Hey Reddit! I have just shot my 4 scenes for my feature film Dani Daniels DEEPER for BLACKED.com. It was an amazing experience, the outcome is stunning (trailer can be viewed here: https://www.blacked.com/feature/dani-daniels-deeper), so I'm here to do my first ever Reddit AMA. Let's get the questions rolling!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/MissDaniDaniels/status/512323432596668416


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Dabee625101 karma

Did you pick the name Dani Daniels because you weren't sure whether you wanted to go into country music or porn? "Dani Daniels: Deeper" definitely sounds like it could be a country album.

miss_danidaniels112 karma

hahahahha! It kinda does.

Danny was an ex-boyfriends name. It was a young, mean way I choose revenge. I since have matured, but now the story just makes me laugh.

Mattpalmq79 karma

Have you ever had sex with a fan of your work?

miss_danidaniels122 karma


jesse9o358 karma

Weirdest thing that's happened in your career?

miss_danidaniels194 karma

I shit on someone once. LMFAO

Rickibol51 karma

Good Afternoon Dani! Your ass is amazing and i love the bush. Who is your favorite pornstar your worked with or want to work with?


miss_danidaniels57 karma

thank you!

I finally got to work with Prince for Dani Daniels Deeper after 4 years of being friends. It was awesome and the scene really showed how much we wanted each other!

Mr_Murder46 karma


Do you ever throw middle aged men a bone in real life and rock their world?

miss_danidaniels121 karma

"Aint nobody got time for that!" ;)

kam_righteous46 karma

Are you just going to dive into anal scenes like every other porn star to stay relevant?

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AtheistComic45 karma


miss_danidaniels151 karma

I think people are wasting time seeing how long they can go without jerking off. Edging is fun and all sometimes but that is too extreme for me. I fucking love cumming!!!!

rm201443 karma

How many pushups can you do?

miss_danidaniels88 karma

about 4.

veintisiete43 karma

Hey Dani, I have read other porn stars such as Tori Black, utilize chiropractic care, have you ever been to a chiropractor before?

miss_danidaniels80 karma

Yes, constantly. Porn is terrible on performers backs. (The odd positions and opening up to camera)

SwaggyS42 karma

Any tips for not being shy in-front of girls?

miss_danidaniels125 karma

Confidence is key. If you dont have it, fake it.

havenless41 karma

Dani, we have the same birthday! What does this mean?

edit: and today is my cakeday, sweet.

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SwaggyS37 karma

Any secrets about the porn industry?

miss_danidaniels253 karma

every Tuesday we meet at an abandoned church and sacrifice a goat to the porn gods. (kidding)

joebob80135 karma

Have you ever been completely repulsed by someone who was inside you? Also, do you think the bond market is currently strong enough to handle a continued reduction in Qualitative Easing?

miss_danidaniels55 karma

I dont have sex with anyone that repulses me, I choose and approve of my scene partners. And no, I dont think it is.

TacoBellBurrito33 karma

I have a question I have always wondered. Do you ever notice that the cameramen/crew members get boners during the taping of your scenes?

miss_danidaniels58 karma

hahahahah VERY rarely. They are so used to seeing it all it rarely ever phases them.

imgettingexcited31 karma

Heyyy you're really attractive. And the only pornstar I actually know the name of. Wanna go on a hike? Let me know

miss_danidaniels29 karma

hahaha thank you :)

