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Obligatory "who pulls the best locker room pranks" question. Also, any funny or creepy fan interactions you could share?

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You can book hotels with miles! Do it

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Hi Jackson, sort of off topic, but my girlfriend is looking to get us a cat from a shelter but she has some allergies. I am stoked to get a cat but I do not want to do that at the expense of her health.

So, 1) have you seen noticeable decline in allergic reactions in breeds like Russian Blues or Siberians?

2) What's the best way to re-home a shelter cat that might be skittish or afraid?

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Best way to free a stuck seatpost with limited tools?

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This is the only kickstarter/crowd funding endeavor I've pitched in for. Does that make me a horrible person, what with all the medical and scientific efforts on there?

Alternatively, have you thought about adding larger levels, like say a Costco or liquor store?