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Ain't no one that'll mess with you there.

"...for I am at 80,000 feet and climbing."

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Haven't written it yet.

Spoken like a true artist.

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I think you misspelled Strange Beautiful Music.

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  1. In Brazil, we have a tradition in doing political films. In the 60s, we had this movement called 'cinema novo' that was about trying to understand the country with a very interesting aesthetic that came from, I think, the Italian neorealism. So films like City of God and Elite Squad represent that tradition. Maybe with a pop commercial twist. But in the bottom, they still represent that tradition. We now do all kinds of films in Brazil. People around the world knows what's called 'favela films' because those are the ones who are generally picked for the international festivals and Brazil can't be blamed for that.

  2. I love Argentinian films. The best thing that happen to me, was not only to be able to speak Spanish but to feel that I was part of something bigger than just being Brazilian. As you know, Brazilians are very isolated in Latinamerica. So I would love to work with Lucrecia Martel, Pablo Trapero, Juan José Campanella or Pablo Larrain from Chile and all those great Mexican directors.

  3. With Jose Padilha we are very very good friends! It's the most intense collaboration that I have ever had. We both like politics and we both like films. Thank you, I really love Argentina. I do.

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