lostkeysblameHofmann31 karma

Wow! This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm a huge fan of your work. I'm a bit of a collector and I have a first-edition copy of "Dani Daniels' The Yoga Instructor" which you directed! To me that really represented a new step in female only porn directed by one of the participants and demonstrates the depth that you truly have as an actress and an artist. Some people say pornography is black and white, and disregarding racial categories, I have to disagree, dynamic directors and performers such as yourself truly changes the playing field and demonstrates the potential that the field has to offer in the upcoming years. I'm a huge follower of pornographic art and I would guess that the two favorite movies I have that feature you are "Flesh Hunter 12" and "Inmate in my Puss." The scene in Flesh Hunter 12 when Johnny Sins cums on your face is one of my favorite in porn history, not because there's anything that particularly stands out, but rather that it's an example to me of the perfect facial, not really "degrading" but the filth is there but also the beauty and the self expression, and you and Johnny really have a good dynamic and it's great to see you two work together. same with "Inmate in my Puss." You also had a fantastic aura with James Deen in "Skin Tight," but I feel like your emotional capabilities really shine when you're with Johnny, plus he has more of a classic porn star vibe, James seems to be trying to reinvent the wheel but goddamn he is good at what he does and I'm not gay but he has a great dick and I wouldn't mind him serenading me while plowing me to hell and back, he really has a good voice. I actually had the chance to meet him at the Adult Entertainment Expo, I got a proxy boner, not from him although he did have a firm handshake but from the sheer presence of sexuality that radiates from his demeanor. I didn't see you there, which was a shame, but I ended up meeting Alexis Texas and having her sign a copy of "Alexis Texas is Buttwoman," and she even rubbed her breasts on it and of course I had to run off into the bathroom immediately afterwards to masturbate.

My question for you is this: what can we do as fans to support you and futher your artistic endeavors with acting and directing? Jacking off is one thing, but I love you guys' work so much that I'd love to contribute in some way.

Also if I mail you something will you autograph it for my collection of memorabilia?

PSS: whose pussy tasted the best in "The Yoga Instructor," Lily Carter, Heather Starlet, Brett Rossi, or Ella Alexandra?

Dabee625175 karma

Do you own a suit made from people's skin, by any chance?

miss_danidaniels58 karma

Foreskin? Hahahahaha I'm no Jeffrey Dahmer.

miss_danidaniels46 karma

Thank you for being a fan!

SwaggyS30 karma

How long does it take to shoot a film, and what do you do on breaks on set?

miss_danidaniels55 karma

Anywhere between 2-15 hours. It depends on the company, if there is dialogue, what the scene entails, etc. During breaks you eat, pee, chat with crew (its a small industry we are all friends) get your makeup touched up, wardrobe changes, selfies, social media, etc.... :)

rowmac8930 karma


miss_danidaniels53 karma

they are 100% supportive!

SwaggyS25 karma

What do you usually do before and after shooting a film?

miss_danidaniels73 karma

shower and eat... and shower and eat. ;)

throwaway_12345678724 karma

If you had to be picky about working with male talent or just in personal life: circumcised or uncircumcised?

miss_danidaniels57 karma

both feel good for different reasons. if they are large, uncircumcised.

jessijune23 karma

For the record: You're still the best girl that I've ever had sex with!! ;)

Question: Are you still enjoying porn as much now as you were before you went full-penis??


miss_danidaniels16 karma

awe thank you jessi!

of course I am DORK!!!!! You know that!

SwaggyS21 karma

Any hobbies other than porn?

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dragicornJake21 karma

What was your highschool life like?

miss_danidaniels57 karma

I was a shy athletic cock tease.

RhllorTheLordOfLight20 karma


miss_danidaniels57 karma


I like both equally. for different reasons. Different parts.

gabinho20 karma

Do you think long distance relationships can work? .. my girlfriend is moving to another country :/

miss_danidaniels39 karma

I think Love is a powerful emotion, and anything is possible.

alent123417 karma

was it weird having sex on camera in front of others the first time you did it?

miss_danidaniels51 karma

I thought it would be but it wasn't. I was so focused on the pussy in front of me I tuned everything else out.

HunkySausage16 karma

Hi Dani, do you watch your own movies? How did you get into the industry?

miss_danidaniels47 karma

Rarely, sometimes I watch the trailers.

