a little kid, I always wanted to learn how things worked behind the scenes, and being in the NFL and watching on a higher plateau, wanting to be interviewed and seeing how media works, I'm even more humbled that any type of fame proves that people are gullible and that I get to speak truth wherever I go.

iammikeyc5 karma

I'm starting you on Sunday. Can you please score a TD for me?

RashadJennings25 karma

I'll do my best. It might not be directly for you, but I will do my best.

blue_barracudas4 karma

Hey Rashad. How do you feel about the new emphasis on certain penalties and how do you think it will impact the game? It seemed to play a big role in Sunday's loss to the Cardinals.

RashadJennings9 karma

I'd say that rules are rules. We have to figure out how to win within them.

shogi_x4 karma

How many fantasy points can I count on this weekend?

RashadJennings16 karma

Aw man... how many do you need?

reroll4tw4 karma

Lifelong Giants fan and I have you on my fantasy football team. I'll be there at Metlife on Sunday cheering you guys on.

What's your favorite football movie?

PS: Best of luck Sunday! Go big blue!!!

RashadJennings11 karma

The Little Giants was funny... Varsity Blues is a good one... The Program.

schrodingers_beaver4 karma

Have a favorite baseball team or player?

RashadJennings11 karma

Growing up, I just liked Ken Griffin.

Sakura_74 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

RashadJennings15 karma

I like Thor. Hancock. Both of them are fighters for love.

mostafajal3 karma

huge fan and am happy you're with the giants. favorite thing about new york/new jersey?

RashadJennings14 karma

Hmm... you get to see so much of the world in one spot.

skinsballr3 karma

Which running back did you idolize as a kid?

RashadJennings15 karma

Eric Dickerson.