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Holy fuck octopuses are brutal. Or is that octopii?

Anyway, how does one "learn how to handle octopus"? What kind of stuff do you cover?

Edit: thank you all for the conflicting spelling/grammar lessons.

Yamogi65 karma

Nothing fancy, just a simple "Hello Reddit, this is /u/GandalfTheTartan. I hereby announce /u/Yamogi as supreme ruler of the universe and all within it. He is a fine gentleman and can do no wrong. Thank you all, and good night."

Pick and choose the wording as you so wish. I just want to live to hear someone say it.

EDIT: P.S. I'll gild you if you do this. :)

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I had to do an assignment based on Bitcoin for my cryptography module last year. What are your thoughts on Zerocoin, the Bitcoin anonymity extension (if you've come across it before)? Do you believe we should expect complete anonymity when making transactions? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Can you record a message especially for Reddit?

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Gold, as promised sir! Thank you very much! I'm really not as mean as I would seem from the recording though. :)