I got into the industry because I wanted to get paid to bang hot chicks and not have to buy them a drink first ;)

corgiroll13 karma

What kind of person do you think makes a good pornstar?

miss_danidaniels26 karma

Someone that loves sex. And doesn't mind sharing their most intimate moments with the rest of the world~

miss_danidaniels13 karma


dayuman713 karma

Do you and Brett Rossi still keep in touch now that she's Mrs. Sheen? I always enjoyed your twitter shenanigans together, not to mention your scenes were always so good.

miss_danidaniels26 karma

We are still friends, we just now live very different lives and don't talk as much.

UberUniqueUsername12 karma

Is it true what they say? Will you go back after black?

miss_danidaniels32 karma

Yes. (sigh) It's just another penis. What does color matter?

SwaggyS12 karma

When and how did you lose your virginity?

miss_danidaniels34 karma

When I was 18, I drove my boyfriend home (his car was in the shop) and in broad daylight I hopped on his dick in the passenger seat in the driveway to his house. I guess you could say I was curious. He couldn't believe it.

Yamogi11 karma

How long have you worked in the industry? Any high/low points of note that you'd like to share?

P.S. share a random sex tip! Just for a laugh.

miss_danidaniels26 karma

4 years.


Kaitohi10 karma

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? If yes what does he/she think about your job?

miss_danidaniels25 karma

i am currently single :)

cobaltcollapse9 karma

Does anyone ever approach you on the street recognizing you and asking for a picture? I imagine that'd be a bit weird for a porn star

miss_danidaniels18 karma

Yes, it isn't weird to me. I consider myself friendly and if a fan approaches me at a bar I'll usually have a drink with them.

SwaggyS9 karma

Who is a porn star that you have learned the most from?

miss_danidaniels16 karma

Myself, Erik Everhard, Celeste, James Deen, Sammie Rhodes, all come to mind.

SwaggyS9 karma

What is your favorite thing about being in the porn industry?

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siouxsie_sioux8 karma

If you could do it all over again, would you still be a porn star?

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SwaggyS8 karma

When you go out do you get recognized a lot?

miss_danidaniels19 karma

Sometimes. I keep a low profile.

Rhys278 karma

Hey Dani, you occasionally post pictures of music you are currently listening to, so I was wondering who are your favorite current, or all time, Bands or musicians?

miss_danidaniels47 karma

THAT IS SOOO HARD! I have too many to list. Off the top of my head Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Avett Brothers, The Violent Femmes, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Muddy Waters, Nirvana, Hendrix, The White Stripes, The list goes on and on.....

occupiedusername8 karma

What is the tattoo on your back about?

miss_danidaniels20 karma


my mother practices Tibetan Buddhism. The prayer is a constant happy memory from my childhood.

Slippery_Wizard8 karma


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TheNumerOne7 karma

Hi Dani, have you ever thought of how long you want to stay in the business?

miss_danidaniels15 karma

I will stay in the business as long as I am having fun :) I'm a firm believer in do what makes you happy

dayofthedead2046 karma

Hi Dani, What are some of your favorite movies?

And are you a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones? If so who's your favorite character?

miss_danidaniels39 karma

Snatch, Original Sin, Old Boy, Sean Connery as 007, Seven, The series Hannibal, Adventuretime, Dr. Who...

graphite-artist6 karma

Hi Dani,

awesome work on "Deeper". Couple questions. When will your art be available as prints? Any plans to pursue your art full time after your current career? Thx

miss_danidaniels8 karma

Thank you!

I hope to launch my store next week with two prints and a new print every month on the 15th. keep an eye on pen15.com

yes. I would love to paint full time. I also love doing porn.

Vicruidi6 karma

Have you done an exhibition of your paintings at an art gallery? Would you want to?

miss_danidaniels9 karma

I would love too! I have not yet.

RiclvsU6 karma

Can you contrast this B/B/G in Deeper with others, like Dare, or others?

miss_danidaniels15 karma

Deeper's BBG was very passionate, intense, and loving. The dicks were huge. Lots of kissing, eye contact, WE WERE IN LOVE!!!!!! ;) haha

Magasma15 karma

If I ever meet you what are the odds of you letting me cop a feel?

miss_danidaniels13 karma

If you grabbaa my body I punchaa you in the face.

Duffler5 karma

What happened to Darwin's legs?

miss_danidaniels8 karma

He slipped a disk in his back :(

FlowFusionx5 karma

What kind of camera are they using on this site? It looks amazing is it multiple dslr?

miss_danidaniels5 karma

they use mainstream quality equipment. It blows my mind!

Cereborn5 karma

Hi, Dani. I checked out Pen15 and I love your artwork. Would you say your art has in any way been influenced by your career?

miss_danidaniels7 karma

Thank you!

No, not at all. It's a completely different side of me.

infamousnick075 karma

Hello Ms. Daniels, as somebody not familiar with your work what scene of yours should I check out?

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ImAssuming4 karma

Favorite video game?

miss_danidaniels11 karma

I like to watch people play assassins creed.

Serene_End14 karma

Hi Dani,

What would you say has been the most challenging part of your career thus far? Also, what attracted you most to pornography as opposed to modeling or the like?

miss_danidaniels10 karma

I wanted to have sex safely with girls without having to pick them up at a bar. That is why I chose porn. I luckily haven't faced any challenges, other than the fact I like to have sex ALL THE TIME.

the_summit4 karma

Hey Dani! I'm a huge fan of yours! I was just wondering, from the transition you've done from girl-girl to boy-girl to now doing interracial, are there any other things you're planning to do/any fantasies you want to do on camera in the industry before you retire?

miss_danidaniels7 karma

I have no idea what my future holds, I'm just enjoying the ride

Vicruidi3 karma

Hi Dani!

Wondering about how this two gentlemens take care of you in Blacked... Have you ever been 'afraid' of a huge penis in any of your films?

Thank you so much!

Love u!

miss_danidaniels21 karma

I'm not afraid of size. I'm afraid of the man using it. As long as the guy knows what hes doing, it will fit, and it will feel fantastic.

RiclvsU3 karma

I think this is one of the best porn romance films in forever. Can you cotrast this with your B/B/G in Dani and the Training of O? All so different.

miss_danidaniels5 karma

hi rick!

thank you. you cant compare this movie to bdsm or other movies. Dani Daniels Dare is so unique it stands alone, in a good way :)

quintendo53 karma

Who had the sweetest pussy you ever had?

miss_danidaniels11 karma

Skin Diamond. That shit is like liquid sugar.

wayBarbosa3 karma

Why the FUCK you close your instagram account?

miss_danidaniels16 karma

I didn't! It got deleted. Now its ScotchCigarsGolfDarwin

rmur873 karma

My favorite star is a tie between you and Lily Carter. Care to persuade me why you're better?

miss_danidaniels14 karma

I like Lily, so no.

leslieshay2 karma

What would be your dream location to shoot a scene? (you are really amazing!)

miss_danidaniels6 karma

The Eiffel Tower :)

Myksee2 karma

Hi Dani, big fan here.

Who are your top 3 influences?

miss_danidaniels3 karma

Thank you!

I try not to be influences by anyone. I'm just me. I didn't watch porn before I started and I don't watch porn now. I just fuck people I enjoy and have a good time doing it.

[deleted]2 karma


miss_danidaniels6 karma

that I thank them everyday for supporting me so i can continue to do this.

tripositional_tripod2 karma

Hi Dani. Whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

miss_danidaniels9 karma


dexbro2 karma

Do you feel judged in the streets? And how is it like behind the scenes, is it root and leave or do you talk to the people involved?

miss_danidaniels6 karma

I never feel judged, I am comfortable with myself. It's a very small industry and we are all friends.

aqueouz2 karma

Man I thought this AMA was at 2pm PST! Why do I always miss every AMA???

miss_danidaniels3 karma

there was a time miscommunication! I am so sorry!

SwaggyS2 karma

If you weren't doing porn what would your job be?

miss_danidaniels6 karma

an Artist. Pen15art.com

mjw2372 karma

Where would your "Blacked" scenes rank among your favorite scenes you participated in?

miss_danidaniels4 karma

top 5.